Hotel vs AirBnB Pros & Cons


The summer is coming up so you may well be searching for your holiday accommodation, but where do you begin to look? Would you prefer to stay in a well-established hotel or an AirBnB apartment?

Well, you may be one of those people who couldn’t imagine a holiday stay in anything other than a hotel … if you are, think again.

Reasons To Choose An AirBnB Apartment Over A Hotel

For the past 6 months traveling through Europe we’ve only stayed in a handful of hotels, and instead aimed for staying in apartments whenever possible – it’s now our preferred way of traveling, and here are a few reasons why ..

The Cost

The first advantage, and everybody’s favorite one, is that apartments cost much less to rent than a hotel room! With cheaper rates you’ll have more spending money for actually seeing the city and there are less hidden costs than you’ll encounter in most hotels.

And not only will you find apartments are cheaper, but you are often paying less money for a lot more space. Another thing to keep in mind is that the longer you stay in an apartment, the better the deal (not always but most often).

Staying for a month can cost the same as the two week deal on the same place.

Reasons To Choose An Apartment Over A Hotel
Reasons To Choose An Apartment Over A Hotel


By choosing an Airbnb apartment you are likely to have much more choice when it comes to what part of town you’d like to stay in. Whereas hotels in a city tend to be concentrated to one little area, you’ll find holiday apartments all over town.

So if you are really keen on a particular area of the city you’re planning to visit, then you probably won’t struggle to find an apartment there.

Cooking at Home
Cooking at Home

Kitchen to Cook

Unlike a stay in a hotel, with an apartment you’ll have your own kitchen to use at mealtimes.

So whether you just want to make a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal at breakfast or are planning a huge feast one evening, you will have a kitchen there ready for whenever you need it.

In hostels they often also have a kitchen, but you would have to share it with 20 other people which can be frustrating. Another added bonus of cooking at home is that you’ll save even more money.

Restaurants can be quite pricey in some holiday locations so it’s nice to have the option of eating on for some of the nights.

Meeting the Locals
Meeting the Locals

Meeting the Locals

You are a lot more likely to meet some interesting locals during your stay in an apartment. Perhaps when waiting for the lift or when crossing paths at the front door, you’ll be sure to bump into some locals during your stay.

It’s the locals that really make a city what it is, so it’d be a lot more fun to meet them than to meet some tourist with a giant map and bag full of souvenirs at the hotel.


The last advantage is that many of the AirBnB apartments out there have handy amenities that you often won’t find in a hotel.

Things like washing machines, televisions and ironing boards. That you had always assumed are were simply not meant to be a part of the holiday experience.

Are now there and waiting for you in your holiday apartment! And if you are fortunate you’ll have kitchen colors with dark cabinets.


Well, if you’re now ready to try the holiday apartment experience then start looking through apartments and book the one that seems perfect for you.

One apartment rental site with 17 cities and counting and worth a look for first-timers.

After your first stay in an apartment, you’ll never look back!

What do you think about staying in apartments when you travel, is it something you would consider doing?


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  1. I’ve been looking into traveling a little differently for the next trip, and staying in an apartment for a few months sounds nice. All the other trips have been in hostels, moving from one place to another pretty frequently, and it’s a bit too much of a routine. Plus, I almost never bother using the kitchen if I’m alone. Cooking for one person is a huge hassle, especially if you can’t store the leftovers conveniently.

  2. I’ve done the same thing – renting apartments all over the world instead of staying in hotels, hostels, B&Bs, etc. The other major benefit that you failed to mention is for me one of the most important – PRIVACY.

    I like staying in a private apartment because I don’t feel like I am being watched all the time. When you stay in other accommodations, the people on staff know when you come and when you go. There are cleaning people who knock on your door early in the morning. And you have to share the hallways/public areas with strangers. I like to get away from all that and feel more at home by staying in apartments.

    So for me, it’s less about the cost, amenities, location, etc… and more about having my own private space.

  3. Cooking our own meals and meeting the locals are why we always choose to avoid hotels and instead utilise house sitting assignments and home stays when in need of accommodation. A great round up that I hope will inspire other travellers to have a more immersive experience when they travel.

