JooJoobs Handmade Leather Travel Front Pocket Wallet


JooJoobs Leather Travel Front Pocket Wallet – Whether you’re fashion conscious or not, you’re bound to like the looks of JooJoobs front pocket wallet.

That’s because this ultra-slim wallet keeps all of your necessary cards accessible.

When you spend a lot of time on the road or in airports, you know how critical it is to be able to get to your ID, debit card and credit card without any fumbling.

That’s exactly what this offering from JooJoobs gives you.

Advantages of a Leather Travel Front Pocket Wallet

There are many advantages to using a wallet that fits in your front pocket.

It’s smaller and slimmer than a traditional billfold, but it holds more than a money clip can.

This product from JooJoobs has the added benefit of looking simple and stylish without sacrificing ruggedness.

Smaller Size, Better Style

Each of these wallets is constructed from the company’s signature distressed leather.

They are available in dark or brown with a choice of natural tan or brown thread.

The wallet has two compartments, one for cards and one for cash.

The card compartment can hold as many as four cards, as demonstrated on this video, and the cash compartment can hold additional cards.

With dimensions of just three inches by four inches, it’s easy to see how this wallet can fit into the front pocket of any pair of jeans or shorts.

This is a huge advantage, because experts suggest that it is more secure to carry a wallet in a front pocket.

This cuts down on the risks of pick pocketing.

Simplify Your Life

What’s more, a wallet that’s carried in your front pocket has to have a slimmer profile than one that is typically carried in a back pocket.

This means that you’re forced to pare down what you’re carrying to just the essentials and maybe one travel credit cards.

Why are still carrying around that student ID from college anyway?

It’s time to go with something that offers more of a hip, minimalist vibe.

Protect Your Cards

Actually, your cards will thank you for making the switch.

This may come as a shock, but it isn’t good for you to be sitting on your cards all the time.

When they are bent repeatedly, they begin to weaken, eventually leading to cracking.

Additionally, the encoded stripe on the back of each card will start to wear away from the constant bending and friction.

No one likes to have to replace a credit card before its expiration date just because it got worn out in your wallet.

You can avoid it with a new wallet from JooJoobs.

About our only complaint with this wallet from JooJoobs is that it is not equipped with RFID-blocking technology.

Maybe this will be a later addition from this relatively new venture.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Another reason to choose this wallet is that each and every one is handmade.

That’s the kind of craftsmanship that you just don’t normally see in any kind of wallet.

Getting a fully hand-crafted product like this for such an affordable price really is an amazing deal.