Relocating To New York City Hacks


Relocating To New York City Hacks – Have you ever visited the wonderful state of New York?

If you have, you probably felt the urge to stay for a little while.

Visiting the city as a tourist is amazing but residing there permanently is even better!

As a resident of New York City, you’ll receive a wealth of benefits.

You’ll always be in close vicinity to exciting sporting events and music concerts.

Plus, you’ll be able to mingle with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Relocating To New York City Hacks

The best thing about the nightlife in this city is that there is such a huge variety of options.

There are a million ways to spend your evening in New York, from sipping Cosmos in a trendy bar to grabbing a beer in a small corner-pub listening to live-music, or even spending the evening at a dazzling Broadway Show.

The great thing about New York is that it’s easy to get to from almost anywhere.

These days you can find really cheap flights to New York even from as far away as Europe, and today many Europeans take longer weekend trips to New York and enjoy some of their famous partying, something which was very unusual just a few years ago.

Within this guide, you will find tips for relocating to New York City more conveniently.

Plenty Of Help Available Relocating To New York City

One of the best things about New York City is the businesses.

There are tons of amazing businesses in the city and they’re all willing to aid tourists and newcomers alike.

If you intend to relocate to the Big Apple, you’re going to need a little assistance.

After all, you won’t be able to haul that couch or sofa by yourself!

Movers from New York will be more than happy to assist you.

Plus, they’ll offer a great price.

No matter what you need, you can guarantee that a business in the city will be there to accommodate those needs.

So Many Activities To Enjoy in New York City

When locating to New York City, you will be absolutely stunned by the sheer number of activities at your disposal.

They’re pretty much endless.

You could always enjoy a game at Madison Square Garden.

Or, you can visit one of the local theaters.

As a resident of the city, you should try exploring some of the lesser known attractions.

Be sure to space out your New York entertainment activities, so you don’t experience everything at once.

Visit a different establishment each weekend to keep New York City fresh and exciting.

Relocating To New York City Hacks
Relocating To New York City Hacks

Cost Of Living in New York City

According to government statistics, the cost of living in New York is “higher than the nationwide average.”

In fact, New Yorkers earn on average $67,940.00 each year and when compared to the U.S. average annual salary of $14,310.00, the difference is fairly significant.

However, you should expect to shell out between 7 percent and 12 percent in income taxes from your paycheck.

Even though you should expect to earn higher wages once you relocate to New York, you will be spending more for housing, groceries and other living expenses.

However, the state has a lot of offer singles, couples and families, so if you are looking to expand your business or career, you will not find another state more welcoming than New York.

Before you start packing your bags, you should conduct thorough research the cost of living in New York.

And remember, a cheap moving company will provide you with the necessities to pack your belongings and relocate them to the “Big Apple.”

Explore the Different Neighbors

As a resident of New York, you owe it to yourself to explore New York City’s numerous neighborhoods.

They’re plentiful and each one is totally unique in its own right.

When you’ve grown bored of your area, you should consider visiting the Bronx or Queens.

You’ll feel like you’re entering an entirely new city.

The experience is one that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the United States.

Best Shopping New York City

New York is packed with every type of cultural attraction, countless entertainment options, as well as the best shopping experience on the planet.

Coming to this city means getting to visit famous places like Times Square (New Year’s Eve Fireworks), Central Park, the Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station.

Here are just some of the great things you can see and do during your visit to this amazing city:

New York City
New York City

Non-Stop Entertainment in New York

The main entertainment areas in the city are to be found in Midtown Manhattan, and this is where you’ll find the Theater District and Times Square.

Madison Square Garden is considered New York’s event arena, with about 320 events per years, and this can be found at Pennsylvania Plaza.

Some of the best venues in the Theater District are to be found on Broadway such as the Winter Garden Theater, Ambassador Theater, and Lincoln Center Theater.

Some of the most talked-about productions in the world can be seen on Broadway, and many visitors come from around the world just to see them.

