Destinations in Paradise Launches A Turtle Tracker


Turtle Tracker – Destinations in Paradise are the perfect getaway for any nature lover who also appreciates the finer things in life.

They are luxurious experiences that immerse visitors in the natural world while still catering to their every need.

Founders Howard Appel and David Cohen designed Destinations in Paradise with the twin goals of providing guests with a sophisticated accommodation experience and supporting conservation.

Appel and Cohen are generous donors to The Kauai Humane Society with contributions topping $100,000 for necessary items like powerful washers and dryers and most recently, a turtle tracking program.
Sea Turtle Tracker

Destinations in Paradise Turtle Tracker

Sea turtles are classified as a vulnerable species by the World Wildlife Fund, and it’s important to make sure that they are protected.

Advocate companies like Organización SyComa are developing tools to track these majestic creatures, and Appel and Cohen have dedicated funds and efforts to make sure that sea turtles are properly tracked and accounted for in the wild.

Trackers allow scientists to monitor the swimming patterns of these gentle giants and predict where they will lay their eggs and migrate to.

This way, sea turtles can be better protected from poachers and other threats to their safety.

Destinations in Paradise also generously donated an ATV so that conservationists can keep diligent watch over turtle eggs.

Baby turtles are especially vulnerable to exploitation and poaching.

Last year, 180,000 baby turtles were delivered into the sea as a result of these efforts.

It’s critical that we preserve these creatures for the next generation.

Not only are they an important part of the sea’s ecosystem by balancing out the number of jellyfish in the waters and consuming sea grass, but they are also a component of a healthy planet.

The turtle tracker allows organizations to look at the habits of mature turtles and also see what happens to these animals from their infancy.

This gives them a broad understanding of what turtles contribute to the sea environment and allows them to come up with new steps for making sure that conservation efforts are on point.

Cohen and Appel’s generous contribution to the goal of saving sea turtles is in line with their overall mission of conservation and keeping our environment intact for future generations.

They will continue to work with companies like The Kauai Humane Society and Organización SyComa to make sure that these animals are around for many additional generations to enjoy.

They feel that it’s crucial for children to understand the role of these creatures in the overall scheme of the world, and will continue to do their part to make that a reality.

Destinations in Paradise

In addition to their many humanitarian efforts, Appel and Cohen continue to be the last word in luxury, sophistication and fine living.

Their accommodations have everything that you could desire; from state-of-the-art gyms to some of the finest dining of the planet.

Golfers will delight in the PGA level golf course that is suitable for both novices and experts alike and provides the opportunity for a rousing round of golf in a beautiful location.

There are also art collections and fantastic gardens to stroll around.

The rooms themselves are fitted with every amenity imaginable, from a creative combination of open-air spaces to the finest linens.

Since the properties are all situated right on the coast, the views simply cannot be beaten!

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baby sea turtle escapes
baby sea turtle escapes

Casa Bellamar Property

Casa Bellamar is one stunning example of these properties.

It’s located right on California’s gulf coast and is fully immersed in the natural world.

With a private beach, plenty of incredible views and the opportunity to explore all of the athletic opportunities that the sea affords, this location is a great destination for families and couples alike.

You will not forget your stay at Casa Bellamar!

Additionally, Mendocino is a spectacular destination that is just tucked away enough to feel like it’s in a whole other world.

Treasure hunters will love the chance to explore the 1850’s shipwreck of “The Frolic” and perhaps even take home some treasure of their own.

This location really does have it all, with a state-of-the-art kitchen, relaxing media room, and a totally private art gallery.

It’s clear that Appel and Cohen love to blend philanthropy and conservation with creating the most memorable and luxurious destinations around!

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Their locations are all situated in places of unparalleled natural beauty, where you can luxuriate with all of the amenities that you’ve come to expect from 5-star hotel visits, and explore an unseen part of nature as well.

Their stunning properties are certainly not to be missed on your next trip.