Travel Pillow Reviews of the Best Pillows for Comfort

Travel Pillow the J Pillow


A travel pillow is essential whether you’re traveling by rail, air or car as it will make the trip more comfortable.

The right pillow isn’t just comfortable however, as it must also be easy to transport and can be used in tight spaces and unusual positions. How To Beat Jet Lag

There are a lot of these available on Amazon of course, but which one should you buy?

No need to spend hours comparing them, as the best are listed here.

Update: We’ve been using a Aeros Pillow Premium Sea to Summit for a while now and all I can say is WOW!

Very compact, easy to inflate with approximately 5-6 puffs and quality construction…and extremely comfortable.

This is now my go to travel pillow.

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Davidsbeenhere Inflatable Travel Pillow with Cloth Cover

The Davidsbeenhere (DBH) pillow can inflate in just 7 to 10 breaths, and if you squeeze the valve this becomes even easier.

The section design also provides optimal support for your neck as you rest, and it comes with a Softouch micro fleece outer texture for comfort.

Because of its size, the DBH is easy to carry and won’t be a hassle in the airport and unlike other travel pillows, the DBH has been tested on road trips and flights across the Atlantic, underscoring its efficiency.

The pillow is especially useful when you’re flying because that usually leads to neck discomfort and back pain.

With the DBH you can rest easy during a long flight, and it’s good to know you can convert the pillow into a carrying pouch small enough to fit in a bag.

Figuring out how to inflate the pillow won’t be an issue, but you should check out the instructions to avoid making mistakes.

When you’re inflating the pillow, make sure that the nozzle is pinched firmly and remember to cap the nozzle so the air doesn’t get out.

If you’re tired of those headaches and neck aches after each flight, then the DBH can provide some relief.

The pillow isn’t just comfortable, but with the way the pillow has been designed, it will provide ear cover and minimize noise.

There are a lot of good, practical features on the DBH, but what it comes down to is it delivers on the essentials, that of providing comfort and convenience.

Given these facts, it’s easy to see why people like this pillow.

J Pillow, Travel Pillow – Winner of British Invention of the Year – #1 Best Selling Travel Pillow

There are a lot of things you can say about the J Pillow, but if you had to say just one, it’s that it’s going to keep your head from falling down, at the same providing support for your chin and head.

Like the other pillows here, the J Pillow can be used in cars, trains or planes and makes it easier to sleep on the road.

In fact, the pillow is comfortable enough to be used even when you’re at home, and if you have a medical condition that requires you to sleep upright, this pillow will do just fine.

Size wise the pillow isn’t that big so carrying it around won’t be a problem.

The J Pillow also provides good support for your neck, and if you’re tired and just want to rest during the flight or on a long road trip, the pillow will provide comfort even if you’re not sleeping.

Unlike other pillows, it’s not too tight and more of a snug fit than anything.

And as many reviewers have pointed out, the pillow is just as effective at home as it is on the road or midair.

There’s no question this product was designed for use while traveling, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s also useful in other ways, and that’s always good.

Travelrest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

BEST Travel Pillow Ranked #1 by WSJ

The Travelrest pillow comes with complete lateral support for your upper body so you can sleep and relax for a much longer period.

Furthermore, the pillow leads to the correct neck and head alignment and prevents your head going down.

Aside from providing comfort, the Travelrest pillow is ideal for those who suffer from chronic neck pain.

The pillow inflates easily so it won’t take long to prepare it, and deflating is just as quick so you can minimize the pillow and reduce the space it’s going to take up.

The pillow also has an ergonomic design so there’s proper support for your neck, and it is adjustable as well.

You can set the pillow down your side or across your torso, or put it on like an airline seat tether.

The pillow is also versatile and can be used in different situations such as camping, cars, trains, airport terminals, and even at home.

It’s fully washable too.

If this is your first time to use this pillow, don’t be surprised if it only takes 3 to 4 breaths to fully inflate it, and deflating and rolling only takes moments.

One of the more difficult aspects with most travel pillows is they take too much time, but fortunately this is an exception to the rule.

As an inflatable, the Travelrest is quite comfortable, and the soft cover won’t cause any skin allergies or affect your pressure points.

What’s important is that you use it properly so both your head and neck are supported as you sit on the plane, train or car.

Aeris Best Airplane Travel Pillow – Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee

This is a memory foam pillow that provides complete neck support as you rest during travel.

The Aeris Travel pillow, which comes with a portable bag, is machine wash safe and even comes with free ear plugs and a sleep mask.

In terms of design the Aeris looks great, but more than that, its visco-elastic memory foam contours to the shape of your neck, so you’re not going to feel any bumps.

With the memory foam, the pillow slowly yields and doesn’t offer much resistance until the weight is evenly distributed.

When you lift your weight off, the pillow will resume its original shape.

Without being too technical, it’s enough to say that the Aeris pillow will allow your neck and head to rest in a natural position regardless whether you’re on a plane or car.

The more you use the pillow the more it provides relief for any pain you’re feeling, and it also reduces the tiredness you feel, thus improving sleep quality.

Furthermore, the Aeris pillow promotes better blood circulation and gets rid of the muscle tension that you may be experiencing.

The pillow is also effective for eliminating restlessness, which is commonplace when trying to sleep during a long travel.

Tips for the Buyers

Pillows for travel come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and while you want one that’s large enough to provide support for your head and neck, it mustn’t be too large to the point it becomes a burden to carry.

The shape however, is of immense importance because it also determines the kind of support your neck will receive as you sleep.

U-shaped pillows are the most common because they function as a cradle for your neck, and it also provides support even when you’re sitting upright.

The J shaped, like the one featured here, is just as good because the tail of the J supports your neck, and more importantly, provides chin support as well as a cushion for your head and back.

Plus, it keeps your head from falling.

The wedge-shaped pillow is designed primarily to support your spine and back, while the cylinder types reduce the pain on your back and neck.

Furthermore, these pillows can be used in different positions like lying down or sitting.

You will also find pillows shaped like collars so they go around your neck, and there’s a strap that secures the collar’s sides.

As far as material goes there are a lot of options available ranging from natural to synthetic.

When it comes to inflatable pillows however, the most commonly used is plastic, but many other kinds are now employed.

Also keep in mind that just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable, as the quality has improved greatly.

As for the inflatable vs. non-inflatable pillow, the best choice for travelers is the inflatable.

There are a lot of good non-inflatable pillows, but inflatables don’t take up as much room, easy to clean and light.

In contrast, non-inflatable pillows can be difficult to carry and too much of a hassle especially if you’re already carrying a lot of stuff.

And in terms of quality, the inflatables are not far off anyway so you really have nothing to lose.

Travel Pillow Conclusion

As to which of the travel pillow products above are the best, the answer is they should all make for a nice travel companion.

Some might prefer one over the other, but regardless which of these you pick you can expect a more comfortable time whether you’re on the road or on flight.

Basics of Light and Easy Backpacking

Basics Of Light and Easy Backpacking


Basics Of Light and Easy Backpacking – Whether you’re backpacking, taking a road trip, or staying in hotels — be it a long journey or a short one — from my experience of traveling over the years, the best advice I can give is be prepared, but travel *light*! 

You’ll be surprised as to how little you actually *need* when traveling.

I did half a year around the world using a single medium-sized backpack.

It wasn’t a tramping pack, just a normal backpack of about 15 – 20 liters.

Of course if you’re traveling in winter you’ll need a bit more in the way of warm clothing, but still, I’m sure one backpack would do the job.

So when I started putting my kit together for my most recent trip, I was happy to know that everything I needed and wanted to take with me could fit into a backpack.

When I left for our first Light and Easy Backpacking trip last year, I didn’t bring my old 90 liter backpack, I bought a brand new 65 litre backpack one.

The shop assistant told me that she thought I might find it a little small for the kind of backpacking trip we were planning.

Basic travel tips:

Pack an extra outfit in your carry on, in case your checked luggage gets lost.

Always bring dozens of plastic bags and baby wipes 🙂

Embrace situations that are different. You’ll always end up with a great story.

To always expect the unexpected and keep your cool.

Say “yes” when hostel people ask you to come out with them

Be realistic about your itinerary & don’t try to fit too much in

Don’t plan too much, be flexible.

Keep your options open.

Always learn AT LEAST, hello, please & thank you in the local language

Duct tape and a headlamp: both extraordinarily useful

Bring several bandannas; they’re the perfect travel tool

Consider stuff sacks, and my favorite Gobi Hoboroll

Basics of Light and Easy Backpacking

The shop assistant was right, Light and Easy Backpacking is not hard.

My new backpack seemed small.

The first few weeks were upsetting as I tried to pack my gear in my backpack when we left to go to a new place (which was nearly everyday).

And since we basically walked everywhere (for hours every day) with a 7 kg tent, we started hunching and our backs were really hurting.

It didn’t take us long to realize that we couldn’t continue like this.

I remember how tough it was at first to throw something out – I always had 100 reasons to keep every small item!

But the thought of carrying that backpack around for a year like that was just unbearable, so I had to get rid of my ego and think practical.

It’s actually a really good ‘spiritual practice,’ learning how to get rid of the ego’s “want” for everything.

I started asking myself:

Do I REALLY need this?

After that, every time we went to pack our bags we threw something out, and never would we buy something new without throwing away at least one item.

The more you discard or donate, the more you understand how little you REALLY need.

I disposed of 90% of my belongings (i.e gave it away to hostels and second hand shops) but I just didn’t have the guts to give my NEW backpack away, instead I sort of folded it in half since there was basically nothing left inside.

And one of the biggest benefits of traveling light?

No checked luggage!

Whilst the other travelers were still waiting for their 20kg backpacks and suitcases to appear on the airport baggage claim, I had already cleared customs and was out of the airport.

The weight of my backpack was 7.2 kg before leaving Stockholm, which included a bit of extra food for the stopovers at the various airports, which saved a lot of money!

I always enjoy the reactions from the check-in clerks when they realize the destination of my flight (over 20,000km from the point of origin) and my answer to their question of “How many checked bags do you have, sir?” is “None.”

How to travel light:

Think practical to travel light.

Ask yourself: ”Do I really NEED this?”

Bring two pairs of underwear (at the most three).

You can wash one when having a shower, wear the clean one while you leave the other pair to dry during the day.

Make sure everything goes with everything else.

All of your shirts have to match all of your bottoms.

If you have something that only goes with one other item, it’s not a good idea to bring it.

Bring a mini-laptop (I recommend about 10 inch screen) with you.

It might not sound very lightweight, but in the end it is.

You won’t have to bring any books, notebooks or travel guides.

Instead you can download it all into your laptop and read them from there. Make sure it’s a light one though.

A big and heavy one is just trouble.

Nathan took a 15 inch laptop and 2 months later simply gave it away to the Red Cross – too much hassle!

If you are a smoker, now could be a good time to quit. Traveling is a great time to break the smoking habit because you will be out of your usual routines.

Don’t bring clothes made of heavy fabrics like jeans and wool.

Bring as light clothing as you can.

If you’re going to colder places, buy long johns and poly-pro tops instead of woolen jumpers and hoodies.

Bring stuff that can be used as several things, like a Sari.

You can use it as a normal towel, a beach towel, dress, skirt, blanket, fold it to make a bag, etc. Travel and Microfiber Travel Towel

For guys, instead of bringing a pair of shorts AND a pair of board shorts, try to look for a pair of board shorts that look just like normal shorts (or as close as it can get).

Don’t bring anything white, since you don’t bring many clothes you’re going to use the ones you have a lot.

White clothing will need to be washed more often than dark and colored fabrics.

Remember the essentials for Light and Easy Backpacking.

It’s critical to protect against mosquitoes and to have a small first aid kit.

Prioritize space for these.

Some people suggest you cut your toothbrush in half because even small things weigh and they add on.

It’s true that everything adds on, but I don’t go that hardcore myself to care about how much weight my toothbrush adds on.

Lightweight traveling should be easy, not extra hassle.

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Best Travel Handbags and Anti Theft Handbags For Travel

Best Travel Handbags Anti Theft Handbags


Best Travel Handbags – While travelling somewhere, the main concern most people have is the safety and security of their personal belongings.