  4. Can’t argue with any of that! Staying in apartments sounds like a wonderful idea and I look forward to using them more during my travels. Especially like the idea of meeting more locals.

  5. I love this! Completely agree. I love finding a place that can feel like home, where I can have my own meals, and more importantly, meet the locals!

  6. We only ever used to stay in hotels but after staying in an apartment through Air B&B last year we’re now hooked!

  7. Yeah cooking for one person can be annoying with all the left-overs, especially since hostel fridges are either jam-packed or your food gets stolen, haha. You also tend to leave so much food behind since you move to new hostels every few days.

    Another good thing about staying in apartments that I never mentioned is how much easier it is to work if you travel and work at the same time.

    Many apartments have a work desk and most a proper kitchen table so you don’t need to lie in bed all day when working.

    Hope you decide to give apartments a try next time you travel 🙂

  8. Darren, you made a very good point, apartments do give a lot more privacy than hotels! I never feel at home in hotel rooms, but treat apartments almost as though they were my own home which is nice after a day out exploring.

  9. Hi Charli,

    home stays and house sittings are also good ideas. I’ve never done house sitting before, I love the idea and looked into it but most of the places I found had way too many pets that needed looking after. I would be fine looking after a cat or a dog, but not 6 of them, haha!

  10. I’ve been looking into apartments and other vacation rentals and this pretty much sealed the deal for me. I’ve mostly stayed in hostels to keep costs down, but apartments sound great. Any good websites you’d recommend?

  11. Agree food and cost are the top considerations but apartments are better if you are carting around any sports equipment too. If we travel for bike events, we always try and get an apartment so we have somewhere to put our bikes together.

  12. I just started a 5 month trip and I can’t wait to start renting apts. hotels are noisy (the ones I can afford I stay in at least haha) and when you use Airbnb or one of the other sites, the locals usually give you some pretty great recs!

  13. Excellent.

    I do believe that apartment owners don’t do a great job of selling the points you mentioned. It’s so easy to go for hotel. People tend to trust hotels and what they sell. This means that many travellers don’t trust apartment owners. I believe apartment owners need to do a lot more to buy trust. They need testimonials and lots of blog entries. But they don’t. Or they rely on big directory websites to sell their places.

    I am planning some research to get to the bottom of this issue. It will not be easy. But your article will assist in the questions I want to pose to accommodation seekers.

  14. Ah, that’s so true. Except one thing. Renting an apartment is not always cheaper than renting a hotel room. Especially if you got everything else right: location, amenities, clean, kitchen. And especially if you are travelling alone, it is usually a lot cheaper to stay at hostels or moderate hotels.

  15. Yeah me too, I’ve realized lately just how much accommodation affects your experience of a place. Often the cities I’ve enjoyed the most I’ve also had great accommodation.

  16. That’s a great tip, I can imagine another reason would be that the bikes are safer in the apartment than if they were left outside on a random street.

  17. Yeah that’s so true, the recommendations you get are priceless. It’s also a great way to get a feel of the city you’re visiting. Hope you will have a great experience renting apartments on your trip!

  18. Going for a hotel is often much easier, and I agree many apartment owners could do a lot more to be found online. We know they’re out there, but they’re often very difficult to find.

    I’m glad you found the article useful for your research, and good luck!

  19. Unfortunately the apartment vacation rental industry is totally unregulated. The “review” system is untrustworthy since they cannot be verified. Of course there are good and reputable rentors but there are also a great many poor ones. Apartments may be more attractive to large groups since singles or couples can almost always find a decent hotel with all services for same or less than a no service apartment. I travel half the year.

  20. I should add,however, that for longer term stays, say at least two weeks or a month, an apartment can be much cheaper. But I suggest in such a case that you book a hotel for a couple of days and physically inspect some rental properties before sending in a usually difficult to recoup deposit. Also add in a few hundred Euro “damage” deposit that is returnable at the discretion of the landlord and a cleaning fee.

  21. Good tip! I find that many vacation rental sites are pretty transparent with photos and everything, but if you’re staying for a long time (I would say longer than one month) I agree and think it’s a good idea to inspect the apartment first. So far we’ve always gotten our entire deposit back without any hassle.

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