Traveling Solo Hacks – 5 Exceptional Types of Adventures


You get to traveling solo which means you get to make the decisions. 


Expert Travel Hacks, where to visit and what to consider?

Traveling solo

When you plan to travel solo, the first things you need to figure out are: your means of travel, and when you can go.

Will you have the time and means to travel to a faraway destination?

Will you be exploring your own country and driving?

Or will you take rail or air transportation?

There’s lots to consider when planning a trip, including time off of work and other commitments.

Will you be traveling during a peak season, including the holidays?

Holiday commuters clog roadways, airports, bus stations and trains in many places.

Consider if you will be sightseeing and how crowded these sites might be.

If you don’t plan in advance, you could find yourself in the lurch—here are five holiday traveling tips.

With the big picture travel decisions figured out, you can think about some possible travel adventures for the solo traveler.

Live Where You Roam

Of course, today many people avoid air travel.

If you don’t want to spend your time driving, there are many interesting options:

Vacation on a ship traveling solo

You can always go by sea… think of a cruise.

Everything is planned out for you.

Enjoy a house swap

There are also companies who will partner you with a house swap.

You can travel abroad for any length of time, and stay in their residence while they stay in yours.

It’s a wonderful way to save on travel expenses.

Traveling solo Travel by RV or camper

Something really popular nowadays involves bringing your “room and board” with you — via an RV.

You can take your time getting to each destination and spend as much time as you like.

It’s a great way for someone who can telecommute for work.

And it’s a perfect way to spend a year if you can budget it.

You get to travel where you wish, do what you want, meet who you want, see what you like, and have all manner of exciting adventures.

You can find all kinds of unique opportunities and communities wherever you go.

traveling solo with these great options
Traveling solo? The world awaits!

This is where the “getting there” itself is an adventure!

And you can find often rent, borrow or purchase an RV for a reasonable amount.

If you can budget for your food and gas, you can do it for a year pretty successfully.

Take into account the total cost of a cheap, late-model RV (1970 – 1990), repairs, taxes, and the occasional, unexpected situations which may occur.

For Those Who Fly

However, not everyone has that kind of luxury in terms of conveyance or time, and often folks must maximize their leisure shortly.

What can be a great thing to do is to shoehorn in some “bucket list” adventures, like chartering a private jet for an adventure of a lifetime.

Some services enable you to travel to some unique locale not really accessible any other way.

This is an increasingly common mode of travel with many vendors.

Natural Exploration

Anywhere you go will have some exceptional natural feature worth seeing.

You may find some wonders are more wondrous than others.

Get in the habit of checking something out geographically whenever you’re traveling solo.

There are many biking, backpacking and hiking tours you can join in as well.

Going on a road trip?

There are even self-drive tours to explore.

For example, have you been up and down the West Coast?

Did you check out the Redwoods?

It’s a must for any avid traveler at least once.

Traveling solo Cultural Exploration

Immersing yourself in the local culture wherever you are visiting is the best way to experience a city.

Find out where the locals like to eat.

Take public transportation.

Go off the beaten path — always with safety in mind, of course!

Go to the corner grocer and pack a lunch to eat in the park to people watch.

You will be able to get a better sense of the culture you are visiting when you get out of your car and roam.

Architectural Wandering

Whether you are in a large or small city, chances are there is something architecturally noteworthy.

Take time to learn about the history of the site, including the architecture prevalent during that time period.

Many areas have walking tours as well as boat, bike or bus tours, so you can learn from an expert and find interesting information about the history of the city.

Popular Travel Destinations That Need Your Help

Traveling light

Once you’ve got the when and how of your travel ironed out, it’s important to consider how you will transport your luggage and belongings.

It helps the earth and your sanity to not bring much with you when traveling.

The key is to know how to pack light.

What can you find when you are at your destination?

If you are flying, know that airlines no longer make it easy for their passengers to transport bags, especially if you are booking a budget flight.

When you travel internationally, there are ways to eliminate the hassle and ship your baggage so you can enjoy the “getting to” your destination.

New experiences traveling solo

When the point of travel is to incite your curiosity, learn and broaden your horizons, get away from it all, and to be adventurous, you have lots of options.

Prepare and plan for your trip, then hit the road with an openness that is willing to explore.

