Crazy Airports From Around The World


Crazy Airports From Around The World

Crazy Airports from around the world, I love that feeling in my stomach when the plane lifts off the ground and also when it lands again on the runway.

However, I’m not so sure how I would feel if I was ever to land on any of these airports…

Today I will be sharing some of the most crazy, and dangerous airports from around the world.

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Gibraltar airport runway Crazy Airports
Gibraltar airport runway Crazy Airports

Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar

This airport, 500 meters from the city center (!) has a landing stripe which begins already out in the ocean with water on both sides.

But what’s really crazy about this airport is that the landing and departure runway intersects with the city’s MAIN road where people and cars constantly use.

Whenever a plane lands or departs, the street has to be closed off.

Lukla Airport, Nepal

How about a mountain on one side of the runway and a thousand meter drop on the other?

Lukla is the place where most people start their trek to climb Mt Everest, so I guess the guys who land here aren’t exactly afraid of heights or mountains…Top Things to Do in Nepal

BARRA Airport SCOTLAND Crazy airports
BARRA Airport SCOTLAND Crazy airports

Wellington, New Zealand

How about landing in “Windy Wellington”?

The airport is called “wild at heart” for a reason, which can be a little scary when landing on such a short landing runway and such strong winds..Crazy Airports!

Barra Airport, Scotland

Not so much crazy, as cool – this is one of the only airports in the world where planes actually land on a beach.

As the airport must be among the most “natural” in the world, it’s “naturally” lit (by the sun) during the day and a few cars are parked on the parking lot with their lights on during night time to add some “extra” visibility, and the airport is literally washed away by the tide once a day.

Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin

Like to sniff some jet exhaust and relax in your sunbed to the soothing sounds of airplanes landing and departing?

Here you will find people swimming, sunbathing and hanging out on the beach, watching airplanes land just a few meters over their heads – this one tops it as Crazy Airports for me!

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Top Airports That Stand Out From The Rest

Airports have played a key part in people’s travel plans for over 100 years – whether it’s taking a last-minute package break to somewhere in Europe or jetting off on a multi-stop backpacking voyage – travelers around the world fly more than ever before, and while most of the time airports are places that don’t leave any impression whatsoever, maybe these would…

Top Airports - Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Top Airports – Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Top Airports – Hartsfield-Jackson Airport – The World’s Busiest Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, situated in the US city of Atlanta, is known for being the world’s busiest airport, not just in terms of arriving and departing flights but also in passenger numbers.

On average, more than 240,000 people pass through its gates every day (the equivalent of around 90 million every year), while its five runways handle approximately 2,700 flights each day!

The airport operates to 151 domestic cities and with 80 per cent of the country’s population within a two-hour flight, and flights to more than 80 international airports in 52 countries.

Top Airports King Fahd Airport – The World’s Largest Airport

The largest airport in the world is King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, at around 789 sq km in size, the hub has two parallel runways that are each 4,000 meters long.

The passenger terminal has six stories of which three are allocated for passenger processing.

The third level is for arrivals, the sixth level is for departures, and the fourth level is for boarding.

Juancho E Yrausquin – The World’s Smallest Airport

On the opposite end of the scale, the Juancho E Yrausquin Airport on the Caribbean island of Saba is commonly regarded as the world’s smallest airfield.

With the runway just 400 meters in length, aircraft are only permitted to use the airport upon obtaining a waiver from the Netherlands Antilles’ Civil Aviation Authority.

College Park Airport – The World’s Oldest Airport

College Park Airport – The World's Oldest Airport
College Park Airport – The World’s Oldest Airport

For a truly historic airport, there is perhaps nowhere better than College Park Airport in Maryland.

Established in 1909, this facility is recognized as the world’s oldest continually operated airport and saw Wilbur Wright (who along with his brother Orville invented and built the world’s first working airplane) train two military officers to fly the US government’s first aircraft.

