Top 3 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained on Long Flights

Entertained on Long Flights – There might be times when you have no option but to travel for longer time periods. Even if such journeys don’t seem like the best ones, you can still take certain steps to make sure that they’re not harrowing either! While staying entertained during long flights and transit-travels in trains, buses or other types of transport mediums may seem challenging, and sometimes exhausting too, you can come up with multiple entertainment options by just planning ahead and being a bit resourceful.

Hence, before you go ahead and book that early morning long flight, it’s important that you weigh all possible options and use certain handy tips to ensure a smooth journey for yourself! To give you some insight, the cheapest of the flights depart at the most odd hours, and have weird connections. Opting for such ungodly timings can also wreak havoc to your body clock and meal timings. Therefore it’s recommended to carry some of your own eatables. There’s no way one can feel entertained on an empty stomach! Let’s look at some of the best ways to kill time during such long travels.


A great multitude of travelers opt to read during their long travels. With easy availability of e-readers like Kindle, and smartphones also serving as excellent reading mediums (with a dedicated reading mode), it’s very easy to carry one’s own library in one’s pocket or handbag these days! Other than your favorite books, you can also explore options like blogs, e-newspapers, e-magazines etc. that can also be downloaded onto your device and read off-line. Avoid using paperbacks if possible. You wouldn’t want to be travelling to one of the most popular cities of the world and lugging a bag full of paper books with you!

listen to podcasts on plane
listen to podcasts

Podcasts and music

Long travels are excellent to discover new music! Although you can create your own playlist before such journeys, how about listening to some popular channels or other people’s playlists to unravel new music genres or artists that might surprise you?! Listening to interesting and informative podcasts can also be an excellent way to kill time. In fact, it’s a great option if you don’t want to stare at some screen for long time periods. To get you started, here are 10 podcasts that promise to change your life!

In-flight entertainment

As also emphasized earlier, long flights can be very boring and dull if you don’t prepare for them in advance. Indulging in various in-flight entertainment activities is considered the ideal pastime during such journeys. Majority of the well-known bus providers, train companies and airlines offer a good selection of TV shows and movies which can serve as healthy distractions on such travels. All you need is a nice pair of noise- cancelling headphones and you’re good to go!

Alternatively, you can also opt to carry your own favorite TV series or movies on a USB drive, or simply stream them from well-known OTT portals like Amazon Prime, Apple Tv, Netflix, Mubi etc. All the new age smart phones and tablets are capable of playing such media.

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