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About Us As We Travel the world Featured
About Us As We Travel Featured

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We reviewed the Columbus Monte – Carlo Hotel in Monaco and were asked by xShot to review their camera extender.

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Does Change on the Outside REALLY Equal Change on the Inside?

It’s a strange feeling, coming back from a trip.

You’ve seen and experienced so many things, met new people, and many times you’re not the same person coming back as you were when you left.

And when you come back you feel like nothing has changed.

Everything in the room is where you put them, nothing has changed in the city, the shops are still the same.

Your friends are still there working at the same jobs. Nothing has changed since you left, or has it……?

Change From a Non-Traveling Perspective

Take a look at the same things from a different perspective. I mean, no city really changes much ever, but what about the people?

Just because my old primary-school friends still live at the same place it doesn’t mean they haven’t changed, or that their life hasn’t changed.

My sister for example, she still lives with her boyfriend in the same apartment, but they have JUST (2 days ago) had a baby and now need to take care of her!

Isn’t that a bigger change to someone’s life than having been to (insert large number # here) of countries?

Take someone who has been on the road for years, and when he finally comes home he feels like nothing has changed.

His friends still live at the same place they used to, they hang out with the same people, but they now have a family.

How has the travelers life changed more than someone who didn’t travel, but experienced other major changes instead?

Can a traveler remain the same even if the surroundings keep changing?

Does a change from the outside (surrounding, people, environment) mean a change on the inside?

I love the story Eckhart Tolle (spiritual teacher, author of Power of Now) tells when his whole life had changed, and then he meets up with an old friend who takes a first look at him and says “You haven’t changed at all!”.

Maybe someone who has been away only sees what he wants to see…

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