Known as the ‘Cradle of Aviation’, the airport is the location for a number of historic flying achievements, including the spot where the first military mile-high flight by a powered aircraft took place in 1912, while the first controlled helicopter flight took place in 1924.

Yakutsk Airport – The World’s Coldest Airport

Visiting Yakutsk Airport in Russia will allow you to experience what could be one of the chilliest travel hubs on the planet as the city is regarded as the coldest in the world.

With the average temperature in January standing at around -39C, upon making your way through the departure lounge after arriving from the likes of Moscow and St Petersburg you will soon start to experience the extremely cold conditions.

Kuwait Airport – The World’s Hottest Airport

Kuwait International Airport is largely considered to be the world’s hottest airport, and with average July temperatures reaching a high of 45.6C – it is not hard to see why..!

Visiting any of the above airports, whether you’re arriving, departing or just on a connecting flight is sure to be a memorable part of your travel experience.

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Crazy Animal Discoveries In Airport Customs

Have you ever watched those TV shows like “Customs” or “Border Security: Australia’s Front Line”?

If so, you know that they make some pretty odd discoveries on people going through customs…

Animals and drugs remain two of the biggest threats to borderline security, and smugglers are constantly coming up with new ways to try and get through undetected.

Here are a few very creative smugglers who got caught, and who I know I wouldn’t want to sit next to on a plane..!

Pythons In Your Socks Taped Onto Your Body?

A man was caught in Norway customs with 14 royal pythons and 10 albino leopard geckos hidden in old socks under his clothes.

The custom officers noticed that there were constantly wriggling movements under the man’s shirt, so they searched him and found that he had put the geckos in boxes tied around his feet, and rolled up the pythons in socks taped to his chest.

Birds In Your Pants?

There have been quite a few discoveries in customs where people hide birds in their pants.

An Australian was busted bringing two Pigeons tied to his calves wrapped in news paper, and another guy from L.A brought 14 live song birds wrapped around his legs in cloths.

The officers noticed birds feathers on his clothes and saw birds’ tails sticking out under his pants, and since he had left a suitcase with 18 birds at the airport a while earlier they decided to search him.

Hiding Fish Under Your Skirt?

During a routine search they heard flipping noises coming out of the woman’s waist area, and discovered 51 live tropical endangered fishes, hidden under a purpose built apron under her skirt.

Reptiles In Your Underwear?

It seems like most people stick to smuggling their animals in their bags or around their legs, but some do take it one step further…

One example is a German man who was caught trying to leave New Zealand with 20 skinks and 23 geckos – hidden in his underwear.

Or to take it even further, there was a Swedish woman who was caught carrying 75 live snakes – in her bra!

The custom officials became suspicious when they noticed that the woman was constantly scratching and correcting her bra…

Strap 3 Crocodiles To Your Stomach?

Perhaps the craziest story of them all is the Palestinian woman who tried to get into Gaza city with three 20 inch long crocodiles strapped to her stomach.

The border guards became suspicious because she looked “strangely fat”.

Can you blame that the border guard searching her screamed and ran away when he discovered what was underneath her robe?

Monkeys In Your Pants?

On several occasions women and men all over the world have been caught smuggling monkeys under their clothes; in their pants and under their shirts.

A man was caught in Mexico smuggling 18 little Titi monkeys in a belt under his shirt (2 of the endangered monkeys died during the trip).

Another woman tried to smuggle a monkey from Thailand into the US under her blouse, pretending she was pregnant.

Have you heard of any more strange discoveries in customs?

Or have you ever accidentally forgotten to declare something when flying?

Most Dangerous & Crazy Roads Around The World

Traveling equals a lot of time spent using different kinds of transport.

In New Zealand we spent 60 hours traveling around on buses.

The roads were pretty winding, but they were nothing compared to these ones – and I must admit that it’s a mixture of horror and enthusiasm as I share these places with you – enjoy! :S

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The Death Road – Bolivia

Only the nickname of this draws in your attention, and the road surely lives up to its name.

North Yungas road in Bolivia is officially the world’s most dangerous road.

