5 World’s Most Dangerous Awesome Sport Destinations

World’s Most Dangerous Sport Destinations – Often when traveling, we like to try new sports, like bungee jumping, diving, golf and and other fun things like that.

Well, if you’re looking for an extra challenging place to do it, or are just a bit of a nutcase looking for some fun – you will definitely want to visit these places below…

World’s Most Dangerous Ski Run – Corbet’s  Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

World's Most Dangerous Ski Run
World’s Most Dangerous (But Awesome) Sport Locations

How would you like to ski down a 60-degree slope?

Even better, a slope which starts off with either a 4 meter jump following a skid to avoid the rocks, or a 6 meter jump without rocks at the bottom?

Whichever of the two you choose, be prepared to be scared and avoid falling because you risk sliding the whole way to the bottom with no way of stopping.

World’s Most Dangerous Tennis Court – Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

The worlds highest tennis court is situated 1000 feet above the ocean standing atop the fourth highest hotel in the world – Burj al Arab in Dubai.

The tennis court is circular in shape and when no session is at play, it doubles as a helipad.

The photo on the right was from when the two famous tennis players Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played earlier this year – I wonder what happened to the balls that fell off the edge?

World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course – Camp Bonifas, South Korea

World's Most Dangerous Golf Course - Camp Bonifas, South Korea
World’s Most Dangerous Golf Course – Camp Bonifas, South Korea

You would think that golf isn’t a very dangerous sport, and if you go to the Scottsdale golf course or those amazing Hawaii golf courses then that is probably true, which is why this golf course might blow your mind.

Well, hopefully that is the only thing it will blow, but it could literally blow you in pieces.

I’m talking about the most dangerous golf course in the world.

Camp Bonifas in South Korea right on the border to North Korea.

When they built the course they realized that they wouldn’t be able to fit 18 holes in the camp, so instead they decided to compensate by making it really difficult.

Which resulted in a 1-hole golf course surrounded by LIVE minefields on three sides.

World’s Most Dangerous Dive Spot – Blue Hole, Egypt

World's Most Dangerous Dive Spot - Blue Hole, Egypt
World’s Most Dangerous Dive Spot – Blue Hole, Egypt

The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole (a kind of cave) at a depth of 130 meters.

It is known as the most dangerous diving spot because of the large number of deaths that have occurred from people diving in the hole.

Many inexperienced or overconfident divers sometimes have trouble finding the tunnel connecting the Blue Hole and open water and end up descending too deep…!

World’s Most Dangerous Cliff Diving Spot – Ponte Brolla, Switzerland

The Swiss seem to love every crazy adrenaline sport there is, and they have the natural resources for it.

Ponte Brolla is renown as one of the most famous, extreme and dangerous cliff diving, or ”tombstoning” spots in the world.

Several World High Diving Federation championships have been hosted here, where the divers face a 26 meter (78ft) jump into ice cold water.

This sport might look like a fun and easy thing, but it’s not nicknamed ”tombstoning” for nothing…

Making Your School Sports Tour an Unforgettable One

School sports tours can be really exciting for teams.

However, without the right preparation and organisation, you can find yourself in a spot of misery or discomfort.

It’s important to get your packing right – it can hugely influence how much you enjoy yourself on your trip.

Sports Tour Itinerary

Your parents will want to know where you’ll be and what you’ll be up to.

It’s a good idea to request an itinerary for School Sports Tour from your teachers.

There may be certain activities on the list that you’ll need to bring kit for.

It also gives you a good impression of what you’ll be getting up to and where you can be found on each day that you’re away.

In addition, for extra information, visit Burleigh Travel’s page on school rugby tours – they have a range of great insightful points on this.

Emergency Details

Of course, your tour is likely to go off without a hitch, but just in case it doesn’t, you need a list of emergency numbers to call.

Also, if you’re going overseas, you should make photocopies of all your important documents, such as your passport.

It’s possible to lose really important documents, and when you’re in another country, this can have a devastating impact on your trip, if you haven’t got back-ups.

Sports Tour Entertainment

One of the less pleasant aspects of touring is all that travelling.

Keep yourself occupied by bringing travel games, hand-held consoles, MP3s (you can even upload audio books onto here), and anything else you can get away with!

Be careful though not to take anything that will make you feel travel sick.

Seeing as you’re with your friends, it might be nice to take things that you can share, such as a portable DVD player.

Sports Tour

Always plan ahead for the weather.

You can’t perfectly predict what each day will bring, but make sure you have the right clothes to match the probable weather conditions.

When in doubt, take layers so you can add or take away clothes when needed.

The Essentials

It’s worth writing out a list of everything you need to pack for you journey, so you don’t forget anything important.

Your inventory should include travel-sized toiletries, medication, a reusable water bottle, cash, and your sports kit.

It’s also important to take waterproofs and a towel.

If you know you’ll be hitting the beach on your journey, remember to take swimwear.

Oh, and bring plenty of healthy snacks!

Although it may be tempting to buy a massive bag of sweets, you’ll get a massive sugar crash, which will make you feel terrible.

It’s best to keep things delicious but healthy, when you get the munchies!

Guide Friends New To Backpacking

Charged Up

Before you leave on your School Sports Tour, make sure that all of your electronic devices are fully charged.

You don’t know when you’ll next get an opportunity to put juice on your phone or music player.

And it’s best to keep your phone charged up, just in case your parents want to get in touch with you.

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  1. Playing tennis so high up there is simply a stunner. I wish I could go on a flight to Dubai and stay at the Burj Al Arab with my friends. 

  2. Nice write up guys, was a fun post.  Though do have to say the tennis court is now a chopper pad for the hotel and I would have to say there are a ton of worse dive spots then the in the one in Egypt (but I can’t confirm that with a fact but it’s just my guess as there to many dangerous cave dives around to really say).

  3. I’m glad you like it. Yeah there are many dangerous diving spots and it’s difficult to say exactly which one is the most dangerous. The Blue Hole in Egypt is nicknamed “Diver’s Cemetery” and is often called the most dangerous dive site which I think is due to the amount of deaths that have occurred there.

  4. That tennis court looks really cool, but I’m not one for heights. I think I’d settle for something a little closer to the ground.

  5. Thanks for sharing this post.  They seem really dangerous locations as far
    as sport is concerned.  From my point of view,
    Tennis court is the most dangerous situated at 1000 feet above the ocean. 

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