My Favorite Travel Movie Quotes

My Favorite Travel Movie Quotes - Travel movies are some of my absolute favorite to watch. There is so much wisdom shared within them, so many quotes that I can relate to. - Quitting Your Job to Travel the World


My Favorite Travel Movie Quotes

My Favorite Travel Movie Quotes – There are those quotes from our favorite movies that really inspire wanderlust in us.

They epitomize the experience of traveling and transport us to faraway lands.

Of course, not all travel quotes are created equally.

There are some that really stand out of the pack.

Travel movies are some of my absolute favorite to watch.

There is so much wisdom shared within them, so many quotes that I can relate to.

I have picked a few of my favorite movies below, added a few quotes and I also share why I love them and what I have learnt from each – read on below:

My Favorite Travel Movie Quotes and Why I Love Them

Forrest Gump

Forrest has just graduated from college

Recruit Officer: Have you given any thought to your future, son?

Forrest Gump: “Thought”?

Forrest never thought about his future, he just let it happen and let life do what it was meant to do.

In the end, he experienced and traveled more than most people ever do in their life time.

Don’t think too much about the future, what’s the excitement of living a life when you already know what to expect?

Up In The Air

Ryan Bingham: You know how much time you lose by checking in?

Natalie Keener: I don’t know. Five, ten minutes?

Ryan Bingham: 35 minutes a flight. I travel 270 days a year. That’s 157 hours. That makes seven days. You’re willing to throw away an entire week on that?

I’m all for enjoying enjoying the trip and not only the destination, but nothing is more boring than standing in 20 different lines on airports.

Those 35 minutes sure seem like an hour, so that makes these 7 days feel more like 14….

Ryan Bingham: How much does your life weigh?

Imagine for a second that you’re carrying a backpack.

I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have in your life… you start with the little things.

The shelves, the drawers, the knickknacks, then you start adding larger stuff.

Clothes, tabletop appliances, lamps, your TV… the backpack should be getting pretty heavy now.

You go bigger.

Your couch, your car, your home… I want you to stuff it all into that backpack.

Now I want you to fill it with people.

Start with casual acquaintances, friends of friends, folks around the office… and then you move into the people you trust with your most intimate secrets.

Your brothers, your sisters, your children, your parents and finally your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend.

You get them into that backpack, feel the weight of that bag.

Make no mistake your relationships are the heaviest components in your life.

All those negotiations and arguments and secrets, the compromises.

The slower we move the faster we die.

That’s what I love about traveling.

Your life is never heavier than you can carry on your back.

Looking at life as a backpack and reading this comment, it feels way to heavy to carry.

When you travel, you don’t have much of that, and life is easy.

You realize how you really don’t need all that to be happy.

The Darjeeling Limited

Peter: He said the train is lost.

Jack: How can a train be lost? It’s on rails.

In India, anything can happen – as a matter of fact, anything DOES happen.

And nobody questions it or even raise an eyebrow.

Things that wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world would be a common scene in India.

The Beach:

‘I told myself spreading news was part of a traveler’s nature, but if I was being completely honest, I was just like everybody else: shit-scared of the great unknown. Desperate to take a little piece of home with me.’ – Richard

I realized how different I felt when seeing some Swedish crisp-bread when I was traveling.

Being in a different environment, far away from home, I felt all warm inside when looking at this crisp-bread in the supermarket.

The unknown is something so fearful yet so tempting.

I want the uncertainty but I’m still afraid of it.

It’s like wanting to know what happens when you die but being afraid to hear the answer.

Motorcycle Diaries

‘Wandering around our America has changed me more than I thought.

I am not me any more.

At least I’m not the same me I was.’ – Ernesto Guevara de la Serna

This is what traveling does to you.

It changes you.

That’s probably the strangest feeling and confusion you get when coming home again.

You are not the same person coming back as you were when you left.

At least that is what it did to me, massively.

Miner’s Wife: Are you two looking for work?

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna: No, we aren’t looking for work.

Miner’s Wife: No?… Then why are you traveling?

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna: We travel just to travel.

Some people seem to find it hard that you’re not always looking for a job or thinking of starting an education.

Why work at a job you don’t like?

Why study to become something you don’t want?

Why not listen to your heart and do what you really want to be doing?

Don’t fall for the pressure, don’t try to find an excuse when being questioned.

I deal with this all the time, and it’s hard, but I try my best to stay focused on my goal than to give way and do what every one else think I should be doing.

Into The Wild

Into The WildChristopher McCandless: The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.


