5 Amazing Film Locations In Europe To Visit

If you want a fun twist on your travels through Europe, you can plan your trip between the many film locations of your favorite movies.

Countless movies have been filmed at the most beautiful places in Europe, below are a few places to get you started:

Braveheart – The Highlands, Scotland

Many of the scenes in Braveheart were filmed in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, in and around Glencoe, Glen Nevis and the Mamore mountains.

Wallace’s trek along the amazing mountain path is filmed on the Mamores mountains, a group of ten mountains linked by a narrow bridge stretching between Loch Leven and Glen Nevis.

If you’re fit you can walk the trek in a day, and access the ridges from Glen Nevis.

James Bond ‘For Your Eyes Only’ – Thessaly, Greece

If there is one movie character who really has been all over the world, it’s James Bond. He is a true vagabond and has been to some of the most beautiful places in Europe.

In the movie For Your Eyes Only from 1981 he spends some time in Greece. Two big scenes are the balcony scene in Corfu at the Achillion Palace, and at Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) monastery in Meteora.

It’s hard to believe that this monastery actually exists, but fortunately it does, and anybody is welcome to visit.

Amélie – Paris, France

Amélie – Paris, France
Amélie – Paris, France

A charming movie with beautiful colors and setting, Amélie from Montmartre makes you want to take the next flight to Paris, head straight to Café des Deux Moulins, an art deco cafe and sample the Creme Brulée, which is now named after Amélie.

The café is where Amelie worked as a waitress in the movie.

Amélie’s apartment and the grocery store which is called Au Marché de la Butte.

The metro station Lmarck-Caulaincourt with the double staircase is not far from there, which is where Amélie takes a blind man along with her and describes all the beauty around them and the mouthwatering sights on the market on Rue Lamarck street (my favorite scene).

Harry Potter, ‘The Deathly Hallows’ – Freshwater West, Wales

The beautiful beach Freshwater West was the perfect location for Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour’s Shell Cottage. It’s easy to understand why they would choose to film a scene at this place, the sweeping sand dunes and long stretch of golden sand is picture perfect.

While the holiday cottages in Wales are cute, they would never beat the adorable Shell Cottage in this film, where the roof is covered in seashells.

Unfortunately the cottage isn’t there anymore and was only there during the filming, but the traditional cottages in Wales do a pretty good job in the ‘cozy’ factor as well.

The beach can also be seen in the background in the Robin Hood film from last year, when they fought with the French – but there is another good reason to visit the Freshwater West: it’s known as the best surf spot in Wales.

Casanova – Venice, Italy

I would like to mention this place because unlike most Hollywood movies, the entire movie was filmed on location. Every single scene in the movie was filmed on the streets and in the houses of Venice.

The Venice carnival scene was filmed on the famous Piazza di San Marco, something which they were themselves happily surprised that they were allowed to do.

This movie will definitely make you want to visit Venice, and if you’re already going there – you have to watch this movie first!

I could go on and on about movie locations in Europe, especially in the UK with all its castles and where many of the famous costume films like the Tudor have been filmed.

Which film locations would you like to add to this list?

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21 thoughts on “5 Amazing Film Locations In Europe To Visit”

  1. Loved the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”! And such a beautiful setting! Are there any other places in Greece that you would recommend I visit?

  2. Ahhh, the sun shining over those Scottish highlands makes me want to get on the next flight bound for Scotland!!!

  3. I dont’ think I’d pick any of those film locations to visit! All too cold for me… I ‘d rather visit the location of the James Bond film near Phuket, Thailand and the Lord of hte Ring spots in NZ.

  4. Yeah Asia and South Pacific both have some beautiful filming locations to visit. 

    New Zealand is incredibly beautiful, but make sure you bring a jacket there too because it’s not as warm as people often think..! 

  5. Great locations, I would love to visit the ones in Wales, Greece and Scotlant. Also Rome is full of movie sets, both “natural” such as the city center, and made up, such as the film studios Cinecittà, where I visited the set of Scorsese’s Gangs of New York, very loyal reproduction of the old New York.

  6. Nice post & great list of locations! I haven’t seen many Bond films but that Greece location looks amazing!

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  8. Great article, consider adding Spain as well Sofia, beautiful scenery in Emilio Estevez & Martin Sheen Epic Movie “The Way” a story about Camino de Santiago walking pilgrimage. Great movie~  

  9. Good advice. We were there in early autumn so we never had problems with the mozzies, and the weather was fairly good too so I would recommend visiting around September/Oct if you want to avoid mosquitoes all together.

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