Going to a show can be expensive, but you can cut costs significantly by getting to the theatre early.

Most theaters have rush tickets which are discounted tickets for the first 20 people to arrive.

Time Square is the heart of Manhattan, and it is sometimes referred to as ‘The Center of the Universe’.

Many of the best entertainment venues are in easy reach of here – this is where Broadway, 42nd Street, Seventh Avenue, 47th Street intersect.

Times Square is most famous for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, and its amazing billboard display.

Some of the best bars and nightclubs in the city can be found close to Times Square, and it is a great place to start a night on the town.

New York New Years Fireworks
New York New Years Fireworks

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and if it is fun you are after, you have come to the right place.

There are over 18,000 restaurants to choose from, serving every type of food imaginable, and if you are in the mood to party, there are around 2,700 bars and nightclubs.

New York American Museum Natural History
New York American Museum Natural History

Cultural Attractions in New York

The number of cultural attractions in New York is staggering, and you could visit the city many times and only scratch the surface of what is available.

There are over 2,000 museums and art galleries, and walking around Manhattan can mean getting to see something interesting around every corner.

The American Museum of Natural History at Central Park West is one of the largest museums in the world with over 32 million artifacts.

It covers an area of 1,600,000 square feet, and there are displays focusing on ancient history, local history, and popular culture.

It take a lot of time to explore this museum, so you might want to come here more than once.

New York City Metropolitan Museum Art
New York City Metropolitan Museum Art

If you want to get a better understanding of the history of New York, you need to visit Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

It is usual to visit here as part of a tour that also includes the Statue of Liberty.

Over 12 million immigrants came to the US through Ellis Island when it function as an immigration checkpoint, and the museum tells the story of those people.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (better known as The Met) is the biggest art museum in the US.

There are over 2 million pieces in this collection, and it covers every style of art from around the globe including European Art, Islamic Art, African Art, Asian Art, ancient Art.

This is another venue where you need to go more than once in order to fully appreciate it.

Best Shopping in New York City Madison Avenue Shopping
Best Shopping in New York City

Best Shopping in New York

If you love shopping, you are going to adore New York. New York USA – A Dream for Shoppers,

All of the top brands have large stores in the city, and there are many famous department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Saks, and Tiffany’s.

This is also a great city to come to if you are looking for a bargain – many visitors from the UK and elsewhere save money by shopping here instead of at home.

Madison Avenue is the place to go if you are looking to splash out a bit of cash on luxury items.

Some of the most expensive shops in the world are to be found here, and this is where the elite do their shopping – if you enjoyed the series ‘Sex in the City’, you’ll have a reasonable idea of what Madison Avenue is all about.

Some of the most popular stores here would include Prada, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, and Jonathan Alder.

This might not be the best place to go if you have fresh credit card and poor impulse control.

If bargain hunting in markets is more your type of thing, you will find plenty of opportunities to do this New York.

Most of the flea markets, where you find the cheapest deals, are only open at the weekends, and this would include venues like West 25th Street Market, Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, Brooklyn Flea, and East 67th Street Market.

There is also a nice selection of Farmer’s Markets in the city including Union Square Green Market and Grown NYC (various locations around the city).

New York Hudson River Park
New York Hudson River Park

Adventure in New York

If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you will be able to find plenty of adventurous things to do in New York.

For a unique view of Manhattan, you might want to try kayaking on the Hudson River.

Alternatively, you could enjoy the delights of the city from inside of a helicopter.

If you want something that is both fun and adventurous, you could join in one of the organized scavenger hunts.

There are also places like Central Park where you can get some exercise and escape the madness of the city for a few hours.

Off the Beaten Track in New York

It is a nice feeling to leave New York in the knowledge that you have done more than just visit the most popular tourist attractions.

Getting off the beaten track is your chance to better get to know the city, and see things that other visitors usually miss.

Some of the places that are less visited by tourists would include Governor’s Island, Fort Tyron Park, Roosevelt Island, and Bryant Park.

