Stockholm Weather – When Is Best Time to Visit Stockholm?

Stockholm is unarguably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and everyone I’ve met who has been there has had a great time. There is, however, nearly always one complaint – the weather in Stockholm.

“The people are friendly, the city is beautiful, and there’s so much to do in this capital city – but the weather in Stockholm is horrible!” – is usually how it goes.

Visitors to Stockholm may think it has a really harsh climate; however, compared to other far north countries, it’s considered relatively mild.

And when the weather Stockholm is nice, it’s absolutely amazing!

If you visit Stockholm at the right time of the year, you’ll be able to experience the best of everything. Likewise, if you’re there at the wrong time of the year, you may not want to step outside! 

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Stockholm?

Stockholm Weather
Stockholm weather

The best time to visit Stockholm is in the summer months. However, know the summer is when it will be the most crowded as well as the most expensive.

Sweden’s climate is impacted by the Gulf Stream, flowing from the west coast of Norway. This makes this country considerably milder than other countries in the high northerly latitude.

Located on Sweden’s east coast, the capital city of Stockholm encompasses 14 islands. Much of the city is made up of waterways. There is steady precipitation throughout the year.

Locals and tourists alike capitalize on the warmer weather when it comes. During this time, people want to do nothing else but go outside to enjoying the weather and the long daylight hours.

Summers in Stockholm

With mild summers, if you are planning on visiting Stockholm, this is when you want to go. June to August are typically the best months to visit Stockholm. It’s the warmest time of year.

July is the hottest month in Stockholm.

July in Stockholm averages 20-25 degrees Celsius (68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit). The average low temperature in the summer is 13 degrees C (and 55 degrees F). 

The summer season in Sweden really is unlike most other countries in the world. It seems like the sun never sets! Toward the end of June, daylight peaks in Stockholm:

There are over 18 and a half hours of daylight each day.

The summers are packed with locals and tourists in Stockholm. You can enjoy the best of Stockholm at this time of the year. The fact that you can go swimming in the middle of the city is pretty special, but there are also islands to explore.

At this time of the year, there are tons of things to do. You can enjoy island hopping, outside concerts, canoeing, etc.

Visiting Stockholm in the Off Season

Although the summer season may be hotter and sunnier, I would like to give a shout out to Stockholm in the off seasons as well.

Spring and early autumn can be nothing less than stunning. Stockholm is a very green city, and seeing the city come to flourish in spring time is amazing.

This is a beautiful time to walk around in parks, and in the city. Much of the cith is made up of parks and greenspace.  It’s not packed with tourists, and you can still enjoy a hot chocolate on an outside seating at a cafe.

The early autumn is just as beautiful, with the color changes in the nature. Often the weather is really nice at this time of the year, chilly but clear skies. Some people actually like the spring and autumn more than the summers.

The best month to enjoy Stockholm in the springtime is in May, while the early autumn in September is amazing.

Stockholm temperatures in May and September

Stockholm temperatures in May average 7-16.4 degrees C (44.6-61.5 degrees F).

In September, the average temperature is 9.6-15.8 degrees C (49.3-60.4 degrees F).

Stockholm in December

The winter season is cold and dark. At its darkest, in December, there are just over six hours of daylight. Usually January is the coldest month. Average low temperatures are -3.7 degrees C (25.3 degrees F).

Visiting Stockholm in The Off Season?
Visiting Stockholm in the Off Season?

Snow is common in Stockholm, and the old town looks really cozy at this time of the year. If you go there before Christmas it’s especially nice since they have put up Christmas decorations everywhere and you can take a visit to the Christmas market.

The Swedish Christmas food is very special. In Stockholm there are many places to go to get the best experience and tastes of Swedish Christmas.

Another nice place to visit on a clear day is Skansen, which is open all year round. They also have a Christmas market, as do Gröna Lund (the theme park).

While it’s lovely visiting Stockholm to experience Christmas traditions, the best time to visit Stockholm for more of a “sure thing” weather-wise is the Stockholm Sweden Weather in the summer. 

Stockholm Travel Guide

There are few places in the world like Stockholm, combining the best of both worlds – literally. The city is a vibrant cosmopolitan place with great shopping, fashionable people, lots of bars and clubs and great little boutiques.

At the same time you’re always surrounded by water, as it’s situated on 14 islands, and the nature is just around the corner. The water is perhaps the best example of combining the best of both; it’s salty AND sweet at the same time!

To read more about our time in Stockholm, make sure you check out Stockholm Sweden Video. 


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15 thoughts on “Stockholm Weather – When Is Best Time to Visit Stockholm?”

  1. Very good to know! I would love to visit Stockholm. I just can’t imagine being somewhere that’s light 23 hours a day! I went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago, and as we went further north, the lighter it stayed at night. A few nights, it looked like a sunset all night and never got fully dark, so it was great that we had thick curtains. That would be wild to be somewhere where it’s really bright all the time–seems like it would be disorienting.

  2. Wow nice place. You made it sound so perfect to travel. There are a lot of blogs on the internet now a day but only few have good information. I will definitely bookmark this and come back again for more information. The benefits of reading are so obvious. Actually, everyday I am amazed with the kind and bulk of information I get to read in the internet. I believe that your input is outstanding.

  3. Hi Camila!
    August/Septemer would be a perfect time to travel there.
    Haha, it may sound depressing, but 10 degrees is warm for being March..!
    April is known to be a month where it’s warm and sunny weather one day and cold, rainy and hail the next – in other words, don’t go then!

    I’m glad you like our site, and thank you so much for your sweet comment!

  4. A friend of mine lives in Västerås and I am planning to visir her next year. I guess I am going in a good time: August/September. Sometimes I ask her about the weather, in March or April, and she says: “It’s not cold anymore. Yesterday we had 10 degrees”. It’s too cold for me! 😉

    (English isn’t my first language too and “as we travel” is one of my favourite ways of practicing!)

  5. I agree! I went to Stockholm in mid-October, and while it was chilly, it was absolutely gorgeous–all the leaves on Djurgarden were changing color! I definitely wouldn’t want to go in the dead of winter, but I’m dying to head back for Midsummer!

  6. I have never been to Stockholm but would love to go visit a friend of mine there. I would love to go during the summer but my Dad just returned from a short trip there in October and the fall colors in his pictures were gorgeous!

  7. Weather is always a big factor to consider when planning a trip. Oftentimes I would opt to go during spring or summer but in places around Asia, it is better to visit when it is a bit colder. Hot air and humidity do not work for me.

  8. Midsummer would be a great time to visit! It’s one of the Swedes most loved celebrations of the year, and you’ll really get a good chance to experience the Swedish culture, try the Swedish food and typical drinks, dance around the maypole etc.

    But if you’re going to Stockholm, make sure you head out to the islands, that’s where it all happens!

  9. Hi Joya! Yes, the autumn is really beautiful in Stockholm, and since there is so much nature around you really get to enjoy the fall colors to the fullest!
    When to go all depends on what you want to see and do.

  10. I agree. I’ve made the mistake once of not checking what kind of weather it would be in the country before booking the tickets.
    It turned out to be the thunderstorm season with 30 degree weather and 85% humidity.
    We turned out to be very lucky as it barely rained at all, but the humidity was just crazy!

  11. Stockholm, to sum up in one word; Beautiful. It is an amazing city, in the summer it is quite lovely and is always hot and at night it is very warm and the city is just alive! In winter the weather can be cruel but the city is just too wonderful that the weather can’t dampen your spirit. Stockholm is a really special place. Impossible to be disappointed. A must see before you die city.

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