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Romantic Jamaican Spots For Couples – Jamaica is one of the most romantic islands in the world – spending sunny laid-back days and warm moon-lit nights here by the Caribbean Sea can go a long way in putting the spark back in a dimming relationship.

Whether you are looking for a Jamaica all-inclusive holiday or small private accommodation, there is no shortage of romantic villas, beaches and restaurants to visit. But what do you bring?

Romantic Jamaican Spots For Couples
Romantic Jamaican Spots For Couples

Favorite Romantic Jamaican spots for couples

Citronella Cottages

Lovers will get lost in time in this paradise with its lush, well-manicured lawns, tall coconut trees and other exotic foliage.

Walk down carved rock steps that lead from the cliffs down to a white, sandy beach and emerald sea.

High in the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica, Citronella is nestled in the volcanic cliffs.

Stay in a private cottage with airy, louvered windows.

Mombasa netting covers the bed in a romantic cocoon to keep the mosquitoes from nibbling, so you can safely open the windows and fall asleep to the sound of the sea.

Explore secluded caves and coves one day, and languish on the quiet beach another.

Sit on the veranda and sip cocktails before dinner, or check out the famous Rick’s Cafe and capture the most amazing sunset!

Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls sits in the more untamed area in Western Jamaica.

There are five acres available for camping, or just go hiking and have a picnic.

Visitors here enjoy the walks along the beautiful rivers and streams where small cascading waterfalls are scattered along the way.

For adventurous couples, there is cliff jumping and cave diving.

Relax in a natural Jacuzzi and get massages later.

Then get ready to soak in some local culture by learning folk dances and how to prepare a few of the local spicy dishes.

Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a popular port of call for cruise lines.

There is no shortage of romantic, luxurious resorts and spas there.

Enjoy the beauty of Jamaica and relax at the lovely Couples Tower Isle, a resort that caters to couples only.

There is a multitude of complimentary activities here to indulge in.

Couples enjoy scuba-diving, snorkeling, learning to cook Jamaican foods, and even how to give each other a massage.

Finally, at the end of every day, dance late into the night with reggae and other music.

Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach

No matter what part of Jamaica anyone chooses to stay at, a day on Negril, Jamaica’s seven mile beach is a must.

Just the sheer beauty of it makes this a romantic beach.

There are miles of awesome white sand that seems to stretch forever – the white sand on the bottom of the sea here reflects the sky, making for an especially lovely early morning or evening walk.

East of Eden Villa

For couples that like to stay more in touch with the modern world, East of Eden is good choice, remaining charming and romantic.

This four-bedroom villa is located on a lovely part of the Caribbean Sea.

Each spacious living area comes complete with cable TV-VCR, a computer, stereo system and telephone.

There is a private bathroom for each of the suites, and the huge covered veranda provides plenty of room for dining or just lounging.

There is also a fantastic tropical garden to enjoy, full of orange, lime, banana trees and more. What items are a must for Traveling?

Tips For Luxury Travel In Jamaica

Jamaica’s superior service and amenities have earned it a place among the Caribbean’s premier luxury travel destinations.

But spending more on your stay does not a guarantee a better value, which is why we’ve come up with this list of tips to ensure you have a great vacation – VIP style…

Make Yourself at Home

Like most North Americans, you’ve probably worked very hard all year and your significant other has convinced you to finally take a vacation.

The best way to get the most out of your precious vacation time and get some serious undisturbed R&R, is to rent a villa.

While nightly rates are typically higher than a single hotel room, villas offers a great value for groups of friends and large families, and will often be cheaper than renting cramped hotel rooms for the whole group.

Besides, the vast majority of villas in Jamaica include staff, gourmet kitchens and some even are located directly on the beach.

And as for couples, it’s hard the beat the romance factor of your own private pool 😉

Look for the Extras

Instead of staring yourself blind comparing prices, compare the value and the extras that each villa provide.

If you’re a boat enthusiast, you might want to consider a villa that has private boat slips allowing you to use the boat as much as you like.

Other extras and bonuses villas often offer is a private beach, tennis court, bicycle, car, etc.

Also ask yourself if you will use these things.

Be sure to consider if you will need to pay additional for amenities you want.

Hire a Driver

Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean which means there’s plenty to see.

After a few days on the beach with a Red Stripe or Appleton and coke in hand, you’ll probably want to venture further afield and see what life in Jamaica is really like.

You can basically go about this two ways:

Rent a car which will cost roughly $600 US / week plus gas and insurance.

Hire a driver for roughly $800 US / week which includes airport transfers and one tank of gas.

Most drivers are available for up to 10 hours / day – yes, that’s a lot of exploring!

When it comes to your valuable vacation time, every minute counts.

Next time you’re in Jamaica, I hope these three luxury travel tips will help you make the most of your stay!

Aruba is a beautiful island
Aruba is a beautiful island

Exploring Dream Caribbean Cruise Islands and Destinations

A holiday cruise through the Caribbean is one of the most exciting and enjoyable trips imaginable – from warm weather and blue waters to unique culture and incredible ship amenities, there is simply no denying the appeal of this type of holiday.

