European Cruise to Barcelona

17 Best Places to Visit When on a European Cruise

European cruise ~ The open fjords, the lava caves, the beaches and the breathtaking and continental cities of Europe make it a top destination for cruises. Europe’s collection of countries differ greatly, not just in terms of language, but landscape too. If you’re on a European cruise, there are some must-see destinations, which demonstrate the diversity of this small continent. Relics from ancient civilizations make for sites of interest both visually and archaeologically. To look … Read more

Exploring The Beauty of Turkey Beaches

Exploring The Beauty of Turkey Beaches and Amazing Sights

We had heard many wonderful things about Turkey – its beautiful beaches, amazing Turkey sights and friendly people – however, only after experiencing a holiday there, did we realize why people keep returning – year after year. We had made a choice between several cheap international flights and finally decided on one going to Bodrum airport, from where we carried on straight away with a coach to Kusadasi, our final destination. Beauty of Turkey – Kusadasi Turkey … Read more

interrail europe

Europe Train Challenge Hacks

Europe Train Challenge – By the time you read this, we will be sitting on a plane flying back to Europe – that’s right, we decided to cut our Asia travels short, head back to Europe and start a whole new adventure! On the 2nd of May it begins ~ AS WE TRAVEL: Europe Train Challenge 30 countries – 90 days around Europe by TRAIN Welcome: The Europe Train Challenge. We have teamed up with … Read more

Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb Croatia: Culture & Traditions

Zagreb, Croatia is a place which is definitely worth a visit for a day or two. Its cute streets, quirky traditions and lovely restaurants make it a perfect city to get lost in for a day, before continuing to the coastline and those famous beaches. In Zagreb more than anywhere else on this trip, we stumbled upon things everywhere. There was something around every corner – the city really felt alive and vibrant. Just walking … Read more

Weird Events In Europe You Must See

Weird Events In Europe You Must See

Weird Events In Europe – Now that Tomatina was held recently in Spain and Oktoberfest is coming up in Germany, I thought of all the crazy festivals, events and competitions held in the world, and how much fun it would be to visit them. Europe is full of crazy events and bizarre festivals, and while Tomatina and Oktoberfest are very well known, there are more than a handful of events you might never have heard … Read more

Amazing desserts

Ghent Belgium is Europe’s Vegetarian Capital Of The World

Ghent The Vegetarian Capital Of The World – We wrote about some of the best cities in the world for vegetarians, and the city of Ghent in Belgium was one of them. We were so impressed with this place that we thought we would expand on it a bit more. Ghent turned out to be our favorite city in Belgium, not only because of the food, but the town itself was incredibly beautiful, and the … Read more

Panorama view of Barcelona city skyline and Sagrada familia at dusk time,Spain

Barcelona vs. Madrid – Which Do You Prefer?

Barcelona vs Madrid – Spain is an amazing country with a lot to be proud of in terms of incredible things to do, remarkable places to revel in, and a rich culture. Travelers who want to venture to the beautiful land of Spain are usually confronted by a dilemma of which city to visit between Madrid and Barcelona. Considering the pros and cons of Madrid vs Barcelona can be a feat; both have so much … Read more

Family Friendly Italian Holidays Dolomites Italy

Italy’s Finest Hikes Exploring the Beautiful Great Outdoors

Italy’s Finest Hikes – Experience Italy in a completely new way by lacing up your hiking boots and hitting the trail while exploring the great outdoors – on one of Italy’s finest hikes. Italy’s finest hikes Cinque Terre is on of Italy’s Finest Hikes These five towns are perched on sheer cliffs above the Ligurian Sea and are connected by rail and hiking trails. It’s best to try and visit in the off-season, as the trails … Read more

Sofia Bulgaria Travel VIDEO

Sofia Bulgaria Travel VIDEO Full Of Those Quirky Details

Sofia Bulgaria Travel VIDEO – Heading to a city which had the same name as Sofia was going to be fun – Sofia has dreamed of traveling to Sofia just to see what the city would be like. The city of Sofia Bulgaria turned out to be pretty quirky, with the main attractions not the most interesting things to see. Instead it was the Michael Jackson moon-walking traffic light, the fruit and nut kiosks, and … Read more

European Cities Worth Visiting More Than Once

European Cities Worth Visiting More Than Once

During the Europe Train Challenge we found many European Cities we would like to visit a second time, but perhaps not that particular city again. Often when you have seen a city for 3-4 days, you feel like you have seen most of it, and would be OK with not going there again. But there are some places that you can just never get sick of, places you want to go back to again and again without … Read more

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