Most of Manhattan is safe to walk around during the daylight hours, and just doing some exploring is probably the best way to get off the beaten track.

Getting the Most Out of New York

We’ve only had time here to scratch the surface of some of the stuff you can see and do during a trip to New York.

There are so many options that it is tempting to try to fit too much in, but this can make your visit less enjoyable.

It is a much better idea to think about the delights of New York you most want to enjoy and choose a few of these. New York Dining Guide For All Budgets

New York USA – A Dream for Shoppers

New York USA is A Dream for Shoppers. There are few more exciting places to shop than this Cornucopia-on-the-Hudson in New York, with its boutiques, department stores, and discount outlets all jostling for a piece of the sales action.

When the city’s wealthy began migrating from Lower Manhattan to the north, New York stores followed suit.

From the 1860s to around 1920, shopping was concentrated in what is now the Ladies Mile Historic District.

The heart was roughly from 14th to 24th streets along Sixth Avenue.

The opening of the Sixth Avenue elevated line in 1878 provided access for shoppers from all over the city.

But as the better residential areas continue moving north in the early 1900s, the stores again followed, opening quarters in Midtown, where the larger stores remain today. Shopping, however, is not limited to any one area.

Every neighborhood has its share of lures, suited to the tastes and budgets of its residents.

A general rule of thumb is that the most elegant boutiques are Uptown, the big department stores are in Midtown, and the funkier boutiques are Downtown.

Wherever you roam in New York, shopping is part of the fun. Exploring the City with Kids ~ Tips for a Memorable New York Getaway

If you are traveling to New York from abroad, make sure that you check out compliance with regards to various visa requirements.

If you live in a participating country you may qualify for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) approval which means that you don’t have to go through the usual visa approval process. Get more information at

New York City USA Department Stores

New York is still known for its department stores, selling everything from dishes to designer fashions.

Macy’s bills itself as ‘the world’s largest department store.’

New York USA Shopping Experiance
New York USA Shopping Experiance

Lord & Taylor, a few blocks north, and Bloomingdales at 1003 Third Avenue at 60th Street, cater to a slightly more upscale market.

A notch higher still are Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, both luxury stores selling mostly clothes and accessories.

Barney’s at 660 Madison Avenue and 61st Street is the ne plus ultra for pricey cutting-edge fashions.

New York City Fashion

Look to 57th Street between 5th Madison avenues and Madison Avenue above 60th Street for elegant, expensive boutiques, to Soho for high-end fashion, to Fifth Avenue for reliable labels, and to NoLita and the Lower East Side for cutting-edge designs and valuable vintage.

The Meatpacking District is home to many high-profile designers. For high fashion at low prices, head for Century 21 Department Store (22 Courtland Street between Church Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan) where designer labels can be had at substantial discounts. Daffy’s is another discount chain with several locations around town.

New York City Art and Antiques

The city has hundreds of art galleries, from major auction houses like Sotheby’s to the avant-garde galleries in Chelsea.

Traditional galleries tend to be found on East 57th Street on the upper East Side.

Only a few galleries remain in Soho.

A good neighborhood for antiques is 10th and 12th streets between University Place and Broadway, Manhattan Art & Antiques Centre (1050 Second Avenue at 56th Street) has dozens of dealers under one roof, as does the Chelsea Antiques Building (110 West 25th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues).

ABC Carpet & Home(888 Broadway at 19th Street) has several floors of unique furniture, accessories, and carpets from all over the world. For flea-market finds, check the weekend offerings at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (West 39th Street between Ninth and Tenth avenues), Antiques Garage, and the Green Flea Market (Columbia Avenue between 76th and 77th streets).

New York City Books

Barnes & Noble dominated the market with its many superstores. Stores usually have cafes and book-readings.

Greenwich Village is a great place to shop for books and records, for second hand and antiquarian titles pay a visit to the Strand Book Store, which claims to have 2 million volumes in stock (there’s a second branch at 95 Fulton Street).