We believe the best travel handbags are the number-one safety measure everybody must take in order to keep all your important things like credit/debit cards, travel documents, smart devices, etc, safe.

Failing to take safety precautions might leave you vulnerable to pickpockets and identity thieves.

Therefore, it is smart to use secure anti theft handbags for travel no matter where you go.

You can use them for your travel purposes as well as in your daily lives.

Best Travel Handbags For Anti Theft Travel

So, what types of a bag do you like carrying?

A sling, a cross bag or perhaps a good old-fashioned backpack?

No matter what you prefer, you have to make sure you get one which is slash proof and contains a minimum of one or two zipper compartments which can be locked.

Best Travel Handbags Types of Anti Theft Handbags For Travel

Fortunately for you, there are a number of different Anti Theft Handbags available which you can use for different purposes.

The Travelon Anti Theft Cross Body Bag

Travelon’s anti-theft cross body bag is a popular travel bag preferred by many.

Although this edition does not include RIFD blocking, you can get a RFID wallet or credit card holder that you can keep in the bag securely.

The best thing about this Anti Theft Handbags is that it has a lot of different sections where you can store all your belongings.

There are compartments which are lockable.

There are plenty of pockets and card slots, a zippered pocket available for smartphones, and two front pockets.

Plus, there is also another zippered compartment in the bag which faces you when you carry the bag.

The central compartment of the bag can be locked by hooking the zippers on to the metal loop provided.

The whole Anti Theft Handbags is made of nylon which is slash proof.

The strap is also made to be slash and cut proof.

Travelon Anti Theft Cross Body Bag Specifications:

The bag measures 14.5”x12”x1.5” and weighs 12 oz. The shoulder strap measures 55.5” in length and can be measured.

You can lower the strap up to 15” to 28”.

You can choose to buy the bag in over 6 colors.

Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag an affordable bag priced at $57.

Travelon Anti Theft Cross Body Bag Pros:

  • Lots of manageable compartments/pockets
  • Cost-effective

Travelon Anti Theft Cross Body Bag Cons:

  • No RFID blocking.

The Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII

The Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Hobo travel bag is best suited for fashion savvy women who want to add a bit of style to their traveling.

The Citysafe 400 is a big Anti Theft Handbags but is designed to give a casual and trendy look.

It also features a sleeve that can be slid to expose a wheeled luggage handle which makes the bag a good carry on Anti Theft Handbag.

The bag is designed to be comfortable and has adjustable straps.

Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Specifications:

The bag measures 15.9 x 13 x 6.7 inches, with a 20-liter gear capacity made with nylon.

It is has 2 main compartments and weighs 1 lb.

The Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 400 Gii Hobo Travel Bag is priced at $120.

Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Pros:

eXomesh slashguards in the side, bottom and lower front panels

Smart zipper security

Strap, for anchoring the bag to a fixture

RFID-blocking pocket

Smart zipper security™

Turn & lock strap hook

Slashproof detachable shoulder strap

Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Cons:

  • Limited colors

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

The Travelon Messenger bag is designed to be thick and big then its previous version, but it is also a bit short and not that wide.

The messenger bag is cut proof and features a chain link with various compartments with zippered locks.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted accordingly, and can also be fixed into position.

The central compartment of the Anti Theft Handbags is pretty wide and you can store quite a few big things in there, for example your DSLR camera or a tablet.

There are also different manageable pockets given in the bag to store different things.

The bag also has a magnetic flap on the front which conceals a zippered compartment and also has a zippered pocket at the back.

They can both be easily locked and secured.

There are also two side pockets given which can hold a water bottle or a small umbrella.

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag Specifications:

The Anti Theft Handbags weighs 1 lb and measures 11.5″ x 10″ x 4.5″.

It is made of nylon and is slash and cut proof.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is priced at $90 and is available in 5 different colors.

Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag Pros:

Good organizational storage.

Compact and light.


Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag Cons:

Pockets provided in each of the compartments cannot be zippered and you will drop coins should you decide to keep them there.

No RFID blocking feature.

Strap can get uncomfortable if the bag is heavy.

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Types of Anti-Theft Handbags

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag

If you are in the market for a hobo-style purse which is trendy, it is strongly recommended that you go for the Pacsafe City safe 200 which is available in 6 different colors.

Both the bag and its straps are manufactured using pure water repellent ballistic nylon which is slash and cut proof.

The central pocket of the bag is quite large and you can store quite a few things in there, for example a small notebook, a small umbrella or other documents.

The compartments are zippered and there is also a soft but sturdy laptop compartment given as well.

There are pockets for headphones and RFID.

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Specifications:

The Anti Theft Handbags measures 14.6″ x 9.4″ x 3.9″ and weighs 1lb and 1oz and Pacsafe Luggage Citysafe 200 Gii Handbag is priced at $80.

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Pros:

Can hold lots of things.

A number of theft-proof features.

Comfortable to carry.

Great quality.

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Cons:

Easy to over stuff, so it can get heavy if carried for a long time.

Travelon Anti-Theft Hobo Bag

The Travelon Hobo bag is both styles and overly theft proof.

The entire Anti Theft Handbags features slash proof, cut proof and chain linked manufacturing.

The strap given on the handbag is adjustable and cut proof.

The central pocket of the bag is quite roomy and can be secured by a concealed carabineer which allows you to chain your bag to a lamp post or bench.

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Specifications:

The Anti Theft Handbags measures 12 1/4″ x 10″ x 3 1/2″ and is made using 900 denier nylon and weighs 10oz.

The handbag is priced at $55.

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Pros:

Sufficient space in the main pocket

RFID blocking compartment with passport slots

Main compartment  can be locked with lobster claw clasp

Shoulder strap can be adjustable and is cut/slash proof

Bag can be secured via a chain which can be attached anywhere

Front zipper pocket

Packsafe City safe 200 GII Anti-Theft Handbag Cons:

The outside pocket does not lock

So, there you go..

These are some of the most reliable Anti Theft Handbags and travel bags which are both anti-theft and stylish at the same time.

If you plan to travel anytime soon, be sure to get yourselves one of the above mentioned Anti Theft Handbags.

My husband always carries a leather front pocket travel wallet.

Best Travel and Microfiber Travel Towel YOU Must Have

Microfiber Travel Towel


A microfiber travel towel will serve you well on your journey.

Whether you are backpacking, camping, taking a road trip, or traveling across the world, it’s smart to bring a microfiber towel.

While traditional towels take up a lot of space, microfiber towels fold small.

They also dry quickly.

Many are anti-bacterial.

You’ll find many uses for them, even at home. We love using them as microfiber bath towels.

They are great to take to the beach or the pool too.

They are very absorbent and air-dry much faster than other towels.

After washing them, you will love how they dry fast in the dryer.

What is a Microfiber Travel Towel?

It’s a specially-designed travel towel which provides an excellent alternative to traditional towels.

Microfiber travel towels are durable and versatile.

They are light and easy to roll and pack regardless of what you use them for.

The most popular travel towel are ones made of microfiber material.

This material is smooth and soft as compared to chamois leather.

Best Travel and Microfiber Travel Towel

There are a variety of microfiber travel towels.

Here are our favorites:

Northbound Train Microfiber Towel

These Northbound Train microfiber towels have been my kids’ favorite travel towels and bath towels.

I asked my 10 year old why he only wants to use this towel, and he said, “You just put it on a spot and the water is gone!”

My older son brings these microfiber travel towels for his Boy Scout campouts.

He uses the larger ones for swimming and showering.

They pack small for his backpacking trips and dry quickly while at camp.

He’s even used them as an additional blanket covering on one campout when it was in the 40s overnight.

I asked him why he likes bringing these towels with him, and he said,

“They are light and when I’m backpacking, every ounce counts.”

He’s had to carry 19 pounds in his backpack for an 18 mile hike over two days, so light towels are essential.

He also said, “It absorbs your sweat.”

I learned he’s using the smaller microfiber towel (12″ x 36″) to wipe his neck and face when camping.

It came in the Northbound Train towel set.

They call it a Microfiber Sport Towel.

It would be great for hiking, yoga, exercising and working out, etc.

Northbound Train Microfiber Towel benefits

Soft; it’s not at all scratchy

Super absorbent

Dry quickly

Has a loop for hanging

Easy to pack, lightweight, compact

Antibacterial: This is an added bonus that I didn’t realize when I ordered these towels.

These microfiber towels have a skin-safe zinc oxide coating which repels germs and prevents odors.

Small measures 12″ x 36″ and large is 30″ x 60″

Lifetime guarantee

Packs small

They are all-around easy-to-use towels. These have been our favorite microfiber towels.

I love them because they dry quickly hanging after a shower, especially in one of our bathrooms that is small.

They also dry fast in the dryer if I don’t air-dry them.

When I dry my traditional towels, they take so long in the dryer, I have to watch so they don’t shrink our other clothes.

Microfiber Travel Towel
Shandali microfiber travel towel

Shandali Microfiber Travel Towel

The Shandali microfiber towel has been rated as the best travel towel.

Preferred by many for long or short distance travels, the towel is made of microfiber material which is soft like velvet and smooth like a baby’s skin.

It dries quickly and absorbs water quickly.

The Shandali UltraSport Travel Towel – #1 Rated Travel Towel, Sport Towel, Beach and Microfiber Towel. Super Absorbent!

Ultra-Fast-Drying. Perfect for Camping, Backpacking, Showering.

Shandali Microfiber Travel Towel Benefits

Loop for hanging.

It is a big towel but when you fold, it becomes compact and you can store it anywhere easily.

You can carry it around in your gym bag, your suitcase, a bag and even in a purse!

You can use the towel anywhere.

Comes in two sizes, small and medium.

It is lightweight and weighs just a few ounces.

The towel is coated with silver-ion antibacterial.

It offers protection against bacteria.

The silver-ions prohibit the formation of germs and bacteria on the towel.

Sea to Summit DryLite Travel Towel

Sea to Summit DryLite travel towel is an excellent option if you decide to go camping, on holiday or on a trekking adventure.

These towels are made of microfiber material and are extremely fast drying, not to mention highly absorbent.

Sea to Summit Tek Towel Wash Kit

Sea to Summit DryLite Travel Towel Benefits

  • Soft and smooth on the skin
  • Made with 70% polyester and 30% nylon Microfiber and detailed with supreme suede linings
  • Highly efficient at both drying and absorbing water
  • Can be washed in the machine
  • Available in different colors, including Kiwi, Green and Berry
  • Soft brushed feeling when using it after a bath

You can use the Sea to Summit DryLite travel towel to wipe dishes when on a camping trip.

They are perfectly suited for your travel and are extremely light to pack.

Since they are multipurpose towels, you won’t have to pack 2 or 3 towels.

And the best part is that these towels are available in a whole range of different sizes which makes packing easier and hassle-free.

Sea to Summit DryLite Travel Towel Sizes

  • Extra Small, (30cm x 60cm), Weight 37g
  • Small, (40cm x 80cm), Weight 62g
  • Medium, (50cm x 100cm), Weight 100g
  • Large, (60cm x 120cm), Weight 145g
  • Extra Large, (75cm x 150cm), Weight 200g

The Sea to Summit DryLite edition is available in different colors including cobalt blue, outback red and jade green.

If you choose one of these quick dry towels in the small or medium sizes, they are great to use as a hair towel.

They are great microfiber towels for exercise and sports.

Using a microfiber hair towel will be light on your hair when it’s wet and more fragile.

They are great to bring when traveling.

Lightload Towels – The Only Travel Towel That Are Survival Tools

With regards to space and the weight of towels, nothing can beat Lightload travel towel.

You can store them anywhere, even in your back pocket when folded.

Once you unpack them, they turn out to be really big and have efficient water absorbing capability and you can use them anywhere you want to.

Lightload Towels Benefits

Once unpacked, the Lightload travel towels expand to a large size, measuring 60 inches x 36 inches.

Consider it a large beach towel.

Super water absorbent ability.

The towels are made with viscose fibers which can absorb up to 10 times the towel’s weight.

Dries really fast.

