How to reduce the impact of screen time when traveling abroad


Reduce screen time when traveling – If you spend a large part of your holiday looking at your phone, laptop or TV screen, you could be opening yourself up to a whole range of eye-related problems.

We encounter so many different types of screens every day that we may not realize how quickly our screen time adds up.

Being on holiday is the perfect time to detox.`

While there are some ways to protect your eyes that everybody knows about, like making that if you need them, you have a good pair of up to date glasses (if you don’t, we suggest grabbing a pair from EyeBuyDirect), there are lots of tips and tricks people don’t know about.

We have decided to round up some of the best ones, ones that are particularly useful when traveling abroad.

Turn your screens off during food

Many of us like to watch television or scroll through our news feeds while we eat our food.

If you make a conscious effort to ban all screens during mealtimes, you will give your eyes a rest and are much more likely to socialize.

Not only will your eyes thank you, your family and friends will too.

Snugg iPad3
Snugg iPad3

Limit your screen time

If you are a bit of a social media addict or a workaholic, you probably spend longer then you should looking at your phone screen.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to work while you are away, try and set a period of time that you will allow yourself to work and stick to it.

Also, make a habit of only checking your work emails twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

This will make you more likely to stick to your set period of work time.

If you are a gamer, follow the same principle, try and only play during set periods of the day, you are on holiday, try and enjoy it!

Ban your phone from the bedroom

Try and remove your phone completely from your bedroom at night.

A good tip is to charge it in a separate room while you sleep.

Having your phone in your room at night is proven to reduce the quality of your sleep.

By removing it from your room, you remove the temptation to check social media and expose your eyes to the blue light your screen produces.

Blue light tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime, which can really mess with your body’s natural clock.

Read a Book
Read a Book

Screen Time When Traveling Go old-school, buy a book!

Many of us have ditched old fashioned paper books for the convenience of reading on our phones and tablets.

While convenient, reading on your phone puts immense strain on your eyes.

If you know you read a lot over your holiday, try and buy a couple of real books.

Not only does this save your eyes, but in our opinion, reading a real paper book is 100x’s better anyway.

Being on holiday is the perfect time to take a break, so while you are resting your mind and body, make sure you think about resting your eyes too.