Which side of Niagara Falls is better

Which side of Niagara Falls is better?

Updated: July 10th, 2020Which side of Niagara Falls is better? – As one of the world’s foremost family destinations, Niagara Falls has quite the pedigree among travel enthusiasts. Not only is the area home to one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, it contains an abundance of fun-filled attractions designed to please visitors from all walks of life – including dedicated geeks. Which side of Niagara Falls is better for Geeky Travelers At first … Read more

Things to do in North Carolina Star Gazing Meteor Shower

Exciting Things to do in North Carolina at Night

Updated: June 23rd, 2020Things to do in North Carolina – Visiting North Carolina for the amazing scenery, activities, food and history? Why not? The place is full of adventures and beautiful sights that one could not experience anywhere else. From beaches to mountains, the state has it all. But wait a minute!  You may also be curious to know that some of the most exciting things that you can do in North Carolina, occur after the sun … Read more

Niagara Falls Nightlife

Niagara Falls Nightlife: 5 Things to Do After Dark

Updated: July 10th, 2020Niagara Falls Nightlife – Niagara Falls is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, but that’s not all this friendly border and Great Lakes town has to offer. Niagara Falls may have a small-town vibe, but it also has a metropolitan spirit. Rather than going to bed when the sun goes down, Niagara Falls stays up to show its visitors — and locals — a good time. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly … Read more

Kentucky landscape

Things to do in Kentucky

Updated: June 23rd, 2020Things to do in Kentucky – Bordered by the Ohio River in the north and the Appalachian Mountains in the east, Kentucky is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in America. As well as this, it is home to several major cities, each with their own distinct and unique vibe. Yet somehow Kentucky is often overlooked when planning a tour of the country. This southeastern state has more than enough … Read more

Las Vegas Oases

Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

Updated: April 6th, 2020Las Vegas Oases – Las Vegas is normally anything but a relaxing place. It is an assault on the senses for even those used to life in the fastest of lanes, a place where movers and shakers party all night, play cards all day and give little thought to their mental well-being or the state of their soul. There are plenty of resources for those who are planning their trip to the … Read more

Tips for Traveling to Canada in the Winter

Canada Travel Guide, Things To Do & Tips

Updated: July 10th, 2020Visiting Canada or are you traveling to Canada for the first time? Or perhaps want to visit Canada someday? First-time visitors to any country should know how to travel safely and smartly – and travelers to Canada are no exception to this rule. The foremost crucial thing you need to know for a hassle-free traveling experience to Canada is that you need to get the Electronic Travel Authorization (eta) to enter the … Read more

Lone Star State Holiday Trip to Texas

Top Attractions & Things To Do In Texas

Updated: May 28th, 2020As the second-largest state in the United States, Texas offers several great places to visit during the holiday season. In fact, Austin, the capital of the state, is considered being one of the safest and most eccentric cities to visit. You will find enough time to slow travel and enjoy every itinerary you have on your list during your stay. Festive parades, safaris, and museums are just a few of the places … Read more

Las Vegas on the Cheap Bellagio Fountians

Las Vegas on the Cheap ~ Family Vacation to Vegas on a Budget

Updated: April 3rd, 2020We had a great time on our family vacation to Las Vegas. It was a quick getaway — just two days. Here’s how to enjoy Las Vegas on the cheap. Whether you have a day or a week to spend in Las Vegas, you will find lots to do that’s free. The entertainment here is endless. You can walk down the 4.2 mile Las Vegas Strip, awash in all the activity around … Read more

new JFK airport

The New Face of JFK Airport Revealed

Updated: February 14th, 2020The New JFK Airport – Word on the streets is that $3.8 billion has been set aside for the expansion and renovation of terminal 4 at the John F. Kennedy Airport. There are plans to do the same to a second terminal but the officials are taking it a step at a time. This impending expansion and renovations programs is a necessity. The plan is to add 500,000-square-foot of space to the … Read more

Tips for Traveling to Canada in the Winter

Tips for Traveling to Canada in the Winter

Updated: July 10th, 2020Traveling to Canada in the Winter – There’s a reason Canada is known as the Great White North, and it’s not because it’s a tropical paradise. Canadian winters are legendary as much for their breathtaking beauty and unique seasonal attractions as for their bitter cold and heavy snowfalls. Maybe you’re heading to Toronto for business or Vancouver for vacation. Perhaps you’ve recently purchased some Calgary real estate or maybe you’re just visiting your … Read more