Which side of Niagara Falls is better

Which side of Niagara Falls is better? – As one of the world’s foremost family destinations, Niagara Falls has quite the pedigree among travel enthusiasts. Not only is the area home to one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, it contains an abundance of fun-filled attractions designed to please visitors from all walks of life – including dedicated geeks.

Which side of Niagara Falls is better for Geeky Travelers

At first glance, Niagara Falls may not seem the like ideal destination for travelers whose interests skew towards fantasy, gaming and other geeky pursuits, but as you’ll find, the area has a lot to offer geeks who have been bitten by the travel bug.

So, when big trips once again become safe and feasible, geeky Niagara-bound travelers should check out the following attractions.

The Great Canadian Midway

If gaming is among your foremost passions, The Great Canadian Midway is sure to provide you with hours of fun.

Fans of retro gaming will want to check out TGCM’s enormous collection of arcade classics.

Alternatively, if cutting-edge new-school games are more your thing, you’re bound to get a kick out of the fully-immersive arcade experiences The Great Canadian Midway offers.

The Wild West Dark Coaster Motion Simulator and Ghost Blasters Dark Ride are liable to make you feel as if you’ve stepped into an exciting new world.  

Furthermore, true to its name, TGCM is home to an impressive assortment of traditional midway games.

So, if you’ve been eager to show off your Skee-Ball skills, The Great Canadian Midway is the perfect place to throw down.

Guided Tours of the Falls

No trip to Niagara would be complete without a fun, informative tour of the falls themselves.

Fortunately, when it comes to tours, your options are anything but limited.

If you’re not opposed to a little bit of cardio, consider embarking on one of the many walking tours.

In addition to providing visitors with good exercise, these tours are often rife with prime photo opportunities.

Travelers who want to see the falls up-close should explore their options for Niagara Falls boat tours.

Just be advised that no matter which type of tour you select, you are practically guaranteed to get wet, so take care to dress accordingly and take the proper precautions with phones and other electronics.

Certain tours even provide customers with complimentary rain ponchos, which in addition to keeping you dry, make fantastic souvenirs.      

Nightmares Fear Factory

Horror geeks can’t go home without testing their mettle at Nightmares Fear Factory.

One of the oldest operational haunted houses in North America, Nightmares Fear Factory is purportedly built in an old coffin factory and provides guests with a truly unique sensory experience.

The 10-minute tour takes place in near-total darkness, during which time patrons are periodically approached by an array of spooky actors.

The experience is so frightening that a fair number of visitors opt to discontinue the tour before completing it.

To date, over 161,000 patrons have thrown in the towel before reaching the end.

So, if you’re looking to prove your courage and obtain major bragging rights, see what you’re made of at Nightmares Fear Factory.   

Wizard’s Golf Mini Putt

Regardless of age, you’d be hard-pressed to find a geek who would turn down a round of miniature golf – particularly on a fantasy-inspired course.

A masterfully-designed glow-in-the-dark course, Wizard’s Golf Mini Putt provides guests with 18 holes of whimsical fun.

Dragons, wizards, fairies and other fantasy mainstays adorn a bevy of challenging, imaginative holes that are likely to impress even the most seasoned miniature golf enthusiast.

While the game is undeniably the main draw, players will have a difficult time not getting wrapped up in the immersive stories the various holes represent.

Niagara Falls at night
Niagara Falls at night

Which side of Niagara Falls is better?

It isn’t hard to see why Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors each year.

In addition to the iconic falls, Niagara has enough culture, attractions and activities to keep even the most discerning traveler occupied.

However, when searching for the perfect vacation spot, Niagara Falls is liable to escape the radar of many lifelong geeks.

Given the area’s well-deserved reputation as a family destination, the assumption that Niagara Falls doesn’t cater to geeks is somewhat understandable – but incredibly misguided.

However, even the most travel-hungry geek should keep in mind that the worsening threat of COVID-19 currently makes travel excursions both ill-advised and unfeasible.

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