Basic things that I learned Tips For Single Travelers

Personally I see more of a fun factor to traveling the world alone as I find you really get to enjoy the freedom.

As a single traveler, you decide the location, where you stay, luggage, route, places of interests and can arrange for the finance accordingly.

You don’t face the trouble of adjusting or sharing your stuff with anyone else as it is only you on your trip.

However, traveling alone is also pretty tough, and I learned so much from traveling alone.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with solo traveling, and small details and changes in the way you travel can change the whole experience.

Tips For Single Travelers
Tips For Single Travelers

The Important Docs

As a single traveler, you need to have all your documents sorted and safe.

Make sure to have extra copies of everything; visa, passport, drivers license, money, official papers (if any), etc.

I find it best to keep these items in a separate area of your bag to avoid confusion and hassle looking for something in a rush – nothing is worse than going through customs and finding yourself digging through all your clothes looking for the right documents.

Keep the copies somewhere else, so that in case the real ones are stolen you still have the copies to help you out.

To be extra safe, scan the documents (or take a photo of them) and e-mail them to yourself, or save them in Google documents on your Gmail account, if you have one.

Stay In Touch with cell phone and smart phones
Stay In Touch with cell phone and smart phones

Stay In Touch

Once you are on the trip, get in touch with your loved ones to tell them you are safe and sound.

You have moved out to enjoy the world but your family and friends are surely worried about you.

Make sure you have a series of phone cards to stay in touch often, or you can also use international texting – that’s a simple and quick way to stay in touch.

This helps you to bridge the gap between you and the folks back home…

Breaking down language barriers during Operation Silver Creek
Breaking down language barriers during Operation Silver Creek

Bring A Notepad & Phrase Book

I always carry a notepad and a translator dictionary when I travel.

With the notepad you can write down some useful phrases that can come in handy in shops, restaurants or similar.

You can also keep track of the things you buy, so you know if you’re staying close to your planned budget or not.

If you blog about traveling – a notepad is really handy as you can write down happening spots, places, and streets so you can remember to write about them later.

It is really good to be able to speak or at least understand the basic phrases used in the new place, which is where the translator dictionary or a phrase book comes in handy.

Rely On Yourself

Take good care of your belongings and always keep them with you on your trip.

Don’t make the mistake of asking other travelers or strangers to take care of your stuff. How to eat well on the road

Even though you want to think the best of the people you meet, you can never really be sure of who they are – you must rely on yourself for the safety of yourself and your stuff.

Make Friends & Share Stories

Getting to know new friends on the road and going out for a drink with them is a great way to connect and feel happy while traveling alone.

As a solo traveler, there are days you really feel alone, and it feels great to be able to connect with others who are out there doing the same thing as you.

You can share stories, tips with them, and might even find they are going the same way as you.

I hope these tips help you and make for a more enjoyable trip!

Tips for Smart Travelers to Travel Better

Safety Travel Tips For Single Women

While you are out in the big world traveling, you are excited, and enjoying this new sense of freedom, and may therefore forget or ignore the dangers around you.

Safety Travel Tips For Single Women
Safety Travel Tips For Single Women

You need to remember that when you are on a trip, you are not in your hometown, so you have to make sure you are more alert about what is going on around you and think twice before making any decision.

Especially when women are traveling alone, they need to be more cautious as they will often drive more attention simply by their presence.

Below are some of the basic safety tips for single women to enjoy a danger-free trip.

Ways to Stay Safe Whilst Solo Traveling

Safety Travel Tips For Single Women Choose Safe Accommodation

Where you stay is very important – is it a safe part of town?

Are there other tourists staying there, or is the place in the middle of nowhere and you are all alone?

Before you book any room make sure that you research your accommodation and its location before choosing to stay.

If you arrive and are unhappy with the place, request a change or move to different hotel/lodge.

Stay In Touch

Safety Travel Tips For Single Women Wear The Right Clothes
Safety Travel Tips For Single Women Wear The Right Clothes

Remember, your family & friends may be concerned about your safety.

And staying in touch with them really won’t take you much time.

Just make an international call home and let them hear what you are doing, where you are etc.

Tell them about your arrival and what you are going to do next.