You can re-pack it into its packing size and fit it into your back pocket.

Available in assorted colors.

Lightload towels are machine washable.

Lightload Travel Towels Three Pack  are best used for camping, trekking and general travelling purpose and come in a three towel pack.

MyQuest Microfiber Towel

The MyQuest Microfiber towel is manufactured using fine quality microfiber material and is a fast drying towel.

It is made with millions of micro-woven rings which are attached to the towel.

The micro-woven rings eradicate the largeness and bulkiness of traditional towels.

MyQuest Microfiber Towel 

MyQuest Microfiber Towel Benefits

Fast drying, smooth and extremely soft on the skin.

Can be used and stored anywhere easily.

The towel measurs 30” x 60” and can be repacked in its own packing which measures 8” x 8”!

Antimicrobial treatment on the towel prevents bacteria from forming on the towel.

It also keeps the towel fresh and sterile all the time so you can it whenever you want.

Available in medium blue color.

The MyQuest Microfiber towels can be used for many things including as a hot yoga towel, a yoga mat and it is great when you finish a gruesome cardio workout.

It can absorb sweat really fast and dry off just as fast and doesn’t give out any bad smell.

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Best Microfiber Towel

When you’re traveling, pack a microfiber travel towel, even if you don’t think you will need it.

A good microfiber towel is essential for any backpacking journey.

Another advantage of bringing your own travel towel is the green travel aspect.

Using your own travel towel is an excellent way to go green.

Here is a nice article about Green Travel.

These are some of the best microfiber travel towels you can use anywhere and for anything, whether you are traveling or not.

While regular towels take up space and take a long time to dry, microfiber towels are easy to pack, tote around, and dry quickly.

Basics Of Light and Easy Backpacking and Gift Ideas for the Traveler and Adventurer in Your Life.

These microfiber towels will soon become your favorite towels for traveling and at home.

Roller Bag vs Backpack – Which Is Better?

Roller Bag vs Backpack - Which Is Better?


Roller Bag vs Backpack: Before switching from backpacks to roller bags just over a year ago, we never expected the impact this seemingly small change would have on our travels.

Practically every year since 2008 we’ve bought new backpacks, constantly downsizing, going from 95L to 45L and finally carry-on sized roller bags, and each change has brought a new experience with it.

Roller Bag vs Backpack – Which Is Better?

There are positives and negatives about each of them, and we thought we would sum up some interesting experiences we’ve learned through the years…and of course a great Travel Pillow.

The “Better Backpacker”

Two huge backpacks, a 7kg tent bag, sleeping bags and daypacks… need we say more?

For some reason, a lot of “backpackers” seem to think that the only “real” travelers are those actually wearing a bulky, heavy backpack.

If you’re not carrying around a backpack but a roller bag instead, people immediately assume that you’re not a long-term traveler.

I don’t think many people who have seen us rolling our small roller bags down the street would think that we had been traveling for years.

A lot of backpackers simply have that look that says “I’m so cool, because I’m backpacking off the beaten path with my backpack”, smirking at us with our little “weekend bags”.

I would never have thought that the type of bag you used mattered to anyone but yourself, but for some people it really does.

For us, we like the backpacks from Wenger suitcase.

They are well made, sturdy, comfortable and conveniently designed.

You can see a full selection of Wenger Suitcases

Standing Out & Fitting In

Likewise, another consideration for the Roller Bag vs Backpack is you get judged in a different way from hotels and staff depending on your luggage.

While we most often like to find affordable and budget friendly hotels where anyone “fits in”, we used to get very surprised looks when arriving at a fancy hotel with backpacks.

Personally I love to mess with peoples’ assumptions so I quite enjoyed the confused looks, but when we traveled with roller-bags nobody in the staff at fancier hotels would raise an eyebrow.

Physical Struggles … Roller Bag vs Backpack

Roller bags look more professional and usually blend in and fit easier anywhere, while backpacks often take up a lot of space when you squeeze into trams, trains and buses.

Roller Bag vs Backpack
Roller Bag vs Backpack


We were tired of always being soaked in sweat after carrying our backpacks for an hour, and after some time my shoulders and back started to hurt and I ended up with a very bad posture.

I was sure that a few months longer with that and I would look like Quasimodo’s sister..!

On the plus side you have both hands free and can walk up stairs easier, and you can get away with over-packing easier as they tend to give more space to expand.

Roller Bags:

Trying to drag a roller bag through a layer of snow or on extremely big cobble stones is just a ridiculously hard task, and after a few weeks of hardcore traveling I actually had started to get calluses on my hands..!

+ With the roller bag, I don’t get a sweaty back and don’t have to actually carry the weight even when standing still.


The main reason we decided to switch to roller bags was because we wanted to be sure that our bags could be brought as carry-on with flights like Ryanair.

We choose Delsey luggage for their spacious light weight design and bang-for-the-buck quality design.

You can see a full selection of Delsey Luggage

When traveling with our backpacks as carry-on, we were always worrying about whether the bag would be too big for their sizing, while the roller bag will never expand in size and therefore guarantee that it fits.

This has made traveling by plane more convenient, although it sometimes sucks having to throw stuff out every time you buy something new.

Backpacks are great for hiking and trekking, but since we’re not hikers we found that most places we traveled to had at least a dirt road to the hotel where we could unload our stuff.

Sleeping Bag Liners are a must have for us as well
Cute Carry On Luggage
Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale
Travel Handbags and Anti Theft Handbags
Affordable Luggage Sets
Travel The World With No Check-In Luggage
Luggage Sets You’ll Want

Choosing the Right Travel Rucksack

When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, you’ll need to think of what travel gear you’re going to need.

A good quality travel rucksack is without a doubt going to be at the top of your list, but which one will be best suited to your needs?

The following tips will have you ready to choose the right type of rucksack for your travels.”

Travel Rucksack
Travel Rucksack

What is a Travel Rucksack?

Travel rucksacks are tailored to meet the needs of backpackers and travelers, with a range of key features that set them apart from hiking rucksacks.

Travel Rucksack Side Opening

The first feature to look out for is side access to the rucksack’s main compartment, this is commonly via lockable zips and is similar to the opening you would find on a suitcase.

Removable Day sack

The second feature you will find is a detachable day sack, this is a smaller sized rucksack that is attached to the front of the bag.

Day sacks are normally attached to the main bag by zip or clip fastenings and are great for day trips or for using as hand luggage on flights.

Concealed Straps

Finally, you will find that the rucksack’s shoulder straps are concealable by way of a zip panel.

This panel helps to protect the rucksack’s back system during flights and other journeys, preventing material snags and other damage.

Which Size Do I Need?

If you’re travelling for a long period of time, you may well think that buying the largest travel rucksack on the market is the way forward.

This is not necessarily the best option, as larger rucksacks can put too much strain on your back and tempt you to pack far too much gear.

Travel rucksack sizes range from 40 liters in size to 100 liters, with anything smaller than 40 liters verging on day sack territory and most definitely not suitable for a round the world trip.

When choosing your travel rucksack, consider your height, the activities you plan on doing during your trip, such as trekking, and what gear you intend on packing.

These three simple steps will make selecting the right bag a much simpler exercise.

When it comes to packing, lay out everything you want to take then start eliminating the things you could do without.

Rolling your clothes is a well-known tactic used by many travelers to optimize the packing space inside their rucksacks.

Handy accessories such as compression sacks can also help to minimize the size of your clothes and travel gear.

Travel Rucksack

Key Comfort Features

Most travel rucksacks on the market are fitted with adjustable back systems, made up of shoulder straps and a hip belt for added support.

Rucksack back systems are often padded with an air mesh material for breathability, helping to reduce sweating and provide a more comfortable carrying experience.

The back system’s hip belt is designed to bear most of the weight from the rucksack and take the strain away from your shoulders, helping to avoid back injuries and discomfort.

Lowe Alpine introduced the concept of a length-adjusting back system back in 1967.

Since then many outdoor gear manufacturers have come up with their own designs and styles of adjustable back systems.

Ensuring your rucksack is fitted correctly will ensure you don’t injure your back when travelling and make carrying it around much more comfortable!

Women’s Rucksacks

While women are able to opt for standard rucksacks, a female specific option may be a better choice, particularly for the more petite among you.

Women’s rucksacks are designed with a shorter back length, as women have a shorter torso compared to men.

Other features you can expect from a women’s rucksack include additional padding on the hip belt as well as more contoured shaping on the shoulder straps and hip belt.

Some women may not feel the need to opt for a shorter back length, but may want something that looks more appealing, compared to plain black rucksacks.

For these travelers, other colors of rucksack are available, the Vango Freedom 60+20 comes in either black or plum and Karrimor offer a range of colors from pink to blue.

Wheeled Rucksacks

If you don’t think your back could take the strain of carrying a rucksack around for the duration of your trip, a wheeled rucksack is a feasible alternative.

Wheeled rucksacks give you the option of carrying the rucksack on your back with shoulder straps or wheeling it along using over sized wheels and an extending towing handle.

However, due to the presence of an aluminium telescopic handle on most models, the back systems on wheeled backpacks tend to be fairly basic and are rarely adjustable.

There are some wheeled rucksacks with adjustable back systems, but they don’t come with a towing handle, which isn’t always very convenient if you’re on the tall side.

Rucksack Accessories & Extras

Giving your rucksack some TLC during your trip is essential to keeping it in good condition.

There are many accessories on the travel gear market that help to protect your rucksack and improve its performance.

A Backpack Transit covers is a great way to protect your rucksack during flights and other journeys, this completely covers your bag and stops it getting damaged on airport conveyor belts and carousels.

No rucksack is completely waterproof, so a rain cover is a good investment if you want to keep its contents dry and protected from the elements.

Hydration bladders are a must have if you’ll be trekking during your time away, allowing you to stay hydrated via a handy tube that feeds through the top of your rucksack.

Many models of rucksack feature specialized pockets and tube ports for hydration bladders and will be described as ‘Hydration compatible’ if they have this feature.

If you consider the above points, you will hopefully have a much more comfortable and less frustrating time with your travel rucksack, allowing you to enjoy your time away with minimal disruption and discomfort.

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Best Insulated Water Bottle: Guide to the Best Bottles

Peak District, England


Best Insulated Water Bottle – Environmentally conscious consumers are moving increasingly away from disposable bottles of water.

In their place, most people are choosing water bottles that can be reused for many years.

While there is a vast selection of reusable water bottles on the market, choosing the best insulated water bottle is a wonderful option for many reasons.

Perhaps the best reason to choose an insulated bottle is its ability to keep beverages at the desired temperature. 

Additionally, unlike un-insulated bottles, an insulated model doesn’t have an exterior condensation problem so you don’t have to worry about leaving puddles on your desk or table or dribbling water onto your shirt.

Many companies make these bottles, which makes finding the best insulated water bottle a bit tricky.

Use this handy guide to discover which of these products is the best insulated water bottle for you.

Best Insulated Water Bottle: Guide to the Best Bottles

Many consumers agree that the best insulated water bottle on the market today is made by Hydro Flask.

This bottle’s double wall construction and its vacuum insulation make it fantastically functional.

Most users attest that it is capable of keeping beverages cold for up to 24 hours.

It can also keep hot beverages warm for about 12 hours.

Hydro Flask’s bottles are constructed of premium grade stainless steel.

This means no BPA and safe usage for many years.

This product is also attractive.

It’s available in a deep assortment of colors that are applied via a durable powder coating process.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Perhaps best of all, each Hydro Flask bottle comes with a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about being without your favorite water bottle. In general, two versions are offered.

One features a narrow mouth while the other is wide.

If you like to use ice, go with the wide mouth version because it’s so much easier to add full size ice cubes to.

Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle

CamelBak is a brand name that is widely associated with superior hydration products, and they also offer some of the best insulated water bottle choices on the market today.

One of their standouts is the insulated Eddy bottle.

CamelBak pioneered the making of stainless steel insulated bottles, so this one definitely does not disappoint.

In addition to stainless models, the Eddy also comes in BPA free plastic in a variety of colors.

It benefits from the inclusion of the innovative bite valve mechanism, a nice feature that ensures that you can’t accidentally dispense water.

