What is the Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas?


How do WiFi hotspots work?

Most of us are familiar with WiFi.

We know that when we visit our local Starbucks we can log onto their free WiFi and check our email while we sip on an expensive Pumpkin Spice Latte, but how many of us understand how these hotspots work?

If you are someone who travels for work or pleasure, you need to have a grasp of how WiFi hotspots work.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck without any internet, so learn how to take advantage of WiFi hotspots and save yourself a lot of hassles!

WiFi Hotspots Work using Cell Towers to Connect to the Internet

Hotspots are portals that connect to the internet using a wireless local area network, or WLAN.

Traditionally they were set up in coffee shops, libraries, and other public spaces.

Now they have expanded to almost everywhere.

The accessibility of WiFi hotspots comes with some new challenges, specifically security.

Mobile hotspots provide internet to people on the go, and these days it is uncommon to find a business that doesn’t offer WiFi to its customers!

Challenges Of Using Public WiFi Hotspots

One of the biggest challenges of mobile hotspots is that they tend to be a little on the slower side.

That’s because so many people are using the same channel to access the internet, and it’s getting clogged up with traffic.

We have all been in situations where someone is using the internet to stream video and slowing down the connection for everyone else that’s connected.

The same principle applies to mobile hotspots.

If you want to quickly check your email, a busy coffee shop will do the trick.

If you want to download some important documents, you might need to find another way to get online.

The other challenge of using a WiFi hotspot is that they tend to be less secure than regular WiFi hookups.

Data and personal information can be easily siphoned from public WiFi hotspots.

It’s really important to protect your personal information if you are planning on logging onto a WiFi hotspot in a place like a public airport.

Don’t log onto any website that contains personal information and avoid typing in any passwords.

I’ve included some more tips for staying safe on WiFi hotspots in the section below.

WiFi Hotspots Work using Cell Towers to Connect to the Internet
WiFi Hotspots Work using Cell Towers to Connect to the Internet

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think

Prioritizing Safety On Public WiFi Hotspots

It’s imperative that you prioritize your information safety on public WiFi hotspots.

Check the news headlines, browse email or even update your Facebook status, but make sure that you’re following the tips outlined here.

That way, you’ll minimize the risk of someone stealing your information!

Stay Off Sensitive Sites

Never check your bank account or log into applications like PayPal from a public WiFi hotspot.

Even though your bank information should be encrypted, pulling it up at a public location is not advisable.

Save any transactions until you get into a more secure place.

Be Wary Of How Much Information You Give Away

All WiFi hotspots are different. Some will require you to read through and agree to their terms and conditions.

Others will ask for your email address as a way to log in.

Others might ask for more sensitive information, like your passport number, to access the internet.

Use your judgment.

If you put in your email address you might be subject to some spam.

Putting in your passport number is a terrible idea.

Avoid any WiFi hotspots that ask for this type of information.

It’s far better to use your data or access the internet another way.

Don’t Share Too Many Files

When you use a WiFi hotspot, it’s important to limit the number of files that you’re sharing.

Your connection is probably too slow to share files efficiently, and these connections are significantly less secure.

You don’t want to inadvertently send a virus to someone.

Save the file sharing for when you are in a secure location.

You’ll be able to share them quicker and safer.

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Hotspot

You might be wondering “how do WiFi hotspots work on mobile phones?”

Today’s smartphones have built-in mobile hotspot technology.

All you need to do is access your settings and turn on the hotspot functionality.

Most carriers will expect you to pay extra to use the mobile hotspot, so make sure that you’re not racking up huge data bills by using the hotspot.

If you need clarification on what is covered under your plan, simply give your carrier a call to clear it up.

Alternately, there are plenty of WiFi hotspot apps that you can download on both iPhones and Androids.

WiFi Hotspot Apps

WiFi hotspot apps allow you to set up a hotspot on your device without going into your settings.

They use a process called tethering to connect your phone to the internet.

This technology is fairly new and many people think that it is preferable to the traditional methods of finding public WiFi or using the existing functionality of your phone.

Many hotspot apps are free, but many require you to have a hotspot package set up through your carrier.

There are some that cost a minimal fee to install.

Hotspot apps allow you to connect multiple devices to your hotspot, which makes them a godsend for when you’re on a deadline crunch and need to finish up a big project.

If your other option is unpredictable and insecure public WiFi, the best option is to use the app on your phone and hook up your computer to it.

That way, you’re getting fast and secure internet.

We live in an increasingly connected world where WiFi hotspots are prevalent.

You can access the internet from just about anywhere these days.

Knowing how WiFi hotspots work, where to find them, and how to generate them on your mobile device will ensure that you will never be without internet.

Make sure that you’re accessing the internet safely and avoid giving away too much information, and you’re all set to go!

Packing Essentials for International Travelers

Best Mobile Hotspot Solutions

The Best Mobile Hotspot can be a fantastic way to connect multiple devices to the internet through the available 4G connection to the cell towers created by the cellular network towers nearby.

However, finding the best way to access a mobile hotspot can be complicated and frustrating.

That’s why I have taken the time to give you my advice on some of the best ways to get your own personal hotspot from wherever you may be.

The Struggle is Real

After years of working remotely for hundreds of different companies, I know the hotspot struggle all too well.

In today’s world, being able to connect to the internet is pretty much essential.

In my line of work, it’s unquestionably a requirement.

I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself in a pinch needing a Wifi connection ASAP.

That’s why I can confidently tell you how to effectively get around the hotspot problem.

I’ve been there, done that, and found some of the best solutions available.

Best Mobile Hotspot for Internet Access

Here are a few ways that you can get a mobile hotspot from anywhere.

I am going to skip right past the whole “connecting to a nearby open Wifi network” thing.

Not only is this a pain to do, but it can also make you vulnerable to a connection that isn’t secure.

It’s way better to find a hotspot that you can connect to and actually trust.

Without further ado, these are a few of the best mobile hotspot solutions that I have seen so far, ranked from worst to best.

Wifi hotspot keepgo
Wifi hotspot keepgo

How do I get Internet While Traveling?

Use Your Cell Phone as a Mobile Hotspot

So this is probably my least favorite option.

In my experience, turning my phone into a mobile hotspot runs through my date really quickly.

I am talking about within an hour or to.

This isn’t an accident, either.

Mobile companies make a lot of money from people who need 4G or Wifi access.

That’s why you have to pay so much for data that seems to disappear right before your eyes.

The solution is unlimited data, right?

Wrong. Been there, done that.

Your data connection may be unlimited, but it’s not unlimitedly fast.

After you run through your 4G plan, your data starts to slow down.

You may have noticed that at the end of the month, your data connection gets slower.

This is because once you hit a certain point, your wireless provider automatically slows your data.

Not cool big wireless companies, not cool.

Anyway, when you use your phone as a hotspot, your connection won’t be as reliable or as fast as it could be, or as you might need it to be.


Pros of unlimited data:

  • Fairly easy to figure out

Cons of unlimited data:

  • Unreliable
  • Eat through your wireless data
  • Can get expensive
  • Slow or non-existent connection

Personal Mobile Hotspot Devices from Wireless Providers

Here’s an idea: Buy a mobile hotspot device from the same company that you can’t trust to actually give you unlimited 4G even though you already pay for it.

Maybe not the best option, right?

However, these devices DO work better than turning your phone into a wireless hotspot.

They’re usually portable and function like a Wifi router that you can travel with.

Wireless hotspot devices harness the cellular connections from the cell towers around you and convert 4G connections into Wifi.

The catch is that you have to pay for them, and in many cases, pay a lot.

Not only will you have to drop a lot of cash to buy one of these devices but you’ll also need to pay for a monthly plan.

These plans almost always include long contracts with lots of fine print.

Once you’ve gotten past all of this, the connection speeds are only okay.

The worst part about these devices though is their coverage.

You’ll only get to connect to the cell towers owned by the wireless provider that you purchased the hotspot from.

This means that if you’re in an area where your cell company doesn’t have towers, you’ll be without Wifi.

Pros of buying a mobile hotspot device:

  • Specifically designed to give you a Wifi Hotspot
  • Can be added to your cell service plan

Cons of purchasing a hotspot device:

  • Only can connect to local towers owned by your cell service provider
  • Expensive
  • Must buy the device separately
  • Monthly or annual contracts are required
  • Not much better than creating a hotspot from your phone

Buying a Preloaded Hotspot Devices

These hotspot devices are great if you’re going to be traveling around in a designated area, usually your home state, territory, or province.

You simply get the hotspot device, pay for pre-set services, and you’re good to go.

Many of these hotspots will work for a few months at a time and then you have to renew your service.

They’ll usually work wherever people can get a cell signal from the main cell companies in your area.

They work with multiple towers and companies so you will get a better connection in general.

The thing is, quality devices can be hard to come by.

Plus, they don’t always offer a secure connection.

This is a big issue.

Also, even the best devices won’t work internationally.

These kinds of mobile hotspots have designated coverage areas.

Once you get outside of your pre-designated area, they stop working.

If you want to travel abroad, you’re out of luck.

Pros of buying a Preloaded Hotspot Devices:

  • Work with multiple service providers
  • No contracts or minimal contracts
  • Faster connections

Cons Preloaded Hotspot Devices:

  • Expensive
  • Can be inconsistent
  • Don’t work internationally

Overall Best Option – Portable International 4G and Wifi Hotspot Devices

Now for my favorite solution.

International portable mobile hotspot devices.

If you really want ultimate connectivity from wherever you are traveling, this is your best bet.

These devices offer some of the lowest service rates, rarely require any kind of contract, and can be used all over the world.

You will have access to the internet no matter where you are on the planet, as long as there’s some cell service available.

You don’t have to rely on your cellular provider either.

They convert the 4G connections of thousands of cellular providers into Wifi that you take with you everywhere.

They’re like little magical Wifi routers that you charge and take with you when you’re on the go.

As a digital nomad myself, these devices are my go-to option when I am traveling abroad.

You can even rent your device for the duration of your trip making them a fantastic option for vacations or work-related travel.

You just have to get your device and set it up at home before you leave.

Pros of Portable International 4G and Wifi Hotspot Devices:

  • Work internationally in 100’s of countries
  • Can be used anywhere that cell signal is available
  • Utilize the connections offered by almost any cell network
  • Fast connection and download speeds
  • Secure connectivity
  • Can be rented or bought
  • No contracts required

Cons of Portable International 4G and Wifi Hotspot Devices:

  • Must be set up using a Wifi connection from somewhere else

Best WifI Hotspots for Traveling Overseas

If you’re about to embark on a journey to a new country, there are a lot of “what if’s” that you’ll have to take into consideration.

Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, you’re probably wondering what to do about Wifi connectivity.

What if you can’t get your phone to connect to Wifi?

What if you can’t get in touch with the important people in your life?

Well, the good news is that if you plan properly before you leave, getting Wifi won’t be an issue as you travel internationally.