A fatal accident happens here every week, and it’s estimated that between 200-300 people die here every year..!

The road runs between La Paz and Coroico in the Boliovian Andes, and the 70 km long narrow road plunges at a 3 600 meters down.

Luckily there is now (since 2006) a newer and much safer road, between these cities, so a lot fewer people driver here – it’s mostly used by adventure bikers these days – with such an amazing view I can see why.

Lena Highway – Russia

Believe it or not, but this muddy off-road looking path is actually a highway between Moscow and Yakutsk.

So why isn’t it paved?

The reason is simply because it’s so darn cold!

They can’t put asphalt because of the permafrost (Yakutsk is one of the coldest cities on earth).

But it’s not actually the ice, snow and reduced visibility that is a problem, but when the summer comes and it rains…

This makes the road so muddy that they’re completely impassable.

Lysebotn Road – Norway

There are many crazy and amazing roads in Norway, but this must be the one that tops them all.

It’s more a roller coaster than an actual road, with 27 switchbacks, amazing views and a long tunnel with three turns inside.

This road is said to be one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, and the most fun to drive for skilled drivers.

Hiking Trail, Mt Huashan – China

This hike simply isn’t for everyone.

The views are stunning, but I’m not sure if anyone really dares to lift their head up and look.

The trail leads to sacred shrines and you pass several temples along the way.

Pilgrims and monks still walk the path, as well as many travelers these days.

To reach some of the places you have to climb cliffs where the only thing keeping you from falling down thousands of meters is a chain link hammered into the stone.

But I must admit that it looks a little tempting…

Have you been to any of these places, or have you been to another crazy road you would like to share with us?

5 Amazing Streets Around The World

Walking the streets of a new city is one of my favorite things to do, and they have a lot of influence on the way I experience each place.

The narrow, steep streets of Lisbon and Porto with its tiled buildings made me fall in love with both cities, and the streets of Tallinn made me feel like I had taken a step back in time.

So I thought I’d put together a list of some amazing streets around the world that stand out from the rest. By visiting these streets you have experienced something special…

The Most Romantic Street – Lower Slaughter, England

Lower Slaughter, a picturesque village famous for its beautiful Cotswolds cottages, now have something else to be equally proud of:

Last year a street in the city called Copse Hill Road, was voted the most romantic street in Britain by voters on the Google Street View award.

Perhaps the perfect street for a romantic stroll on the upcoming Valentine’s day?

The Steepest Street – Dunedin, New Zealand

5 Amazing Streets Around The World The Steepest Street - Dunedin, New Zealand
5 Amazing Streets Around The World

Many of the cities in New Zealand were designed by British town planners who had never even been to the country, let alone knew what the areas really looked like.

They simply overlaid a grid pattern on the map, having no idea how ridiculous and impossible the designs would turn out.

In some places, like in Christchurch, this worked – in others, like Wellington and Dunedin – it didn’t…

This resulted in streets like Baldwin street, which at 35% grade is one of the steepest streets in the world.

The Narrowest Street – Exeter, England

Parliament Street in Exeter is a 50 meter long street dating back to 1300’s, known as the narrowest street in the world.

If you’re wider than 0,64 m (25”) you would probably get stuck at its narrowest point, that’s how narrow it is..!

The Crookedest Street – San Francisco, United States

With eight bizarre hair-pin turns, also called switchbacks, Lombard street in San Francisco is known as the crookedest street in the world.

Unlike Dunedin, they realized that without the turns the street would be too steep for most vehicles, and today it is a one way street to make it safer.

There are a number of luxury villas and five star hotels jotted along this famous street if you want to stay close.

New JFK Airport

The Shortest Street – Wick, Scotland

This is my favorite, and how they can call this a street I don’t know – but in 1887, the Ebenezer Place was officially declared a street.

Measuring at 2.06 meters (6.9 ft), Ebenezer Place in Wick is the shortest street in the world.

