Two Week Itinerary for The Cotswold Way Walking Trip

Cotswold Way – There’s nothing quite like the English countryside.

From quaint villages, to dramatic cliff sides, to breathtaking rolling hills, England’s picturesque scenery is unshakably beautiful.

Taking a walking trip down the Cotswold Way is one of the best ways to see some of the lasting splendor that England has to offer!

A walking tour is a great way to slow down, and really take in all of your surroundings while on holiday.

Humbled by the exquisiteness of the world around you, these self-guided tours can change your perspective on your busy life!

A two-week itinerary is an extraordinary way to take your holiday time at a leisurely pace, while still seeing some of the most beautiful sights.

You’ll travel through exquisite farmlands, to rocky hillsides, through welcoming villages, and on into the historical town of Bath.

Find the excitement that is waiting for you on your walking trip on Cotswold Way!
Cotswold Way

Walking trip on Cotswold Way

Be Prepared!

Some holidays are easier to prepare for than others.

When it comes to getting ready for your walking tour of England, there are a few key factors that you should consider.

Your physical health, what travel gear you should pack, and your schedule.

It is highly recommended that you be physically prepared before you begin your journey along Cotswold Way.

The entire route is 102 miles (163 km) long!

Make sure to get a few days of long walks in before you try to make the journey on your holiday.

Perhaps taking a daily walk for a few weeks beforehand.

This will help get you physically ready to go!

Packing for Walking in Cotswold

Packing for your long itinerary will not be difficult.

Wear clothing that is as comfortable as possible, and pack layers.

Work your way up from an undershirt and underwear, then onto t-shirts and shorts, include outer layers like a pull-over, a jacket, or long pants.

Your packing list should also include a good pair of hiking boots.

Make sure that they are properly worn in, you don’t want to ruin your holiday with blisters!

Cotswold Way Path Itinerary and Route

Your schedule is pre-planned and completely taken care of before you even arrive.

You can book extra days, or change your accommodations to fit your needs!

You can take your time and truly enjoy your holiday!

The route is planned for you by walking enthusiasts who have been booking walking tours since 1997!

The Cotswold Way path is quite long, with a difficulty level of easy to moderate.

Your holiday will be spent on one of England’s most beautiful National Trails!

The scenery includes adorable English villages, stunning churches, and picturesque points to stop and see for miles!

You will also get to immerse yourself in history.

From Medieval Wool Towns, antiquated abbeys, Neolithic Burial Barrows, and the ageless, gorgeous homes in Bath!

Not to mention the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bath, where you’ll see the archaeological remains of Roman baths and the remnants of the temple of the Goddess Sulis Minerva.
Roman baths in England

Make your way from Chipping Campden all the way to Bath on this magnificent walking tour of Cotswold Way!

Here is a look at what the daily itinerary will look like as you journey through English countryside!

Cotswold Way Path Itinerary Part One (Days 1-2)

The first few days you will spend in Chipping Campden, then travel on to Stanton.

The National Trail begins at the Town Hall in Chipping Campden!

This gorgeous little town starts your journey in the most spectacular way.

After spending your first day and night in a charming accommodation, you’ll start on day two by setting out on the trail to Stanton.

This is about 10 miles (16 km) and will take you up over Dover’s Hill, looking over the Vale of Evesham, then on to Broadway Tower.

Broadway Tower is the second highest point of your walking tour, measuring around 1,025 ft (312 m)!

You’ll make your way down to the village at Broadway and then go back up to Shenberrow Hill.

After climbing up Shenberrow Hill, you’ll descend into the village of Stanton!

Cotswold Way Path Itinerary Part Two (Days 3 – 6)

Once you leave the charming Stanton, you’ll walk through meadows to the Church Stanway.

You’ll travel up to Stumps Cross, then follow an ancient road before you come to an Iron Age Hill Fort at Beckbury Camp.

The trail winds on to Winchcombe at the edge of Cleeve Common.

Cleeve Common is the highest point of your walking tour at 1,083 ft (330 m)!

You’ll take your path through the western edge of the cliffs and on towards Dowdeswell reservoir.

From here you will follow the trail to Seven Springs, Leckhampton Hill, Crickley Hill, and through the woods to Cooper’s Hill and some amazing scenery!

Through the woods, you’ll see Prinknash Abbey, and then Painswick Beacon!

You’ll then travel down into the old market town of Painswick!

What a great way to see part of Europe, with just you, your feet, and your sense of adventure!

Cotswold Way Path Itinerary Part Three (Days 7 – 9)

Once you leave the charming Painswick you are over halfway!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to spend an extra night here, or an extra night there, you can always schedule it into your trip!

They are happy to accommodate.

The open countryside will greet you as you journey on to Scottsquar Hill.

Through the spectacular woods to Haresfield Beacon, on to the towns of Stroud and Stonehouse, and then you can cross over the Stroudwater Canal!

You’ll enter the beautiful King’s Stanley.

Here you can spend the night, or an extra night if you’d like, then make your way along the stony path up to Pen Hill.

The trail goes through a Beech woodland into Nympsfield Long Barrow, where you can see Coaley Peak from Frocester Hill.

Dip back into the woods to find the path winding up and down and in and out until you meet the charming town of Dursley.

Travel a bit more through the valley to Nibley Knoll, then on to Tyndale Monument, then finally down from the hills to Wotton-Under-Edge!

Cotswold Way Path Itinerary Part Four (Days 10 – 13)

After spending a wonderful morning in Wotton-under-Edge, you’ll travel along through the beautiful countryside into Little Sodbury.

Cross past the Dodington House, then guide your way into the village of Tormarton.

Cross farmlands into Dyrham Park, then up to the sweet Pennsylvania.
Newton Park UK Bath

Climb your way slowly up to Lansdown Hill, then follow the cliff side to Prospect Stile.

You can see all of Bath from this stunning hillside!

Make your way down to Bath to enjoy one of the most splendidly historical city!

See the Roman baths, enjoy the beautiful architecture, and relax after your long walking tour along Cotswold Way!

Cotswold Way is Gorgeous

Cotswold Way is one of the most gorgeous National Walking Trails in England!

Your entire holiday will be spent in the outdoor air, getting great exercise, and seeing the stunning English countryside!

Finding your way through Cotswold Way will change the pace of your life!

For two whole weeks you will be set free of the busy day to day of your normal world, and be present!

Slow down, make your own pace, and enjoy your walking holiday!

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