Best Travel Apps 2020 for Planning, Flights, Culture

In a world practically ruled by technology, it’s only right that we utilize it as much as possible. Gone are the days of battling with oversize tourist maps or jumping on a train and hoping we get off at the right stop while traveling to Europe.

There’s not even a need to fill in a paper e111 card renewal anymore, with the internet making it easier than ever to apply.

There are countless apps available on Android and iPhone that can make our travels easier than ever, and we’re here to introduce you to some of the best travel apps to make your holiday just that little more stress-free.

Fly Europe

While most of the apps on our list can be used while you are travelling, FlyEurope is ideal for before you even book your holiday.

In fact, this app will search airlines and compare the prices to find you the best and most reasonably priced flights for you! You can save time, money and patience by using this app, and trust us – all three of those are valuable to keep!

Fly to any of the major European destinations with the cheapest flights and if you have a little more flexibility to go with it? You never know just how little you could spend on your air fare!

Go Euro

For those of us who are seasoned travelers or have been abroad at least once and experienced the horror of not having a hire car, you’ll already know how difficult it can be to understand public transport when you’re travelling.

Luckily, GoEuro is here to make catching a bus, train or flight so much easier! With easy booking on over 450 travel companies and the best prices, traveling your destination doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

You have all the times, fares and booking you need, right from one little app on your phone!

The Fork

The foodies among you – or, you know, anyone that needs to eat! – will love TheFork. This app helps you find, book and gather special offers for a whole array of different restaurants in Europe.

This app is completely free and simple to use, and you could even get up to 50% off of your meal!

Look for the right deals on the food that you love using this app and not only will you satisfy your stomach, but your bank account too – after all, saving a little extra cash on food gives you more spending money for those cheesy souvenirs!

One Fine Stay

OneFineStay is an app for those of you who like the finer things in life. If you’re looking for a unique way of staying in the countries you love, this app will help you find the ideal luxury accommodation (usually an apartment or home!) and will even help you settle in.

You can browse their selection of homes, check the booked dates, set the address to make it easier to get back there while you’re exploring, and you’ll even have access to plenty of other information like location restaurants and sights to see!


TripLingo is everything you could want in an apps for travelers.

As the name suggests, it can help you out with the ‘lingo’ of the country you’re visiting with the voice translator feature, and there’s a phrasebook too for those need-to-know features – but the uses don’t stop there!

There’s a WiFi dial to let you make international calls when connected to WiFi, a tip calculator so you don’t have the awkward ‘too much or too little’ fiasco, and there’s plenty of culture notes, learning tools, safety advice and so much more to make getting around your destination easier than ever!

TripLingo really does have a bit of everything! Oh, and did we mention it was free?

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