Move to Montreal

What You Need to Know to Move to Montreal Canada

This article contains general information needed to smoothly transition for your move to Montreal Canada. Information included here tackles the requirements for acquiring a visa, healthcare insurance, a driver’s license, as well as information on education and the general background of Montreal. Securing Your Visa Before Your Move to Montreal Canada Planning to move to Montreal, Canada? While it’s always fun to just pack your bags and go it is a smarter move to prepare … Read more

Las Vegas Oases

Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

Las Vegas Oases – Las Vegas is normally anything but a relaxing place. It is an assault on the senses for even those used to life in the fastest of lanes, a place where movers and shakers party all night, play cards all day and give little thought to their mental well-being or the state of their soul. There are plenty of resources for those who are planning their trip to the metropolis in the … Read more

Sunrise Haleakala National Park

Watching the Sunrise from Haleakala National Park

Watching the Sunrise from Haleakala National Park There are so many places in the world where you will not only experience the beauty of Mother Nature but also have unforgettable experiences. Sunrise from Haleakala National Park is absolutely one of them! When you travel to Hawaii, it’s not unusual to expect something extraordinary to happen on these majestic islands. One of the most spectacular things to do while on holiday is to watch the sunrise … Read more

Orlando Water Parks

Water Parks In Orlando, Florida – A Quick Guide

Water Parks In Orlando – With a great climate and the world’s largest collection of theme parks, Orlando is often called the ‘world capital of fun’ and is a great base for a family holiday.  The incredible array of parks includes the incomparable Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando and the Universal Orlando Resort. Within these complexes and close by are four wonderful Orlando water parks, the ideal place to have a ‘splashing time’! While … Read more

solo road trip in America

Solo Road Trip in America for Women – Top 3 Destinations

Solo Road Trip in America – Living a solo road trip is a wonderful and mind blowing experience and, even if it may sound a little bit tricky when it comes to planning and finding the best destinations, we got you, girls! If you want to go for something unique and absolutely life changing a solo road trip is definitely on the table. Today we are here to help you make your dream come true … Read more

Places to Visit in Florida

Top Places to Visit in Florida For Every Type of Traveler

Places to Visit in Florida is one of the most popular states in the US, and for many reasons – it offers a huge variety of attractions and things to do. It attracts all sorts of travelers, from families to single groups to couples. You may spend a lot of money in Florida, especially if you stay in one of the hotels at the resort, but another alternative is to check out the nearby villas you … Read more

South America Countries and Central American Countries to Visit

South America countries and Central American Countries to Visit – Our second post of this series of top countries to visit – Brazil is a country filled with remarkable culture, activities and experiences. From enormous festivals to natural wonders like Iguazu Falls, there is something here to tempt the most seasoned travelers. Wildlife Tours in South America With its long history, Brazil is a destination for ruins and museums. It’s also one of the best places … Read more

Aurora borealis, Northern lights, North Norway Lea Ponzle; Oceanwide Expeditions

Best Ways & Places to see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, a.k.a. the Aurora Borealis, is one of those things that manages to make it onto everybody’s must-see list. It’s for good reason. The Northern Lights live up to all the hype. But you only have so many days off in a year. How can you maximize your chances for catching the Aurora Borealis? Where should you go? Which Arctic cruise should you take? What are the Northern Lights and what causes them? … Read more

visiting Niagara falls

Best Ideas For Visiting Niagara Falls

Visiting Niagara Falls – The majority of people would love to visit the Niagara Falls. For more than a hundred years, it has been a must-see destination. If you are planning a trip, all you need to do is to follow our insider tips to get the most out of the experience. Niagara Falls Separated by the Niagara River, Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York, are ideal locations to begin a Great Lakes adventure. … Read more

Romantic Getaways in California

Top 10 Romantic Getaways in California Perfect For Couples

Romantic Getaways in California is home to alluring mountain scenery, majestic sunsets and serene, palm tree-lined beaches – and also the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway. Romantic Getaways in California For Couples From the idyllic island ambience of Santa Catalina to the breathtaking beauty of Napa Valley wine tours to the gorgeous beach towns of Santa Barbara, California is rife with romantic getaway spots. Mesmerizing Santa Barbara The palm-fringed coastline is home to the … Read more

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