If you have an Internet connection, send them your pictures or an email about your traveling experience or even set up a travel blog.

Safety Travel Tips For Single Women Wear The Right Clothes

Your attire is the most immediate symbol of respect.

Dress codes differ greatly from country to country, so try to dress the way the locals do – this will help you in not revealing your foreign identity too much or making you a target for muggers, scams etc.

Avoid wearing tight and skimpy clothes outside of Europe and North America.

Clothing should be traditional, loose fitting and comfortable.

Make sure you cover your arms and legs, especially when visiting places of worship and national monuments.

Tips for Traveling Women

Stay Under The Radar

Stay Under The Radar
Stay Under The Radar

When traveling, try to be less noticeable yet more assertive.

Just enjoy your trip, don’t get involved in any dangerous issues and avoid getting into any kind of challenging situations with men.

Be more careful during late hours and in interior places.

Find the right person to guide you and avoid getting too friendly with the locals.

Learn Some Basic Local Words

Try and learn a few basic words to communicate with while you travel.

Knowing the foreign language makes it easier for you to understand situations you find yourself in or make sure you end of at the right place.

It also presents you more as a local person and the folks around don’t treat you as as much of a tourist.

How To Bargain – Learn The Street Hustle And Get The Best Deal!

Love it or hate it, but bargaining is there and if you ignore learning how to make it work for you, you’ll end up spending all your weekly budget in one day.

Knowing how to bargain is a priceless skill-set for any traveler

By knowing how to bargain you will not only save money, but might even learn to have a great time doing it.

Another plus is that you won’t end up being pulled into every stall when they realize that you’re easy to fool, or being kicked out of the stall and have to run for cover (just like my mum in India – but that’s another story)

By sharing what I’ve learnt I hope you won’t have to end up in the same situations as my mum… :p

How To Use Your Eyes

In many places, shopkeepers won’t even let you look around before they start to hustle the price.

A tip is to wear sunglasses, that way it will be a lot harder for them to see what you’re looking at and keep them from trying to sell you everything your eye catches.

While looking around, try not to stop in front of the stall. Instead, slow down and walk slowly past while looking for things of interest.

Try not to point at anything, for some reason that really gets them going…

If they do see you looking at something and start a hustle with you, just smile and say yes to everything, as if you don’t quite understand and don’t actually care.

If you’re two people together and one of you finds something interesting but isn’t sure if it’s worth buying, split up and look at different things, it will make it harder for the salesman as he can’t be at two places at the same time.

Rules Of The Street Hustle

The unwritten rules are different depending on where you are, so if you really want to be sure what prices to bargain with, research what the normal bargaining prices are in the country you’re visiting.

But if you prefer it simple, just do what Nathan does:

Cut the given price in half and start the bargain from there, slowly going up a few percent at a time.

Get The Price, Don’t Give It

They will most likely ask you to give them a price, which is the worst thing you could do if you’re unsure about its ‘real’ value.

You might give them a price that’s way higher than they are expecting, and they will either say ‘ok’ right away (a sign that you were willing to pay more than it’s worth) or they will realize that you’re easy to trick and try to get even more money out of you.

Always have them give you the starting price, then cut in in half and work from there – make sure you don’t start too low, or they might feel insulted.

My aunt is a great example of this, she pushed the prices so much that in the end she wasn’t allowed to buy it anymore!

Always Keep A Smile On Your Face

The most important thing when shopping and bargaining is to smile.

I know it can be really hard when you are getting things thrown in your face and people putting sticks in your ears to clean them and grabbing your clothes and arms, but try to remain calm – getting pissed off can get you in worse trouble than you can imagine!

4 Tricks For Getting A Good Bargain

Act surprised when given a price, laugh a little and say that it’s waaaay too much!

Start to walk away – even better, start walking away in the middle of discussing a price and act uninterested.

Be the first customer of the day – By being the first customer they will give you a good price as they believe they will have ‘good luck’ and set them up for lots of sales for the rest of the day.

Being the last customer is even better, because when there is not much time left the prices can drop to nothing.

It’s kind of heartbreaking sometimes because you realize how desperate some of them are, but if your in it for the deals – this is great for you!

I hope you find these tips helpful, if you have any experiences or tips you would like to act, please share with us below in the comments!

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