Staying Safe When Traveling – 4 Tips Giving Yourself Peace of Mind

Staying Safe When Traveling – Chances are when you mention your desire to go traveling to close friends and family members, questions about your safety and doubt of how you’ll look after yourself when you’re thousands of miles away from home have probably cast a shadow over your plans.

While the worry and concern of friends and family comes from a good place it’s completely justified to feel like they’re raining on your parade.

So, let’s get real.

Traveling is good for the soul, it opens you up to new opportunities, new people and new experiences, but it can be dangerous out there too.

But as long as you’re sensible, trust your instincts and behave appropriately, there’s no reason for you – or your friends and family – to worry too much.

4 Tips For Staying Safe When Traveling

Ways to Stay Safe Whilst Solo Traveling

Be wary of theft

I have a friend whose passport was stolen within the first hour of them landing at their destination.

And we’re always hearing stories about how expensive cameras with thousands of pictures on them have also been taken – check out hello canvas for printing inspiration – so, you need to think ahead.

Make copies of all your important travel documents and have them stored safely in your luggage.

Many travelers advise not to take big expensive camera equipment with you and just stick to a simple smartphone.
staying safe when traveling

Don’t be flashy for staying safe when traveling

Again, avoid showing your wealth.

Money belts are highly encouraged!

Walking around with lots of jewelry around your neck, or a large camera swinging from it, will make you a target.

Don’t wear the watch you got for your 18th birthday, instead buy a cheap plastic one.

A good tip is to have a “decoy wallet” to hand that you can quickly hand over should you get into trouble.

When you’re in a crowded place, put your backpack on your front.

Remove your jewelry before you head out for the day or the evening.

Don’t divulge too much information

You wouldn’t tell a stranger in a bar your address, so why would you do it when you’re thousands of miles away?

Don’t feel obliged to divulge any information about yourself, even if the travelers you’ve just met are just like you and you get along really well.

You’re not obliged to tell them all about your plans or where you’re staying even if they have.

Be sensible.

If you arrange to meet the next day, opt for somewhere public rather than outside your hotel.

Don’t make it easy

Street thieves and those will less than honorable intentions will be looking for easy targets.

So, don’t look like one.

You might be a little lost, but keep your head up and walk with purpose, make sure you’re looking around confidently and if you are in need of help, head into a café or shop and ask for directions.

When you’re having a meal or at a bar for the evening, sit facing the door and never leave your drink or bag unattended.

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