Some unusual specialty shops include the Drama Book Shop (250 West 40th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues), Books of Wonder for children (16 West 18th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Mysterious Bookshop for mysteries (58 Warren Street between West Broadway and Church Street), and Kitchen Arts & Letters for chefs (1435 Lexington Avenue between 93rd and 94th streets).

Find Electronics in New York City

One of the best places to buy cameras and photographic equipment is bustling B&H Photo-Video at 420 Ninth Avenue at 34th Street.

Another good bet is J&R Music World at 23 Park Row, across from City Hall.

And if you want to indulge in the latest iPod visit the city’s fabulous flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, there’s also a store on 103 Prince Street at Mercer Street in Soho and on Broadway at 67th Street.

Some smaller places don’t offer warranties on electronic goods, so check before you buy.

New York City Gifts

Museum shops are reliable sources for unusual gifts, and don’t forget the Public Library gift shop.

London vs New York Which Offers the Better Experience
New York Dining Guide For All Budgets

Christmas Sales in New York City

Sales are held after the Christmas holidays and in mid-July.

Department stores in New York tend to offer the best markdowns.

Holiday weekends – Fourth of July etc – are also prime sale times.

Barney’s legendary warehouse sale in mid-August draws big crowds.

New York Dining Guide For All Budgets

New York is a city famous for so many things, which is the reason why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

One of these reasons is undoubtedly the food, which, some say, is the best in the world.

As well as being famous, New York is also big, meaning there are many, many options for food.

There are high priced restaurants offering luxury and a chance to celebrity spot as well as cheap and cheerful cafes and, of course, the well loved hot dog stand, all available on the same street.

However, there are some that are simply better than the rest and are certainly worth a visit.

New York Dining Guide
New York Dining Guide

New York Dining Big Budget

For those on a big budget, the ’21’ Club offers delicious traditional American cuisine inside a prohibition-era speakeasy.

This midtown restaurant is certainly not for the casual diner and the dress code strictly states no jeans or sneakers.

However, it’s definitely worth it for a visit to a restaurant that was once a favorite of Richard Nixon’s and still remains popular with the rich and famous of New York.

Another exclusive taste of the city is offered in Asiate, which is located on the thirty fifth floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The restaurant provides a fantastic view across the city served with delicious fusion food, with some of the best seafood the city has to offer.

Earl's Beer and Cheese
Earl’s Beer and Cheese

New York Dining Smaller Budget

Don’t worry if you’re on a small budget, because there are some fantastic restaurants at the other end of the price range, including the wonderfully bizarre Earl’s Beer and Cheese.

The name of the place is only a small hint of the restaurant’s madness, serving dishes such as Foie Gras on Eggo waffles and English muffin with dill pickles, Miso mayonnaise and Kettle chips.

Both these dishes sound like a disaster but are actually delicious, incredibly cheap and totally unique, making it the perfect place to eat.

For a more conventional cheap eat, Inoteca provides delicious Italian food including antipasti and traditional Panini’s, which are deliciously filling.

Also, the restaurant gives an excellent view of the busy Rivington street, making it the perfect place to people watch whilst taking a break.

New York Dining Family Friendly

One other concern for many travelers is not just the price, but also whether the restaurant is family friendly, particularly whether it is suitable for children or not.

In a big cosmopolitan city, this can be difficult but New York amply provides for little visitors.

One child friendly venue is 63 Bites, which offers a number of foods featuring ‘hidden vegetables’ that make it easy for parents to ensure that kids get their five a day without a fuss.

For adults, there are a number of delicious dishes including their famous scones and food that has been inspired by local landmarks.

71 Irving Place Coffee and Tea bar
71 Irving Place Coffee and Tea bar

Of course after a long day with children, you need to recharge and one excellent child friendly café is the 71 Irving Place Coffee and Tea bar.

This cosy cafe offers several unique blends of coffee as well as delicious sandwiches and cakes.

