6 Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love

Excursions Every Traveler Will Love – Split, the palatial pebble of Croatia’s immaculate Adriatic shoreline, provides an emphatic travel experience.

Its charming ambiance upgraded the town from being just a tourist stopover and economic pivot to being a world-class travel destination.

Split’s wave of magic oozes from the pristine Dalmatian Coast where its history and culture are still firmly embedded in the well preserved Diocletian Palace, the Bacvice Bay, museums and galleries, music, culinary art, and coffee traditions.

The delicacy and intricacy of the palace led to its declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The climate in Split is favorable all year long.

The months of July to August receive an influx of tourist because the sun is at its peak and beach activities become overwhelming.

Even in the cold months of November to March, there are plenty of excursions that do not require a dip in the frosty Adriatic Sea.

The cost of services in the town are also impressively low during this season.

Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love Hvar Island Harbor
Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love Hvar Island Harbor

Excursions Every Traveler Will Love 

Travel enthusiasts will be thrilled by the wide variety of split excursions to experience.

Boat Excursions

Taking a speedboat to explore some of the most beautiful islands such as the Hvar, Vis, and Bisevo, rooted in the Adriatic Sea, offers an exhilarating experience.

Hvar Island, known to be among the most picturesque harbors in the world, provides scenic views of the Pakleni Islands and has a firm culture to behold.

It is also known for its beautiful summer resorts.

One can even venture to some of its secluded beaches.

You can also enjoy a swim in its pristine waters and feast in some fresh seafood before heading back to Split.

One can also be mesmerized by the mystic reception of Blue Cave in Bisevo Island.

Blue Cave’s inner walls illuminate aquamarine light, and this is especially viewable when the sun is at its peak.

Bisevo Island is also home to the 160-meter stretch of the Monk Seal Cave, which is a must see.

Stoncica Bay offers an excellent opportunity to swim and soak in all the warmth of the sun.

The island of Vis is a formidable choice for a coffee stopover joint.

The Blue Lagoon also offers the ultimate beach lover experience with its sandy seabed and pure seawater.

It is only half an hour away from Split. Including it in your itinerary is an awesome choice.

It’s also an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling.

On the way back to Split, take a detour by stopping over at the medieval city of Trogir to explore its delicate structures.

Canyoneering Excursions

Unravel your wildest side by going for adventurous excursions in Split.

They are not short of adrenaline, strength, vigor, and laughter.

The best ways to achieve this is by hopping on a bike, going for a hike, or engaging in some watersport.

Enjoy the two levels of canyoneering by conquering the magnificent waterfalls and exploring the rock structures near the Cetina River.

Main activities include walking and swimming in the glassy water pools, jumping in the lakes from a high cliff, and descending adjacent to the massive Gubaciva Waterfall.

Biking Excursions

One can experience Marjan Hill intimately by renting a bike from Split and be awed by the panoramic views of the islands at the Adriatic Sea.

You can also stir the solitary life of Marjan Forest while appreciating the nature around.

One can also cycle to the neighborhood of Varo, run their hands through its beautiful structures, and enjoy a great local reception.

Biking is also the most convenient way of exploring Split’s rare wonders.
Excursions Every Traveler Will Love 


Enjoy scenic views by hiking to Split’s highest points.

This provides an opportunity to escape the noisy and dense city center.

It is also an opportunity to channel your inner strength and focus on a therapeutic activity.

The trails that lead to the summit of Split offer beautiful views of the Diocletian’s Palace.

The historical settlements in Marjan Park will also give you a more profound understanding of Split’s culture.

One can unwind at the highest viewpoint and marvel at the breathtaking views of Split while regaining strength to hike down and take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Zip Lining

Scream away all your fears away by partaking in a guided zip line adventure at Omis.

You will enjoy remarkable views of the Cetina River Canyon and nature below.

You can head back later to the town of Omis and enjoy some native meals.


Complete your 360-degree excursions by Kayaking your way to some snorkeling fun or cliff jumps.

Kayaking is the best way to unwrap the wonders of the Marjan Peninsula while enjoying the turquoise waters.

Split is a classical gem, and its historical embodiment does not overbear its pomp and urban nightlife.

The abundance of great coffee is complemented by its demand, and enjoying it at the Riva while watching a buzz of people wandering the promenade in the gorgeous sunshine is heavenly.

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