Vietnam Vacation Falling In Love With Hoi An Photo Essay

Hoi An Vietnam ~ If you’ve been travelling through Vietnam for a while, arriving in Hoi An is like a breath of fresh air – this little city located smack dab in the middle of the country is the kind of place that feels like a town frozen in time. Much of Hoi An’s charm lies in its colorful colonial streets and historic buildings that date hundreds of years back to a time when the … Read more

Where to Stay in Singapore

Where to Stay in Singapore for Easy Access to Tourist Sites

Where to Stay in Singapore – Singapore is a thriving tourist place which is full of amazing surprises. Singapore is home to modern architectures, tranquil temples, bustling markets, bars and restaurants, and a lot more. With so many things to explore, it is difficult and tricky to find out a perfect location to stay when on a Singapore tour package. Every tourist place has a unique culture and personality that offer a different insight into the … Read more

Matchbox Concept Hostel In Singapore Review

Matchbox Concept Hostel In Singapore Review

Matchbox Concept Hostel In Singapore Review – Dorms are not exactly known to give you much privacy – you sleep together with a bunch of strangers in squeaky bunk beds while someone else’s sweaty feet climb the little ladder on the side of the bed next to your face, and wherever you look you’re facing someone else in a bed in front of you. Well, there is a different sort of bunk bed system which … Read more

Eastern And Oriental Express

Eastern And Oriental Express – A Journey Like No Other

After a couple of days enjoying the best of Singapore, we had the pleasure of traveling on the Eastern and Oriental Express up to Bangkok – the train took us through the jungles of Malaysia and rice fields of Thailand during 3 luxurious and unforgettable days. Eastern And Oriental Express – A Journey Like No Other Check-In & Boarding Oriental Express Since Woodland’s train station is slightly out of town, we checked in for the train at … Read more

5 Places You Must Visit in Malaysia Must-See Attractions

Places You Must Visit Malaysia – There are many amazing places out there in the world. In all likelihood, you’ll never be able to visit all of them. Therefore, you have to be strategic. You need to make sure that you visit the best of the best first. This will ensure that the items at the top of your priority list are marked off first. With this in mind, you should know that Malaysia is … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Bali Indonesia

Best Places To Visit In Bali – Despite being such a small island, Bali is packed with so many beautiful areas and awesome experiences. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in the world. What I love the most about Bali is how much cultural heritage they have, their colorful traditions and celebrations that seem to happen pretty much every day. Best Places to Visit in Bali Indonesia Almost every day we learned there was a religious celebration … Read more

Traveling to Tibet Hacks - How To Prepare For Tibet

5 Top Best Traveling to Tibet Hacks – How To Prepare For Tibet

Traveling to Tibet is on many travelers’ bucket lists. Over the years, Tibet has become popular not only for its spiritual tourism but also for adventurous and offbeat tourism it offers. Tibet’s secluded locality, high altitude (popularly called as the ‘Roof of the World’), warm hosts, and old world charm make Tibet a must visit. You’ll enjoy serene spiritual vibes, religious monasteries and sacred relics, majestic mountains, breathtaking views and pristine lakes. And Tibet’s challenging … Read more

Lhasa Buddhist Temples Jokhang Temple

Lhasa Buddhist Temples You Must Visit

Lhasa Buddhist Temples are a must see in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Lhasa has many names — Roof of the World, City of Sunshine, and Land of Gods to name a few. It is called ‘Roof of the World’ as it is one of the highest, habitable cities in the world. It is called the ‘City of Sunshine’ as it receives a lot of sunshine compared to other places in Tibet. Also, it … Read more

Best Month to Visit Tibet Mt. Kailash Kora

Best Month to Visit Tibet for a Memorable Trip

Visit Tibet – It is a new year which means new travel goals. When you are deciding where in the world to visit, it’s fun to learn about new places in the process. No matter your travel goals, it’s worth considering a trip to visit Tibet. As the highest region anywhere in the world, Tibet lives up to its nickname as the “roof of the world.” Being the average elevation is 4,900 meters (16,000 feet) … Read more

Rani ki vav, Patan, Gujarat

10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

Gujarat India is a charmingly whimsical land which majestically showcases a colorful mosaic of age old religion, vibrant culture and glorious heritage. Being the westernmost point in India Gujarat is one every travel buff’s bucket list. From being home to the holy all India char Dham Yatra temple of Dwarkadheesh to one of the largest gleaming white salt desert in the world of the Great Rann of Kutch Gujarat is a treasure trove for every … Read more

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