For something that the kids will truly enjoy, 16 handles offers an incredible range of ice cream flavors with over thirty toppings to choose from.

The restaurant also offers a system whereby the ice cream is paid for by the ounce, meaning you can control how much you have and are not limited to a particular flavor, ideal for the adventurous.

New York Dining Experience – Hot Dog

An absolutely essential New York dining experience is, of course, the humble hot dog.

Whether it’s covered in mustard, ketchup, heaped with fried onions or even chili, it’s bound to satisfy even the hungriest visitor.

For an up market version of the classic, Crif Dogs in East Village offers a variety of deep fried hot dogs, as well as the chef’s special all beef frankfurter.

These hot dogs are also available at night in the bar annex, providing an ideal counterpart to a cocktail.

A cheaper option is Bark Hot Dogs, which offers delicious lard grilled Austrian Frankfurters topped with oak smoked sauerkraut.

It also offers a chili cheese dog with locally sourced ingredients, which ensures that it is the freshest frankfurter in town.


Of course for a quick option, there are also vendors across the city offering cheap hot dogs which, although may not be the best quality, will certainly slake momentary hunger.

New York Dining International

New York, as well as being famous for its hot dogs, is also famous for its huge range of international food, including African, Korean and eastern European food.

This is not surprising with so many cultures standing side by side in the massive city, but one of the most popular international food types is Chinese and with its own Chinatown, there is certainly a lot of choice.

One of the best Chinese restaurants is the tiny A-Wah restaurant, which as well as being excellent value for money, offers over three hundred dishes including curious specialty dishes such as deep fried minnows.

London vs New York Which Offers the Better Experience


It is also well known for rice dishes cooked in clay pots, which come in a rich soy sauce with either meat or vegetables.

If you have a larger budget, the Chinese fusion restaurant Lair is a good choice.

The restaurant serves delicious modern cuisine in a relaxed and stylish setting.

New York Vegetarian

Although many of these restaurants will offer vegetarian options, there are also a number of exclusively vegetarian restaurants in the city that are good enough even for meat eaters.

One of the best is Chennai Garden, which offers a colorful array of Indian cuisine.

At lunch time, the restaurant has a reasonably priced buffet meaning you can sample everything as many times as you like.

Another excellent vegetarian restaurant is Dirt Candy, which certainly dispels any notion that vegetarian food is boring and bland.

The menu offers delicious treats such as grits with pickled shiitakes and tempura poached egg, as well as tantalizing desserts such as popcorn pudding.

With such a wide range of culinary delights, these are just a range from thousands of brilliant restaurants on offer in the city.

The majority of these restaurants are based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but one of the best ways to discover brilliant food is simply to explore the hidden places and venture off the tourist track.

Is it Better to Book a Hotel or Serviced Apartment in New York?

Serviced apartment in New York – Anyone who has ever been to New York knows it’s a pricey destination.

One of the most expensive components is the hotel.

When compared with hotel prices in other cities, New York’s are certainly at the upper end of the spectrum.

What’s more, it’s difficult to find decent-quality lodgings in a good neighborhood that isn’t going to blow the entire budget.

Are there other options?

Is it a good idea to consider a serviced apartment in New York?

Serviced Apartment in New York
Serviced apartment in New York

Serviced apartment in New York

Rather than deciding to look for a cheaper destination, a number of people are turning to serviced apartments.

These convenient and cost-effective arrangements tend to be better known in other areas of the world, but it’s a concept that’s definitely catching on in the U.S. and in New York in particular.

A serviced apartment may offer several advantages over a hotel stay.

At one time, these alternative accommodations were mainly the domain of the business or other long-term travelers.

However, more people are being drawn to serviced apartments as accommodations for shorter stays.

That means that in cities like New York there is a growing number of available apartments for stays that may only last a handful of nights.

Advantages of staying in a New York City serviced apartment

Many people who try them quickly discover that serviced apartments are a wonderful hotel alternative because of the price.