Getting a Wifi hotspot device is a new and easy way to make sure that you’ll have 4G connectivity on your phone as well as all of the internet access that you need on all of your devices in any city, no matter what country you visit.

First, a Little Bit About Me, a Nomadic Writer

I have been functioning as a digital nomad for quite a while now.

It’s a hard job, but a rewarding one.

I get to travel all over the place and write for interesting people on fascinating topics.

The catch?

I absolutely must have Wifi everywhere I go.

Trust me, it took a lot of time for me to solve the international connectivity issue.

I couldn’t just go start a new phone plan in every country I went to.

I found out about Wifi hotspot devices through a friend a few years ago and have been using one ever since.

Now, I want to share my advice with you, the reader, so that you too can experience unlimited 4G at a reasonable cost no matter where you happen to venture.

Modern Technology That Global Travel Easier

A few years ago, staying connected abroad was a real problem for travelers.

Cell phone service was spotty on non-existent for many people and in order to make international calls, you had to sign up for pricey phone plans or find an international pay phone.

As far as using the internet went, you usually had to locate an internet cafe and use a computer there.

No thanks!

In recent years, advances in modern technology have given millions of people the ability to get internet connectivity from pretty much anywhere in the world.

The trick is, figuring out how to do it cost-effectively.

The Problem: You Want To Avoid Gigantic and Unreasonable Wireless Bills

Even today, international phone plans can be impossibly expensive.

Roaming charges and data overages can quadruple when you leave your home country.

You definitely don’t want to get home from your trip only to find a phone bill in your mailbox that says you owe hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars to your wireless provider.

Believe me, I have literally been through that exact scenario.

It wasn’t pleasant.

So how do you avoid a potential billing disaster like this without getting a totally new phone plan?

The Solution: Get An International Wifi Hotspot Device for Traveling Overseas

Thanks to the emergence of mobile Wifi hotspot devices, adventurers and international travelers are now able to take their Wifi connection with them wherever they go.

Wait, did you read that right?

Yep, you did. If you are in a city anywhere in the world where people can get a cellular signal, you’ll be able to connect to Wifi by using a portable hotspot device.

This means you can connect to Wifi on a train, in a park, or anywhere.

You can also completely avoid using your hotel’s shady internet connection.

You’ll have the ability to call your friends from the Swiss Alps, use social media while touring the Colosseum, and pretty much go on using your phone just like you would back home.

How These Little Life Savers Work

Wifi hotspots work by harnessing the available cellular signals and turning them into a connection that you can utilize.

They allow you to connect devices to Wifi just like you would at home.

Mobile hotspot and 4G devices are usually portable and can be charged before you head out to tackle the day.

Battery life on the devices I have used has ranged from around 12 to 33 hours on a single charge.

When strangers ask me how I have Wifi in a park or location where no one else can connect, I like to tell them that I am carrying around my Wifi router in my bag.

This always makes me laugh a little bit on the inside.

Seriously though, I really do get asked how I have internet in random places when I am traveling with my friends.

That’s when I whip out my portable hotspot and offer to share.

That’s right, other people can connect to your Wifi signal if you let them.

This is great if you’re traveling with other people.

The international Wifi hotspots that you get access to with these devices are super secure, which is a big deal to me.

Security is an essential part of why I don’t use public Wifi networks in other countries.

It just seems sketchy to me.

Having a mobile hotspot really is like carrying around my own magical Wifi router.

With a mobile hotspot, you can connect anywhere where there is cell service and go on using your devices however you need to.

Features These Best WifI Hotspots Devices Offer

With a mobile hotspot device, you’ll be able to get a lot more than with pretty much any other method of international connection.

Companies who produce these devices aim to offer fast and secure Wifi hotspots for international travelers in hundreds of countries.

After you get your device, you just choose which days to use your service.

You can pay by the day or by the month. Whichever plan you activate, you’ll get unlimited 4G connectivity and Wifi for the duration of your plan.

You can pick and choose the days you use as well.

Unlike with a SIM card or cell plan, you only have to pay on the days that you are using Wifi.

The daily rates are about 5X lower than international 4G rates.

No other method of connectivity offers more for a comparable price.

You can even rent your device for a single trip and return it when you’re done.

Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas

Personally, I own my device, but I have friends who don’t travel much and rent their devices a day or two before they fly out.

WifI Hotspots for Traveling Overseas Devices Advantages:

  • Fast and unlimited 4G and internet connectivity
  • The choice to rent or buy a device
  • Multiple low-cost plans
  • No contracts needed
  • They don’t need SIM cards
  • Connectivity for multiple devices, sometimes as many as 5 at once
  • Secure connection
  • They work in 100’s of countries
  • Reliable portable Wifi

So there you have it.

In my opinion, getting a Wifi hotspot device designed specifically for international connectivity is the absolute best way to stay connected as you trek around the globe.

Best International WiFi hotspot devices For traveling Overseas

If there’s one thing that every traveler knows, it is that nobody wants to get stuck without internet in a foreign country!

Fortunately, there are plenty of international WiFi hotspot devices for traveling that will save you the hassle of losing internet at that critical time.

Benefits Of International WiFi Hotspot Devices For Traveling

It’s easy to think that you can just grab WiFi at airports or coffee shops, but don’t fall into the trap of relying heavily on public WiFi.

Additionally, there are plenty of apps that you can download that turn your phone into a hotspot.

While these apps are good most of the time, there are definite perks to having a separate hotspot device.

Turning your phone into a hotspot depletes its battery quickly!

If you have access to a power source, this might not be such a big deal.

If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, conserving your phone’s precious battery becomes more important.

Public WiFi might be convenient and free, but there are definite downsides.

Public WiFi Lacks Proper Security

As the name suggests, public WiFi does not have the security features of a private hotspot.

It’s not advisable to check your bank balance from a hotspot, nor is it a good idea to log onto password-protected websites.

Anyone can see what you’re doing.

Public WiFi Is Slow

Again, this logically makes sense.

Public WiFi is much slower than mobile hotspots because so many people are using it.

If you need to access information quickly and effectively, stay away from public WiFi.

Public WiFi Is Not Reliable

You can’t control when public WiFi goes down.

There could be a network problem, a local issue with the router, or any other number of reasons why public WiFi could fizzle out with no warning at all.

If you want reliable internet, it’s best to invest in a hotspot device when you are traveling.

Think About The Most Logical Device For You

Not all hotspot devices were created equal.

There are plenty of things to consider before investing in one.

Think about how many different devices you’ll need to power up with your hotspot, and logistically how much space that you have.

Mobile hotspots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from USB sticks to palm-sized devices.

You can even download apps that allow your phone to become a hotspot through a technology called tethering.

Benefits And Downsides Of WiFi Hotspot Devices

If you opt for a hand-held device, you’ll have to bring another physical hotspot with you on your travels.

None of the hotspots that I’ve outlined here are cumbersome, but some people don’t like the idea of being responsible for another item on their travels.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides!

What Are The Benefits Of A Portable WiFi Hotspot Device?

If you download a mobile hotspot app on your phone expect the battery to die quickly.

Portable devices use far less battery and you won’t incur massive roaming charges.

Some travelers find it really helpful to separate their phone and internet, and mobile hotspots help with that!

What Are The Downsides Of A Portable WiFi Hotspot Device?

The biggest downside to having a mobile hotspot device is that you have to carry it around with you.

Anyone that does a lot of traveling knows that it’s important to minimize the amount of stuff that you bring on the road.

A portable WiFi device is another thing to worry about, and since they’re expensive to replace, travelers might be tempted to just use their smartphones.

Best WiFi Hotspot Devices On The Market Today

There are plenty of devices out there to choose from, but I have some favorites that I’ll outline here.

All of these offer high-speed internet and some great perks!

Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L

If you want a steady stream of uninterrupted 4G service, check out the MiFi 8800L.

It’s on the cutting edge of technology and is one of the best products on the market today.

Plus, it’s light enough to carry around anytime!

Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router (AT&T)

This option is great for people who are traveling to remote places where they won’t have access to power sources.

It comes with a backup battery and is durable enough for rough traveling.

Netgear AirCard 810 Dual-Band (2,4 GHz/5 GHz)

If you need to connect multiple devices to the internet, check out the Netgear AirCard 810.

You can hook up to fifteen devices to this tiny hotspot, and all of them will run rapidly and with total precision.

This slim device is perfect for travelers who need to be connected at all times. It will definitely never let you down!

Other Options For Internet

If you don’t want to make the leap and invest in an international hotspot device, you can get internet from some additional sources.

Not all of them will be as reliable as a hotspot device, but they will all work in a pinch!

Use Your Existing Phone Carrier

If you opt for this option, be prepared to incur some serious roaming charges depending on how your plan is set up.

Your data should work from just about anywhere in the world, but expect to pay a pretty penny for it.

If you absolutely need to access the internet abroad, flip on that cellular data tab and cross your fingers that the charge is not too high.

Tap Into Public WiFi

There are definite downsides to using public WiFi, like lack of security and issues with internet speed, but if you need to access the internet quickly and there’s a Starbucks around, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop in and tap into their WiFi.

Just be careful not to check your bank information.

There’s no reason not to be connected in today’s world.

With these international WiFi hotspot devices, you never will be!

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think
Best Apps for Traveling
How Do I Get Internet While Traveling?
Using My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas

What’s the cheapest hotspot for Travelers?

If you’re going to be on the move soon, it’s always a good idea to know what your Wifi options will look like.

When you’re abroad, you can pretty much be sure that you won’t be able to use your cellular service in the same way that you would be able to from home.

So what are your options?

Well, that’s what this post is all about.

As a digital nomad who has spent years traveling for work and play, I have to say, some international 4G connections are much better than others.

Whether you need to use your laptop to submit a work assignment at your hotel or want to browse the web while you lounge at the beach, a good connection to the world wide web is key.

Below, I will go over a few methods that I have used to stay connected while traveling internationally.

I’ll explain how worldwide 4G really works and give you some insight on how you can get internet anywhere in the world.

Methods that I Don’t Recommend…

Using the Available Wifi Where You’re Staying

When you travel internationally, you’ll probably be staying at a hotel or hostel.

Free Wifi is pretty much standard in any hotel and many hostels are starting to offer Wifi as well.

The thing is, that “free” Wifi your hotel is offering may not be quite as free as you’d think.

Some hotels know how to really capitalize on the fact that people tend to have connectivity issues abroad.

As far as using the Wifi at a hostel goes, I would definitely recommend against it.

Apart from the obvious security concerns, you may wind up having to share a slow connection with many other people simultaneously.

You’re already probably sharing a room and a bathroom.

Do you really want to be sharing a slow connection as well?

In my opinion, relying on the Wifi of others is way too sketchy.

You won’t know when and where you’ll actually get internet that can be relied on.

Plus, you’ll have to reconfigure your setup every time you switch locations.

You can definitely do better than this.

Upgrading Your Wireless Plan

You may want to simply try to upgrade your phone’s wireless plan before you head out on your trip.