When you choose a Dream Caribbean Cruise Islands destination for your all inclusive vacations there are several Caribbean locations that truly do stand out.

Imagine lying in the shade with a drink in your hand on a white sandy beach.

Then imagine at 10 am sharp seeing hundreds of tourists suddenly appear out of nowhere to fill up every inch of that beautiful beach that just minutes ago was near empty.

That is often the reality on many islands in the Caribbean.

The islands are a dream – but with too many tourists sharing it chances are it won’t be what you had pictured.

But there is a way to get around this problem.

Although most islands are accessible by cruises, some are less crowded than others.

Anguilla Dream Caribbean Cruise Islands
Anguilla Dream Caribbean Cruise Islands

Anguilla Dream Caribbean Cruise Island

With a relaxed atmosphere and uncrowded beaches, Anguilla is the perfect island escape for travelers looking for some peace and quiet.

There is an abundance of high-end restaurants and white beaches, making it a popular choice for the rich and famous.

Rather than buzzing nightlife, you will find nice, laid-back bars with live music in the evenings.


Located just 15 miles from the Venezuelan coast, Aruba is a beautiful island steeped in Dutch culture – boasting flat, white, sandy beaches and a tropical climate, this is the perfect location for relaxing along the coast.

Visitors can enjoy all the recreational activities imaginable, including horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, cycling or even riding in a submarine!

In addition, the cities of Oranjestad and Noord offer a unique combination of Dutch heritage and the casual Caribbean air.



Long associated with Britain, this island is often considered a mini-England in the heart of the Caribbean.

The capital and highlight of the island is the city of Bridgetown, located along the Western shoreline of the nation.

Although much of the appeal of this location are the stunning beaches and resorts, there are also plenty of colonial historical landmarks to explore.

Just a few include the Barbados Museum, the 150 year old Careenage, and the famed Parliament Building.

Cruises ships often use this as their port of call on the island, making it a great place to disembark and spend the day shopping, eating and exploring the area.

Bonaire Netherlands Antilles
Bonaire Netherlands Antilles


Another low-key island, Bonaire is known as one of the region’s best diving locations.

Easily accessible from shore, going diving in Bonaire isn’t as expensive as you would think ($100 for a half-day beginner course) so there really isn’t an excuse for trying it out while you’re there!

If you prefer to keep your head above water, there is plenty to explore as well; hiking, kayaking, cycling and bird-watching are other popular activities in Bonaire.

This low-key corner of the Netherlands Antilles boasts some of the region’s finest diving, easily accessed from shore (which keeps dive costs down).

Outdoors lovers will enjoy bird-watching, hiking, kayaking and cycling in a stark, natural setting that looks little like the Caribbean we expect.

Dominican Republic Dream Caribbean Cruise
Dominican Republic Dream Caribbean Cruise

Dominican Republic

Found on the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is one of the top Caribbean destinations for cruise holidays.

The national language is Spanish, although English speakers will have no problem being understood.

The coastal capital of Santo Domingo is where many major cruise lines depart, and offers visitors the chance to explore the major colonial zone, boasting architecture from the 16th century.

Don’t miss out on the Ozama Fort, Alcazar de Colon and the Cathedral, all still standing after centuries. Many of these impressive older buildings are now available to tour as museums as well.

Caribbean island of Jamaica
Caribbean island of Jamaica


Many people do not realize that the Caribbean island of Jamaica is in fact part of the British Commonwealth, and uses English as their first language.

The two most popular cruise destinations within Jamaica are the capital city of Kingston and the beautiful coastal town of Montego Bay.

Kingston boasts several fascinating museums on the heritage of the island, and Montego Bay is the ultimate place to relax on the beach, thanks to long stretches of fine, white sand and beautiful deep blue waters.

The Crazy Tourist has a list of 25 Islands to visit in the Caribbean we encourage you to checkout as well.


Fun Things To Do in Barbados

As an island country in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados was first visited by the Spanish in the late 1400’s to early 1500’s.

In 1511, it first appeared on a Spanish map and in 1627, the English first began settling here.

Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist destination, full of all inclusive resorts for you to enjoy the beautiful beaches and pleasant climate.

On your next visit, consider one of the following four activities:

Take an unforgettable undersea expedition

Throughout the island, there are numerous operators that offer undersea expeditions.

Families can enjoy a submarine day dive, while those traveling with friends may want to see another part of Barbados’ nightlife and take a submarine night dive.

The submarines come with big view ports on all sides, from which you can see curious exotic fish peeking at you.

Fun Things To Do in Barbados
Fun Things To Do in Barbados

The voyages are fully narrated so that you learn as you dive along.

While the day dive allows you to see the busy reef life, the nighttime dives are usually followed by a short cocktail and have a more romantic focus on the corals and night predators.