New experiences is what makes me change, makes me question my believes.

It makes me open my heart and mind to something new.

It’s the most effective way to change my spirit.

Christopher McCandless: No, man. Alaska, Alaska. I’m gonna be all the way out there, all the way fucking out there. Just on my own. You know, no fucking watch, no map, no axe, no nothing. No nothing. Just be out there. Just be out there in it. You know, big mountains, rivers, sky, game. Just be out there in it, you know? In the wild.

Wayne Westerberg: In the wild.

Christopher McCandless: Just wild!

Wayne Westerberg: Yeah. What are you doing when we’re there? Now you’re in the wild, what are we doing?

Christopher McCandless: You’re just living, man. You’re just there, in that moment, in that special place and time – the freedom and simple beauty is too good to pass up…

There is something special about a quiet untouched forest that just pulls you into the moment.

Something that no parks will ever be able to achieve.

“I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere.”

Beauty and the Beast nailed it with this quote from Belle, who was lamenting how basic her life back home was.

When we hear this song we can’t help but get misty-eyed dreaming about all of the tremendously beautiful places that we can visit in the world.

“Carpe diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

This quote from Dead Poets Society is one of the best ones in the world because it reminds us that we all have one life to live.

It is up to us to make it extraordinary.

For many of us, that means hopping on that airplane to travel off to some amazing faraway land.

“The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.”

This quote from The Hobbit really reminds us that we need to get off our couches and pull ourselves away from our computer screens from time to time.

Interacting with the real world is one of the best ways that we can enhance our lives in amazing and new ways.

“Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.”

This quote from Braveheart reminds us that we are all in control of our own stories.

If you have the courage to follow your heart, you will live a far better existence than if you doubt yourself.

These quotes should motivate you to be able to live your best life and travel the world.

Tap into your true sense of adventure!

Isn’t that what we’re all searching for in life?

To just be happy and content in the moment, to just be there in the “now”?

These are my favorite travel movie quotes.

What are your BEST movie quotes, I would love if you shared them below!

Mugged While Backpacking – Backpacking Safety Hacks

Mugged While Backpacking


Mugged While Backpacking – The world is a beautiful place, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could find yourself in some serious trouble.

One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting robbed while you’re traveling the globe.

A good traveler is one that informed and prepared to avert any incidents of theft that they may encounter while on the road.

Get Yourself Mugged While Backpacking ~ 10 Backpacking Safety Hacks

Or if you prefer – here is a nice list of 10 things to avoid doing – do the opposite and keep yourself safer while out on the road visiting all those fun new places around the world.

Always carry too much stuff (bags etc.) for too long even when it isn’t necessary.

If you have a big, wide, heavy backpack on your back and both hands busy holding some other bags, you’re a piece of cake for muggers.

Wander aimlessly around town and look like you’re lost – add a big city map for extra attention.

Act and dress like a tourist to make yourself an easy target

Carry and always be seen reading your Lonely Planet guide in public.

Walk alone at night in dark, empty streets – one person is much easier to mug than two, especially on empty dark streets where there is nobody to witness it.

Get drunk, and walk around alone preferably lost – when drunk you’re weaker, have slower reactions, and have no control over your body – You’re a mugger’s dream!

Wear expensive or expensive-looking clothes with big known label flashing – that’s a perfect way of expressing ”I like to spend triple the amount of money on the same t-shirt only to get that crocodile (Lacoste) figure on my chest!

I’m a walking juicy fat two-legged wallet”

Avoid groups of two or more people and walk in dark alleys and side street at night.

Carry a Fanny Pack around your waist or neck on top of all clothes – that’s like yelling out loud ”I have gathered all my most precious belongings; pass, money, credit cards and camera in one and the same place right on top of everything.

Just come and get it!”

And lastly… please see the humor (and warnings) in this post – learn from mine and others mistakes and make sure you take care of yourself while out traveling in the ‘big bad world’ – common sense REALLY is king! 🙂

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid getting mugged while backpacking.

However, if you do feel threatened and your suspicion is aroused, look for any police around the vicinity, or duck inside a store for safety and seek for help.

Getting mugged while backpacking is sadly a common tale from one unprepared backpacker to the next.

The fear of getting mugged shouldn’t hinder you from traveling to the places you want to go, because crime is inevitable, anywhere.

The best you can do for yourself is to be informed on how to prevent being a target of such crimes.

We also got mugged once in Malaysia…Fortunately, you can avoid getting mugged while backpacking if you follow these simple steps.

