Movies That Created Tourism Boom

Movies That Created Tourism Boom, for the better or worse, there is no doubt that big Inspiring Travel Movies have a massive impact on tourism around the world.

Just like the ‘Survivor’ shows on Caramoan had tourists “discovering” and wanting to see the beautiful and remote setting – big million dollar movies have the same effect.

Imagine traveling the world the world seeing places like the pyramids in Egypt, going on a safari in Africa, climbing the Himalayas or enjoying the busy streets of Hong Kong.

Movies inspire and motivate us to travel, it’s such a great opportunity to experience life, learn about different cultures, meet new people.

Movies That Created Tourism Boom – Seven Years in Tibet

Author, Heinrich Harrer wrote this bestseller which was made into a movie.

The beautiful scenic views of the mountains in Tibet as this man is welcomed to the ancient city of Lhasa are simply stunning.

Movies That Created Tourism Boom Seven Years in Tibet
Movies That Created Tourism Boom Seven Years in Tibet

As Heinrich and Peter are mountaineering in the North of India, this movie offers amazing landscapes of The Himalayas, the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple in the city of Lhasa.

Eat, Pray, Love

Amazing scenes of India and Italy keeps us coming back for more when actress, Julia Roberts accomplishes what shes looking for as she travels to the cities of Bali and Ubud.

Eat, Pray, Love
Eat, Pray, Love

This movie will inspire you to eat more pasta, ride your bike around Bali, dance the night away on a beach, walk through the rice paddies of Ubud or even join an ashram in India.

Travelers from all over the world have been inspired to visit these destinations.

Mamma mia! – Greece

After watching this movie, we all had the same thought: Lets GO there!

Over a year has passed since the movie release, and the massive tourist boom for this idyllic, tiny island of Skopelos hasn’t stopped yet.

Just after the release of this blockbuster movie, the mayor told newspapers that the phones just wouldn’t stop ringing, and they were thrilled over the huge increase of interest in the island.

Meanwhile, the locals fear it could have a negative affect in the long run, and spoil the place.

However, they’re told that this won’t happen, and that the beauty of Skopelos will remain unspoiled.

Lord Of The Rings and Narnia – New Zealand

People went crazy before, during and after the LOTR movies came out.

I can’t remember a time when a movie has created such hype.

The movie really put New Zealand on the map, and people started to pilgrimage their way to ‘Mordor’.

Just as the hype calmed down, another blockbuster movie put New Zealand back into the spot light – Narnia.

Those who didn’t already want to visit this country – sure did now.

It’s a clear fact that these movies have increased tourism in New Zealand – the Queenstown area (where a large part of the LOTR movies were filmed) is a huge hit, and even the little nearby village Glenorchy is getting attention.

Although it’s been years since the movies came out, they still advertise all the film hot spots and Lord of the Ring tours are everywhere.

The locals in Queenstown and Glenorchy aren’t necessarily too happy about the tourism increase, but the movies are not the only reason why Queenstown had an increase of tourism.

I believe that New Zealand now has more pressure to really keep the beautiful nature and care for it even more than ever before, so maybe this tourism increase is for the better – even if that means that Queenstown now has a few traffic lights, and some fashion-able shops.

Queenstown is Nathan’s hometown, and he says it wasn’t always like this – and part of the reason his family left.

The Twilight Saga – USA

The small town of Forks, Washington – where many parts of the first Twilight film was shot – has seen a 1000% increase in lodgings since the huge movie success.

They have worked for years to build Twilight-related tourism, and are far from finished.

It’s a great business idea, since a major part of the fan base are teenage kids, and love everything Twilight related – even if it is a Bella Burger…

Fans come here to totally immerse themselves in the town’s association with the film’s characters; they can visit the school, have a glass of “Twilight-wine” at the same restaurant Bella and Edward went for their first date, etc.

The movie is so new that it’s hard to see what consequences it will have on the area, but according to bloggers from the town they’re thrilled with the attention, as they think the world has finally recognized the area as a place for “world class tourism”.

The Beach – Thailand

In the movie a secret place which few people ever find – a true paradise, is discovered.

The paradise beach is on an island in Thailand, which truly is beautiful.

After the movie, however, this island was everything but unknown.

The movie created a massive tourism boom, with everyone wanting to visit the island.

The increase in tourism was so big that the area suffered massive environmental damage (coral damage and over-fishing are only two examples). Good Ways to Learn Something New

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41 thoughts on “Movies That Created Tourism Boom”

  1. Honestly, I haven’t seen any of these. And I am not a big fan of movies. However, one that I would add to this list is The Bourne series (Ultimatum, Supremacy, etc). I know there are more to add to this list but I am drawing a blank at the moment (again, I don’t watch many movies).

    One that I will admit to is The Holiday. It makes me want to visit the quaint, countryside of England

  2. Y tu mamá también makes me want to find secluded beaches in Mexico. Dr. No and Thunderball definitely make me want to return to the Caribbean as do Club Paradise, Water and The Mighty Quinn.

