Singapore Vacation Of Your Dreams


Singapore Vacation Of Your Dreams – Singapore is a land of extravagance and beautiful culture.

It is the perfect place to experience everything in one trip.

We sat down and thought hard about exactly how we would spend our time in Singapore if time and money were unlimited.

Before you buy your plane ticket, read on for some ideas to add to your adventure.

Singapore Vacation Of Your Dreams

Immerse In Singapore Culture With Your Accommodations

You can find a number of hostels, hotels, and rental properties available for travelers.

To really get the most out of Singapore, we suggest reserving an AirBnB.

With an unlimited budget, one might assume we would pick a five-star hotel that has all the amenities you can imagine.

Really, the trip is meant to enjoy what Singapore has to offer and we would rather spend a lot of our time exploring it rather than being swayed by on-site spas, pools, golf courses, and restaurants.

An AirBnB means you get to meet someone local and find out about great places to go that maybe a concierge won’t tell you about.

Worried about a language barrier?

Don’t worry, most people in Singapore speak English! 

Enjoy The View From A Singapore Golf Course

Speaking of golf courses, we definitely recommend golfing to those who love to take the casual strolls between holes.

golfscape Singapore golf courses are well known and cater to the area well.

This is one sport you can work into your budget very easily and that will give you a break from the usual hustle and bustle.

You won’t even have to go far since many of the courses are just a block or so away from the downtown area, saving you some time getting there.

For a stress-free round, we suggest Sebawang Golf Course.

Situated in Mindai, the course was designed in 1968 by the Royal Marines, New Zealand Armed Forces, and the Singapore Armed Forces to help soldiers, and civilians, to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

If you prefer to be closer to a thriving and bustling city, then we highly recommend checking out the Serapong Course on the Southern Island.

This newer, and very challenging, course features a par of 72 and is one of the top five championship courses in all of Asia.

The reviews of this course indicate that the greens are fantastic to play and that you should be prepared for the challenge.

Singapore Vacation Of Your Dreams - Singapore Botanical Garden
Singapore Botanical Garden

Explore And Enjoy Singapore

One thing about Singapore is that you can find some truly unique and fun things to do.

One of the spots that intrigue us most is the Haw Par Villa.

This is a theme park that shares the Buddhist version of Hell.

Just saying that sentence out loud sounds thrilling!

If you enjoy wildlife, we do suggest you check out the Wildlife Reserves Night Safari.

This is a zoo to witness nocturnal animals and nighttime habits of other animals.

You will see Asian elephants and various forms of large cats.

What is really exciting is observing the civets, pangolins, and giant flying squirrels.

Those squirrels can glide the length of five football fields!

Just like any zoo, they also have shows to educate and entertain.

Shows change often but we have to admit that the fire-twirling and creature of the night shows are pretty tempting.

Aside from Buddhist theme parks and nighttime zoos, there is so much to do in Singapore.

You can spend an entire day shopping at couture boutiques, local shops, and hang out at the mall.

Museums are everywhere and are great opportunities to learn more about the culture and religions of the land.

Eating Is A Must

All travelers should be ready for the adventure Singapore Vacation that is eating the local fare.

Singapore, and other Asian cities, often have a hodgepodge of foods but you can certainly find some local dishes.

Food in Singapore we recommend

Bak Kut Teh – meat bone tea/pork ribs soup

Wanton Mee – wanton noodle dish with pork. You can also find the spicy version that has chili mixed with the noodles

Fried Carrot Cake – definitely not what you think! Radish flour cake, radishes, and eggs make up this amazing dish

Dim Sum – you just haven’t had it as good as they make it in Singapore!

Laksa – a noodle and fish dish with curry

Curry Fish Head – exactly as it sounds and it is quite delicious

Many restaurants and food stalls offer these traditional dishes and so much more.

If you need a break from the local fare, do stop at the local McDonald’s.

Their menu features most of the American items with a few additions.

One thing that is significantly different is the caloric intake.

When we looked at their menu, entire meals only went as high as 500 calories.

Travel in Singapore Like A Local

It may be tempting to rent a car for your stay but we recommend using the transportation systems to be close to other travelers and the locals.

Trishaws, the traditional three-wheeled bike and carriage ride, is a fantastic way to get around.

There are trishaw systems that you can use, much like a bus system, or you can opt for a freelance driver who will be happy to take you around (and may give you local tips on sights and adventures).

There is also a subway system, Mass Rapid Transit, that is reputable for it’s reliable and fast service.

We suggest getting passes so that you can save on the fare during your stay.

You can also hire a car or find a rental to travel on your own time.

These are often more costly options but they are great if you plan on going very long distances from your accommodations.

If you do have a budget for your trip, do the research and look for ways to save money.

Groupon, travel miles, and AAA can offer ways to lower your expenses.

If you can’t do all that you want on your Singapore Vacation, try not to stress about it.

It will give you a good reason to go back!