This is definitely an option, though you’ll have a few problems to get through.

First of all, this is probably your most expensive option.

An international wireless plan is going to wind up costing you a few hundred dollars no matter which way you slice it.

Even if you are used to paying a good bit every month for your data and service, you can expect this amount to double.

There are a few wireless plans for international travel and they all shake out in much the same way.

You can be charged by the minute, by the month, or by the year for 4G service abroad.

Plus, you may wind up stuck in a contract that requires you to keep paying international rates, even after you’ve gotten back home.

These aren’t the biggest problems though.

The biggest problem with paying for international service is the service itself.

You probably aren’t going to get 4G service.

Unless you’re going to be staying in New York City, Paris, or London, you can expect to get 3G service most of the time.

This means you can’t create a mobile hotspot, download, or upload anything.

Not to mention if you need to work from a laptop you’ll be completely out of luck.

This is definitely not the cheapest way to get a Wifi hotspot.

Better options:

Buying a Preloaded SIM Card

Preloaded SIM cards are another option that you might be considering.

This is definitely the most viable option so far.

All you do is purchase an international SIM card, insert it into your phone, and you’re set to go.

The thing is, not all cell phones will let you use a SIM card.

Also, when you start draining your data by setting up a hotspot, you’ll burn through that pre-paid 4G connectivity in a day or two.

If you’re using your SIM card only for personal stuff on your smartphone, sure, it will work.

However, if you need to connect multiple devices or use your computer, a SIM card isn’t the best choice.

Portable Localized Wifi Hotspots

Now we are getting into some much better options.

Portable Wifi hotspots let you connect to Wifi anywhere that cellular signal is available.

Most portable hotspots convert 4G signals into a Wifi signal that will let you connect multiple devices at once.

These portable little box-shaped devices are like magic Wifi routers for people on-the-go.

In the United States, many people use these devices for traveling from state to state.

They’re also used in Canada.

They come preset to work for a specified period of time and then you have to pay either monthly or annually for service.

Here’s the catch: Not all of these devices can be used internationally.

Which brings me to my final and favorite option…

Portable International Wifi 4G Hotspot Devices

These things are amazing.

They can be rented or purchased outright and provide users with unlimited 4G Wifi connectivity from 100’s of countries.

You can essentially use them anywhere in the world where cell signal of some kind is available.

They run off of the signals from hundreds of thousands of cell towers from networks spread out worldwide.

They allow you to create your own portable Wifi hotspot anytime from anywhere.

You can even connect multiple devices to these hotspots at once.

The best part though?

The price.

The Cheapest Hotspot for Travelers Anywhere in the World

You can rent your Wifi hotspot for just dollars a day or purchase it outright.

To get it working, you just set up a plan from your home computer before setting out on your trip.

Many companies will ship the hotspot device right to your door and let you return it when you’re done renting with pre-paid postage.

If you want to buy your hotspot device, no problem. Just go online and select that option.

You can pay for unlimited Wifi by the day or by the month.

There are even some international Wifi hotspot devices with annual plans.

If you’re looking to save money but absolutely must have internet while you travel, these devices are a lifesaver.

In my experience, they’ve saved me the most money while traveling internationally.

A portable international Wifi 4G device is hands down the cheapest hotspot for travelers.

Best mobile hotspot unlimited plans

As you probably already know, a mobile hotspot can convert cell signal into Wifi.

To be more technical, mobile hotspots are “wireless access points created by a smartphone feature that shares the phone’s cellular data.”

So, with a mobile hotspot, you can connect your devices to the internet in places that Wifi just isn’t available.

The thing is, to get a mobile hotspot, you’ll need to have the right device and the right unlimited data plan.

Below, I will tell you how to get the most reliable mobile hotspots anywhere in the world.

Mobile Hotspots in Your Home Town or Region

If you purchase an unlimited data plan in hopes that you’ll be able to create a mobile hotspot for internet access on the go, there are some things that you’ll want to consider.

If you are going to be traveling within your home country, this method will only work until you hit your data limit.

Most “unlimited” data plans actually do have data limitations.

If you create too many hotspots or keep a hotspot active for too long, your connection will drop from 4G to 3G/2G speeds.

After you reach a certain point, automatic software limits your connection.

So, if you’re going to be using your hotspot locally or within your home country, just be sure that your unlimited plan really will be unlimited.

You may have to do some research depending on where you live or simply read the fine print in your mobile plan.

Hotspots for International Travel

With that out of the way, I am going to assume that you’re trying to find a workaround way of getting internet abroad.

This makes total sense.

Personally, I am a digital nomad who travels for a living so I completely understand the struggle.

Some of the biggest problems international travelers must overcome center around getting reliable cell service and internet in other countries.

Your cellular provider might not have towers in another country and even if your wireless carrier offers 4G service, roaming charges and data overages can start to rack up pretty quickly.

Why I No Longer Rely on Hotspots From my Smartphone When Traveling Abroad:

I remember the first time I had to deal with the international service and internet dilemma.

I was working as a remote designer for a company in another country and they requested that I come to a design conference taking place just outside of London.

My airfare and hotel were going to be paid for, I just had to keep working and updating an assignment that I was already on throughout the duration of the trip.

No problem!

Or so I thought.

I purchased a travel plan for my phone (from Verizon) to avoid any surprise fees.

I had been planning to generate a data hotspot from my phone if I had any internet connectivity issues when I first arrived in the UK.

When I checked into my hotel Friday evening, I assumed that I would be able to hop on the Wifi and get some work done over the weekend before the first meeting on Monday.

No big deal right?


The internet was a no go.

Something was up with the hotel’s connection.

I had anticipated this.

I figured that I could just generate a hotspot from my Samsung phone the next day.

Come Saturday afternoon when I had slept off the jetlag, I tried to get my phone working.

The data speeds were barely 3G, meaning that a hotspot wouldn’t work for what I needed to do. I was totally stuck without internet.

Luckily, there was a Starbucks about a block away.

Unfortunately, it was raining. On both Saturday and Sunday of that week, instead of catching up on sleep in my hotel room and working at a slow pace as I had planned, I found myself fully dressed and trekking to Starbucks in the rain.

Not cool.

I ended up figuring out the hotel’s Wifi issues on Monday but the whole experience was a wakeup call.

I was not going to go through a scare like that again.

My point is, as a brand new remote designer and digitally nomadic contractor, I thought I had solved my Wifi issues with my whole cell phone hotspot idea.

However, as soon as I had to leave the country, I found my skills no longer applied.

I am still an international traveler who relies on my internet connection for work.

However, these days, I usually use the following methods to stay connected on my phone and laptop when I travel abroad.

The Expensive Way: Upgrade Your Phone Plan for Your Trip

So the easiest and most convenient way to get international phone service is to just go purchase an international travel plan from your wireless provider.

I know At&T and Verizon Wireless offer these plans.

You can choose an annual plan, a trip or travel pass plan, or a get a month-long upgrade depending on the wireless provider you have.

All three methods usually wind up costing about the same.

You’re going to be paying a few hundred dollars extra in almost every scenario.

If you don’t mind paying about double what your regular wireless bill is, you can just upgrade your plan for the duration of your trip.

There are a few problems you’ll want to watch out for, however.

For one, some Samsung Global phones don’t actually work globally.

I recommend doing your research on the device you have before you buy a plan or leave on your trip.

Also, if you are planning to get internet by generating a hotspot with an international plan, you should reconsider.

You’ll burn through your data quickly and if you only get a 3G connection, you won’t be able to create a usable hotspot anyway.

How Do I Use My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe?

The Smart Way: Get An International 4G Mobile Hotspot Device

This is the best option if you’re looking for mobile hotspot unlimited plans.

If you need a mobile hotspot when you’re traveling, just get a portable international 4G hotspot device.

Companies like SkyRoam and TEP Wireless offer these devices for low daily rates.

They harness the available 4G signal in many countries to create super-fast and reliable Wifi hotspots.

You may even be able to connect multiple devices at once.

You can purchase your device outright or rent it.

Then, you just pay as you go for the Wifi that you use.

You’ll get access to hotspot unlimited plans that last all day or all month.

You’ll easily be able to save the most money.

Plus, these devices are really easy to set up.

I suggest setting your device up from home before you head out on your trip.

This will help to ensure that you have Wifi while you’re traveling through airports.

You’ll also be able to know before you go that your device is working correctly.

Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas?
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas?

The Verdict: The Best Hotspot Unlimited Plans Are Usually From Portable Hotspot Devices

So there you have it.

If you’re traveling in your home country, you can create a hotspot from your smartphone as long as you have a data plan that’s truly unlimited.

If you’re going to be traveling abroad, I recommend getting a portable international Wifi hotspot device.

Here’s a link to the SkyRoam website and one for TEP Wireless as well.

Both companies offer amazing advantages to travelers and would be good for any international trip.

Thanks for reading, and happy travels!

What is the Best Portable WiFi Hotspot for Traveling Overseas?

Anyone who has ever traveled internationally for pleasure, business, or both knows that accessing WiFi is one of the major challenges that face all wanderers today.

In today’s world, we are more connected than ever.

Losing that connection can lead to some serious stress.

If you’re traveling for business, the loss of WiFi can even translate to the loss of revenue, so staying connected is absolutely vital.

We can’t always rely on being able to utilize public WiFi.

Sure, most cities have a coffee shop with fast internet, but that’s far from a guarantee .

If you want to be sure that you’ll stay connected you need to invest in a portable WiFi hotspot.

Skyroam Solis

What Is A Portable Hotspot?

A portable hotspot is a device or SIM card that allows you to connect with the internet from anywhere in the world.

This is especially helpful if you’re traveling in remote places or need to be assured that you’ll have access to the internet at all times.

What is the best portable WiFi hotspot for international travelers?

It depends on your travel style, the length of your trip, and whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Always Online Wireless

Always Online Wireless offers flexible plans for your international travel needs.

You can pay by the day, hour, or megabyte and their service is fast and reliable.

They also don’t make you sign a contract, so their service is good for people who don’t want to be roped into a commitment but need to access a WiFi hotspot for traveling.

Rates for Always Online Wireless vary by country, but their website makes it easy to simply choose your destination and pick a plan from there.

You can use this hotspot on any device as long as it’s unlocked.

If you don’t know whether your device is locked or unlocked, it is definitely locked.

Cell phone companies are notorious for locking up their devices.

Depending on your contract and the amount of time that you’ve had the phone, you can have the device unlocked through their customer service.

Alternately, you can try to unlock it yourself or take it to a local shop.

Results will certainly vary if you go this route, so make sure to do your research beforehand!

Overall, Always Online Wireless is a great option for those who don’t want a contract, need to access data for a short period of time, and want to be assured that their WiFi speed is fast.

Using Your Phone’s Data

It might be tempting simply to use your phone’s data while you’re overseas but beware of falling into the trap of racking up a ton of roaming charges.

