Mugged While Backpacking

How to Avoid Getting Mugged While Backpacking

Mugged While Backpacking – The world is a beautiful place, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could find yourself in some serious trouble. Here we explain how to avoid mugging. One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting robbed while you’re traveling the globe. A good traveler is one that informed and prepared to avert any incidents of theft that they may encounter while on the road. Getting … Read more

Sleeping Bag Liner

Best Sleeping Bag Liner

If you are shopping for a sleeping bag liner, you will get some tips and advice in this article. If you’re getting ready for a trip to the great outdoors, you must know that preparation is half the battle. And just because you’ll be far from the warmth and comfort of your own bed, this doesn’t mean you can’t be as comfortable as you possibly can, especially when you have the right kind of sleeping … Read more

Beautiful Camping Spots Around The World

Beautiful Camping Spots Around The World – The first time Nathan and I traveled around the world was in 2008. We barely had enough money to survive for a few months. Many people have asked us how we managed to keep our travel costs to such a bare minimum, especially when traveling through countries like New Zealand. One of our “secrets” was camping – we’re not big campers or go hiking much, in fact neither … Read more

Backpacking Light

Backpacking Light – Smart, Efficient and Comfortable

Backpacking Light – The best backpacking advice I can give is be prepared, but travel light. As experienced backpackers will tell you, there are some basics of light and easy backpacking you need to know. You’ll be surprised as to how little you actually need when traveling.  I did half a year around the world using a single medium-sized backpack. It wasn’t a tramping pack, just a normal backpack of about 15 – 20 liters. … Read more

Best Anti Theft Backpack

Best Anti Theft Backpack

Best Anti Theft Backpack – Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a multi-month trek across Europe, an anti theft backpack is your best friend. If you’ve done any hiking or traveling, then you already know how great backpacks are. They offer you plenty of room to stow your gear, and they are comfortable to wear. In fact, I know some people who only travel with a roomy backpack because it’s easier to carry yet still … Read more

What is Backpacking, backpacking Grand Teton National Park

What is Backpacking – Who is someone called a Backpacker

So, what is backpacking? Backpacking can be described as an independent, often international, low-budget way of travelling. Someone who backpacks is called a ‘Backpacker.’ Backpackers generally travel for a longer period of time than most other tourists, and they tend to travel in several different countries during their time away. The number of countries differs. A backpacker can be on the road from a few weeks to several years. However, that is the short way … Read more

Microfiber towels, Best Microfiber Towels, quick dry towels

10 Best Microfiber Towels – Quick Dry Towels

Travel Towels are among the most bulky items to pack when traveling around the world, they take up too much space and take forever to dry. That is why recommend Best Microfiber Towels also know as quick dry towels So ever since I bought my first travel towel it’s been much easier. What is the Best Microfiber Towels The major difference you will find from a regular towel is that they are quick dry towels … Read more

No Check-In Luggage

How To Travel The World With Only A Backpack in Carry On Luggage

After having experienced the pain and hassle of traveling with a 65L backpack, I’ve become really into light weight traveling. At first I laughed out loud at the idea of traveling with a pack the same size as a schoolbag, but now I don’t want anything other than that. Affordable Luggage You Should Travel With In 2008 Nathan gave away his 90L backpack and bought a 20L pack instead, and my backpack hasn’t been filled up … Read more

Tips For Successful Mountaineering that You Should Know

Tips For Successful Mountaineering – Unlike jogging or running, mountaineering should never be taken without having a thorough knowledge of what it involves. It may seem like a complex activity when you are a newbie but it may end up being fun for you and your colleagues. However, you must understand how to read the maps, know the rope navigation skills and of course, know the mountain weather. Many have gone into this activity and … Read more

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes Options

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Recipes Options

Backpacking Food Cheap Healthy Options: Spending money on food while traveling in Europe, or backpacking, is probably one of the most difficult things to handle when it comes to budgeting. You always spend more than you had planned, and yet, it’s hard to cut down since you need it to live. However, just because you need to cut down on your food budget, doesn’t mean you should have to cut down on your health. Backpacking … Read more

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