Exciting Things to do in North Carolina at Night

Things to do in North Carolina – Visiting North Carolina for the amazing scenery, activities, food and history? Why not? The place is full of adventures and beautiful sights that one could not experience anywhere else. From beaches to mountains, the state has it all. But wait a minute! 

You may also be curious to know that some of the most exciting things that you can do in North Carolina, occur after the sun has set and the moon is shining. In this post, we are talking about eight of such activities. So, buckle up, take notes, and don’t forget to indulge in your favorites from this list.

Black Light Mine Tour

The Emerald Village, located in Little Switzerland, has something for everyone.

The black light mine tour to the Bon Ami Mine takes tourists on an exciting journey, full of vibrant colors.

On this trip, you will see the hidden colors of the rocks of Hyalite Opal. It’s a true form of opal and is generally found here.

The only thing that you may need to worry about is the season when you are visiting.

The Black Light Mine Tour is organized only for ten days in a year. However, if you come with a group of people, you will have the choice to schedule a group tour.

Stargazing and Meteor Shower

Another one of the most exciting experiences, exclusive to North Carolina, is the meteor shower.

Note that this beautiful event does not take place year round so plan accordingly.

Things to do in North Carolina Star Gazing Meteor Shower
Things to do in North Carolina Star Gazing Meteor Shower


If you are planning to visit NC in 2020 and want to witness a truly amazing spectacle, the time to visit and find a secluded location, away from the city lights is around August 12-13.

Also, if you are travelling during some other time of the year, don’t be disheartened. Even normal stargazing experiences in NC are unparalleled.

Night Walk on the Beach

If you have been longing to get time to relax and have a breath of fresh air, a night walk on the beach can be an amazingly therapeutic experience.

The sand has cooled, the waters will be creating the most beautiful sound against the shore. And a peaceful walk with nature. It’s going to be heavenly.

Also, the guiding lights from the lighthouse will add charm to your experience.

It’s one of the best and the simplest things that you can do on a North Carolina evening.

Brown Mountain Lights

Anyone who likes mystery and the beauty of mother nature must try to visit the Brown Mountain Lights at least once.

Numerous researchers and even paranormal investigators have been trying to decipher the mystery behind the Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina.

So, what are the Brown Mountain Lights?

North Carolina Brown Mountain Overlook
North Carolina Brown Mountain Overlook

Well, it appears to be a phenomenon in which orbs of different shapes and sizes carry light and bounce between treetops. Also, sometimes the lights just float and then disappear.


Coming to the location where you can view these lights, the Brown Mountain Overlook is the best place.

It lies on Highway 181, between milestones 20 and 21.

Moving further, the state has a lot to offer travelers looking for some exciting activities to do at nighttime. However, to make the most out of your trip, you must ensure that the essential aspects are also taken care of.

For example, it’s better to rent a car, and plan your accommodations in advance. If you are looking for vacation rentals on the Outer Banks, make sure you pre-book.

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville

If you are a fan of beer and want to have a super fun night out in North Carolina, going for an Asheville Brewery Tour can be a great idea.

Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville North Carolina
Asheville Brewery Tours, Asheville North Carolina


This is a place where you can get to explore a variety of beers. In fact, this is one of the finest breweries in and around North Carolina.

Also, many reviewers say that in this place you can get a lot of beer for a reasonable price. And if you have a dog, here’s good news. Asheville brewery is one of the best dog-friendly breweries in NC.

Coffee Night At The Raleigh Times

For all the coffee lovers, The Raleigh Times is a great place to drop by. The building used to be a newspaper publication which was last functional in the year 1989.

Coffee Night At The Raleigh Times
Coffee Night At The Raleigh Times


Upon renovation, the place was transformed into a newspaper-themed café. Also, the ambience and the service quality makes it one of the most notable café bars in Raleigh.

The place offers over ten types of coffees, including hot, cold and everything in between.

Apart from this, you can also reward yourself with a pint of craft beer after a long and tiring day.

Play Games at Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Another hot-shot way of spending a great night in North Carolina is by playing arcade games at Boxcar Bar + Arcade.

Boxcar Arcade
Boxcar Arcade


This place has over 70 arcade games, more than 15 pinball machines, setup for playing air hockey, foosball, and a wide variety of other arcade games.

Also, the place keeps hosting a large number of gaming tournaments every now and then. The experience is pretty similar to those that were a part of the culture during the 80s and early 90s.

So, if you are looking for a package that is full of fun in all ways, the Boxcar Bar + Arcade can be the perfect place for you.

Best Part: Playing Nintendo here is free of charge.

Live Music Shows At Lincoln Theatre

Any music fan travelling to North Carolina must stop by this spot.

The Lincoln Theatre is an indoor venue that hosts live shows and concerts. It’s a great place to go to and have a happening night of dancing over live music.

Just that parking can be an issue as the place isn’t built to accommodate more than a hundred people.

8 Exciting Nighttime Activities In North Carolina

While many people travel to North Carolina for its beach life, beautiful islands and serene mountains, a lot of exciting adventures that you can have here come out during the night.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful.

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