Nonetheless, the bite valve allows for excellent water flow.

A loop handle enables you to connect the bottle via carabiner to almost anything.

Perhaps the biggest downside to this bottle is the difficulty in cleaning the lid.

Invest in a tiny cleaning brush to avoid mildew problems.

Thermos Insulated Water Bottle

For functionality and indestructibility, many consumers choose a Thermos product as the best insulated water bottle.

These insulated Thermos bottles are capable of keeping water cold for more than 24 hours, and the mouth is large enough to easily accommodate ice cubes.

Many users like the fact that this bottle does not have a straw.

Instead, many of these bottles feature useful push button operation that opens the top to reveal a convenient spout.

Most Thermos bottles are made of high grade stainless steel and feature a rubberized base.

This makes it easy for the bottle to survive numerous falls and mishaps.

It also means excellent stability so your water won’t go tumbling around the cab of your truck.

These bottles particularly appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a bottle to accompany them on even their roughest adventures.

Eco Vessel Insulated Water Bottle

Eco Vessel makes several insulated models, many of which can easily be added to any best insulated water bottle list.

The Summit Water Bottle is a stainless steel variety that features a convenient flip straw.

These bottles are triple insulated and can keep drinks cold for a maximum of 36 hours.

Lightweight and durable, it’s possible to take this bottle anywhere thanks to its integrated handle.

The Summit is available in either 17 or 25 ounce sizes and comes in a variety of bright colors.

Eco Vessel also makes the Boulder Triple-Insulated model ([easyazon_link identifier=”B00T6XRQ40″ locale=”US” tag=”awtt-20″]Check prices here[/easyazon_link]) that features a screw cap that is available in sizes up to 45 ounces.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen is a noted leader in the hydration field, and they also make products that belong on the best insulated water bottle list.

Their Wide Mouth Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap is a particularly popular design.

It’s available in 12, 16 and 20 ounce sizes, and you can choose from several stylish colors, including classic stainless steel.

The double wall construction on this model promises to keep liquids cold for a maximum of 24 hours, but hot contents will only stay warm for about six hours.

Klean Kanteen prides itself on using high quality stainless steel while guaranteeing that there is no BPA, lead or phthalates in their products.

This lightweight, compact design is ideal for users who are on the go.

Insulated Water Bottle

Customers love these sweat free bottles, and the loop on the lid makes it easy to attach the bottle to a backpack or belt.

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Another reliable choice on the best insulated water bottle list comes from Polar Bottle.

Their insulated 22 ounce Polar Bottle receives particularly good reviews for the attractiveness of its design.

These bottles are safe to put in the dishwasher or freezer while a wide mouth makes using ice cubes a breeze.

Polar Bottle’s proprietary Half Twist cap handily prevents leakage.

Double wall construction helps keep drinks cold, and many customers love the fact that this company’s products are made in the USA.

Polar Bottle also has a new Recyclable water reservoir called the Cenote Hydration System.

LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle
LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

Cenote Hydration System

The company which manufactures Polar Bottle, has announced that it is going to be launching a cost-effective hydration system that features a water reservoir which you can easily recycle.

Called the ‘Cenote’ water hydration system, it will cost $13.99 for a reservoir with a two-liter capacity and $14.99 for three liters.

Cenote Hydration
Cenote Hydration

According to Judy Amabile, president of Product Architects which designs and manufactures the Cenote system, there were constant complaints from customers regarding the hygiene of the reservoirs.

Since the reservoirs would get dirty after being in use for only a few weeks or so and weren’t that easy to clean, there was no option for them but to throw them out.

In light of this, the company decided to produce an eco-friendly alternative, the parts of which could easily be replaced.

It wouldn’t cause any damage to the environment and not cost the customers too much.

The Cenote hydration system can be easily recycled and reused.

The main idea behind the Cenote system is that its manufacturers wanted consumers to have a hydration product which is cost-effective.

Which means you can buy two or three of the bottles and use them in other ways as well, not just for keeping water.

You can use the Cenote for a number of other things including storing your protein shakes for drinking after a workout and even keep your beer in them.

Though all of these things will get the reservoir dirty, it is really simple to clean and reuse it.

You can cut off the dirty plastic where the cap is placed and recycle the area using other plastics.

Better yet, if you do not have a clue regarding how to recycle, you need not worry because you can send it for recycling.

The package is pre-postmarked so that you can easily send it to the people who manufacture the Cenote, and get your pack recycled.

Cenote Hydration System Features:

  • The materials are BPA-Free and Phthalate Free.
  • The bite valve has an on/off feature.
  • The cap is completely removable.
  • Easy to clean. Comes apart completely.
  • Clear plastic gives fresh feeling once its recycled
  • Fits standard backpacks.
  • Available in 2 or 3-Liter.
  • Made and assembled in the USA.

Judy Amabile also said that the company had put in considerable time and effort to promote their new product.

They want their product to benefit customers not just in the US but internationally as well.

This is why it has been part of an exhaustive internet marketing campaign, making extensive use of social media.

The idea and name for Cenoté is inspired by after natural water systems formed by limestone.

Cenote Hydration System
Cenote Hydration System

The Cenote hydration and water reservoir system is made in Boulder Colorado.

The main components, including the hose and the bite valve, are imported and the entire product is assembled and dispatched from Boulder.

LifeSaver Water Filter Bottle

Ultimately, the best insulated water bottle is the one that works for you…but we LOVE the LIFESAVER Systems 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle.

If you are an avid outdoor adventurer, you may feel that the Thermos company offers the best insulated water bottle.

On the other hand, runners and cyclists may gravitate toward the CamelBak products.

Regardless, any of the insulated bottles presented here are capable of providing great performance and durability at reasonable prices.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Reusable, eco-friendly water bottles are the preferable alternative to the disposable plastic water bottles you see in stores across America.

These environmentally conscious bottles feature cutting edge technology that makes them safer and more practical to use as well as more attractive.

Health experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, and carrying one of these green, durable water bottles can definitely help you to achieve that goal.

By now, most people know about the environmental hazards that are posed by disposable water bottles.

Petroleum is a main ingredient in their chemical makeup, and the manufacturing process is toxic to the air we breathe.

Moreover, many of these bottles end up in the landfill.

Since they aren’t biodegradable, it can take centuries for these bottles to finally decompose.

eco-friendly water bottles
eco-friendly water bottles

Clearly, eco-friendly water bottles are the better choice, but with so many on the market, how can you choose the one that’s right for you?

Consider a few of these smart alternatives in your quest to find the perfect reusable water bottle.

You’ll love the CamelBak Better Bottle thanks to its innovative straw design.

It flips up, then the user must bite on it before water is dispensed.

This progressive design means no more spills, so it’s safe to drink in the car and on the go.

There’s no BPA in this bottle, and a handy loop on the cap makes it possible to clip the bottle to a carabiner so you can let it dangle from your backpack.

This bottle comes in tons of colors, making it possible for you to choose a new one for each day of the week.

The Kleen Kanteen stainless steel bottles are also BPA free and toxin free.

Stainless steel won’t retain flavors from previous beverages, so you can rest assured that every sip from this bottle is as fresh and great tasting as the last.

Highly customizable, you get to choose the color of your bottle, and you may also select from a vast assortment of lids that suit your particular style of usage.

Some of these bottles have openings that are large enough to allow ice cubes to be added for extra cold drinks on the go. Here are some of my favorites:

Best Insulated Water Bottle

and these are not necessarily travel related but I love having a stash of these:

6-pack of Aquasana 18 Oz. Glass Bottles

Try any of these or other eco-friendly water bottles to start living a healthier life today.

These bottles have a definite positive effect on the environment, and you’ll love how convenient they are.

Travel Water Bottles

An increasing number of people are choosing to drink water over soda and other beverages.

The reasons are many.

Water doesn’t have the high sugar content and laboratory manufactured ingredients that are commonly found in other drinks.

Drinking water is choosing hydration that’s good for you, but choosing water that comes in disposable bottles is not good for the environment.

Obtaining a good travel water bottle is not only great for you but good for the environment.

Instead, the environmentally savvy consumer is turning to reusable travel water bottles.

These durable, attractive alternatives are more eco-friendly, and they’re easy to fill up at sinks and water fountains.

If you are constantly on the go, owning a reusable water bottle is the best method for staying hydrated while protecting the environment.

The statistics associated with the use of disposable water bottles are disturbing.

Billions of these plastic bottles are manufactured annually.

Petroleum is a major ingredient in each and every bottle.

The manufacturing process emits high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the environmental cost of transporting the finished product to the stores is enormous in terms of gas usage.

Travel Water Bottles

These harmful environmental impacts are heightened by the cost of buying bottled water.

If you were to drink your recommended eight glasses of water every day, and obtained that water through the tap in your kitchen, you’d spend about $.50 each year on the habit.

Switch to bottled water for those eight glasses a day, and you could spend between $1,200 and $1,500 per year.

Clearly, reusable travel water bottles are the better alternative.

Aside from the initial expense, few costs are involved with these handy bottles.

You can fill them up with tap water at home, and refill them anywhere when you’re out and about.

The water you’re drinking is typically just as safe and fresh as that found in disposable bottles, so there’s no need to fear drinking up.

Choose a bottle that is BPA and lead free to ensure your lasting health, and make it a point of always carrying it when you leave the house.

On road trips, at work and in the gym, these travel water bottles definitely have the advantage over disposable bottles.

Choose a reusable water bottle today for the sake of the environment and your wallet.

ZeroWater Portable Filtration Tumbler

This tumbler has a color-change window so you know exactly when it is time to change it.

We think we are being healthy by drinking water but oftentimes we are drinking dissolved solids that can remain, including Zinc, Nitrate, Lead, Aluminum, etc.

Zero Water Tumbler
Zero Water Tumbler

ZeroWater portable filtration tumbler filters 99.6% of dissolved solids so all you taste and drink is the water.

It’s available in blue and in silver.

Go Caddy by BVT Products

I feel like this product was invented with me in mind.

Whenever I walk for exercise, I carry my water bottle and smart phone and maybe my car keys.

I typically carried them in one of those cinch-type, lightweight, nylon backpacks.

I like using them but my concern was always my phone getting damaged by my stainless steel or glass water bottle.

I also was always making sure the cap was on securely so that it wouldn’t leak and damage my phone.

Another annoyance was that I would have to stop mid-walking to get to my water bottle.

This compact Go Caddy tote and water bottle carrier has been great for when I walk.

I can fit any sized water bottle I have in it.

My smart phone sits safely in the outer pocket, and I have still more room for keys, a wallet, sunscreen, and more.

GOCaddy by BVT Products
GOCaddy by BVT Products

It’s amazing I can fit this much as this is a small tote, measuring just 9.75” in height by 5.75” in width.

I like the adjustable strap so that it sits comfortably over my shoulder at my side, or I can make it longer when I want to wear it cross-body style.

The bag itself is very lightweight and comes in black, brown, or red.

It seems to be a gender-neutral product, however, the white stitching on the strap makes it a tad more feminine than if it was all black.

It comes with removable sleeve to keep a water bottle cool.

I have never used it as it fits the store-bought plastic 16 oz bottle, not my reusable water bottle.

But it is still a nice feature, and I have been now putting that sleeve on my son’s drink when I pack his school lunch.

There are two outside pockets, one that has elastic and can expand open.

It would be for things you want easy access to, like a phone, camera, a map, etc.

The other pocket has a Velcro closure and has room for a wallet, keys, etc.

Inside this Velcro pocket is a hidden pocket to hold individual credit cards or money.

I’ve never used the metal clip for my keys but it is a handy feature.

Since receiving my Go Caddy, I have used it every time I walked for exercise.

I live in the hot southwestern part of the US so I am really excited to be able to carry this around with me to hold my water bottle in the 100+ degree summer months.

It will enable me to be hands-free and to access my water easily.

I also look forward to using this on my next vacation as it is more convenient than a purse and will hold everything I need as I sightsee and explore.

I am thrilled with this product. It’s a very simple and practical idea, and it is designed perfectly to suit what I usually carry with me.