How to Avoid Getting Mugged While Backpacking

Here are a few tips that can help you stay safe on your next trip.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Remember that crime can happen anywhere, so when you’re out and about exploring a new city, your senses should always be heightened.

If you’re walking, always check if there are any people in your vicinity who look suspicious, or if you are being followed.

It can be quite difficult to peel your eyes away from the beautiful scenery, but don’t put your guard down while doing so.

If you’re in a crowded area or an area that’s known for being unsafe, keep your phone away.

Being fully present while exploring will not only make you appreciate the place you are in more, but will also prevent you from attracting any thieves.

Don’t look like you have money

That doesn’t mean you have to dress poorly, but this just means to dress in such a way that doesn’t make you look like a walking target for theft.

Keep jewelry to a minimum (or none at all), dress appropriately, and don’t flaunt gadgets and valuables.

It’s best if you dress like a local, not like a tourist.

Do Not Flash All Of Your Valuables

Flashing valuables is one very common way backpackers get robbed.

You might as well be walking around with a big sign that says “Mug Me”.

Valuable rings, necklaces, or bracelets are attractive to thieves.

Avoid walking down the street with your cell phone in your hand, and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Be diligent always!

Keep Valuables In A Small Bag

It is better to keep your valuables in a small bag as opposed to letting them kick around in a much larger bag.

You will be able to keep an eye on them and they will be harder for thieves to get.

It’s easy for a mugger to unzip the large component at the top of your backpack, but it’s much harder for them to fish around in a small pouch to get at your passport or rings.

Don’t put your credit cards and all your cash all in one wallet

Separate your credit cards away from your cash.

It’s wise to keep them in separate places in case you lose your wallet, or if you do end up getting pick-pocketed or mugged.

This way, at least you aren’t totally left with nothing, and you have a backup card and emergency cash stashed in a safer location with you still.

Some backpackers even carry around a fake wallet with a few bills and old expired credit cards, along with a fake phone just in case they run into some trouble.

Most thieves will just want your wallet and phone, so this is a good way to protect you and your valuables.

Have a companion, or stay in groups

Muggers will mostly target travelers that are alone.

Ways to Stay Safe Whilst Solo Traveling

If you’re a solo traveler, this might be a challenge.

But if you do plan to explore an area that’s notorious for crime, it’s best to find a companion to go with.

You can make some friends in the hotel/hostel you’re staying in, and propose to go as a group.

Cotswold Way Walking Trip

Walk in the opposite direction as traffic

When walking in an unsafe area, it’s best you walk against traffic.

This way, you can see if any potential danger might be coming your way (like, if someone pulls up and abducts you), and you’ll feel much safer seeing what’s coming towards your way.

Keep your bag in front of you, and away from the curb

Motorbike thefts are common especially in developing countries.

They target people whose bags are located on the side where they can grab it easily as they speed off.

Keep your bag tucked away from the side of the road, and it’s best if you can place it in front of you.

This tip is applicable for those who use shoulder bags and sling bags.

A safer option for travel bags you can use while sightseeing are crossover body bags which you can sling over to the front side of your body, and money belts where you can store your credit cards and cash in on the front of your waist.

Do your research and know which places to avoid

This can be as easy as doing a quick Google search before heading out for sightseeing, or ask advice from your hotel or hostel’s staff for safety tips and places that must be avoided.

More often than not, they will be happy to help you and will give you valuable advice.

Also, it goes without saying that you should avoid going to alleys and streets that are poorly lit, look suspicious, and have little to no people as these areas are usually the perfect setting for muggings to take place.

Look like you know where you are going

Always walk with confidence, even if you don’t know exactly where you are.

Muggers like to target people who look unsure and lost.

If you openly show this vulnerability, the more these criminals will see as an easy target.

It’s good practice to research the place you are going before heading out, so you have a general idea of how to get there.

If you need to check your map or directions on your phone’s map, choose a safe location to do so.

Worst Hotel Experience

Safe Trip: Staying Safe While on Vacation

A major cultural shift is going on all over the world. People are focusing more on experiences than things in today’s society.

The trend is growing too.

The younger generation now makes up 20% of all international tourists.

Not only are more people traveling more often. More and more are expected to do so in the near future.

If you count yourself among the ranks you know it’s as important to plan for fun and adventure and relaxation as it is to prepare for a safe trip.

Travel Secrets young Asian backpacker happiness traveling destination in Bangkok China town

Follow these guidelines and your travel will go off without a hitch:

Who Has Your Itinerary?

