How to Fly With Your Pet

Sometimes it’s scary to fly with your pet. Your furry friend requires documentation and orientation for the flight, among other important considerations. You realize that whenever you want to travel with a dog or any other pet, their safety will be what will concern you most.

Some people even decide to drive to the destination to avoid the unknowns and the stress of having to take a flight. However, if you want to get there fast, and especially when you’re visiting faraway places, then there are some best practices.

Here are a few tips for how to fly with your pet that will guide you to prepare for the flight and get to your destination with your animal with less stress.

Millions of people travel with their animals every year. And, apart from the few mishaps and accidents you might have heard on the media, the majority get to their destination safely.

How to Fly With Your Pet

Flying with pets starts with you. The preparation should include researching the airline and talking to their staff so you can know what to expect and make the trip easier on Fluffy or Fido.

Airline Pet Restrictions

First things first, find out which airlines allow pets. Then, learn the airline pet restrictions and travel information. You will find information such as the types of pets that can travel by plane, the weight limit, if they allow flying with dogs in the cabin, and more.

It’s also important to know the carrier you will bring. Many airlines combine the maximum pet weight along with the weight of the carrier. This is true for dogs and cats. Learn how to travel with a cat

Visit Your Vet

First off, have an appointment with your veterinarian. At least you want to make sure you are animal friend is not only safe but also in good health.

The vet is likely to let you know about what to expect when you get to your destination. This means they might give you a jab or vaccinations to keep your furry friend safe. Then, the veterinary will help you get the documentation you need for traveling with your pet.

In most cases, this should happen ten days before your flight.

Prepare Your Pet For The Travel

Taking a flight for the first time can be scary for people and animals alike. So you should prepare your furry friends to be ready for the trip. You don’t want to scare them for no reason.

Instead, purchase a kennel in advance and let your pet get used to that space. You may perform a few training tricks to make your pet comfortable in the doghouse or carrier. You can do this by feeding them inside the enclosure.

Several weeks leading to your flight, you should make their bed and place their favorite toys inside that kennel. After they have played, eaten, and slept inside it, they will be conversant and adopt this new shelter.

Research About Your Destinations Restrictions

Some airlines have restrictions for breeds of cats and dogs. You may want to find out with them, especially if you have a short-nosed or brachycephalic pet. Owners of bulldogs, boxers, or Boston terriers may wish to do prior research about the airline’s restrictions.

Some airlines allow you to fly with your dog inside the cabin. However, there is a limit for the size and weight. Others will insist that the dog goes to the cargo area in its kennel.

Just make sure to check beforehand with your airline.

Keep Your Pets Documentation Ready

Every airline has restrictions on pets and cargo. It would help if you found out whether they allow us to fly in the shipment or cabin area.

To make sure you have a seamless flight keep the pet health documentation handy. Health documents show that the pet does not have an infectious disease. So, when you travel with the animal it won’t pose any danger the travelers on the plane or animals you find in your destination.

Make sure to have these documents ready if you want to have an easy time with the airline staff members.

Book Smartly

The majority of airlines offer a limited number of spaces for pets. You need to book in advance to catch the right spot for your furry friend and yourself.

Especially when taking international flights, make these reservations in advance. This could be a couple of months before your actual travel.

During the flight, you want your pet to enjoy comfort and security. The kind of treatment you want for your pet may require specific preparations.

Therefore, you should book your flight early enough so you can have time to choose those airlines that can offer you and your pet the treatment you deserve.

Do Not Sedate Your Pet

During the flight, you shouldn’t use tranquilizers as they can interfere with your pet’s health, especially at high altitudes. If you think your pet will be too anxious, you can use CBD oil for other treats that confine with the pet regulations.

This way, your pet will come down throughout the flight. Speak with the vet in advance about your concerns. There are also certain accessories and gear that help to calm your pet down. Of course, you don’t want your best friend to panic when the plane starts moving so bring favorite comfort items from home.

Pet Relief Area

Modern airports have spaces for pets to relieve themselves. This makes it less harsh on animals to fly. Therefore, find terminals with pet potties. Before you take the flight, it’s crucial to get a clear map of the terminals that have pet potties.

At least, you want to get your pet a break during layovers. When you get to a new terminal or at the airport, make sure to ask the staff members.

Board The Plane Early

When you’re flying with your pet, you may be eligible to board early. Ask the flight attendant or the airline representatives about this. It may help to soothe your dog or cat. 

Arriving early at the airport will help you have some time to calm your pet down.

Of course, you want your pet to be comfortable with the flight, and these few minutes will give you time to do that.

Park Your Car Conveniently Around The Airport

Of course, you will be carrying a lot of things with you. In addition to the pet, you will need to have chew toys and probably some food. You need treats to relieve the dog’s discomfort.

You’ll also have your luggage and baggage. You can already start to see that it will be a quiet large load. So, park your car close to the airport terminal to reduce inconveniences. Use an online car parking system that lets you look around the airport and find the perfect parking spot for your car. Parking reservations are made on the internet, and you can even make your payments they are.