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle
Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle
Hydrapak Bottle
Hydrapak Bottle

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle


Here’s a water bottle that you twist and can fold down to less than a quarter of its size.

It holds one liter of water – that’s a full 32 ounces – and includes a fold-down handle.

I’m not a fan of plastics in general, and I especially do not like drinking from them; however, this collapsible bottle is BPA free and PVC free.

This is easy to take on a hike, while backpacking, and to an airport.

Anyone going on an extended trip, where packing light is essential, will find this useful.

I packed it in my backpack before I headed to the airport to fill at a water fountain once I passed security.

After I finished drinking it on the plane, I just pushed down the top while lightly twisting the body of it.

It’s easy to “lock” into place.

Then I put the lid on and put it back in my backpack.

I do like to dry out water bottles to prevent mold growth so when I arrived at my hotel, I rinsed it out and set it out to air dry.

It’s also come in handy for my sons’ baseball and soccer games.

We often send them with just one water bottle.

Often mid-game, one of them will run out and will want to drink my water.

Twice now, I’ve brought this Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle filled with water to pour into their water bottles.

What I loved is that afterwards, I wasn’t dealing with toting a second regular sized water bottle.

I collapsed this and put it in my purse and was done with it.

Some might consider it a downside that it doesn’t have a flip-top lid or a smaller spout to drink from; it has a wide-mouth opening like a regular drinking glass would.

It might take kids some time to get used to it but for me, it is actually a benefit in that it is so much easier to clean.

We own it in Lime.

It’s also available in Blue and Smoke.

Collapsible Travel Cup

I love this cup mostly because I love to be green whenever I can.

Collapsible Travel Cup
Collapsible Travel Cup

Many times in restaurants, especially at take out places, I just order water.

This cup is handy because I can keep it in my purse, pop it up, fill it up, and say no to a plastic cup that at best will be recycled (rare in restaurants) and at the typical worst, end up contributing to the landfills.

This would work well for airports too.

Usually, I bring an empty stainless steel water bottle when I go to the airport and fill up at the water fountain after passing through security.

Then I reuse the stainless steel water bottle the duration of my trip.

This Collapsible Travel Cup offers the same reusability with just one downside – you have to drink it right then as there isn’t a lid – but it is still great.

This fits easily in my purse, backpack or tote when we go on trips.

I just keep it in a small zip-lock bag so it stays clean and my bag stays dry.

For years I’ve been ridding my kitchen and life of plastics but this one is FDA food-grade silicone, BPA and phthalate free, so I feel good about using it.

It holds 6.4 oz. We do a lot of hiking, camping and traveling in general, and I bring it with me even when I have a water bottle, just in case.

Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale Product Review VIDEO

Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale


Digital Luggage Scale – Air travel is expensive and growing more costly every year.

In an effort to gain a larger profit margin most of the world’s major airlines are charging for every checked bag.

To make the situation even more expensive for travelers, they are also assessing a hefty surcharge for overweight bags.

Most of these luggage surcharges kick in with bags that weigh 50 pounds.

Airlines may charge $50 for a bag that weighs in excess of 50 pounds, but some charge $75 or $100.

If a bag weighs 75 pounds or more, the charges begin at $100 and may be as much as $200.

These charges are applicable on both outbound and inbound flights, so those who leave home with a heavy bag may have to pay these fees twice.

Clearly, the cost-conscious traveler is anxious to avoid these excessive surcharges.

Some people have taken to weighing their luggage on a bathroom scale at home.

This works in a pinch, but most bathroom scales aren’t accurate enough to trust if the weight of the bag is very close to the 50 pound limit. Affordable Luggage You Should Travel With

This approach is also problematic and can be stressful because it doesn’t provide means to check the weight of the suitcase from a hotel.

Most people do some shopping while on vacation, and some small purchases can quickly add to the weight of a bag.

This can translate to an unpleasant shock at the airport.

During our current trip through Germany we’ve been testing the Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale – watch our video review below.

For us this was one of those products we hadn’t realized how much we really needed, but after using a travel digital luggage scale (or Suitcase Scale) it’s been SO useful!

We only travel with carry-on luggage, and with airlines becoming more and more strict with carry-on weight limits, we would always have that nagging feeling on the day of departure – worrying whether we would have to pay for extra baggage or not.

Cute Carry On Luggage
Roller Bag vs Backpack
Travel Handbags and Anti Theft Handbags
Affordable Luggage Sets
Travel The World With No Check-In Luggage
Luggage Sets You’ll Want

Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale Travel Product Review VIDEO

With the digital luggage scale you can easily keep track of how much your luggage weighs, anytime you want, while flying around the world.

It’s a great product which we will definitely continue to use on our travels.

Digital Luggage Scales Ease the Cost of Travel

The best solution is to invest in a digital luggage scale.

These compact, easy to use scales make it possible for travelers to always be in the know when it comes to the weight of their bags.

Best of all, they are small and light enough to take in the bag so they can be used anywhere in the world.

Numerous digital luggage scales are available on the market today, but some are better than others.

The best of these promise great accuracy and reliability.

They are also remarkably small and light so they won’t add a great deal of weight if they are packed in a checked bag.

The affordable Davidsbeenhere Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale features a compact, lightweight design.

It weighs bags up to 110 pounds, and the LCD screen provides easy to see results. The scale switches easily between pounds and kilograms.

A black nylon strap attaches luggage to the scale while an ergonomic hand grip simplifies the process of lifting a heavy bag.

The Davidsbeenhere unit provides excellent accuracy, but some users note a problem with the on/off switch.

Essentially, the switch is very easily activated, which means that any time the button contacts something it turns the scale on.

The result may be a drained battery just when you need to use the scale most.

Pack this scale with care to avoid this problem or consider removing the battery when the unit is not in use.

Otherwise, this is an excellent, low cost option.

The Camry EL10 Luggage Scale costs just slightly more and includes a handy thermometer as a bonus.

Once again, this luggage scale can weigh bags up to 110 pounds and converts easily between pounds and kilograms.

The extra large LCD display makes it easy to see the precise weight of each bag.

At just 3.2 ounces this scale adds little to the overall weight of the luggage.

The two minute auto shutoff feature handily eliminates the problem of a drained battery.

However, some users note that the handle is not particularly ergonomic and may make it difficult to hold the scale with the luggage attached for a sufficient amount of time.

Still, many people have benefited from the precise measurement available through this unit.

The slightly more expensive Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This means a great deal of peace of mind for the frequent traveler who wants to be certain to avoid excess weight fees.

The stainless steel design is a nice plus, giving this scale good durability and a sleek look.

It’s compact and weighs just 3.3 ounces so that it travels easily.

Auto shut off occurs after just 30 seconds so there’s never a concern about a drained battery.

The large LCD display is easy to read without straining.

Occasional customer concerns about the accuracy of the scale and its durability seem to be quickly addressed by the Tarriss service department.

With a lifetime guarantee, there’s little reason not to take a chance with this scale.

Excessive fees have kept a number of travelers from exploring the world as often as they wish.

With a small investment in a digital luggage scale, it’s possible to reserve more of the vacation budget for souvenirs and meals while less gets allocated to costs associated with flights.

Having a digital luggage scale that is compact and portable is the secret to saving big money at the airport.

It also makes the whole experience much more hassle free.

Travelers can arrive at the airport knowing that they won’t have to pay excess weight charges, nor do they have to spend anxious minutes redistributing their belongings among their checked baggage and carry on items.

Honorable Mention is the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale w/ 110 lb. Capacity & SmartGrip

Basics Of Light and Easy Backpacking
Carry-On Checklist

Smart Luggage High-Tech Options

It seems like most of our belongings are becoming ‘smart’ — smart TVs, smartphones, smart cars.

The luggage industry is catching on, and now you can even treat yourself to smart luggage!

Now, there’s luggage to help fix some of the most annoying travel problems.

So you can have a safe trip.

Are you an over-packer whose bag is always overweight?

There’s a bag with a built-in scale.

Did you touch down with a dying cellphone, with no outlets to be found?

Try a bag with charging capabilities.

Airport business woman on smart phone at gate waiting in terminal. Air travel concept with young casual businesswoman sitting with hand luggage suitcase. Beautiful young mixed race female professional

Check out ten of our top picks for smart luggage below.

Bluesmart Luggage

Bluesmart started out on Indiegogo and has really taken off since then.

The carry-on bag has a built-in scale that lets you know how much your luggage weighs without having to maneuver it onto a scale.

It’ll even let you know if it’s overweight based on the airline you’re flying.

If you download the companion app, you can control the TSA-lock that comes with the bag.

It comes with a proximity feature, so you can unlock your bag as it comes towards you.

Plus, it will charge your phone and has GPS — so even if the airline loses your bag, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Raden A22

Don’t let the normal exterior fool you — the Raden A22 has a lot of cool hidden features.

Similarly to the Bluesmart, you can track your bag with Bluetooth and weigh it via a handle that doubles as a scale.

Just lift it, and you’ll know how much your bag weighs.

As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about your luggage being ruined in the rain when you’re stuck traveling in bad weather.

The Raden has a waterproof zipper as extra protection from the elements.


How often have you been rolling luggage, come to a flight of stairs, and just felt your heart sink?

With TraxPack, that’s not a problem.

With its new track system, your luggage will easily roll up stairs, instead of awkwardly bumping up every step.

Since the last major innovation was wheels that rolled in every direction, it’s about time someone tackled the stairs issue.

It even has extra strong zippers to make sure everything stays where it is.


Everything is motorized now, so why shouldn’t your bag be, too?

If you’re tired after a long day of travel, you don’t have to walk to or from your gate anymore.

If you have the Modobag, your bag becomes a scooter that will get you from Point A to Point B.

With a built-in seat and footrests, you can navigate the airport without actually walking.

And yes, it has brakes so you don’t hit other travelers.

One potential downside is that the bag weighs 10 pounds before you pack it with anything.

But if you pack lightly, this might not be a problem for you.


The Trunkster has one of the more radical redesigns of the smart luggage on this list.

While its competitors were focusing on interior design features, the Trunkster got rid of zippers altogether.

Instead, it has a roll-top opening for easy access to your belongings.

It has the smart capabilities you’d come to expect, as well. One added bonus?

Its charging bank is removable, so you can take it out and bring it with you wherever you go — even if you don’t want to bring the whole bag.

Barracuda Luggage

For those of us who work while traveling — whether on a travel blog or an email to a client — working on a laptop can be one of the most frustrating parts of being in an airport.

Finding a place to charge is next to impossible.

And even if you do snag a seat near an outlet, it’s probably not near a table top to type.

If this really irritates you, consider the Barracuda, which comes with a drop-down tray and a two-cup holder.

Plus, the location services will let you know as soon as your smart luggage is ready for you on the carousel.

Andiamo IQ

Being able to charge your phone and laptop is great, but if even if you have fully charged gadgets, there still might be another problem facing you.

What do you do if you’re not around free WiFi?

Enter the Andiamo IQ, which comes with its own WiFi hotspot.

Never go without Internet, and never be forced to pay for every fifteen minutes you spend online.

The bag also has a remote luggage lock/unlock feature (which is accessible through the app) and will text you when your bag moves away from or comes towards you.


Before you even get to your gate, you have to bypass one of the longest and most irritating lines in the airport — check in.

However, the Rimowa smart luggage has a feature designed to make that easier for you.

Instead of the paper labels many airport use to keep track of luggage, a Rimowa bag will display all of the relevant information on a built-in digital display.

They’re still in the process of on boarding airlines, but this is a major development.


If you travel light on your way to vacation, but return home with an overload of souvenirs, it can be hard to pack.

You don’t want to use a bag that will end up being too big, but you also don’t want to run the risk of not having enough space.

The Fugu can be either a carry-on or checked baggage, depending on how far you expand it.

The bag will inflate with a built-in pump, allowing you to bring back all you want from a vacation.


The last bag on our list is Delsey’s Pluggage.

Like so many other items on our list, it has a compatible app that goes with it.

It has features that set it apart, though, such as fingerprint ID that ensures you’re the only one with access to your bag.

It can also detect when it’s on an aircraft, has an inside speaker, and lighting systems.