Who knows where you are headed on your trip?

If you have a whirlwind multi-destination tour in mind, make sure a loved one knows where to find you.

We love packing in as much fun as possible while away from home.

But if you only leave vague descriptions of where you might be it will be difficult for loved ones to help if you need them.

Part of a safe trip is preparing your destinations ahead of time.

Once you know where you will be, make sure you leave a full itinerary with a friend or family member back home.

This way they will be able to find you if they need to.

Protect Your Health

Many travelers think that if they receive their vaccinations before going abroad they are all set.

Unfortunately, a safe trip requires a bit more planning before you leave.

You will want to research the destination and the medical support where you are headed.

Create a safe trip health plan before you leave.

This might include investing in travel insurance.

Make sure you account for travel to hospitals or medical facilities if you need care.

Your Phone Is a Magnet for Thieves

Few things can be as frustrating on your vacation as having your phone stolen.

And in terms of checking in with loved ones and having access to your information, a stolen phone can hurt your chances of a safe trip.

Many travelers aren’t aware of the huge market for stolen smart phones in foreign countries.

This isn’t just in 3rd world or exotic destinations either.

In the UK alone over 1,200 smart phones are stolen every day.

If you are someone who typically has your phone out while traveling, you may want to put it away.

Thieves can come right up and grab it out of your hand.

Leave your phone use to more secluded occasions.

With your phone out you are a magnet for crime.

Besides, you came there to see new things– not just your phone screen.

Passport Management

Imagine the headache if you are in a foreign country and your passport gets stolen.

The cost alone of finding additional lodging and change flights can cause considerable stress.

Plus, if you don’t have access to that information it will be difficult to check in to hotels or continue your trip abroad.

A simple solution is to make a photocopy of your passport and carry it in another place in your luggage.

In addition, you may want to email yourself a copy too.

That way you can access this information virtually should thieves steal your passport.

In The Hotel

While hotels around the world can offer incredible luxury they can offer multiple threats to your safety.

You may take it for granted in your home country that you will know how to respond in an emergency, for instance.

Fire Safety

But if you are a foreign speaker it can become incredibly confusing and dangerous should disaster strike while you are staying in a hotel.

Take a moment to study the fire exit map on the back of your hotel room door.

You can even slide this out and carry it with you.

Do Not Disturb

Whether or not you are in your hotel room keep the Do Not Disturb sign on the knob.

This is more likely to alert possible criminals that you are there.

If they suspect you are a foreign tourist they could be targeting your room.

The sign will warn them away.

Beware of Pickpockets

One lurking predator that can become a problem in your travels is the threat of pickpockets.

Favorite tourist destinations like Paris are nearly famous for their prevalence of these thieves.

While giving you and your family a safe trip is the first priority you need to keep your possessions safe as well.

And when it comes to professional pickpockets, tourists are often surprised at how fast and casually they’ve been robbed.

We already mentioned making a photocopy of your passport.

You will also want to do the same with your cards in your wallet to prepare for a possible theft.

Make sure you also check out what international travel banks are out there so you can get help right away if needed.

Embassies suggest that women who carry purses only use ones that zip.

And carry your bag tight under your arm.

Men are cautioned to put a rubber band around their wallet and carry it in their front pocket.

A pickpocket can ruin a trip with headaches and loss of necessities.

Make sure you prepare for the worst.

Avoid Scams And Being Overcharged

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in the world who do not have your best interests at heart.

When you are a tourist you are vulnerable to local scams and getting overcharged.

Do your research on your destination before even setting foot on the plane.

Learn what kind of scams are prevalent in the area.

Find out how much you should actually be charged.

When you are armed with this information, you are far less likely to be the vulnerable victim of a scam or a vast overcharge.

Get Everything You Need for a Safe Trip

If you follow these travel tips you can make sure you have a great and safe vacation.

Even if you are heading someplace new these precautions will get you there and home in one piece.

But great travel means making the most of every moment on your vacation.

You don’t just need to travel safely.

You need the best tips, tricks, and guides to enjoy your time away from home.

As We Travel can help you have the vacation you always dreamed of.

Since being founded in 2010 we have traveled and blogged from over 45 countries.

Our blog is ranked one of the top 5 travel blogs in the industry.

We can even help you find the destinations you’ve always hoped to visit.

Not sure where you’re headed on your next trip?

Check out our destinations guides now and start planning for your next fun, relaxing, and safe getaway.

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