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Las Ramblas Barcelona also known as La Rambla, is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona, Spain.

Las Rambla Barcelona attracts millions of tourists every year.

Las Ramblas is a big landmark in Barcelona, and sooner or later everyone exploring Barcelona will end up walking along and enjoying this 60 feet wide walkway.

Favorite things to do in Las Ramblas Barcelona:

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Visit one of the many cafes, bars & restaurants

There are countless of places to eat along Las Ramblas, so you can pick and choose as you like.

The prices along the actual streets of Las Ramblas are higher, so if you’re looking for cheaper options you just have to walk slightly off the main street on one of the many side streets to find cheaper but still great places to eat.

Cafe Del Opera is a nice café with history dating back to the 18th century, and a favorite among the locals.

It is a nice cafe in dark wooden interior, and also has an outside seating on the streets of Las Ramblas.

For a drink in a funky designed bar, visit Bosque De los Fades, a pub designed like forest from the fairy tales.

It’s part of the Wax Museum (which could also be worth a visit), and inside you will find big sleepy hollow trees, caves, waterfalls and fairy figures.

It’s a special place with a great atmosphere!

If you just want to sit down and enjoy the ice cream while watching the world go by on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona, sit down in Patagonia.

They’re famous for their delicious ice cream!

Explore the St Josep Market, La Boqueria Mercat

This is one of the best markets in Europe, a market where people go not just to buy food, but to enjoy the atmosphere and simply wander around.

La Boqueria market has a history dating back to 1701.

Come here to look, sit down for a drink or buy some lunch for a picnic later in the day.

Watch the street performers

There are street performers the whole way along the streets of Las Ramblas.

Most of them are human statues in the weird creative forms and some of the coolest costumes, but you can also find dancers, musicians, magicians and marionettes.

Every one of them wants to be the best and since the competition is so tough they have to be creative to get any attention at all.

As a whole this is a really cool experience, to be completely surrounded – it really blows “life” into the street.

Shopping in Barcelona

Carrer del Carme and carrer del Hospital are two side streets of Las Ramblas in Barcelona where the shopping is more like a melting pot of all types of shops, everything from Halal butchers to wineries and scissor shops.

These streets are not as commercial as others, and could be a nice detour for those not looking to buy anything but just do some window shopping.

There are shops from the most northern tip of Las Ramblas to the most southern tip, and all in between.

On Plaza De Catalunya square, where Las Ramblas begins, you’ll find El Corte Inglés, a huge 9 floor department store with clothes in most price ranges.

Another fun shopping mall is Maremagnum, a shopping mall by the harbor in the end of Las Ramblas, which is also a really popular place to go clubbing at night.

Placa Reial Square

Get away from the busy street in Barcelona’s prettiest square Place Reial.

A beautiful 19th century square to escape to when the sun is high and the crowds are thick along Las Ramblas.

Sit back in the shade by an outside seating cafe and let your feet have a rest.

The square is even more fun to visit in the evening as the restaurants are busy and the clubs open their doors.

The clubs here are among the most popular in Barcelona – Karma, Sidecar and Jamboree.

Barri Gotic

Barri Gotic is a fantastic area of Barcelona, just off Las Ramblas main area.

It’s the center of the old city of Barcelona.

The area is like a labyrinth, full of small, narrow streets and squares.

Even though they have built new buildings in the area there are still many of them that date back to Medieval times, which makes it an interesting mixture.

The old houses can stand right next to the new ones, and you can easily spend a long time just wandering around looking around.

The Flamenco show

Spend an evening at Tablao Cordobes eating good food and watch a flamenco show.

The Spanish and Calatan food is included in the price of the show, just make sure you can book a table online to confirm a spot – as it’s very popular.

Placa de Sant Josep Oriol

This square, right next to the beautiful gothic church Santa maria del pi, is full of artists selling their artwork, and in the weekend there is an artist market held here.

Bohemians, travelers and musicians crowd the area.

On the square you’ll also find one of the most popular bars in Barri Gotic, Bar Del Pi.

The Art Lover’s Guide To Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most amazing artistic and architectural cities in the world.

From the famous fairytale architecture of Antonio Gaudi to the masterpieces of world-known artists such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, Barcelona has earned its place as a trophy-city of cultural achievement.

Here are some of our favorite places in Barcelona for anyone who has a weakness for beauty and art…

The Unfinished Church

Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family Unfinished Church
Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family

When visiting Barcelona you can’t go wrong by first stopping in to see the Sagrada Familia or Church of the Sacred Family.