Ready to take your new smart luggage on a trip?

Let us help you out with carry-on luggage (Carry on Luggage Packing Hacks).

And don’t forget a universal travel adapter and some luggage tags.

Don’t leave without our step-by-step guide to prepare for travel anywhere around the world.

How To Protect Your Camera From The Weather While Traveling

How To Protect Your Camera From The Weather While Traveling


How To Protect Your Camera – I’ve traveled with a bunch of different cameras; all from the good old film cameras, to 3D Polaroid cameras, waterproof cameras and now a DSLR camera.

But no matter what camera you use, there are always going to be a few common problems – the most significant one being the weather.

You can’t control the weather, but you can prevent it from damaging your camera and ruining your inspiring pictures.

How To Protect Your Camera From The Weather

Ultimate Video Camera For Travelers So today I want to share with you a few tips to help you protect your camera from the weather:

How To Protect Your Camera Heat

When traveling in countries where the weather is hot and the sun is strong, you can really damage your camera.

One problem we’ve had while shooting in Thailand has been camera overheating on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips we find help:

Try to keep your camera out of direct mid-day sunlight.

We’ve decided to try and only film in the mornings and afternoons, and avoid using it when the sun is at its strongest and hottest.

This will keep the camera cool and happy.

Whenever the red temperature lamp (or whatever sign your camera has for overheating) shows up, turn the camera off and let it cool down.

It’s bad for the camera if it’s used while it is overheated.

Also try to keep it as still as possible when this happens.

Never leave it in a car for hours, as a car is like a greenhouse and can get really hot.

If you have to leave it, put it in the trunk or under the seat.

It’s not ideal, but better than in direct sunlight.

Camera Condensation and Moisture
Camera Condensation and Moisture

How To Protect Your Camera Condensation and Moisture

Extreme temperature changes, such as Air-Conditioned rooms, can cause condensation on the lens and affect the inner circuitry, getting water in the wrong places.

When you bring your camera into an A/C environment (hotel room, malls, restaurants etc), keep it in the camera bag in its own pocket of air (there it has a steady temperature), and slowly introduce it to the cooler temperature, by opening it bit by bit.

The same applies when bringing a camera into a warm room out from the cold outdoors.

Another tip is to put it in a plastic bag for a few minutes.

This will allow the camera to cool down/warm up slowly, and prevent condensation and moisture.

If you get condensation on the lens, use a dry and clean lens cloth to wipe off the mist.

If it’s raining outside, or you’re somewhere where the chances of getting your camera soaked in water (like the water festival in Thailand, or photographing splashing waves), don’t risk it, but cover your camera in a rain hood.

They’re often really cheap and work great.

Protect Your Camera Sun and Sand
Protect Your Camera Sun and Sand

How To Protect Your Camera Sun and Sand

The lens is the most sensitive part of your camera, and even the smallest scratch can make it unusable.

It can also be sensitive to extreme light, so I’d recommend you purchasing a protective lens to put on top of your original one.

There are many good ones out there, that also help to reduce glare and make the picture contrast come out better.

Try to blow the sand away with a blower, or use a lens clothe to wipe it off gently, but it’s best if you use a cleaning solution first to make it moist.

How To Protect Your Camera Extra Camera Gear

Invest in a cleaning kit.

A lens cloth, some cleansing liquid and a small brush can do wonders.

Your camera deserves a good camera bag.

It’s a way to keep it safe both from being squashed and broken, as well as keeping it away from thieves.

Bring it out when you want to use it, but don’t have it hanging around your neck the whole day.

It’s also a good way of keeping it cool and safe from sun and dust.

Having a Lens hood makes a big difference to your photos, and protects it from direct sunlight.

How To Take A Good Picture Of Yourself
How Travel Blogging Can Help You Experience Destinations Differently

Check out our As We Travel video review

xShot Camera Extender xShot 2.0 Camera Extender

Don’t you just love technology?

A few years ago, you would have to ask a stranger to take a photo of you with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Nowadays, you can capture better photos from unique angles using an XShot camera extender.

No doubt, this is a product that has become a must for any traveler.

If you’re not familiar with the XShot camera extender, then my friend, you are missing out on the benefits of this valuable tool.

XShot camera extenders like the XShot Pro and XShot 2.0 have become as ubiquitous as iPhones and Android phones among today’s younger generation.

Although XShot did not really invent the selfie stick—Minolta had one way back in 1983—  it has produced the most popular line of camera extenders today.

So what can you expect from an XShot camera extender?

Let us take a closer look at the XShot 2.0 as well as the other camera extenders from the company such as the XShot Pro.

The XShot 2.0 camera extender is a nine-inch stick that can extend up to 37 inches, or around three feet.

This lightweight selfie stick weighs just 1.25 pounds.

It connects all point and shoot cameras.

Since it is only nine inches when collapsed, the XShot 2.0 is portable enough to be stored inside a backpack.

This is a nice camera extender that you can use when traveling, camping, or hiking.

And it’s not really for outdoor use as you can make use of this camera extender for parties, concerts, and when taking family photos, or just about any occasion when there’s no one to take your photos, or when everyone in the family wants to be on the photo.

You don’t need to be a techie in order to take great photos (and even videos) using this camera extender.

Simply screw your camera or camcorder on to one end of the XShot 2.0, then tilt the camera and lock it in place.

The camera or camcorder should not be more than 24 ounces in weight.

Pull open to extend the rod up to 37 inches.

Now you can extend this camera away from you, allowing you to capture a wider background.

And there is absolutely no need to ask a stranger to take photos of you and your companions!

It’s quite cheap too, with a price of around $35.

Of course, if you can buy a point and shoot camera that’s worth a hundred bucks, why can’t you buy a camera extender for a lot less right?

However, the XShot 2.0 isn’t perfect.

The most common complaint about this camera extender is that the head section flops quite a bit, making the camera move forward and backward.

And it’s not designed for smartphones and cellphones—which says a lot because many of us take photos using our iPhones and Android phones.

xshot camera extender
xshot camera extender

GoPro Camera Extenders

The XShot 2.0 isn’t the only camera extender in the catalogue of XShot.

It also has the XShot Pro camera extender for GoPro cameras.

GoPro cameras are compact and lightweight action camcorders that are used for capturing photos and videos outdoors.

These cameras are ideal for extreme action photography thanks to the rugged construction, waterproof frame, and WiFi compatibility.

And unlike most cell phones, these cameras can capture high definition photos and videos.

The XShot Pro is particularly designed to be compatible with GoPro cameras.

It can also be used with other compact digital cameras.

When it is collapsed, it is shorter than the XShot 2.0 as it only measures 7 inches long.

But when it is fully stretched, the XShot Pro measures 32 inches which can let you capture photos with many subjects and a wider background.

There are a lot of things to like in this camera extender.

One is that it is very compact and lightweight.

It only weighs 7 ounces, and as mentioned, measures seven inches in length.

You can take this camera extender anywhere you go.

Whether you are off to a three-day hike or you would spend your time in the beach.

It’s also very simple and easy to operate.

Simply pull it out to extend to 32 inches, and you don’t have to deal with locks, rings, or twists.

It is not surprising that it has become the camera of choice of outdoor adventurists like surfers, hikers, snowboarders, cyclists and just about anyone who has an active lifestyle.

The common complaint or issue that users have with this camera extender is that it moves a lot, so oftentimes they are left with shaky footages.

If you are not satisfied with the length of the XShot Pro, you can opt for the XShot 2.0 for GoPro camera extender pole.

This camera extender can stretch up to 38 inches, or half a feet longer than the XShot Pro.

Handheld Monopods for Travel Photography

XShot specializes in handheld monopods for travel photography.

Unlike tripods, handheld monopods are compact and easy to carry.

Handheld monopods are also easier to set up compared to tripods.

And aside from being less expensive, handheld monopods require little space to use effectively so you can use these camera extenders anywhere.

Whether you are in the crowded streets of Manhattan or in the vastness of the Sahara desert.

Aside from the three XShot camera extenders mentioned above, there’s the new XShot Selfie Stick that includes a Bluetooth compatible wireless remote and expandable phone holder to accommodate larger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus.

The XShot Selfie Stick extends to 31 inches and collapses to 7.5 inches.


Then there’s the Pocket XShot camera extender that closes to 6.5 inches and extends to 30.5 inches.

It sells for less than $30.

XShot has single handedly made the production and distribution of camera extenders a multi-million dollar industry.

And thanks to this company, travelers like yourself can capture awesome photos anytime and anywhere with the help of an XShot camera extender.


MonoShot is a new product is hitting the market which revolutionize the way you take videos, making it easier than ever.

MonoShot is a tripod concept for smartphones and will enable you to video sports activities, parties, meetings and other individual or group outings.

It is a custom monopod and includes attachments for any device.

The fact that it is ultra-portable means you can take it anywhere you want to, and the hands-free shutter remote will allow you to video even your own activities, like golfing, soccer, yoga and more.

Take your ability to video to the next level with the MonoShot.

Ultimate Video Camera For Travelers

A must-have for every serious traveler is a good action camera to make video travelers.

Since you will be on the road, the most important things you should consider when choosing the ultimate video camera for travelers, are the following: portability, image quality, and ease of use.

You want a video camera that’s not going to weigh you down, and one where it would be inconvenient to use because it’s too big and bulky to take out of your bag.

You want it compact and light, but you also want image quality to be compromised as well.

Lastly, you want it easy to use, because it’s no good having a nice camera if it’s just too difficult for you to use, right?

Here are a few reviews on video action cameras out there to get you started on determining what suits your preferences.

Veho Muvi Micro DV Ultimate Video Camera For Travelers

This video camera came out years ago, so maybe this is OLD news, but for us we just found this camera today and have just bought it so we can really test it out.

Let me introduce you to the Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder.

This little thing truly proves the fact that there are no limits to what you can achieve in technology these days.

Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder
Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder

Veho Muvi Micro DV Features

This tiny gadget claims to be the smallest high-resolution video camera in the world, at less than 2 inches high.

It’s a 2 megapixel camera and has date/time stamp features.

It comes with a memory card with the size of 4GB (around 80 minutes of footage).

This camera is equipped with a FRE technology, which allows you to have a better video quality of up to 30 frames per second.

It also records in AVI format.

Its clip attachment allows you to attach this camera in various places, and also comes with a universal clip mount.

Its rechargeable battery lasts for 90 minutes continuous operation.

Veho Muvi Micro DV Pros

Because of its small size and ability to be easily attached, this is suitable for people who are into active and extreme sports such as biking, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and so on.

Its lightweight, compact size is also great for handheld recording, and makes it incredibly portable.

It’s not expensive and the picture quality is acceptable.

It’s a great, fuss-free, straightforward starter camera for the sporty, adventurous type of travelers.

Veho Muvi Micro DV Cons

This camera’s maximum frame resolution size is only 640×480, which is a bit small in today’s video standards, but it does the job.

It’s a very basic video camera, so there are a lot of limitations with its functionality.

It doesn’t do well in low light.

Why Is It Good For Travelers?

How many times haven’t you wanted to film something but didn’t dare or simply couldn’t ask if you were allowed?

I remember walking past a temple in Malaysia where ‘Don’t you Wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ by the Pussy Cat Dolls was blasting out of the speakers during a dance class.

It was such a funny contradiction, seeing all these middle aged men and women dancing sexy (slapping their bums) to this kind of music – in a temple!

I really wanted to record it so badly but I wasn’t sure if it was ok, so in a situation like this, this camera would have been great.

It’s small and comes in black or white, you can stick it on your chest pocket or jacket, and there is no red light revealing to others that you’re filming.

It will be an easy way to interview people from different cultures while on your travels, as many feel insecure when having a big video camera up in their faces.

So this would be a more relaxed way of doing it and perhaps making the interviewed person feel more comfortable.

Another good reason to buy it is that you can just stick it on your jacket, and when you see something you want to record you can either push the record button straight away, or just say the magic word ‘action’, for the camera to start recording.

This way you will be able to catch so much more of the action during your trip, since often it takes such a long time to take the video camera out of the case, turn it on etc… when you have finally have it ready… it’s too late!