Unless you have worked out an international plan with your carrier, you could be facing hundreds of dollars worth of charges.

It pays to think ahead and plan for those periods of time when you don’t have WiFi, but you need it.

Free WiFi spots are not always totally feasible, and people easily get stuck without internet.

By working out a portable WiFi hotspot in advance, you will never be in a position where you don’t have access to the internet.

TEP Wireless

TEP Wireless is the original WiFi hotspot, and one of the best portable WiFi hotspot for international travelers.

TEP Wireless doesn’t offer SIM cards, but a small device adorably named Teppy, which acts as a powerful hotspot in over 100 countries!

In addition to WiFi, Teppy allows you to call or text.

It also offers a service called TEP Guru, a local guide that lets you wander through new parts of the world with ease.

Their experts for TEP Guru are really qualified, and you can read about their credentials right on the TEP Wireless website.

One of the most unique features that TEP Wireless provides is its Kitestring program, which alerts your contacts if you don’t check in.

Since many people travel alone, this feature is ideal!

TEP Wireless launched in 2011 and have been a favorite of travelers since then.

You can rent your own Teppy for about $9 per day, buy one for $129, or get one for free if you purchase their $99 unlimited internet package.

If you rent or buy your Teppy you still have to purchase an internet package, so this last option is attractive to those who are traveling for long periods of time.

When you think about it, $99 for high-speed internet is actually quite reasonable!

Lastly, TEP Wireless has partnered with several major airlines to offer their service in the friendly skies!

Many planes offer WiFi packages these days, but the costs are usually extremely high.

You can use your Teppy in the air and avoid paying all of these fees.

Best Data Plan WiFi Hotspot Devices for Travel
Best Data Plan WiFi Hotspot Devices for Travel


Skyroam is another giant of the mobile hotspot scene, mostly because it is so user-friendly and you can use it in so many different parts of the world.

In fact, Skyroam customers can access the internet in more than 130 different countries across the globe!

You really won’t find a bigger footprint than that!

Buy or rent the Skyroam Solis and enjoy immediate WiFi at the click of a button.

You can connect up to five devices to your Skyroam Solis.

You don’t need an international SIM card or any additional equipment.

Simply set up your Skyroam Solis and you’re ready to go!

Like other mobile hotspots, Skyroam has a few different plans depending on what you want to do.

You can buy the Skyroam Solis for roughly $100, or rent it for about $10 per day.

For long-term travelers, the option to purchase makes the most sense!

You still need to purchase a data package, which Skyroam offers for about $8 per day.

This is a really competitive price and makes Skyroam a great option for travelers who go on slightly longer trips and need internet.

The sheer volume of countries that Skyroam covers, plus the competitive price of its data packages makes this portable WiFi hotspot carrier one of the best ones around.

Skyroam Solis

Best data plans that work in every country

Best data plans that work in every country – Whenever I have been callous enough to take international trips without selecting a suitable data plan first, two things have happened.

On some occasions, I have had to travel without using the internet or texting unless I happened to find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now, I think I don’t have to go on and on about why this is a bad (and perhaps even dangerous) thing to do.

Other times, I managed to use my regular data plan.

When I did this, however, I had to go back home to a phone bill filled with extra data roaming and international text messaging charges.

The best way to go about the whole thing, of course, is to get a data plan that works in every country.

Most phone and internet companies have various such plans readily available, and modifying or adding to a regular plan is a task that can normally be carried out in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively, it’s possible to look for carriers in your destination country that offer minimal-cost pre-paid data and voice/text plans for limited periods of time.

In the end, it’s all about choosing the right plan for your specific needs.

With that in mind, these are the best data plans that work in every country.

T-Mobile Simple Global

There are various international data plans offered by US-based T-Mobile.

However, taking into account factors such as prices, coverage, speed and data limits, it can be said with confidence that Simple Global is the best one.

After signing up for this plan, users receive the capability of accessing the internet and sending text messages in more than 210 countries.

Remarkably, the 2G data and text capabilities are completely unlimited.

Additionally, the plan includes no-charge Wi-Fi calls to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

For other countries, Wi-Fi calls under this plan cost $0.25 per minute.

Pros of T-Mobile Simple Global

• Unlimited 2G data and text capabilities.

• No roaming charges for covered countries.

• Great coverage.

T-Mobile Simple Global Cons

• No tethering.

Sprint Global Roaming

Right out of the bat, Sprint Global Roaming is a convenient service because it offers its services in 165 destinations worldwide without adding roaming costs to your monthly bill.

It needs to be mentioned, however, that, abroad, the service’s speed is capped at 2G unless you agree to pay a daily or weekly high-speed data import.

Apart from free basic data capabilities, this great plan offers unlimited text and voice calls at only $0.20 per minute.

It should be noted, however, that this price may vary according to the destination.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that, along with this plan, you can get the extra High-Speed Data Roaming Pass for a single day or a whole week.

Sprint Global Roaming Pros

• Free with any Sprint Global plan.

• Unlimited text in 165 countries.

Sprint Roaming Cons

• Can get slow depending on the location.

AT&T International Roaming

Out of the four international roaming plans that AT&T offers, the most convenient in terms of price and coverage is the International Day Pass.

This data plan can be added to your existent plan for 10 daily dollars, and it gives you access to the same data fees you use at home when you in another country.

Without a doubt, AT&T’s Day Pass offers an impressive global reach, and it’s reasonably-priced enough to compete with some of the other data plans mentioned here.

What truly makes this service stand out, however, is that it can be accessed in over 200 different countries.

This includes various countries where other services are not available.

Pros of AT&T

• No roaming charges added.

• Allows you to use your regular plan everywhere you go.

• Available in over 200 countries.

Cons of AT&T

• Can get expensive over several days.

Verizon TravelPass

By adding 10 dollars to your regular Verizon plan, you can get the TravelPass.

Allowing users to use the service in exactly the same way as they would domestically, this plan can be used in more than 130 countries.

What is truly notable about it, though, is that it provides 4G/LTE coverage in many of those locations.

For a lot of travelers, 10 dollars a day may seem steep.

is particularly true for those who only need to send a few emails and texts every day.

However, people who, like me, need to work during their travels, will appreciate the access to 4G/LTE regardless of the cost.

In addition, Verizon offers one of the most stable connections internationally.

Verizon TravelPass Pros

• Provides access to 3G and 4G data capabilities.

• Has a fixed daily cost of $10.

Cons of Verizon TravelPass

• Daily cost can be excessive on low-use days.

Google’s Project Fi

Not very long ago, Google released its own platform for using data overseas.

Remarkably affordable and pushing the envelope in terms of technology, the service has turned many heads since it first launched.

As a result, despite being available only on a select (but growing) number of Android phones, Project Fi has become quite popular with certain sectors of the population.

Google’s Project Fi features a single $20 monthly payment plan that can be enhanced with a $10 fee for extra data.

Luckily, this extra payment is capped at $60 a month.

After making the respective payment, users are able to access the internet in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Additionally, it provides incredibly cheap voice calls when traveling overseas.

As if that wasn’t enough, the service allows users to add five people to their account for a mere $15 every month (per person).

Pros of Google’s Fi

• Very affordable.

• Allows users to share the account with others.

• Allows phones to be used as hotspots overseas.

Cons of Google’s Fi

• Only compatible with certain Android cellphone models.

Keepgo International Roaming SIM Card

Keepgo is a company that creates global connectivity solutions for broadband devices and the Internet of Things.

The company’s solutions use physical SIM cards along with a variety of virtual SIM card types.

People like Internet developers or broadband application creators can use the company’s management console and connectivity API across multiple different carriers and types of connectivity technology, so the time to market is sped up.

Keepgo is partnered with Vodafone, Telefonica, and AT&T.

The company has connected more than a hundred thousand devices to 500 unique cellular networks throughout 150 countries.

Products are used not only in international travel, but also in the home broadband, GPS tracker, smartwatch, smart bag, automotive, and smart wearables industries.

Global SIM Card from Keepgo
Global SIM Card from Keepgo

There are branches of the company in Israel, the Netherlands, and the USA.

One of the company’s products is a Smart Watch SIM card that connects smartwatches to 2G and 3G networks in more than 110 countries.

This means you can use Messenger, GPS tracking, and other apps downloaded to your smart watch without needing your phone nearby.

The kit includes three pieces: a Nano SIM card, a standard SIM adapter, and a micro SIM adapter.

There’s also a global data SIM card that’s specifically formulated for international travelers.

It allows you to connect to networks without receiving data roaming charges, and you don’t have to swap out your SIM cards whenever you enter a new country.

The kit comes with a nano SIM card, standard SIM adapter, and micro SIM adapter.

The company’s last main product is a mobile WiFi hotspot device.

With it, you can create a secure WiFi network that allows you to connect your wireless mobile devices.

Up to 16 devices can be connected including tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Once again, you don’t have to worry about data roaming charges.

ASWETRAVEL KEEPGO offer: 10% off when you use the coupon code ASWETRAVEL for every AsWeTravel.com customer. Internet in 100+ countries. Multiple operators per country. Data SIM card, WiFi Hotspot, Smartwatch SIM. Keepgo

How Do I Use My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe?

Without a doubt, there are great options out there for those who are looking for data plans that work in every country.

Hopefully, this brief guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Destinations in Paradise Launches A Turtle Tracker


Turtle Tracker – Destinations in Paradise are the perfect getaway for any nature lover who also appreciates the finer things in life.

They are luxurious experiences that immerse visitors in the natural world while still catering to their every need.

Founders Howard Appel and David Cohen designed Destinations in Paradise with the twin goals of providing guests with a sophisticated accommodation experience and supporting conservation.

Appel and Cohen are generous donors to The Kauai Humane Society with contributions topping $100,000 for necessary items like powerful washers and dryers and most recently, a turtle tracking program.
Sea Turtle Tracker

Destinations in Paradise Turtle Tracker

Sea turtles are classified as a vulnerable species by the World Wildlife Fund, and it’s important to make sure that they are protected.

Advocate companies like Organización SyComa are developing tools to track these majestic creatures, and Appel and Cohen have dedicated funds and efforts to make sure that sea turtles are properly tracked and accounted for in the wild.

Trackers allow scientists to monitor the swimming patterns of these gentle giants and predict where they will lay their eggs and migrate to.

This way, sea turtles can be better protected from poachers and other threats to their safety.

Destinations in Paradise also generously donated an ATV so that conservationists can keep diligent watch over turtle eggs.

Baby turtles are especially vulnerable to exploitation and poaching.

Last year, 180,000 baby turtles were delivered into the sea as a result of these efforts.

It’s critical that we preserve these creatures for the next generation.

Not only are they an important part of the sea’s ecosystem by balancing out the number of jellyfish in the waters and consuming sea grass, but they are also a component of a healthy planet.

The turtle tracker allows organizations to look at the habits of mature turtles and also see what happens to these animals from their infancy.

This gives them a broad understanding of what turtles contribute to the sea environment and allows them to come up with new steps for making sure that conservation efforts are on point.

