Best Travel Apps for Europe 2021 – For Planning, Flights, Culture

In a world practically ruled by technology, it’s only right that we utilize it as much as possible. Gone are the days of battling with oversize tourist maps or jumping on a train and hoping we get off at the right stop while traveling to Europe.

There’s not even a need to fill in a paper e111 card renewal anymore, with the internet making it easier than ever to apply.

There are countless apps available on Android and iPhone that can make our travels easier than ever, and we’re here to introduce you to some of the best travel apps to make your holiday just that little more stress-free.


While most of the apps on our list can be used while you are travelling, SkyScanner is ideal for before you even book your holiday.

In fact, this mobile app will search airlines and compare the prices to find you the best and most reasonably priced flights for you! You can save time, money and patience by using this app, and trust us – all three of those are valuable to keep!

Fly to any of the major European destinations with the cheapest flights and if you have a little more flexibility to go with it? You never know just how little you could spend on your air fare!

Go Euro (Omio)

For those of us who are seasoned travelers or have been abroad at least once and experienced the horror of not having a hire car, you’ll already know how difficult it can be to understand public transport when you’re travelling.

Luckily, GoEuro is here to make catching a bus, train or flight so much easier! With easy booking on over 450 travel companies and the best prices, traveling your destination doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

You have all the times, fares and booking you need, right from one little app on your phone!

The Fork

The foodies among you – or, you know, anyone that needs to eat! – will love TheFork. This free app helps you find, book and gather special offers for a whole array of different restaurants in Europe.

This app is completely free and simple to use, and you could even get up to 50% off of your meal!

Look for the right deals on the food that you love using this app and not only will you satisfy your stomach, but your bank account too – after all, saving a little extra cash on food gives you more spending money for those cheesy souvenirs!

One Fine Stay

OneFineStay is an app for those of you who like the finer things in life. If you’re looking for a unique way of staying in the countries you love, this app will help you find the ideal luxury accommodation (usually an apartment or home!) and will even help you settle in.

You can browse their selection of homes, check the booked dates, set the address to make it easier to get back there while you’re exploring, and you’ll even have access to plenty of other information like location restaurants and sights to see!


TripLingo is everything you could want in an apps for travelers.

As the name suggests, this great app can help you out with the ‘lingo’ of the country you’re visiting with the voice translator feature, and there’s a phrasebook too for those need-to-know features – but the uses don’t stop there!

There’s a WiFi dial to let you make international calls when connected to WiFi, a tip calculator so you don’t have the awkward ‘too much or too little’ fiasco, and there’s plenty of culture notes, learning tools, safety advice and so much more to make getting around your destination easier than ever!

TripLingo really does have a bit of everything! Oh, and did we mention it was free?

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is an amazing app for hotel booking, and has tons of features for finding the best deals, no matter where you are in Europe.

As the name implies, Hotel Tonight focuses on last minute hotel bookings, and that’s usually how you can score such great deals. The booking app works with hotels around the world. When the hotels have empty rooms they pass the deals along to Hotel Tonight. If you’re patient, and not too picky about where you stay, you can get some fantastic prices.

That being said, Hotel Tonight still offers plenty of options for those who want to book in advance. If you aren’t interested in booking last minute, you can book weeks or months ahead of time to prepare for your Europe trip.

Hotel Tonight is available as an Android app or for iOS devices.

Google Maps

Perhaps the most popular navigation app in the world, Google Maps is an absolute essential for your European vacation. Google Maps is an all-in-one GPS, navigation, and travel app that also gives you comprehensive information about your surroundings. You can plan your routes, check traffic for a road trip, or just see which shops and restaurants are nearby.

Google Maps has mapped over 220 countries, with comprehensive information across Europe. You can focus on finding new things to enjoy, and rest assured that you won’t get lost in a strange location.

Google maps also lets you “save” maps if you won’t have access to Internet. You can take this offline map with you on-the-go, and use it throughout the day.

A must-have for any traveller, Google Maps is available on the App Store, Google Play, as well as on desktop.

Guides By Lonely Planet

Guides by Lonely Planet is a useful app that is packed with guidebooks for over 8000 cities worldwide (including plenty of European cities).

These are more than just your standard guidebooks. Each guide contains tons of information, audio tours, currency converters, offline maps, expert advice, virtual tours, and more. Lonely Planet is a long-standing market leader in vacation guidebooks, so their advice is definitely to be trusted.

Do note that this is not a free app. You get 5 free previews per month, and beyond that you need to buy a subscription. Luckily, you can buy a short subscription if you only need the app for the duration of your vacation. Subscriptions start at $4.99/month, and get less expensive the longer you buy.


Above, we checked out our favorite hotel booking app. If you’re more into the hostel scene, then here’s our favorite hostel booking app.

HostelWorld is great for travelers on a budget. You can browse hostels, read reviews, and book rooms all from the app. HostelWorld features over 17,000 hostels in countries all over the world. Whether you want a party hostel, a quiet hostel, or a laid back experience on the beach, you can find it on the app. You can filter your search based on price, room type, location, etc.

HostelWorld partners with many hostels, and offers fantastic prices on accommodations. The app also features a “noticeboard”, where travellers can post about local events, meet-ups, and more.

LoungeBuddy Airport Lounges

Seasoned travellers know the importance of a nice airport lounge. An opportunity to kick back and relax during a hectic travel time. LoungeBuddy helps travellers find, book, and learn more about the nearest airport lounge.

LoungeBuddy has a library of over 2000 lounges in over 800 airports around the world. Just click your location, and you’ll get info, pictures, and ratings of the nearest lounge. From there, you can choose to book with your credit card, right on the app.

Not each airport lounge is created equal. LoungeBuddy helps you decide whether it’s worth the entry fee before you pay. Decide if the lounge is up to your standards, and take it from there.

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