The per night rate is simply lower with an apartment.

Additionally, there tend to be fewer add-ons like resort fees, surcharges for using the safe, and costs for using WiFi or the phone.

Cost-conscious travelers who are planning a New York getaway should try an online service like Hotels Combined and at very least explore the idea of a serviced apartment because it can make their overall trip far less expensive.

Despite costing less it’s not unusual to actually get more when staying in a serviced apartment.

The typical hotel provides guests with a cramped studio with a bathroom.

The décor is questionable, the towels may be threadbare and privacy is essentially a fantasy.

Serviced apartments are completely different.

For a lower price than a hotel room, the entire apartment is at the disposal of the traveler.

Many of these apartments feature more than one bedroom, a full kitchen, two or more bathrooms and a spacious living area.

This makes it possible for groups of virtually any size to spread out and make themselves at home.

The kids can stick to their bedtimes while the adults stay up watching television without disturbing each other.

All that space is a wonderful thing after the stress of traveling.

Even those traveling on their own might appreciate having some extra room to make it really seem like a vacation.

Travelers who choose a serviced apartment also appreciate the unique and original décor.

Many of the available properties are tastefully decorated and provide the guest with a real home-away-from-home feeling.

Who wouldn’t want to have all the comforts of home during their New York stay?

New York Dining Guide
New York Dining Guide

The full kitchen is one of the biggest perks of choosing a serviced apartment in New York.

Anyone who has ever looked for a hotel in New York knows that a full kitchen or even a kitchenette is incredibly rare.

However, a serviced apartment always comes with a fully-equipped kitchen where it’s no problem to prepare three meals a day.

Considering the high cost of eating every meal in a restaurant, this represents a significant savings for most travelers.

Since apartments tend to be located in areas where grocery stores are nearby it’s no problem going out to find provisions.

Even travelers who aren’t interested in making meals will still appreciate the ability to reheat restaurant leftovers, enjoy ready prepared meals, or make a bag of microwave popcorn while watching television.

Lots of advantages In staying in a New York serviced apartment

Another reason to choose a New York serviced apartment is the ability to do laundry.

Of course, many hotels provide a laundry service for guests.

However, those services come with a premium price and the schedule isn’t always the most convenient.

Many serviced apartments are equipped with a washer and dryer, which makes it far easier for guests to pack light.

Families in particular appreciate the ability to do laundry whenever they like.

It’s never been easier to keep kids clean and presentable no matter how long the stay.

A serviced apartment may actually resemble an upscale hotel in some important ways.

Housekeeping services are available, though they probably don’t provide daily cleaning like a hotel does.

Most travelers are fine with having housekeeping come in just once or twice a week.

Guests are also able to request additional services if they run out of something or if there is some kind of repair that needs to be made.

Many of the buildings where these apartments are located feature wonderful amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs and state-of-the-art fitness centers.

Guests have free access to these amenities just as a resident would.

Some buildings may even have a lounge or clubhouse room where visitors and residents can gather and meet new acquaintances.

Travelers who want to get to know some locals can definitely make that happen with a serviced apartment.

In fact, choosing a serviced apartment instead of a hotel is a great way to have an authentic New York experience.

Guests of these apartments get to find out what it’s like to live like a local.

For a few days or weeks, they get to live like New Yorker’s even as they discover new sights and locations on a daily basis.

Things to see and do in New York Central Park

They’ll get familiar with public transportation, the corner market and the man who runs the newsstand.

Some of these encounters can easily become the most memorable of the stay.

Best Shopping in New York City
New York USA – A Dream for Shoppers

Hotels do have a few benefits as well as they tend to be centrally located.

This may put them closer to major attractions and a wealth of restaurants.

Plus, they may offer room service, which is indispensable to some travelers.

However, those who are more flexible about location and for whom price is a paramount concern may find that a serviced apartment in New York or any big city is the way to go.

It just might be the best way to experience New York like a local for an affordable price.

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