Cohen and Appel’s generous contribution to the goal of saving sea turtles is in line with their overall mission of conservation and keeping our environment intact for future generations.

They will continue to work with companies like The Kauai Humane Society and Organización SyComa to make sure that these animals are around for many additional generations to enjoy.

They feel that it’s crucial for children to understand the role of these creatures in the overall scheme of the world, and will continue to do their part to make that a reality.

Destinations in Paradise

In addition to their many humanitarian efforts, Appel and Cohen continue to be the last word in luxury, sophistication and fine living.

Their accommodations have everything that you could desire; from state-of-the-art gyms to some of the finest dining of the planet.

Golfers will delight in the PGA level golf course that is suitable for both novices and experts alike and provides the opportunity for a rousing round of golf in a beautiful location.

There are also art collections and fantastic gardens to stroll around.

The rooms themselves are fitted with every amenity imaginable, from a creative combination of open-air spaces to the finest linens.

Since the properties are all situated right on the coast, the views simply cannot be beaten!

Stay caught up with Destinations in Paradise on Instagram.

baby sea turtle escapes
baby sea turtle escapes

Casa Bellamar Property

Casa Bellamar is one stunning example of these properties.

It’s located right on California’s gulf coast and is fully immersed in the natural world.

With a private beach, plenty of incredible views and the opportunity to explore all of the athletic opportunities that the sea affords, this location is a great destination for families and couples alike.

You will not forget your stay at Casa Bellamar!

Additionally, Mendocino is a spectacular destination that is just tucked away enough to feel like it’s in a whole other world.

Treasure hunters will love the chance to explore the 1850’s shipwreck of “The Frolic” and perhaps even take home some treasure of their own.

This location really does have it all, with a state-of-the-art kitchen, relaxing media room, and a totally private art gallery.

It’s clear that Appel and Cohen love to blend philanthropy and conservation with creating the most memorable and luxurious destinations around!

Their locations are all situated in places of unparalleled natural beauty, where you can luxuriate with all of the amenities that you’ve come to expect from 5-star hotel visits, and explore an unseen part of nature as well.

Their stunning properties are certainly not to be missed on your next trip.

Staying Safe When Traveling – 4 Tips Giving Yourself Peace of Mind


Staying Safe When Traveling – Chances are when you mention your desire to go traveling to close friends and family members, questions about your safety and doubt of how you’ll look after yourself when you’re thousands of miles away from home have probably cast a shadow over your plans.

While the worry and concern of friends and family comes from a good place it’s completely justified to feel like they’re raining on your parade.

So, let’s get real.

Traveling is good for the soul, it opens you up to new opportunities, new people and new experiences, but it can be dangerous out there too.

But as long as you’re sensible, trust your instincts and behave appropriately, there’s no reason for you – or your friends and family – to worry too much.

Here I’ve Gathered 4 Tips For Staying Safe When Traveling

Be wary of theft

I have a friend whose passport was stolen within the first hour of them landing at their destination.

And we’re always hearing stories about how expensive cameras with thousands of pictures on them have also been taken – check out hello canvas for printing inspiration – so, you need to think ahead.

Make copies of all your important travel documents and have them stored safely in your luggage.

Many travelers advise not to take big expensive camera equipment with you and just stick to a simple smartphone.
staying safe when traveling

Don’t be flashy for staying safe when traveling

Again, avoid showing your wealth.

Money belts are highly encouraged!

Walking around with lots of jewelry around your neck, or a large camera swinging from it, will make you a target.

Don’t wear the watch you got for your 18th birthday, instead buy a cheap plastic one.

A good tip is to have a “decoy wallet” to hand that you can quickly hand over should you get into trouble.

When you’re in a crowded place, put your backpack on your front.

Remove your jewelry before you head out for the day or the evening.

Don’t divulge too much information

You wouldn’t tell a stranger in a bar your address, so why would you do it when you’re thousands of miles away?

Don’t feel obliged to divulge any information about yourself, even if the travelers you’ve just met are just like you and you get along really well.

You’re not obliged to tell them all about your plans or where you’re staying even if they have.

Be sensible.

If you arrange to meet the next day, opt for somewhere public rather than outside your hotel.

Don’t make it easy

Street thieves and those will less than honorable intentions will be looking for easy targets.

So, don’t look like one.

You might be a little lost, but keep your head up and walk with purpose, make sure you’re looking around confidently and if you are in need of help, head into a café or shop and ask for directions.

When you’re having a meal or at a bar for the evening, sit facing the door and never leave your drink or bag unattended.

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think


Working Remotely – When my friends ask me what I do for work, I tell them that I am an independent writer and designer who works remotely for a few companies around the world.

They usually act impressed and then ask me if I get to work from home.

This is the point in the conversation where I groan internally.

I’ll answer “yes” and they’ll say something about how lucky I am to get to go to work in my pajamas.

But you know what?

Working remotely is hard!

It’s challenging, fast-paced, and sometimes, it’s downright rewarding.

If you yourself are considering working from a home location or on the road, I highly recommend it, with a few caveats.

I’ll explain.

What’s tough about working remotely?

Working remotely – Packing up your laptop and hitting the road in search of the ultimate tropical beach is many people’s ultimate dream.

We’re inundated on social media with posts about setting up shop in places all around the world.

Remote workers, or digital nomads, are on the rise!

These folks aren’t constrained by office walls.

The entire world is their playground!

Sound amazing?

Like anything else in the world, being a remote worker comes with its fair share of downsides!
Working Remotely is Harder than You Think

Time Management Hurdles When Working Remotely

The biggest challenge that remote workers will face is time management.

Getting to that gorgeous tropical beach is one thing, but what happens when everyone else is off enjoying the sun and sand and you have to work?

Remote workers might be doing business in exotic locations, but they’re also working while they are there!

Smart remote workers know that they need to hold themselves accountable, and many will find a coffee shop or co-working space to get their business done.

Digital nomads and remote workers who lack the discipline to put in the hours needed will find themselves falling behind, or even losing clients!

The beach might be calling, but those waves aren’t giving you your next paycheck.

To be successful you need to adhere to a strict time management schedule.

Tips And Tricks For Time Management

  • Set aside chunks of time that are devoted to working and resist the urge to do anything else.
  • Find a quiet coffee shop or co-working space where you won’t be distracted.
  • Understand that many people you’ll encounter are on their holidays and don’t try to keep up with them.
  • Don’t swing too far in the other direction. Give yourself a day off from time to time.

Finding Good WiFi

As glamorous as working remotely might seem, a big part of it is actually locating good WiFi, which can be a frustrating endeavor!

Some of the most beautiful places in the world don’t have reliable WiFi.

We have used, LOVE and recommend: Skyroam and TEP Wireless

While others might be bemoaning the fact that they can’t immediately upload their new Instagram pics, you’ll be stressing out because you’re close to missing a major deadline!

Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean that you’re still not beholden to deadlines and the needs of your clients.

It’s important to remember that when you’re traveling, you need to have back-up plans for your back-up plans.

Save yourself the stress of coming up short in the WiFi department by planning ahead!

Skyroam Solis

Tips And Tricks For Finding Good WiFi

Do your research!

There are online resources right at your fingertips, so tap into social media groups and forums to find out how connected your destination is.

Know where to seek out WiFi; Starbucks, McDonalds and higher-end restaurants will most likely have amazing WiFi.

Consider getting a mobile hotspot or SIM card to use in an emergency.
Finding Good WiFi

Having To Put Out Fires while Working Remotely

When you’re in the office, you can just walk down the hall and handle any problems that might come you’re way.

It’s a lot harder to do that when you’re trekking through Peru’s Sacred Valley!

Business often follows Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong, will.

Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with remote work, these fires are a lot harder to douse!

What happens when you’re in a different time zone and you sleep through all of the drama of the workday?

How can you handle an angry client over Skype or Zoom?

There will always be fires to put out.

Good preparation and setting expectations are two sure-fire ways to douse them quickly and effectively from anywhere in the world.

Tips And Tricks For Putting Out Work-Related Fires

Always be candid with people about where you are working and what challenges you might face.

Think ahead.

Are you in a different time-zone?

Let your clients know that while they are making things happen, you are sleeping.

Set expectations and always under promise and over deliver.

Let clients know that you’ll get back to them in 24 hours, then personally strive for 12.

Know how to use video conferencing so you can get face time from halfway around the world.

Make sure that your WiFi is up to speed so you never go dark in the middle of a crisis.

Payment Challenges For Remote Workers

If you’re working with more than one company, you might encounter some payment challenges.

This is especially true if you’re working with companies from all over the world.

Currency conversion rates vary from platform to platform, and you might not have access to a number of different payment methods.

Fortunately, the days of remote employers cutting you a check and mailing it are over.

Even though we come from different countries, we still have common methods of payment, like Stripe, GPay and PayPal, that cross over national borders and make the flow of money easier than ever.

When you get a new client, discuss the method of payment in addition to the payment terms of the contract.

Suggest some alternatives and work together to find what’s right for you.

Never assume that clients, particularly foreign ones, will be able to do a direct deposit into your bank account.

Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Payment Challenges

  • Open up accounts on different platforms like Venmo, GPay and PayPal do your clients have plenty of options.
  • Talk about payment method options as soon as the contract is signed, so both parties are on the same page.
  • Be prepared to incur some international charges or fees if currency must be exchanged.

Working remotely is something that many people dream about, and with today’s connected world it is even more possible to engineer the digital nomad life of your dreams!

Being aware of the challenges faced by working on the move is an important way to make sure that you can have the best of both worlds!

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think

Below, I will go over exactly why remote jobs can be so difficult, what some of my most interesting challenges are, and how I solve them.

Challenges of Working Remotely

Understanding what you’ll actually be facing when you take on a remote job is important.

I started my freelance job almost a decade ago as a designer for a company that I used to physically work for.

I had a desk and an office; the whole nine yards.

As I moved up through the ranks, I got a bigger office, and then a bigger one, and then, no office at all.

That’s right, I was given a remote position.

I was pretty excited, to be quite honest.

I’m not big on early mornings and 8 AM traffic.

However, it wasn’t long before I realized that remote jobs come with some big challenges.

Some People Don’t Understand My Job

Outside of my company, my friends and family have a hard time understanding that yes, I am working, and no, I can’t just stop and take a break to come over.

I schedule my time precisely; I have to.

When I get assignments and job tasks, it’s completely up to me to work them into a complex schedule.

I often work on tight deadlines and wind up sitting on my laptop late into the night.

I am pretty sure that my parents think I am a computer hacker or on “the Facebook” all day, so there’s that.

The truth is, I can actually take a break.

Sorry mom, I just don’t want to go get you more cat food.

My Solution: I Tell Them That I Have A Home Office

I don’t really have a home office but I do have a desk.

I have lots of desks.

Sometimes my desk is a table at a bar.

Sometimes my desk is a park bench.

One time, my desk was a table at a tavern in the Swiss Alps.

