8 Aspects to Look for on Your First Skiing Vacation

Skiing Vacation – Skiing is a wonderful sport with millions of people taking to the slopes year in year out. There are around 3,500 resorts in Europe, and when you factor in North and South America together with East Asian resorts, you get the picture that skiing and snow-related sports such as snowboarding are extremely popular.

As someone new to the sport, what should you look out for when choosing the right skiing vacation? Let’s find out.

Workout the Level of your Group

Before you start your hunt for the best resort work out the level of each skier in your group. Keep it simple and think of it in terms of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Most resorts will offer something for everyone, but it is always wise to check. The last thing you need is an intermediate skier bored at the level of challenge provided by your chosen resort.

Ski Holiday
Ski Holiday

How Good are the Beginner Classes?

As someone new to the sport, you want a resort where you can learn the basics. To this end, ensure that the beginner classes have good reviews. While you’re checking these, take a look at the instructors. Are they experienced? Have they been coaching long? Generally, a strong ski background matched by several years hands-on coaching experience is what you are after.

Are you Taking Children?

Again, ensure that your chosen ski resort caters to children and that they have good reviews. It is a good idea to check out the instructors to ensure they are experienced at coaching children so your sons and daughters will have the best possible ski experience.

Think About Location

You may have your heart set on skiing in the same country where you live. And why not, it is convenient, and you don’t have to worry about customs and visas and the like. 

You may, however, want to sample some culture and have a different experience than what you would get back home.

If looking overseas, paying attention to sites that give a range of hotels is a good option. See Andorra ski holidays with Esquiades.com as an example.

In these troubled times ensure that you can get your money back should travel restrictions suddenly come into force. Again, see book with confidence at Esquiades.com as you don’t want to lose your cash which may happen in today’s climate.

When looking at locations, check out the transport links. How easy is it to get from the airport to the resort? Are there shuttles of some kind or are you left to make your own way? This can be a real mixed bag with some resorts within easy reach of the airport, while others may make you feel like you’re going on an artic hike. Again check reviews, look at maps, make a decision.

Ski Lifts and Lockers

The better resorts provide excellent ski lifts that can whiz people up mountains allowing you to spend more time skiing down them. If your resort isn’t close to the lifts, you’ll hopefully have lockers where you can store your equipment, so you don’t have to carry it on a shuttle bus. If you have a chance to use lockers ensure you do.

When checking out the resort, ensure that it is clear how close it is to the ski lifts. If it isn’t on your doorstep as it were, see if they lay on shuttle busses and how frequently they run.

Skiing Vacation


Skiing, like other kinds of vacation, offers different levels of accommodation. Here, you can share with others or rent a luxury chalet which features everything you could wish for. If your group includes children, it is a good idea to rent a whole chalet so you know you’ll have it to yourself.

Although the sport has a reputation for being on the expensive side, with a little bit of fact-finding you can find good, affordable deals that compare with different kinds of vacation, so it pays to do your homework.


Skiing has a deserved reputation for offering excellent nightlife. Apres Ski tends to be a feature of most European ski resorts, and some have founded a reputation for offering excellent nightlife. For some, this is actually more important than the quality of the slopes!

If you want to ski your heart out and party to the wee hours, ensure you do your research and chose the right resort.

Take Advantage of Equipment Hire

As a beginner, it is a good idea to rent equipment. One, you may not know if you want to go on another skiing vacation and how far you want to develop your abilities, and two, you don’t want to carry this equipment on and off planes.

It would be best if you got a good pair of ski boots, however, as the wrong choice is a painful one. When renting your boots, ensure they are professionally fitted.

Have a great time on your skiing vacation.

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