Britain – Where To Find The Stereotypical Britain From London to Scotland

Stereotypical Britain – Many people living outside of Britain hold a certain image to the country and its inhabitants. It would be incredibly dismissive to quash these visions as untrue for outside visitors – but they’re definitely all not true for all parts of the UK. England Travel Guide Where To Find The Stereotypical Britain They say you should never meet your heroes as you will only be disappointed – the same should be said for … Read more

The Algarve Region Of Portugal

How To Fill Your Belly In The Algarve Region Of Portugal

Guest Post: Roberta Summer – A good holiday has to have many elements (sunshine and good company are usually fairly crucial) however, one ingredient remains undisputed: good food. Sampling a county’s culinary delights is a major part of any getaway …

The Algarve – 5 Great Places to Visit This Summer

The Algarve is a stunning region in southern Portugal which is blessed with excellent weather all year round. It is a popular holiday destination for tourists and locals and there are more than thirty million visitors to the area annually. Because of this, there are plenty of holiday homes and villas in the Algarve which are in great locations and are perfect for family holidays, romantic retreats or group holidays. 5 great places t0 visit … Read more

Warsaw Poland

Warsaw Poland Travel Guide & Things To Do

The Phoenix is one of the most loved mythical creatures, it is wise, strong and powerful – and it rises from the ashes. For that very reason, Warsaw has the nickname of the Phoenix City: because it has also risen from the ashes. Before the invasion of Poland 30% of Warsaw’s population (over 400 000 people) were Jewish, there were over 400 Synagogues and the people lived in harmony together. During WWII the Jews were forced into … Read more

Things To Do In Dublin Ireland

Top Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland: City Guide

Dublin in Ireland has the best of both a small town and cosmopolitan city. It has the great easy going people you can only find in small towns, but the variety of nightlife you only find in big cosmopolitan cities. You can easily spend a week here strolling around, talking to people and enjoying the ‘happenings’ in town – which seems to be every day. There are heaps of things to do in Dublin, both for those … Read more

Creepy and Abandoned Places To Visit In Europe

Creepy Abandoned Places To Visit In Europe

Now that autumn is on its way and the days are darker and shorter, I think it’s a good time to introduce some creepy abandoned places in Europe that are worth checking out – but only for the brave! There is something about abandoned places which is so fascinating, perhaps it’s the feeling of looking into a glorious past that has fallen apart, or the adrenalin kick of doing something naughty – like trespassing and … Read more

Vilnius Lithuania It’s All About Getting Married

Vilnius Lithuania – It’s All About Getting Married! We had never seen so many churches in such a small place, you couldn’t walk 50 meters on the street without seeing a church. But despite having well over 65 churches to choose from, all the people seemed to gather at one specific church – the smallest one inside a gate. If you looked up above the Gate of Dawn you would actually see the chapel itself … Read more

Greek Nightlife

Greek Nightlife – Autumn And Summer Destinations

Greek Nightlife – The first thing I think of when someone asks me to recommend a good place in Europe for young people looking to party – is Greece. The Greek nightlife is insane, and there are so many places to choose from. Greek Nightlife – Autumn And Summer Destinations Unlike many other places, Greek nightlife stands out with its diversity, every place in Greece is different from the other, and attracts so many different … Read more

Top 5 Places To Cycle In Amsterdam Netherlands

5 Best Cycle Routes Around Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are nearly as many bikes in Amsterdam as there are people – so there’s little excuse for not taking to two wheels to explore the city on a holiday here. Take a look at our guide to find out exactly where you should go on your bike. Top Places To Cycle In Amsterdam Vondelpark This is among the most popular places to visit for local residents and tourists alike – and it’s a great … Read more

How to Plan Your Visit to Amsterdam 3 Tips of What to do

Plan your visit to Amsterdam – We’re extremely late planners, and rarely book anything more than a couple of weeks in advance. So our trip from Bangkok to Amsterdam a few weeks ago was very much our typical last minute travel style, but since we have been to Amsterdam twice before the trip didn’t need much planning – this time we simply wanted to expand on our last few trips. First-timers to Amsterdam have a … Read more

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