I think I liked that desk most of all.

Anyway, for some reason, if I tell people I have a home office, they seem to get the picture more easily.

If I tell people that I work remotely as a digital nomad, they don’t seem to know what I mean.
Working remotely need Portable Wifi Hotspot Devices

Staying Connected to The Internet Abroad Was Difficult at First

Since I actually work remotely as a digital nomad, I’ve traveled all over the world for my job and sometimes just for fun.

I absolutely love it.

The challenge here is staying connected to the internet and keeping my cell phone on.

I used to pay outrageous wireless fees.

I’ve also connected to just about every public Wifi network you can imagine.

Eventually, I worked out a solution to this problem as well. Packing Essentials for International Travelers

My Solution: Portable International Wifi Hotspot Devices

While I used to have a hard time getting Wifi as I traveled abroad, I feel like I have solved that problem quite effectively.

Portable wireless hotspot devices with international connectivity have been a lifesaver for me.

These portable little things look like power banks on steroids (some of them actually do have power banks) and function like a wireless Wifi router that you can carry around wherever.

They work as long as there’s cell signal nearby.

They’re rechargeable via USB and great for working remotely.

Paying for unlimited data internationally through my wireless company was a joke; creating my own hotspot by using my smartphone was a no-go.

Portable worldwide wireless hotspots are way better.

Wifi hotspot keepgo
Wifi hotspot keepgo

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think
Best Apps for Traveling
How Do I Get Internet While Traveling?
Using My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas

We have used, LOVE and recommend: Skyroam and TEP Wireless

These devices are comparatively inexpensive, easy to use, and super reliable.

They give you a strong and fast connection that is completely secure.

I usually connect my laptop and smartphone to my device at the same time.

When I am traveling with other remote workers, (yep, there are a few of us, and we like to travel) we will share a hotspot and pay for it together.

This pretty much makes it a non-existent expense depending on how many people I am traveling with.

Finally, since my device is used for working purposes, it’s completely tax deductible.

ASWETRAVEL KEEPGO offer: 10% off when you use the coupon code ASWETRAVEL for every AsWeTravel.com customer. Internet in 100+ countries. Multiple operators per country. Data SIM card, WiFi Hotspot, Smartwatch SIM. Keepgo

Best Data Plan WiFi Hotspot Devices for Travel
Best Data Plan WiFi Hotspot Devices for Travel

I Never Really Get a Day Off

Even when I am sick, I still have to come to work; work is literally with me everywhere I go.

I usually spend hours working every single day of the week.

However, over the years, I’ve come up with some solution to the whole constant never-ending work thing.

My Solution: Holy Days

Since I used to work non-stop, I eventually had to figure out how to schedule “holes” in my workflow.

I call these “Holy” days.

Get it?

You see, I try to space things out so that I only have to work a few hours on the days that I have other things to do in my personal life.

These are my Holy days.

I also tell all of my clients and the people working under me that I will be taking the weekend off.

This is basically true because I only work late at night most weekends and I try to limit my screen time to just a few hours.

Telling everyone I am not working at all on Saturday and Sunday usually keeps most of those big jobs at bay until Monday rolls around.

Best Student Programs for Both Education and Working
Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think
Best Destination for Students With Beautiful Sunset
Best Exchange Programs for Students
working remotely The Rewards of Remote Work

Now for the Good Part: The Rewards of Remote Work

While working remotely is hard, it’s also pretty awesome.

I’ve been able to travel all over the world.

My first trip was to London and it was quite a learning experience.

Since then, I’ve been to South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

I also get to set my own schedule for the most part.

This is great for weddings, funerals, and family emergencies.

I get to sleep in as well, which is a huge deal to me.

Most of my creativity shows up late at night.

I save gas, I save money, and I always have something to keep me busy.

In conclusion, working in a remote position or as a freelancer is hard.

However, if you have the right mindset and a few of the right tools, it’s more than worth it.

What to Know For Exchanging Money Before Vacation of International Trip


Exchanging Money – Going on vacation to Europe or an international trip is an exciting adventure.

We can get totally swept up in the fun of visiting faraway places, tasting exotic foods, and learning about the history of new lands that we forget that all of these things need to be paid for!

It’s no secret that travelers get ripped off all of the time when changing currencies.

You’re at a total disadvantage.

You’re also at the whim of foreign banks and exchanges that can charge extremely high fees for transactions.

What is the best way to exchange money before your vacation or international trip without breaking the bank?

Use these simple steps and tips for exchanging currency for an international trip and you’ll have more cash to enjoy your vacation instead of losing it all in fees and charges!

Exchanging Money Before Your Vacation
Exchanging Money Before Your Vacation

Always Let Your Bank Know The Dates Of Your Travel

This doesn’t pertain to exchanging currency before your trip per se, but skipping this vital step can lead to a bank freeze on your debit and credit cards.

There are plenty of horror stories of people who have been stranded abroad with no access to their money simply because they failed to inform their bank that they were planning on heading abroad.

Banks freeze accounts with the best intentions in mind.

They want to make sure that the person buying those shoes in Koh Samui was really you, not someone who lifted your bank information.

If you don’t let them know that you’re heading to Thailand, they will make the assumption that the transaction is fraudulent and freeze the card- for your own good!

Make the simple call to your bank and let them know the dates that you are planning on traveling.

Some banks even let you do it through online messenger.

Download An App To Help You With Currency Conversions

Currency conversion can be extremely confusing, which is why it’s important to download an app that can make the conversions for you!

This is especially important for currencies that are tough to calculate, like Costa Rican colones.

With one quick glance, you can determine exactly how much money you’re spending in your native currency.

These apps are compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

Two of my favorites are XE Currency and Valuta+.

XE Currency

XE Currency is a very popular conversion app that works on all smartphones.

If you download conversion rates prior to traveling you’ll be able to access them offline.

You can look at multiple currencies at once, and really get a good picture of how much cash you’re spending!


Valuta+’s simple interface allows users to immediately see where they stand with different currencies.

It also allows you to save a list of your favorite currencies, so you don’t need to go scrolling through a bunch of options that don’t pertain to you.

It also works offline, which is a huge bonus if you need to look up a currency right away!

Always Try To Use The Local Currency

I don’t necessarily advise exchanging currency before your trip as fees can rack up quickly, but it is always important to use the local currency when you travel.

Most places will give you the option of taking out money in USD or the local currency.

Always choose the local currency.

In more touristic places in Europe, Asia, and Latin America you’ll find signs that advertise that a particular shop takes dollars.

It might be tempting to see that as a welcome sign that you’ve food a little piece of home in a faraway land, but beware!

You will wind up paying up to 30 percent more if you use dollars.

Take Out Local Currency When You Get There

When it comes to exchanging currency for an international trip, a good rule of thumb is to make the exchange when you get there.

Traveler’s checks are a thing of the past, and most places don’t take them anyways now, so simply plan on withdrawing cash from the airport ATM.

You might get charged a slightly higher ATM fee, but you’ll be spending less money in the long run.

There are a few things to keep in mind.

The first is that airports have caught on that tourists are now withdrawing their money at airports instead of doing it prior to their trip.

As a response, many have installed ATMs that charge a ridiculously high conversion rate.

The really tricky part is that they also boast that there’s no fee for taking out money, which is a great incentive to get people to use them.

The no-fee part is totally true, but it’s also true that you are being swindled with a shocking exchange rate.

These ATMs go by the name Travelex are littered all over various airports.

Whenever possible, use a reputable local bank or an international bank.

Many countries have their own national bank.

Do your research in advance.

Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs that look like they’ve been tampered with.

Whenever possible, use an ATM that is inside of a kiosk and seem to have a bit of security. Staying Safe When Traveling

Be Careful With Which Currency Exchange You Use

There are some cases where you can’t avoid exchanging currency.

If you find yourself in a position where you can’t withdraw money from an ATM, you might have to suck it up and go to a currency exchange.

Most currency exchanges will rip you off, but you can dull the pain a little bit by knowing how to avoid the worst offenders.

There are a few tips and tricks that will keep more of your cash in your pocket!

Avoid Using Airport Currency Exchanges

Airport currency exchanges are totally opportunistic and take advantage of the fact that weary travelers need to have a little local currency in their pockets.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they should change all of their money at the airport.

If you do this, you’ll pay outrageous fees and get a terrible conversion rate.

Instead, use the ATM at the airport.

Look for one that is affiliated with the national bank of the country you’re visiting.

Try To Find Somewhere That Doesn’t Charge A Commission

Look for places that don’t charge commission.

Also, find locations that buy at sell at roughly the same rate.

It’s totally reasonable for a business to want to make a profit, but if the buy and sell rates have more than ten percent difference, you’re really giving too much of your money away.

Use the Boy Scout motto on this one and be prepared!

Do your research prior to traveling and choose exchanges that don’t charge commission.

Whenever Possible Use A Credit Card With No Foreign Transaction Fees

Beware of credit card transactions!

Many places charge you at least three percent per transaction.

That can really add up over the long run.

So many of us use credit cards without thinking, but each swipe could be really packing on some extra fees.

You can eliminate this problem by finding a credit card that doesn’t charge you foreign transaction fees.

Check Out These No-Fee Credit Cards

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card
Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard® credit card
Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard®

The ones listed are just some of my favorites, but there are plenty more!

Why not look for a card that also offers you airline miles.

Avid travelers can really save themselves a lot of money simply by using cards that give them bonuses for using them.

General Money Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

The world is a beautiful place, but there are those who would take advantage of you.

As they say in Colombia, “no dar papaya!”

That saying loosely translates into “don’t give people a chance to mess with you.”

Here are some sure-fire ways to keep your cash safe while you’re seeing the world.

  • Separate Your Money
  • Keeping all of your cards and money in the same spot is a recipe for disaster.
  • Nobody wants to think about getting robbed, but it does happen!
  • Protect yourself from thieves by keeping your money in different locations.

Use A Money Belt

You can buy discrete money belts that fit right under your clothes.

Using a money belt makes you a hard target because your valuables are not right out there in the open!

Make Smart Decisions About ATMs

Whenever possible, always choose an ATM that is well-lit, secure, and reputable.

Beware of any danger signs like suspicious characters lurking around before using the ATM.

Never use an ATM that has been obviously tampered with.

Hitting the road and traveling the world is a fun adventure that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Make sure that it also leaves you with cash in your bank account by following this guide!

Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday


What are the Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday – Are you a gadget head that simply can’t be without your favorite device?

Of course you are, heck, you are probably reading this on your mobile device of choice!

You are not alone as we, too, are constantly glued to our smartphone.

So what is one to do when away from the comforts of their own home?

Load your phone up with your favorite apps, of course!

So whether you are living it up on a caravan park close to home or on the other side of the word, you can keep yourself occupied with our favorite apps.

Working Remotely is Harder than You Think
How do I get Internet While Traveling?

Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday


The last five years have seen an incredible rise in the internet streamer, which has been spearheaded by Twitch – formerly Justin.TV.