There is just one house on the street, which today serves as a hotel, and the owner was instructed to paint a street name on the house.

Have you visited a crazy, beautiful or amazing street you would like to share?
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  1. I had the chance to see St. Maarten’s Airport. Standing on that beach is CRAZY… you feel like one of the landing gears will chop off your head or that the engine jet power will send you flying into the ocean… lol

  2. Man that’s full on. I mean geez… that plane in the last one literally looks like you could reach out and touch it. Freaky. I’m also a little put off by the main road crossing tarmac in Gibraltar. Ugh.

    And I hate windy landings… when the plane comes in rocking to the sides like that… it just makes you so sick.

  3. What about the old Hong Kong airport – Kai Tak. That was pretty crazy. The runway was out in the middle of the habour.

    Cruise into the harbour, take a hard right towards the mountains, take a hard right (look into people’s houses) then land!

    Loved landing there though!

  4. Yeah Wellington is sometimes a crazy place – but to be honest I wasn’t nervous about flying there until after I saw this video a few years ago – even though it was often bumpy, I just thought that’s how it was meant to be :p

  5. Yeah – I also thought about that – sorry no tall people allowed at this beach :p thanks for the links – those places also seem amazing.

  6. Hey Ben, I have heard about Hong Kong – but we arrived there in the middle of the night so saw nothing, was asleep and had no idea. thanks for sharing!

  7. Yeah those three are the most crazy I think!!! – WHO thinks of putting a main road through a runaway, or a runway through a main road!?

  8. Hey Laurence, haven’t heard of that until now, so thanks for sharing. Yeah I can’t imagine having to GIVE-WAY to a plane who also feels like using the road and it’s on the beach :p

  9. agreed -.very crazy! what is the most crazy airport you guys have visited? also thanks for commenting, and sharing your great blog – I will need to add it to our travel blog directory!

  10. wow, st. marteen definitely looks crazy!! what if someone is 2m height? 😉

    i just got back from denpasar, bali, where you can spot one the islands surf spots while landing – the runway is built into the ocean as well another adrenaline landing experience can be found on mana island in fiji judging by the quality of sunflower air’s planes, it feels like a miracle not to land in the ocean directly after landing… 🙂

  11. on fraser island just off the queensland coast the sight seeing planes use the beach as a runway also. as the beach is also the main road, it is seriously disconcerting to have to move aside to let a plane land!

  12. I think it would be so soothing to land on a beach – until you had to roll your luggage through the sand.

  13. thanks Matt – haha yeah that last video is nuts – don’t think you would go to that beach to relax :p

  14. haha yeah we haven’t been there yet, but would love to go JUST to experience that – do you know if there are many accidents related to the planes landing THAT close?

  15. I think there haven’t been any accidents related to the planes landing that close. Although, recently they pushed back a 150 meters safety extension. So, now they don’t fly as low as before. But still, it is an amazing experience to stand on Maho Beach an see the planes swooshing over you.

  16. I think the Barra flight is the only scheduled flight to land on a beach in the world, but I’m happy to be corrected. It really is worth the trip if you are in that part of the world. The cockle pickers actually have to leave the beach as the planes approach, and you’ll find many people camping next to the airport as well. As for lugging your bags across the sand, there’s only about 40 feet from where the plane stops to the terminal, and a tractor quite happily takes your baggage for you 🙂

  17. not a crazy runway, but an actual crazy airport–Jose Marti in Havana, Cuba. there are fluffy, friendly Labradors and mutts running around, off-leash, as drug dogs. All the luggage is saran-wrapped to keep out thieves, but mostly the government. there’s luggage scattered four, five and six feet out from the carousel, with no way to get through any of it. and good luck leaving the airport–the exits are totally hemmed in by locals anxious to see their family. to top it off, when i was on my way in from Santiago de cuba the entire plane was smoking heavily inside–no one seemed concerned in the least!

  18. as if I needed more reasons, other than the environmental ones, to NOT want to fly. LOL. These are great. Such a good and interesting post.

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