5 Places to Visit on Your Next Boating Trip to Seattle


Boating Trip to Seattle is one of the top tourist destinations in the US.

Other than foreign tourists visiting this magnificent seaport city, many local tourists flock Seattle waters to enjoy the city as much as outsiders.

Soaking in the sun while riding on a boat with family or friends is an activity that many crave for when visiting this city.

But riding on the water all day or night isn’t fun if there are zero destinations to explore in between the water rides.

Places to Visit on Your Boating Trip to Seattle

With the increasing popularity of Boat rentals in Seattle, below, we explore 5 places to visit on your next boating trip to Seattle:
Places to Visit Next Boating Trip to Seattle

Bell Harbor Marina

The Bell Harbor Marina sits pretty in the middle of the downtown Seattle waterfront district.

Tourists can come to the Marina with a charter boat or in their boats.

If you come on your boat, you’d be wise to make reservations prior, but almost always you’ll never miss a spot.

The Marina has reliable Wi-Fi and clean bathrooms and is secure.

The docks are secure, and the staff at Bell Harbor are not only friendly but accommodating.

The Marina is adjacent to the Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant as well as the Bell Harbor Convention Center.

You will enjoy the numerous waterfront activities that you can reach with ease.

Walking short distances to get to each venue one of the main attraction pieces in the Marina is the Ferris wheel, known as “The Seattle Great Wheel,” that hosts 42 gondolas, which each ferry eight passengers.

The Marina is set up at Bell Street Pier/Pier 66, and close to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and the famous Pike Place Market.

You can walk to the Space Needle, Seattle Center and the Seattle Aquarium all spots that are worth visiting as you spend your time in the Bell Harbor Marina.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island sits on the west side of Seattle.

The island is surrounded by saltwater.

The island is accessible by boat, and as you near it, you will be wowed by its breathtaking beauty, that will introduce you to the island’s rustic character.

The island can be accessed by private charter or through the Washington State Ferries.

The 35-minute cross gives you ample time to soak in the spectacular Seattle skyline across Elliot Bay.

It will give you an opportune chance to gaze at the Space Needle set up in the Puget Sound area.

Once on the island, you can take a walk down the waterfront trail to explore.

Taking the western trail will lead you to historical sites, parks, and restaurants.

Within the distance are picnic sites that you can visit to have your packed lunch or take a breather as you soak in what the island has to offer.

If you’re a water sporting enthusiast, you can rent sporting gear at the Back of Beyond store that is a short distance from the ferry pier.

You can rent a paddle board, kayak or canoe.

You can hire experienced guides to give you a lay of the water and the best places to partake the sporting activity of your choosing.

Lake Union Restaurants

The Puget Sound area is America’s best dining by boat destination.

A plethora of restaurants placed all over this area, allowing boaters to come in from their boats and into the restaurant to have their meals.

One major area of interest is the Lake Union area that is home to the following restaurants:

Chandler’s Crab house has a slip where you can leave your boat and get in for some of the best Crabmeat.

Set up in 1988, the restaurant serves Dungeness Crab that lives in the Washington waters.

There are eight crab varieties seasonally, and you can order from the twenty different crab dishes featured on the menu.

Duke’s Restaurant & Bar is located on the South Lake Union; the place has a comforting atmosphere and serves both cold beers, tasty cocktails, and delicious meals.

Many people come from all over Seattle on their boats to enjoy the restaurant’s Seafood & Clam Chowder recipe.

When you are in the area, you should give it a try!

Poulsbo City

If you enjoy traversing the waters, you will enjoy a visit to Poulsbo City.

It is located 20 nautical miles from Seattle in Liberty Bay.

The city is regarded as “little Norway” and is an ideal cruising destination.

The city retains the Scandinavian theme, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

You arrive on your trip to Seattle by boat and can spend the day visiting the three marinas located in the city.

A walk around the city will introduce you to the early settlers’ livelihoods and how their culture is still preserved in these modern times.

San Juan Islands

Taking a leisurely ride on a Washington State Ferry or private boating means exposes you to the archipelago’s beauty.

There is four islands setup in the archipelago that you can choose to visit; they’re; Lopez, Orcas, Shaw, and San Juan.

The best boating routes you can take include the Victoria Clipper that allows you to visit the islands from Seattle’s waterfront, or you can settle for the seasonal Bellingham or Port Townsend ferries.

Any route you prefer will make it possible to look at the staggering beauty all around the waters as you leave Seattle and approach the islands!