The platform is the home of live streaming gamers and, with over 14 million users every day, Twitch is live and kicking.

As well as watching people from around the world playing your favorite games, you can participate in a live chat with other like-minded individuals.

As entertainment moves with the digital wave, live streamers are taking full advantage and we, as a willing audience, are more than happy to sit there staring at a screen as we watch other people staring at a screen.


On long journeys and, let’s face it, on holiday there is a lot of travel involved, we need our favorite tunes to keep us sane.

Whether your album of choice is Definitely Maybe by Oasis or Abba’s Waterloo, Spotify is there to see you through.

What are the Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday
What are the Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday

Twenty years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have your entire music library in your back pocket.

Fast forward to the present day and there we have it and, not only that, you can create and share playlists with your friends and family.

Social Apps

Where would we be without the ability to share pictures of our holiday to make all of our friends jealous?

Before the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would have to wait until you got home to bore all of your friends and family with slideshow after slideshow.

Now, you can rub your friends and families faces in the fact that you are sitting on a beach, whilst actually still sitting on the beach.

Technology, eh?


Share your snaps and remember to use hashtags such as #BeachLife, #SunSeaAndCocktails and #WishYouWereHere.

You know, just to let your friends know you are thinking about them.


On holiday, you can never find anything good to watch on television, can you?

Most hotels only provide the basic channels, and even then the picture isn’t that good.

Fear not, though, because YouTube is on hand to keep you occupied with cat videos galore!

Hopefully where you are staying has stable Wi-Fi, or at the very least your phone has a decent 4G signal.

Of course, using your data to stream music is one thing, but streaming videos use a whole lot more data.

Make sure to book somewhere that offers Wi-Fi, even if you have to pay a nominal fee to use it.


Lastly, and probably most importantly, having trusty travel apps on your phone such as Google Maps, public travel services and any other apps on the local area will serve you well when out and about.

Finding your way somewhere new can be scary and challenging, so a handy companion will help you on your travels.

With any map app, download the latest map to your phone when connected to Wi-Fi.

This will help to keep your data usage down to a minimum, meaning that you need not worry about running out of data when walking unknown streets.


There is nothing better than sitting poolside in the sun with a good book, but as any book lover will know all too well is that books take up a lot of room in the suitcase.

That is where the highly popular Kindle app comes in, giving you access to your favorite titles and authors as the tap of a screen.

The Kindle app has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, providing the user with the ability to purchase and download books instantaneously.

Equally, the user can also download samples of titles, allowing them to test the water before deciding whether to proceed with a purchase.

This is a holiday essential if you plan on topping up your tan in the sun.


Even though you might aim to be out each and every night of your holiday, no doubt there will be the odd night where you fancy taking it easy and relaxing in your room.

If you are abroad, that leaves you with local television in a foreign language which you may or may not be able to understand.

Sometimes, all you want is some home comforts – and what better way than with a little Netflix binge on your travels?

Best Apps on Holiday
Best Apps on Holiday

Accessing Netflix might be difficult depending on where in the world you are, with restrictions on the service according to area.

To combat this, you can install a VPN on your device that should allow for access to Netflix’s library through your account.

Why Working Remotely is Harder than You Think
Best Apps for Traveling
How Do I Get Internet While Traveling?
Using My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas


This pre-loaded app is a life-saver for when you are trying to navigate your way round a city or town that you have never been to before or cannot read the signs!

Be careful, though, because the data this can use can end up racking up an expensive bill but, used efficiently, take its rightful place amongst your holiday essentials.

For us, we certainly recommending using Google Maps over Apple’s alternative for the simple reason of the app being far superior than its competitor.

Maps are easier to read and have better street view capability, although Apple are working on expanding their street view offering.

While you don’t go on holiday to spend all day glued to a screen, these apps will make your time away that little more pleasant.

You won’t regret taking our advice.

Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve


Celebrate New Year’s Eve – Spending New Year’s Eve in a new city is always a bit exciting, as they celebrate in such different ways around the world – some more beautiful and romantic, others more crazy and even dangerous.

Some people don’t like New Year’s Eve because of all the expectations that the night usually doesn’t live up to.

The best way to avoid being let down by your expectations is to simply go somewhere you know will be truly awesome.

There are fun places to celebrate New Year’s Eve if you do a bit of research in advance.

Here are 3 great places to celebrate the New Year…

Thailand - Watch Your Problems "Float Away" In The Sky
Thailand – Watch Your Problems “Float Away” In The Sky

Thailand – Watch Your Problems “Float Away” In The Sky

While the ”real” new year in Thailand is Songkran, celebrated in April, the calendar new year is also celebrated around the country, and whether you’re on the islands down south, Bangkok or in one of the cities up north, New Year is a great time to celebrate in Thailand.

Last year we celebrated in Chiang Mai, where they have a wonderful market where you can sample traditional Thai foods and snacks, but the most memorable events of the evening is when people light flying lanterns which rise to the sky and mix with thousands of other lanterns, like stars.

It is considered good luck to release a lantern, and they are symbolic of your problems and worries floating away – can there be a better way to end the old year than to release all your problems and worries, and starting a new year with good luck?

3 Best Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve
3 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Edinburgh – One Of The World’s Biggest New Year Celebrations

In Edinburgh one night of celebrating the new year is not enough – there, they celebrate for four days with a festival called Hogmany.

The festival kicks off with the Torchlight procession on December 30th, where thousands of torch carriers create a river of fire in the street, leading to Calton Hill.

If you want to celebrate New Year in Edinburgh you can still buy tickets for the festival, and could stay at one of the many great hotels such as the Jurys Inn Edinburgh.

The festival is full of fun events and shows, with a street party, concerts and live bands, the whole city comes alive and celebrate the New Year with a bang.

Edinburgh hotels are known to be booked up long in advance for their many festivals, but it’s always worth a try.

Samoa – Celebrating A New Year The Way It Has Never Been Done Before
Samoa – Celebrating A New Year The Way It Has Never Been Done Before

Samoa – Celebrating A New Year The Way It Has Never Been Done Before

One of Samoa’s main draws has been the ability to stand on Cape Mulinu’u, the western-most point of Earth, and with the dateline barely 20 miles away, gazing into tomorrow.

Now, all of that is about to change – Samoa has decided to change their time zone, and no longer be one of the last countries to celebrate the New Year – but one of the first.

So if you want to be one of the first to experience such a strange once-in-a-life-time events, head to Samoa and see the New Year at a completely different time.

Those visiting Samoa during the end of this year, will ”lose” a couple of days, going to bed on the 29th , and waking up on the morning of 31st of December, just one day away from the New Year of 2012.

While it’s too late now to book a trip to Samoa over the New Year, every new year after this will be very different.

Since American Samoa will stay on the California side of the dateline, you will be able to celebrate the same day twice without leaving the Samoan chain – this means that you can celebrate New Year’s eve on the same date on two different days, by taking an hour’s flight across the islands!

Where are you going to be spending New Years eve this year?

Fun places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

The new year is a time for new beginnings, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a visit to an exotic destination.

One of the greatest things about traveling is learning about new cultures, their traditions and customs.

Here are some fun places to spend New Year’s Eve and online hotel booking make finding an awesome cheap hotel easy to find.

The holiday season and ringing in the new year is a good time to participate in some fun experiences with new friends, no matter where you are.

Each country will have it’s own unique and perhaps quirky customs that will give you great travel stories.

If you’re up for a memorable and different New Year’s celebration, consider taking a trip to one of these cities.

Tokyo, Japan

New Year’s Eve is considered one of Japan’s most important holidays.

Take part in the traditional visit to a Hatsumode shrine and buy a couple lucky charms for good luck.

fun places to spend new year's eve
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Japan

You can also visit a Buddhist temple. Top things to do in Tokyo Japan

Traditionally, a bell is rung 108 times to help cleanse listeners from their worldly desires.

Eat long soba noodles for a long life or dance the night away in the Roppongi district.

It’s well known for its nightlife. Communing with Nature in a Kimono

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Celebrating News Year’s Eve in Rio can be a lifetime experience.

Locals and visitors from around the world cluster along the beach to listen and dance to live music.

You will be able to view miles of fireworks across the beaches.

Dressing in white is a must.

Adding a little green gives you good health.

Yellow gives you money.

An red will bring you passion and romance!

fun places to spend new year's eve
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Brazil

Locals carry flower offerings and cast them into the sea at midnight thanking Yemanja for a prosperous year.

Many of the beachfront restaurants stay open late.

Be sure to eat seven raisins by midnight, and keep the seeds in your wallet for a prosperous new year.

Venice, Italy

What better way to spend New Year’s Eve than cruising the romantic rivers of Venice.

Italy tends to make food a huge part of any celebration.

Their new year’s festivities are no different.

fun places to spend new year's eve

Restaurant tables are packed with tremendous feasts that traditionally last from 9:00 p.m. until midnight.

Don’t have a loved one to kiss at midnight?

Head to St. Mark’s Square for fireworks, music, a group toast and the traditional group kiss.

Berlin, Germany

One of the more fun places to spend new year’s is Germany.

The Germans love a New Year’s party and throw the biggest celebration in all of Europe.

Start your night by making some traditional Speckdicken and share it with the neighbors.

Or eat a tiny marzipan pig for good luck.

fun places to spend new year's eve
Fun places to spend New Year’s Eve: Germany

Head to the Brandenburg Gate for the main celebration.

Enjoy the live music, toast with a glass of Sekt, and enjoy the midnight fireworks.

People know Berlin for it’s busy nightlife, and New Year’s eve is no different.

Most clubs, hotels and restaurants have special events that will carry on till dawn.

Sydney, Australia

One of the world’s biggest celebrations is found in Sydney Harbour with firework displays like no other.

Celebrations in Australia extend for six days.

They include family meetings, a visit to church and even Aboriginal rites meant to cleanse each city of evil spirits.

fun places to spend New Year's Eve in Sydney
Fireworks in Sydney

Join the Sydney New Year beach party: camp with your friends, build a bonfire and enjoy Sydney Harbor light up with it’s world class fireworks.

You can also enjoy the views from the many restaurants, lounges and the Sydney Opera House.

How will you be celebrating the arrival of the New Year?

(photo credit: 1 – 2 – 3)

6 Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love


Excursions Every Traveler Will Love – Split, the palatial pebble of Croatia’s immaculate Adriatic shoreline, provides an emphatic travel experience.

Its charming ambiance upgraded the town from being just a tourist stopover and economic pivot to being a world-class travel destination.

Split’s wave of magic oozes from the pristine Dalmatian Coast where its history and culture are still firmly embedded in the well preserved Diocletian Palace, the Bacvice Bay, museums and galleries, music, culinary art, and coffee traditions.

The delicacy and intricacy of the palace led to its declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The climate in Split is favorable all year long.

The months of July to August receive an influx of tourist because the sun is at its peak and beach activities become overwhelming.