Then, you will have an airport parking lot saved just for you.

Best Pet Carrier for Traveling With Your Dog

Those of us with pets know how hard it can be to leave them at home. If you’re willing to fly your pet in the cargo space, or your pet is small enough to fit under an airplane seat, you don’t have to.

Some people even need their pets near them to fly without anxiety.

The best case scenario is when your pet can accompany you into the airplane cabin. Not having to say goodbye to them or worry about the condition of the plane’s cargo area before, during, or after your flight can bring peace of mind to any owner.

Those who want to travel with their pets need savvy carriers. The carrier must be comfortable for them. If flying in the cargo space, they need great conditions.

If the pet is by your feet, they need to fly in circumstances that will keep them cool to avoid over heating and heavy barking. Most U.S. airlines and even many international airlines allow passengers to travel with an in-cabin dog. Some require permits or Emotional Support Animal licenses.

Regardless of your situation, choosing a carrier that is right for you and your pet is important.

Pet Carrier for Travel

Here are a few great options when it comes to the best pet carrier. In addition to being lightweight and secure, they should be comfortable to carry and fit in the airplane row. 

The Sleepypod

The Sleepypod is sleek and chic and is also a bed for your pet. If your pet occasionally likes to sleep in this comfy little carrier, it will make traveling much less of an ordeal for them.

The Sleepypod is not only comfortable, it has been crash tested! It also transforms into a fantastic car seat with velcro positioning points that secure the seat belt over your pet carrier.

It’s easy to clean, you just use a wet wipe or damp cloth to clean the exterior. Use a small vacuum attachment to get the pet hair inside. You can even wash the foam padding in a cold gentle cycle.


Sherpa carriers are a true staple for any regular pet traveler. They are reliable and have been perfected over the years. You can choose from many colors and sizes.

They are airline approved and should fit underneath the regulated seating area with no trouble (considering it’s a small enough dog to fit in the cabin.)

Truly some of the best carriers for a jet setter, the deluxe version has top and side entries for your pet to get in and out. The roll-down privacy flaps can give your pet a calming effect. This helps on planes so they can’t see the many passengers constantly walking by them.

There is a seatbelt strap for your travel to the airport, and then an adjustable luggage strap once you are there. The mesh panels for ventilation will assure your pet has a breathable, cool nap during their flight.

There is a Sherpa pet carrier with wheels as well, which makes for a very easy tote once inside the airport.

Teafco Argo Aero-Pet Carrier

This is a great carrier for toy breed dogs. It has a very modern design and is built with privacy mesh all around it. It doesn’t look like a dog carrier, and many people won’t even know there is a pet inside the bag!

This pet carrier exceeds TSA requirements and is made from an 840 denier nylon fabric. It’s extremely lightweight and has padded sides. The large zipper top entrance makes for easy access for letting your pet in and out.

It can fit all types of animals and is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. While it isn’t collapsible, it takes up so little room that you won’t need to. At $100 it isn’t the cheapest of pet carriers, but it is a high-quality one.

Petego Jet Set Carrier

This carrier is another that doubles for airline and car use. It also includes mesh vents that are even scratch proof for your pet’s feisty moments. A very cool aspect of this bag is that it looks like a duffle bag.

Carry this duffle-style bag around the airport and people will think you’re running straight to the gym once you land. It’s lightweight and a really great option for small dogs.

Bergan Wheeled

This comfort carrier is as luxe as they come. You can carry it on your shoulders, back, or roll it easily on the ground.

It has rotating wheels that let the bag feel weightless as you tote. The wheels are also detachable for your carrying moments. The interior of the bag is lined with fleece and has a foam travel bed inside.

This bag will give your pet the maximum comfort while still able to fit underneath the seat in front of you with its flexible walls. The interior bedding is easily removable for washing. The bag features Pet Connect, a reach through access point opening for comfort petting while in flight.

This carrier can hold pets ranging from 19-22 lbs.

Outward Hound Front Carrier

This bag is especially useful for camping trips or hikes as well. It does work for airlines and will fit under the seat quite nicely.

It’s a great bag if you have a puppy that likes to be close to you. This carrier allows the dog to see out and see you, which is sometimes helpful for their first few flights. This pooch pouch was made to ventilate, which is great for those extra toasty in-flight moments.

It doesn’t take up much room and even has a safety harness which adds security for your dog if you’ve got a jumping fido on your hands.

Ready, Jet-Set, Go

Traveling is many people’s favorite thing to do, but saying goodbye to their little friend is not. With these great pet carriers, you can go anywhere with your pet with peace of mind that they are just as comfortable as you (ideally) are.

Avoid travel experiences marred by attempted escapes by your pet from your their bag. Provide them with such a comfortable pet carrier that they’ll never want to leave.

Creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere within your pet’s traveling home can make all of the difference for both of you as you fly. It won’t be ruff when you use these tips!

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