As if these reasons weren’t enough, it seems like the camera is great for sporty people.

It’s the ultimate camera for mountain bikers, climbers, skiers and going sledging for example.

There is already a bunch of products to which you can use the camera for.

Technical Details

The world’s smallest high resolution camcorder

Measures only 55mm high x 20mm wide x 20mm deep

Includes 2GB (up to 8GB MSD compatible) Micro SD card to record up to 90 minutes footage

Includes rechargeable battery for 3 hours continuous operation

Standby mode with noise activation

Ultimate Video Camera For Travelers
GoPro Hero Ultimate Video Camera For Travelers


The GoPro HERO is a camera that has a lot to offer with its compact size and weighs only 111 grams with a memory that can be increased to up to 32gb.

It’s a 5-megapixel camera that allows you to take not only videos, but as well as still photos of up to 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolution.

It comes with an ultra wide glass lens case, flat and curved mounts (for easy mounting on helmets, surfboards, etc.).

The camera is waterproof up to a depth of 40 meters.

GoPro HERO Pros

This camera allows you to get a lot of bang for your buck, and boasts great functionality.

The ultra wide lens is great for capturing the great outdoors, and it’s waterproof (up to a 40m certain depth).

You can also make time-lapse videos with it.

For travelers who are into extreme sports but are particular with video quality and sound, this is a great choice.

Of course, it’s also very lightweight and compact, which is perfect for travelers and backpackers.

Its curved and flat mounts allow you to film your travels in unique perspectives.

Sound quality is also topnotch.

GoPro HERO Pros Cons

The battery is built-in, and only lasts 2.5 hours, and you cannot remove the camera from its permanent polycarbonate housing.

The shooting options are stripped to the basics, and you cannot use an external mic cable with it.

ASX Action Pro Sports Camera

This is an HD camera that boasts of a 140-degree, super wide-angle lens (720p), and comes with an 8-in-1 accessory kit that allows you to mount your camera to various places.

It comes with a waterproof casing that allows you to use the camera underwater.

Compared to other entry-level, action video cameras out there, this one has a 1.5 inch LCD screen that allows you to view your footage. It is also shockproof.

ASX Action Pro Sports Camera Pros

This camera is one that will seem like it is really built to last, with its solid, uni-body construction.

It’s a very durable camera perfect for heavy outdoor usage.

Battery life for continuous use is great, and lasts until 4 hours.

It’s inexpensive, and is a good, economical starter option for travelers who prefer the camera to have an LCD screen.

The video quality is good enough, and the camera is relatively easy to use.

The attachments will help you do more with this camera.

ASX Action Pro Sports Camera Cons

It’s not waterproof without the case, so you can’t easily get in and out of the water seamlessly without the hassle of having to attach/reattach the waterproof casing.

The sound quality isn’t too great.


This is a 5-megapixel, wide-angle action camera with a 120-degree fixed focus lens.

It films in several video resolutions.

SVP AC500E Pros

It’s compact, with a height of only 3.8 inches, and comes with a built-in microphone.

The camera is waterproof up to 10 meters deep.

It records in MOV format, in 720p and 1080p HD, and allows you to take still photos as well.

This is one of the cheapest action video cameras out there that’s quite underrated.

It’s perfect for travelers who are under a tight budget.

The video does well during low-light situations.

What’s really great about this camera is all the mounting accessories that come with it which allow you to mount the camera on a variety of surfaces.

It is also waterproof (although, can not go as deep as the other more expensive cameras).

SVP AC500E Cons

Design-wise, it’s not as sleek or stylish and sound quality isn’t too clear at times.

It also has no display screen.

The video cameras mentioned here are among the best choices out there for starter action video cameras.

Hopefully these reviews helped you in finding the ultimate video camera for travelers.

Keep in mind that you must find one with features that suit your lifestyle and the activities you do while traveling, so you’ll be able to determine which one is the best option.

Going traveling soon? Make sure you phone camera is up to scratch

If you’re going away on a holiday this Christmas or New Year (or anytime for that matter), you might want to make sure that you follow these top tips to get the very best out of your phone.

N.B, the phone we are using currently is the Samsung Galaxy.

Going travelling soon
Going travelling soon

Tap to Focus

As obvious as this may seem, not everyone uses this feature correctly – how many times have you seen your photos underexposed and/or out of focus?

This is usually due to the fact that the snapper hasn’t tapped to focus.

Ensure that your pictures are fully focused and exposed by making sure that you tap on the actual subject of the photograph, this will let your camera know what you are looking at.

Turn on grid lines

What happens when you are attempting to capture those beautiful vistas and views and you look at them later only to find that they are misaligned or skewed?

9 times out of 10, it is due to uneven ground, but on occasion, it can be down to the position of the camera.

Turning on grid lines for those landscape shots can give you a quick and easy guide to keeping your phone at an optimum angle; (Samsung S8 users can find this in the advanced camera options).

Try Pro Mode

Pro mode is a real headache for some people and most of us just want the simplest option available to us.

Do not be foolish with those holiday memories – turning on Pro Mode gives you access to your camera’s finest features.

Users who little or no experience with this mode can try it out pre-holiday; you will get used to it and once you go Pro, the results in your pictures will show.

Selective Focus

As with tap to focus, selective focus also has it’s added benefits – ever have it where there are more than one subjects at different distances in your picture and you just can’t seem to get the right focus or exposure?

Well, this is where selective focus comes into its own.

Phone cameras are renowned for being difficult with this problem and the Samsung Galaxy s8 is no different.

Enable this feature in the advanced options and you will notice a massive difference in the quality of your photos.

Manual Focus

Slightly different than selective focus, manual focus allows you to completely take control and produces you with a drag-slider to focus in on any subject you please.

This is a feature that will allow you to get super close to your subject (or far away) and still have control of your cameras focusing.

phone camera
phone camera

Scene Modes

Scene modes open up a whole host of different modes for you to toy with – for taking pictures of those beaches, you have the option to switch to panoramic mode.

Panoramic mode is for those scenes that seem to need a wide angled lens.

From here we can also select 360, food shots and also hyper-lapse for video.

Extra Storage

This may seem like a no-brainer – but with the Samsung Galaxy s8‘s massive storage capacity, it is sometimes easy to forget that this powerhouse of a phone has the ability to take an extra SD card.

With SD cards getting cheaper and cheaper, you can pick a 32gb upgrade for a little under £10 – beware, however – eBay will have cheaper and slower SD cards; ensure that you purchase a well-known brand (like Samsung for example).

Open Camera

If the out-of-the-box options just aren’t cutting the mustard on your Samsung Galaxy s8, then you might want to try this fantastic little free camera app.

The developer has had multiple offers from mobile phone manufacturers and camera app developers to buy his company out, but we at AsWeTravel thank him for holding out.

Open Camera is exactly as it sounds, it will open your camera’s features to the point where you can even use voice commands to take pictures.

Get Creative

One of best features of your camera is you – whatever setting you change, whatever feature you employ, the biggest factor that will make a difference is you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and you will find your own way of getting the best bang for your megapixel.

Above all, be smart, be safe and keep snapping.

(photo credits: 123Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco)laszlo-photoShermeee)

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes Options

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes Options


Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Options: Spending money on food while traveling in Europe, or backpacking, is probably one of the most difficult things to handle when it comes to budgeting.

You always spend more than you had planned, and yet, it’s hard to cut down since you need it to live.

However, just because you need to cut down on your food budget, doesn’t mean you should have to cut down on your health.

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Options

Cooking your own food is the cheapest way to get around when traveling, especially in western countries. Tips For Successful Mountaineering that You Should Know

It’s easy to just fall back on the typical student food with pasta and tomato sauce, which is fine, but if you want to eat a little healthier and have a more varied diet, check out these alternatives:

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy
Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy

Healthy Lentils

Lentils are my favorite food.

I used to absolutely hate them, but once I found out their possibilities I’ve made some amazing meals with them.

A very simple and cheap meal to make is Faki Lentil Soup.

Lentils are high in fiber and helps to prevent heart disease.

The magnesium content found in lentils contributes to blood flow and the passage of oxygen through the body.

But best of all, lentils are high in iron, and are also surprisingly filling.

Canned Corn

Fry it, boil it or eat it raw, no matter how you eat it it’s always tasty.

Corn is high in Vitamin B, which gives you some good energy – mix in with rice and tuna, or have it in your bean wrap, tortilla or couscous salad.


Chickpeas (also known as Garbanzo beans) are fat free and packed with protein.

Since they’re so high in fiber they help your digestion, which can be very helpful when traveling.

They also keep blood sugar levels stabilized making you feel full longer.

One of my favorite snacks is hummus (an Arabic dip), great as a spread, in hot meals, to the salad or as a side dish, where the main ingredient is chickpeas.

They’re also great in salads, pots and curries.

Black Beans and Quinoa couscous
Black Beans and Quinoa couscous

Black Beans

I’ve already talked about couscous and all the amazing recipes you can make with it.

Well, couscous (or Quinoa, quite similar type of food), can make a great meal with black beans.

And why not add some of that canned corn to it as well.

Spice it with some cayenne pepper, garlic, onion and vegetable broth – and you have a hearty meal in front of you.

Health in a can, black beans contain a compound that significantly reduce pre-cancerous cells.

Black beans are also loaded with anthocyanins, specifically ten times more when compared to other dark colored fruits and vegetables.

You can also use the black beans in the bean wrap recipe, it works great.



It’s filling, cheap and among other minerals and vitamins it’s a very good source of fiber.

It’s a great food to have for breakfast, either dry, soaked (together with raisins in hot water) or cooked as porridge.

Oats helps to relieve constipation, a pretty common problem for travelers.

Add some prunes in the breakfast and you double the effect!

Canned Tuna

Tuna is also a food that easily can be mixed in countless of variations; On the sandwich, in the rice, in the salad etc.

Protein, omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, potassium, selenium, vitamin B12, niacin and phosphorus – the list of the great nutrients you get from canned Tuna is long.

Plus, it’s easy to carry along for a backpacker since it doesn’t need to be in a cool environment, and it’s in a good packable size.

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes

When backpacking and traveling around Europe on a budget, having the ability to cook cheap but tasty meals with as few ingredients as possible is a great way to save money and stay on the road longer.

Backpacking Food Recipe – Greek Lentil Soup

The recipes we share is one of our best and most enjoyable and is something we like to make often while traveling – it’s a simplified travel version of

Greek Faki (Lentil) Soup

Makes enough for 2 people.

What You Need:

1 Cup of Green Lentils (red works fine too, but gives a different flavor)

2 Garlic cloves (crushed)

1 Small onion


2 cans of crushed tomatoes

Water (depending on how thick you like it)

Cover the lentils with water and bring to the boil – then pour out the water.

Add chopped onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes and a pinch of salt (and any other spice you have) into the pot.

Cover everything with fresh water, then re-heat and bring it to the boil again.

Let it boil until the lentils are soft and slightly over cooked so the soup gets thicker.

Serve into bowls, let it cool down sightly, and then enjoy your meal!

Serve with a few slices of bread. If you happen to have a bit of stale bread left over from the day before, use it for dipping in soup instead of just throwing it away!


If the hostel happens to have some Oregano/Basil or similar then add a little of that too, although it works just fine without. It’s also really tasty with some sour cream on top.

Backpacking Food Recipes – The Spicy Bean Wrap

We tend to use a lot of canned food when we cook while traveling – canned food is cheap, it lasts for a longer time, and it is also easier to bring with you in your backpack.

Using canned beans is ideal for backpacker meals.

They’re cheap, healthy and also can be used in many different combinations. 

Spicy Bean Wrap

– makes enough for 2 people.
– prep & cooking duration: around 15-20 mins

1 Can of  Kidney beans (or Mixed beans)

1 Can of Crushed Tomatoes


Hot Spice (like chili, Cayenne pepper or similar)

1 Onion

1-2 Garlic cloves

Tortilla bread or any other wheat or corn wrap

Oil / Butter (if you don’t have any oil)

Heat a frying pan with oil

Chop the onions and garlic. By first crushing the garlic with the flat wide side of the knife you bring out more flavor.