Inspired by the glorious Vatican complex, the Sagrada Familia is an amazing Roman Catholic church with unique Gothic style architecture unlike any other in the world, and it comes with an interesting history.

With construction estimated to be finished in 2026, this work in progress has already claimed its status as a monument of the city and a World Heritage Sight.

Note: Keep in mind that lines can stretch hundreds of meters already by 9.30am (we learned this from experience), so get there early!

Free Barcelona Art

Guell Park
Guell Park

For brilliant views of Barcelona, take a stroll through the gardens in Guell Park, and enjoy the peace and architectural additions of Gaudi – or spot the local parrot species that live within the park.

Another really cool experience is to visit the Magic Fountain of Monjuic that features a spectacular display of lights, jets of water and music.

And yes, it’s free!

Beautiful Atmosphere

Las Ramblas Barcelona
Las Ramblas, Barcelona

For a step back into the past days of Roman and Medieval architecture, visit the Gothic Quarter in the city center of old Barcelona.

It’s a beautiful quarter and perfect for getting lost in.

In fact, we recommend you forget about the map for a while and just wander the narrowest streets you can find, window shopping in the odd boutiques and taking in the beauty of flower pots and laundry hanging from the balconies.

While you’re in the area, also make sure to check out amazing concert hall Liceu.

Considered one of the finest opera houses in Europe, the Liceu has been elegantly decorated with plush red carpets, ornate carvings, and distinguished gold leafing.

Even if you’re not going to buy a ticket, it’s worth having a look inside.

Another great concert hall, Palau de la Musica Catalana is known for its modernista architecture and design.

The Paula de la Musica Catalina is a must see, lit up by a magnificent stained-glass skylight and decorated in thousands of ceramic roses.

Favorite Museum

There are plenty of interesting museums, but the one that we feel just can’t be left out is the Picasso Museum.

Each piece in this gallery is arranged by Picasso’s age, so that it is an interesting look into the progression of art-style and life of this magnificent painter.

Walk in Picasso’s Footsteps

life of Picasso
life of Picasso

To take a deeper look into the life of Picasso, I recommend visiting some of the old places he once frequented while living in Barcelona, that would come to influence his artwork over time.

In Picasso’s early art career, he frequently visited Els Quatre Gats or The Four Cats.

This colloquial Catalan expression for “only a few people”opened in 1897 and is now a pub and restaurant.

Pass by the Escola de Belles Arts de Llotja an art school where Picasso was once enrolled that is situated in the same neighborhood where this artists once lived.

Day Trip To Figueres

Take a day trip from Barcelona to Figueres the hometown of famous artist Salvador Dali.

Here you will find the Salvador Dalí Theater-Museum, a wonderous and eye-catching look into Dali’s genius.

You won’t want to miss this unique look into Dali’s perception of the world with extraordinary art exhibitions and displays.

When you have seen all there is to see, you will be happy that you reserved Parking at Gatwick after the long journey!

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  1. I love La Rambla. I had a great time there shopping and watching the street performers. It's also really nice if you walk it from Avinguda Diagonal all the way to the waterfront.

  2. Ah, I love the market too. Barcelona is my first backpacking stop, so this market impressed me so much. The colors were so vibrant.

  3. So glad I just read this–I'm going to Barcelona for the first time next summer and am already doing some preliminary research. It's probably the only city where I have heard only raving reviews about. Every single person I've talked to who has been there loves it!

  4. Ohh I just went back from there.. me and my partner love to have a “long” walk there.. especially at night, we often getting lost in Barri Gothic and El Raval.. instead of being scared, we often find little cool bar, with great atmosphere to sit and drink 😀

  5. hey Dina! Ok, yes the market is great fun, and like you say very colorful! I love just walking around looking at everything, you always find so many strange things on that market.. 🙂

  6. hi Iluna! Haha yeah getting lost can be a great opportunity to find something new and fun, it's also often the places you didn't plan to visit that turn out to be the best!

  7. Hey Norbert! Thanks for the tip! Yeah starting the walk from Avinguda Diagonal is a great idea since you get to walk along Passeig De Gracia as well, and who would want to miss out on Casa Milá and Batlló?! 😉

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    Barcelona is a great city, it has more of a rough beauty to it than many other European cities, but I love it!

  9. Hahaha, no I guess that wouldn't be very good 😛 There are many cool buildings in Barcelona, but those are def some of the best ones 🙂

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