Tour a historic plantation

Barbados has more to offer than beaches – given its rich history, it is an ideal place to learn more about plantations.

The Sunbury Plantation House, for example, is over 300 years old and steeped in history.

Sunbury Plantation House
Sunbury Plantation House

It features mahogany antiques, old prints and a unique collection of horse-drawn carriages, in fact, it is the only great house with all rooms available for viewing.

Enjoy an extravagant dinner show

If you want some real nightlife, consider attending a dinner show, such as the Beach Extravaganza Dinner Show on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Here, you can dance barefoot in the sand beneath coconut trees.

A local band will determine the rhythm, and you can sip exotic drinks while you rock along to the beat.

Last but not least, amazing performances of stilt men, fire-eaters and acrobatic green monkey will make it an unforgettable experience to say the least.

Fun Things To Do in Barbados
Fun Things To Do in Barbados

Get an adrenaline kick

If you’ve had enough of relaxing on the beach, it might be time for some action.

Thriller Boats, for example, offers off-shore power boating trips on the specifically designed Seafari Thriller powerboat, which cruises up to 35 people.

Blast across the waves while staying safe – the captain and crew are fully trained and have years of experience at sea.

If you’re with a group of friends and/or family, you can charter a private boat, too.

Bermuda: A Misunderstood Location?

In one way or another, the Bermuda Triangle always makes its way back into contemporary culture.

As a kid, it was a frequent troupe in cartoons, with a burly band of bad guys being sucked into a giant whirlpool or ships getting chomped up like dry Ryvita.

It’s also a regular feature in comics, films, books and even music (thank you, in particular, Barry Manilow, for your inspired take on the urban legend).

Bermuda: A Misunderstood Location?
Bermuda: A Misunderstood Location?

Jewel of the Atlantic

Question is: why has it gained such notoriety and is Bermuda itself a viable tourist destination?

I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone going there and it’s certainly not on the backpacker trail, so are people really put off by an old wives tales or… is the legend true… do brave Bermudan travelers face a fate worse than death?

Well, not quite. Bermuda is a beautiful island, with pink Champagne beaches, azure blue oceans and the kind of picture-perfect views that inspired the concept of paradise.

I’m not even kidding.

Google “Bermuda Beaches” and you’ll be transported to the most luxurious of sights in the whole of the western hemisphere.

Hence why it’s known as the “Jewel of the Atlantic.”

As a British Overseas Territory, it takes up the eastern and northernmost point of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, with Florida and Puerto Rico completing the tripod. Travel Guide to Puerto Rico

The British way of life continues to dominate Bermudan culture, with education and legal structures mimicking that of its “motherland.”

Bermuda history
Bermuda history

A Mixture of Influences

However, with a tumultuous history of slavery, Bermuda is defined by its Anglo-African influences.

British place names (the town of St. George was named after the legendary dragon slayer and patron saint of England) accompany distinctive African dance music (known as Gombey), creating a culture quite unlike any other.

Another interesting feature is that Bermuda straddles the Old and New World.

It’s Britain’s oldest inhabited colony and yet less than a two hour flight from central New York (although a thrill-seeker’s natural transportation of choice is, of course, the humble ferry).

As such, there’s a kind of cultural tug of war. On one hand, Bermudians seem British in their customs.

They play cricket, drive on the left and have Queen Elizabeth II on their banknotes.

Simultaneously, a strong North American influence is obvious: the currency is the dollar; Bermudians watch US television and American English is extremely prevalent.

Overall, it’s an American-Anglo-African free-for-all, or a by-product of British colonialism.

Tales of the Bermuda Triangle

Tales of the Triangle

First things first, the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t exist – according to the US Navy.

Also, the name is not recognized by the US Board of Geographic Names.

Secondly, the first known “suspicious” occurrence was reported in the 1950’s.

Until then, nothing noteworthy went down.

Sure, Bermuda and its triangle were only discovered in 1505, meaning it wasn’t sullied by the human desire for territorial isolation for thousands and thousands of years.

But still, if it was cursed, someone would have said something about it before Elvis released his debut album.

Regardless, there are a gaggle of conspiracy who will swear blind that the Bermuda Triangle is controlled by leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

Or that UFOs abducted the missing Flight 19 and probed the pilots for US naval secrets.

According to local lore, the last words of the doomed captain were, “We are entering white water, nothing seems right.

We don’t know where we are, the water is green, no white…”

And then the rest was silence.

Even so, the number of ships and aircraft reported missing are not significantly greater than any other part of the ocean.

So there.

It all boils down to folklore.

If you believed every fable that was ever told, you’d avoid gingerbread houses and Grandma’s house.

However, perhaps in part due to the nature of this legend, Bermuda remains a perfectly preserved Eden of the highest quality, and long may it remain.

Saying that, I guess I’d need to tell you all that the stories are true and that a trip to the subtropics will result in certain and agonizing death.

That way, Bermuda will remain the world’s best kept secret… the stories are true… 😉 couples to travel together before marriage.

Ideas to Surprise Your Husband

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