  3. Oh my gosh, BRUGES. We went there during the summer less than a year after it had came out, and the owner of the B&B we stayed was still high on movie mania! She was an excitable Flemish woman named Roo, and as she walked us from the main house to the guest house where we were staying, she pressed maps of the movie scenes and filming locations in our hands and assured us that there was a copy of the movie in our room. We watched it that night—it was a bootleg copy that every now and then switched from color to black and white, and then cut out 5 minutes before what I assume would have been a climactic ending. I didn’t like the movie that much as a whole, but there were some great moments and the city itself is unbelievably beautiful. We had a laugh as we climbed the 366 steps to the top of the clock tower, because there’s a scene in which Colin Farrell’s character tells an obese man that he shouldn’t attempt the climb because he’s too fat and he’ll have a heart attack. They get very upset in a very American way, then head towards the tower in a huff. Later in the movie, two killers want to go up the tower, but they’re stopped by the guard–the tower’s closed because an American tourist had a heart attack. Bruges itself is more than amazing without the movie paraphernalia, b u t … if you watch the movie, you’ll get a little taste of how beautiful it is and why you should go!

  4. I’ve heard about that movie and wanted to watch it but had forgotten all about it. Maybe I will rent it this weekend. Thanks for the reminder! Would love to visit Belgium one day!

  5. Braveheart was to Scotland what Lord of The Rings was to New Zealand. They even have a statue of William Wallace that looks suspiciously like Mel Gibson at Sterling.

  6. haha yeah, once a week I used to drive along the Hutt river where they filmed part of LOTR. It was funny seeing it on the big screen 🙂

  7. This is such a fun post.

    I’m not sure if they motivated other people, but movies ‘Out of Africa” and the mini-series “Jewel in the Crown” first sparked my desire to travel Africa and India… oh, and a “Room with a View” for Florence…

  8. Not a big Braveheart fan although it is a guys’ movie. But that movie is a great motivation to see Scotland. Not only do you get to see the country but you learn about some of its history as well.

  9. Great idea for a post. I can proudly say I have yet to go on a LOTR tour in NZ – and I don’t suspect I will before I leave!

    How about Braveheart and Scotland?

  10. thanks for the recommendation – we haven’t seen the Bourne series yet – there are so many movies to choose from which motivate me to travel as well – its hard!

  11. argh – such a long comment :p 😉 thank you Kate for sharing this story with us – we haven’t seen that movie yet, so might just have to check it out!

  12. recognize all the places eh? that’s cool :p wait till you head to the south island, it was really weird for me to see the southern alps in that movie.

  13. yeah that would be really fun – hope it isn’t too touristy anymore… 🙁 its sorta a shame what happened to the place after the movie was released.

  14. Hey Mary, thanks for the comment – i love how movies can motivate people in different ways to want to visit places from around the world.

  15. Hey Jenny – coming from New Zealand I can say that the views you saw in LOTR are amazing but when you do there, it will look even more incredible – hope you get to travel there soon!

  16. Hey Joel, that sounds like a way fun to travel around the world – yeah its amazing the effect the filming of a movie in a certain place can have over a city or country.

  17. Years ago, my (now ex-)wife and I started traveling to all the James Bond locations. We made it to Hong Kong, Nassau, Baja and Las Vegas before the marriage ended.

    Having just been to Cardiff, there’s a whole industry that’s just gearing up as a result of Doctor Who and Torchwood filming there. Not exactly LOTR, but some fun stuff around the city.

  18. I’ve only see LOTR and The Beach, but they definitely did spark an interest in me visiting those places eventually. Just so happens there are other places higher on the list as of now. I think the tsunami hit the island where The Beach was filmed in Thailand?

    Good idea for a post… I can think of a few more movies to add to the list! I agree on the Bourne series. One of my favorite movie series ever!

  19. I can not think of any other movies that have helped a destination with tourism but I can think of one that has damaged a country’s tourism industry. Midnight express was grossly wronged in many parts, unfortunately the stigma still sticks today.

  20. Forks was attracting tourists before the movie. The first one was shot in Oregon, the others in British Columbia. Bella and Edward ate dinner in Port Angeles (60 miles away) and you would be surprised how many middle-ages Twihards visit Forks without any teenagers! And they come from all over the world.

  21. Good list! I “discovered” New Zealand because of the “Lord of the Rings” movies, and have since fallen head over heels in love with the country. I even wrote my undergrad thesis on NZ tourism and how the film business has impacted it. It’s a really interesting topic!

    I’d also hazard a guess that the recent “Eat Pray Love” media blitz will inspire people to visit Italy, and especially Bali.

  22. I actually haven’t seen any of these either but movies definitely do make a tourism impact. I visited the school in Tacoma, Washington from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. And just last year I was staying in Astoria and my hotel receptionist informed me that I could go see the Goonies house, as well as the school from Kindergarten Cop. I had no idea they were there but it was a pleasant surprise to fill our afternoon!

  23. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade made me desperate to visit Petra. Most recently, the new Karate Kid is a great postcard for Beijing and China as a whole.

  24. For me it was actually the Xena series that introduced me to NZ. I hated the series, but my best childhood friend was obsessed with it. For the record, she lives there now… 😉

    I definitely think Bali will see an increase of tourism very very soon!

  25. I can imagine many people went to Petra after those movies, and still do because of them! I wasn’t too impressed with the new Karate Kid movie, but the scenery was absolutely stunning!

  26. I don’t know how much of a travel boom it created, but when I took my mom to Italy several years ago, she was borderline obsessed with seeing places there were in scenes in Under the Tuscan Sun. We would go someplace and she’d immediately relate it back to the movie!

  27. Bruges, a comedy film shot at the medieval heritage town of Bruges. The first time i saw the film my travel bug always bites me to go. The whole place looks like it’s been taken straight out from a fairytale book=)

  28. Hey Katie! Haha I’m sure your mom wasn’t alone, I would imagine that the movie has brought a large number of tourists there. It’s fun seeing places in real life after having seen it earlier in a movie scene 🙂

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