Even in the cold months of November to March, there are plenty of excursions that do not require a dip in the frosty Adriatic Sea.

The cost of services in the town are also impressively low during this season.

Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love Hvar Island Harbor
Split Excursions Every Traveler Will Love Hvar Island Harbor

Excursions Every Traveler Will Love 

Travel enthusiasts will be thrilled by the wide variety of split excursions to experience.

Boat Excursions

Taking a speedboat to explore some of the most beautiful islands such as the Hvar, Vis, and Bisevo, rooted in the Adriatic Sea, offers an exhilarating experience.

Hvar Island, known to be among the most picturesque harbors in the world, provides scenic views of the Pakleni Islands and has a firm culture to behold.

It is also known for its beautiful summer resorts.

One can even venture to some of its secluded beaches.

You can also enjoy a swim in its pristine waters and feast in some fresh seafood before heading back to Split.

One can also be mesmerized by the mystic reception of Blue Cave in Bisevo Island.

Blue Cave’s inner walls illuminate aquamarine light, and this is especially viewable when the sun is at its peak.

Bisevo Island is also home to the 160-meter stretch of the Monk Seal Cave, which is a must see.

Stoncica Bay offers an excellent opportunity to swim and soak in all the warmth of the sun.

The island of Vis is a formidable choice for a coffee stopover joint.

The Blue Lagoon also offers the ultimate beach lover experience with its sandy seabed and pure seawater.

It is only half an hour away from Split. Including it in your itinerary is an awesome choice.

It’s also an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling.

On the way back to Split, take a detour by stopping over at the medieval city of Trogir to explore its delicate structures.

Canyoneering Excursions

Unravel your wildest side by going for adventurous excursions in Split.

They are not short of adrenaline, strength, vigor, and laughter.

The best ways to achieve this is by hopping on a bike, going for a hike, or engaging in some watersport.

Enjoy the two levels of canyoneering by conquering the magnificent waterfalls and exploring the rock structures near the Cetina River.

Main activities include walking and swimming in the glassy water pools, jumping in the lakes from a high cliff, and descending adjacent to the massive Gubaciva Waterfall.

Biking Excursions

One can experience Marjan Hill intimately by renting a bike from Split and be awed by the panoramic views of the islands at the Adriatic Sea.

You can also stir the solitary life of Marjan Forest while appreciating the nature around.

One can also cycle to the neighborhood of Varo, run their hands through its beautiful structures, and enjoy a great local reception.

Biking is also the most convenient way of exploring Split’s rare wonders.
Excursions Every Traveler Will Love 


Enjoy scenic views by hiking to Split’s highest points.

This provides an opportunity to escape the noisy and dense city center.

It is also an opportunity to channel your inner strength and focus on a therapeutic activity.

The trails that lead to the summit of Split offer beautiful views of the Diocletian’s Palace.

The historical settlements in Marjan Park will also give you a more profound understanding of Split’s culture.

One can unwind at the highest viewpoint and marvel at the breathtaking views of Split while regaining strength to hike down and take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Zip Lining

Scream away all your fears away by partaking in a guided zip line adventure at Omis.

You will enjoy remarkable views of the Cetina River Canyon and nature below.

You can head back later to the town of Omis and enjoy some native meals.


Complete your 360-degree excursions by Kayaking your way to some snorkeling fun or cliff jumps.

Kayaking is the best way to unwrap the wonders of the Marjan Peninsula while enjoying the turquoise waters.

Split is a classical gem, and its historical embodiment does not overbear its pomp and urban nightlife.

The abundance of great coffee is complemented by its demand, and enjoying it at the Riva while watching a buzz of people wandering the promenade in the gorgeous sunshine is heavenly.

How To Beat Jet Lag


How To Beat Jet Lag – Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure there is one thing that affects everyone and that is jet lag.

Jet lag is a phenomena that hits you when you fly through several time zones in a short amount of time.

After you arrive at your destination it is that feeling of tiredness and fatigue that sets in for a few days.

There are some things that you can do to combat jet lag.

Here are a few things that you will want to do the next time you fly

How To Beat Jet Lag
How To Beat Jet Lag

How To Beat Jet Lag

There are many things that people will tell you work when it comes to fighting jet lag.

Here are a few proven ways to prevent Jet lag that have been rather effective. 

Set an easy schedule

Traveling in general has a lot of things that you normally do not participate in on a daily basis.

Things that are new to your routine can wear you down.

Allow enough time to just take it easy while you travel. 

Get the sleep you need

There will always be last minute changes or thoughts about what you may have forgotten at home that will flow through your mind.

The important thing to remember is to go to bed early and get enough sleep before hitting skies.

Plan you travel arrival so it happens during the day

If you arrive during the day, you will have time to explore your environment while at the same time getting tired enough to sleep during the night.

This will help you feel refreshed when morning comes. 

Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday

Choose the right seat on the airplane

There are some seats on an aircraft that at just not made for traveling long distances.

Choose a seat with plenty of leg room and not near any lavatories.

Slow down the travel plans

Take time between flights.

This may mean that you have to spend the night at a motel between your flights.

The extra time will help you relax and enjoy your trip. 

Avoid the caffeine

Caffeine is a natural substance that keeps people up at night and empowers them to make it through the day.

Caffeine can add to your headache of jet lag if you consume to much of it. 

Enjoy a healthy diet to combat jet lag

By sticking to a timed diet while you travel you will be able to adjust to the time changes better the following day. 

Another Way To Deal With Departure Day Stress?
Another Way To Deal With Departure Day Stress?

Jet lag does not have to ruin your vacation or travel plans.

By following a few of these recommendations you will be able to stay awake and adjust to the new time zone.

When you arrive at your destination keep these tips in mind to help keep jet lag from setting in.

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Why you should not miss out on Ile aux Cerfs while touring Island of Mauritius


About Ile Aux Cerfs. There is possibly no way you can tour Mauritius and have a complete trip without visiting Ile Aux Cerfs.

While Mauritius has numerous small islands that you can access through speed boats, Île aux Cerfs Island, which loosely translates to Deer Island in English, is the most accessible and most famous island.

Ile aux Cerfs Island is popular for its beautiful lagoon, sandy beaches, and a wide range of facilities and activities.

If you’re looking for a perfect balance between fun, relaxation and water activities, the Mauritius island you shouldn’t miss out on.

You can either spend your day sunbathing on clean, white sandy beaches or head out into the waters to enjoy an array of water activities on offer.

For those looking for a relatively laid back but equally fulfilling activity, the island offers an 18-holes golf course.

Soak into the Mauritian golfing experience as you enjoy picturesque views of the clean Indian Ocean and lagoons.
things to do in ile aux cerfs

Bubble Lodge

If you desire staying on Ile aux Cerfs, Bubble Lodge is probably the most cherished option, offering a unique experience with lush surroundings.

You get access to a private beach and an 18-hole golf course while here.

The lodge has a private, nicely furnished garden for relaxation, plus you get a chance to gaze at the beautiful starlit sky across the ocean right from the comfort of your lounge.

The overall decoration of the lodge is in earthy tones, with rooms featuring air conditioning, a queen-size bed, private bathroom, and a mini-bar.

You can also get an additional sofa bed if you have kids (at most 2) under the age of 14 years.

There is a full English breakfast available on a daily basis at the golf club restaurant.

If you have a special moment, you can celebrate it with a personalized dinner in the lodge’s private garden or on the beach for timeless memories.

The Touessrock Golf Course

Touessrok Golf Course is quite a remarkable golf court that has earned its reputation in Mauritius and across the globe.

The course offers breathtaking views, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and decorated by white sands.

The golf course was ranked 10th by both the Middle East Golf Magazine and Golf World magazine (UK).

The island is generally perfect for golfing –with coastline littered by little bays, promontories, and inlets.

All the 18 holes offer great views of the ocean, with white sand bunkers, trees and other vegetation that present a naturally beautiful backdrop.

Water Sports

In addition to picturesque views and superb golfing experience, the island has a wide range of water sports including parasailing, banana boat rides, skiing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, underwater sea walk, and glass bottom boat, among others.

If you and your friends are all about fun, then you will be spoiled for choice on what Ile Aux Cerfs has on offer.

Underwater Sea Walk:

This activity allows you to forget everything else, look around as you walk underwater enjoying the beautiful views of rare aquamarine species floating around in their natural habitat.

Catch the glimpses of radiant corals and tiny multi-colored fishes in the clear blue waters.


Get mesmerized by the bird’s eye view of Ile aux Cerfs Beach and the eastern coast lagoon in mid-air.

This thrilling experience will create unforgettable memories as you enjoy the exhilarating and yet peaceful feeling of flying above beautiful sceneries.


Ile aux Cerfs is just one of those must-visit islets on the coast of Mauritius if you’re a snorkeling enthusiast.

The island is perfect for snorkeling, thanks to its turquoise lagoon, surrounded by beautiful white beaches.

There is plenty of coral and fish to view including sea bream, starfish, parrot fish, blue striped snappers, among other species.

Beach at Mauritius - Ile Aux Cerfs
Beach at Mauritius


Diving in Ile aux Cerfs can be quite fascinating.

You get to enjoy the peaceful underwater silence and colorful marine life around you.

And this activity is not only limited to divers –non-divers who know how to swim are welcome.


This is probably the simplest watersport available.

Whether you’re lazing on the beach or cruising in a catamaran headed to the lagoon, you have plenty of opportunities to swim in the ocean water that happens to be as clear as a swimming pool.

For a 1 day tour

A full day tour to the Ile Aux Cerfs Island is the most popular way that tourists visit this beautiful island.

The tour typically involves a catamaran and a speedboat.

The catamaran trip offers 3 delicious meals, a BBQ and unlimited supply of soft and alcoholic drinks.

For those looking for a full day of relaxation and fun water activities, this is your package.

Cruising through the turquoise waters offers breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to snorkel in the lagoon and explore local marine animals as you enjoy delicious meals and bar services.

You get to marvel at the diverse marine life including bright-colored fish and beautiful coral reefs once you get at the lagoon.

Lunch & Restaurants

Restaurants on Ile Aux Cerfs Island offer a wide variety of delicious meals to appeal to every palate.

Some of the options you have for lunch include grilled sausages, salad, BBQ Chicken, grilled fish, Potato wedges, and garlic bread.

If you’re a vegetarian, there’re chapattis, vegetable curry, lentil soup, pickles, rice, yogurt, and various fruits.

Some of the most popular restaurants on the island include la Chaudière masala, Sands Grill and Langer’s Bar & Grill.

In a busy holiday season, you might want to make reservations in advance to avoid inconveniences.


A visit to Ile aux Cerfs is one of the most exciting tours in Mauritius.

If you’re planning Mauritius on your next globe-trotting adventure, you now have more than enough reasons why you should not miss out on Ile aux Cerfs.

The island offers a perfect balance between fun, relaxation, sporting activities, and delicious foods.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families visit this island every year to create everlasting fun memories –and you should too.