Fry the onion and garlic until golden brown.

Add the beans into the frying pan, and mix.

Pour in the crushed tomatoes, add spice and salt and let it cook for about 5 more minutes.

Serve on a plate by filling your tortilla wrap(s) with the spicy bean mix.

What I love about this meal is that it can be remixed in so many ways.

If you have some left overs for the next day you can just add some fresh veggies in the wrap, frozen veggies in the pan or some sour cream on top.

This is a really healthy meal in every way, especially if you use a full grain tortilla – we hope you test it out and enjoy! 😉

Backpacking Food Recipe – Quick and Tasty Couscous Salad

For me one of the most versatile foods ever is probably couscous, you can eat it with practically anything.

What makes it such a great backpacking food is the fact it’s super quick, easy and cheap.

A box of couscous lasts for a long time (for one person you only need half a cup of couscous per meal!) – combine that with an easy salad and you can’t go wrong.

Here is a quick and very simple recipe, which is one of my favorites for hot days.

It’s a little luxurious, but the vegetables used are generally quite cheap, and pesto is something we always have since we use it for so many things (pasta, sandwiches, gnocchi etc). Enjoy!

Quick & Tasty Couscous Salad

– Serves 2
– Estimated prep. time: 10 min

100 g or 1 cup Couscous

200 ml (or 3/4 of a cup) of vegetable stock

1 large onion (or 2 spring onions if you have them)

1/2 cucumber

1 red pepper

(optional: any other vege you like and want to add to the salad)

2 tbsp pesto

50 gram feta cheese

Put the couscous in a bowl and add the stock (200 ml of boiled water mixed with vegetable stock, cubicles is fine).

Cover and let it sit for 10 minutes until it’s fluffy and has absorbed the water/stock.

Meanwhile, dice the cucumber and slice the onion and pepper.

Add this to the couscous, mix with some pesto and crumble in the feta cheese. 

Plate it and then EAT! 😉

If you can afford splurging out, the salad is even nicer with some pine nuts sprinkled on top, it really adds that extra flavor!

( photo credits: perspicaciousstep1networkveganfeast wordriddenroland )

Travel Towel Reviews – Best Travel Towel – Which To Buy?

Novy Travel Towel Review


Travel Towel are among the most bulky items to pack when traveling around the world, they take up too much space and take forever to dry.

So ever since I bought my first travel towel it’s been much easier.

So what is the Best Travel Towel?

The major difference you will find from a normal towel is that they pack down so small, take up much less space in your backpack, and since I most often don’t stay at one place for more than a few days I need my towels to be dry when I pack them down.

Microfiber Travel Towel
Microfiber Travel Towel

Travel Towel Reviews – Best Travel Towel

Travel towels are very quick drying.

However, not all travel towels are the same – today I will go through 3 which I have tested.

McNett Micronet Advanced Microfiber

It’s amazing how just a name can persuade people into buying an item, but this towel is great and I can understand why it’s The Rick Steve’s Choice.

It’s exactly what you would ask from a travel towel – it absorbs really well, it takes up almost no space at all and it dries quickly.

It’s not like a big bath towel, but certainly larger than most other travel towels, and you won’t have to worry about the towel not wrapping the whole way around your waist – which often happens with other travel towels.

The only downside would be that it kind of sticks to your body when you dry yourself and the material isn’t the softest.

Two nice details is the snap loop on the towel and the storage bag to put it in.

Click Here to see your options for the McNett Micronet Advanced Microfiber comes in: Small (10″ x 20″) right up to X-Large (35″ x 62″), and you can choose between 3 colors.

Aquis Travel Towel

Aquis Travel Towel can absorb A LOT of water, although if drenched in water it can take some time for it to dry.

It’s also lightweight and has a little  snap loop to hang it up (perfect so it doesn’t blow away in the wind).

It is the towel that feels closest to a real towel, and unlike many other towels you can actually dry it in the drying machine – if you would ever need to.

Be careful though, as it can bleed in the first few washes!

The sizes come in: M (15″ x 29″), L (19″ x 39″) and XL (29″ x 55″), and you can choose between 3 colors.

The XL size would be more like a bath towel and you can wrap yourself up in it, the L size is narrower but long (perfect for using at the gym), and the M is more like a hand towel.

Sea To Summit DryLite Towel

I’ve always had a good experience with Sea To Summit DryLite Towel brand, and the towel didn’t disappoint me.

This towel stands out from the rest because it’s so soft on the skin, softer than the other ones.

It’s light weight, absorbs a lot of water and dries quickly.

Another good thing about these towels is that there are so many different sizes to choose between, so you can get the one which suits your needs the best.

Sizes come in XS (12” x 24”), S (16” x 32″), M (20” x 40”), L (24” x 48), XL (30” x 60”) – and you can choose between 5 colors.

The fabric is slick, not fluffy (terry), and the best way to dry it to simply pat on the skin.

Buying Travel Towels

Travel towels are generally small in their sizes, so you most often have to go up a size larger than normally to get the size you want.

XL really isn’t a plus sized beach towel, but a smaller one that just wraps around your body.

Nearly all travel towels are made in some type of micro fiber material, and that tends to stick to the skin.

This problem is hard to avoid.

They starts smelling easier than normal towels, so make sure to clean them every so often.

If you pack the towel down when it’s wet, it may get moldy or gross – like any other towel would.

Do you use travel towels? If so, what do you think of them, and do you have a favorite?

There are many many more options for Travel Towels.

UPDATED ARTICLE: Best Travel and Microfiber Travel Towel YOU Must Have

Novy Travel Towel Review ~ What’s Great about this Towel

There are many brands and types of travel towels on the market.

The ones we favor serve multiple purposes and dry quickly.

We tried the Novy Travel Towel and found many great things about it.

Here’s our Novy travel towel review.

Here’s what’s to love about the Novy towel.

Not a microfiber towel

While microfiber towels are practical and pack very compactly, they are often a bit stiff and rough, especially after being air-dried.

The Novy Towel is soft even when it is air dried. It can best be described as a terrycloth material.

Absorbent and dries quickly

This towel whisks away water easily and wrings out well.

When traveling, it’s essential the towel you bring air dries quickly.

This one does.

Novy Serves multiple purposes

If you are bringing a travel towel with you while swimming, at the beach, hiking, backpacking, camping, road tripping, or traveling the world, it must serve many functions.

Sure, a great travel towel can serve as a pillow, a blanket, ground cover for the beach or for picnics, and as a wrap to keep you warm or protected from the elements.

The Novy Travel Towel does these things well and even more.

Novy Travel Towel Wrap
Novy Travel Towel Wrap

It’s a wrap

This is great for use as a swimsuit cover or after showering.

No matter what your size, you can get a perfect fit without worrying about the towel coming undone.

There are 15 slits/holes running the length of the towel so that it can be secured to almost any size you need.

Simply slide the bead/end (which is attached to a small elastic cord to ensure an even better fit) into one of the slits and pull it through.

The towel will stay in place.

It’s effortless and what’s great is the towel stays in place.

What’s also inventive is the 15 slits run along two sides of the towel making it easy to grab and secure, without having to find the right side.

Change under Your Travel towel

This towel was designed by a surfer with the idea that one can change under this towel, right on the beach or parking lot if necessary.

Again, practically everyone can get a great fit without worrying about the towel slipping off.

The towel will stay in place.

Gear tote

Bring a carabiner along, and you can easily turn this travel towel into a tote bag for your gear.

Easy-to-follow directions explain how to hook the carabiner through the reinforced corners and center holes on each side.

You can secure the carabiner to your backpack or carry it.

It’s also great for keeping belongings off the ground while camping, etc.

Novy Travel Towel Gear Tote
Novy Travel Towel Gear Tote

Surfboard cover

We aren’t surfboard owners, so we weren’t able to try this out, but the Novy Travel Towel seems to be easy to transform into a surfboard cover.

The directions demonstrate three simple steps – loop, cover, secure – which should enable the owner to easily transform this travel towel into a cover for a surfboard.

Novy hang your gear
Novy hang your gear
Novy Travel Towel Size
Novy Travel Towel Size

Practical size and Well made Travel Towel

This unique travel towel measures approximately 31.5 inches x 53 inches.

It is large enough for drying off after a shower.

This towel is well made with many reinforcements and details to ensure the consumer should get years of use enjoying it.

Here’s what could be improved with this travel towel.

The Novy travel towel review isn’t complete without a “cons” section.

While it was difficult to come up with a negative thing to say about this unique travel towel, our only wish would be that it came with a small pouch to carry it and keep it clean.

Having said this, we do appreciate conservation efforts and not using more resources having more things manufactured in factories.

A simple fix for this minor criticism is to store and travel with this multipurpose travel towel in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag.

We will enjoy using this Novy Travel Towel for upcoming trips.

In the meantime, we are keeping it in the car for “just in case” situations.

It’s practical and well-made and is sure to serve us well in many capacities for years to come.

Ice Mate Cool Towel

This Ice Mate Cool Towel SAVED ME the summer I spent in Tucson, AZ.

Yes, it’s a dry heat, but 100 degrees is 100 degrees, and it was hot morning, noon, and night.

And we were outside a lot.

I am so very glad I remembered to pack it for my trip.

Ice Mate Cool Towel
Ice Mate Cool Towel

There are other brands of towels like this available but what makes this one different is that it is described as not being chemically treated.

In the product description it also explained the 2-sided feature.

The mesh side is for fast cooling and the cloth side for soft drying.

Meaning, it doesn’t dry hard, like a car shammy would when dry.

It is soft and comfortable and the perfect length.

While on my trip, I actually ordered this for the two friends I went to Tucson with because I felt guilty that I wasn’t as hot as they were.

And the funny part was that the couple we were staying with – Tucson natives – had never seen these towels.

I ordered them each one as well, and they loved them.

Finally we would all enjoy some relief from the heat!

Just put this cooling towel in water and place it around your neck.

You won’t believe how wonderful it works.

Another time I put it in ice water, and it was even better.

A third way I tried was using regular tap water and putting the towel in the refrigerator.

All offered cooling relief from the desert heat.

I used this towel every single day.

Most of the time I wore it, rinsed it at night, and then instead of letting it dry, I just kept it wet in the refrigerator for the next day’s adventure because I wanted it to be as cold as possible.

If I weren’t using this in such extreme temperatures, it would not need refrigeration, but being it was 100+, every bit of coolness helped.

I recently bought one for my mother-in-law who is hot a lot of the time.

This would make a great gift for people who work outside in the summer, wherever they live.

I also could see sports teams using this, especially for those hot weekend soccer and Little League games.

This is great for hiking, camping, fishing, anywhere really.

It is 40” by 8” and comes in three colors which is great if you are buying several for a family for each person to keep track of.

It’s even machine washable.

ChaWel Hybrid
ChaWel Hybrid

Chawel Hybrid Basic Towel

Until recently, I always brought towels from home when camping or using my RV.

I never really thought of there being a better alternative.

I have seen travel and fast-drying towels before but hadn’t realized how practical they could be when traveling.

I tried one from Chawel Towel which is a 5-in-1 towel.

I used it on two trips and have since been keeping it in my car for emergencies.

I suppose all towels can serve dual purposes:

You can fold them up in place of a pillow or spread them out to use as a blanket.

This one from ChaWel is that and more.

It is fast drying, lightweight and also cozy.

It’s unique in that you can change your clothes under it and also use it to line your sleeping bag while camping.

Chawel Towel
Chawel Towel

I enjoyed using it to keep warm in the evenings.

My kids have enjoyed it in the car as a pillow too.

The best way to describe it is that it’s cozy like a blanket but absorbent like a towel.

It makes a great gift for someone who hikes, camps, or RV’s.

It is great to pack when you need each item to multi-task.

It has its own small, drawstring bag to keep it clean which I really like.

It also has an elastic loop for keeping it bound which I also used for hanging it to dry.

When you’re in a pinch, you can wear it to change under – there is a hole for your head and the bottom is open.

Their other styles of towels have armholes too but I didn’t miss them when using this to change under.

It measures 36” x 58”.