25 Best Travel Blogs for experienced adventurers and aspiring travelers


Travel Blogs – We thought it would be a great time for us to take some time and reflect back on this year – not just at how much AsWeTtravel.com has grown as a site but also at how many amazing other personal travel blogs there are out there – sharing, provoking and living this travel lifestyle to the fullest.

There are so many personal travel blogs out there, and every day more and more are starting up – so it is nearly impossible for us to track, and fully study every travel blog out there.

Here are a few guides on How To Start a Travel Blog and Get Sponsored: A Funding Guide for Explorers, Adventurers, and Would-Be World Travelers (here a is great book review of the Get Sponsored Guide)

The 25 Most Inspiring Personal Travel Blogs below are some of the best blogs which we feel have inspired and helped the travel blog industry grow the most this year.

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Most Inspiring Personal Travel Blogs

Guide Friends New To Backpacking

johnny vagabond

#1 Wes Nations / Johnnyvagabond

Why has he made the list?

Wes is all about the story – he travels around the world ‘ low and slow’ sharing so many well-written travel stories and experiences – I am waiting for the book!

Every time we visit his site, his stories get us laughing, and aside from telling ‘lies’ and taking amazing photos, Wes also shares very useful tips and a great “daily budget” box for each country he visits.

Site: www.johnnyvagabond.com
Twitter: @johnnyvagabond

Nomadic Matt

#2 Matt Kepnes / Nomadic Matt

Matt is one of the few who has turned travel blogging into a full-time career. He is an inspiration to others, and shows everyone what is possible.

Matt’s blog is easily navigated and updated several times a week with both useful information, tips and personal travel blogs.

Matt is also a huge inspiration for long term traveling, as he has traveled for many years funding only by the income he’s making online.

Site: www.nomadicmatt.com
Twitter: @nomadicmatt

rolf potts

#3 Rolf Potts / No Baggage Challenge

Rolf Potts recently got back from spending 6 weeks around the world without any baggage – The No Baggage Challenge.

On this new blog he shares videos and proves that you don’t need a 60L+ and heaps of gear to be able to travel – less is more.

This is so close to our mindset, the no-excuse way of travel and with so many excuses out there for WHY people can’t travel, it’s great that someone stepped up and did this – even if the trip was funded by high-profile travel companies.

Site: www.rtwblog.com
Twitter: @rtwnobag

pause the moment

#4 Ryan & Liz / Pause The Moment

Currently traveling around the world, Ryan and Liz have built up a great travel blog very fast – with so many awesome tips, videos and photos, it seems like these guys have been around for ages.

Great couple, and they really really prove that this lifestyle is possible for anyone.

Site: www.pausethemoment.com
Twitter: @pausethemoment

globe trooper

#5 Lauren & Todd / GlobeTroopers

Lauren and Todd have created a great unique site for travelers to meet.

A place online where you can find other like minded people to travel with.

Meeting people and making friends while traveling is a big part of the whole experience, and many people who travel solo sometimes want to share those moments with others.

Built from the ground up this site really seems amazing and has been featured in Mashable and the Los Angeles Times.

Site: www.globetrooper.com
Twitter: @globetrooper

david's been here
#6 David Hoffmann / Davids Been Here

Dave has created an informative and professional blog, on which he shares video guides for many places around the world.

He also helps people plan trips and gives them tips on different countries in a unique video format on a section on his site called Ask David.

David is now starting to create his own PDF Downloadable City Guides which he is creating for every city he visits.

His mission is to inform the world – about the world – because he believes that traveling changes people to the core.

Site: www.davidsbeenhere.com
Twitter: @davidsbeenhere

#7 Stephine Yoder / Twenty-Something Travel

twenty something travelEven though she has only just left for her RTW trip – Steph has built her site up into one of the top travel blogs – with a large loyal readership.

On her site you will find a very personal and honest travel journal where she is unafraid to share her thoughts and emotions.

If you want to follow someone from the start of a round the world trip, Steph takes you through from dreaming to planning to making RTW a reality.

Site: www.twenty-somethingtravel.com
Twitter: @20sTravel

#8 Anil Polat / Fox Nomad

fox nomadAnil is THE tech- guy, sharing practical advice for many necessary things others may over look.

Whenever you have a question about where to find Wi-Fi, which lap top to choose, how to jailbreak your iPhone etc, this is it.

He also writes a lot of safety advice, many about things that many people wouldn’t think about but then end up needing advice on.

Anil also belongs to one of the few who are making a living and travel completely funded by his blogs.

Site: www.foxnomad.com
Twitter: @foxnomad

#9 Keith Savage / Traveling Savage

Keith Savage / Traveling Savage
Keith Savage / Traveling Savage

Keith writes in a completely different style from most other travel bloggers.

He writes more about thought-provoking subjects, and in a way which makes you contemplate, wonder and think twice.

His mission is seeing the world one month at a time – while still having a home base.

He is the philosophical traveler who in a poetic way writes about things that many travelers can relate to, and subjects that engage people on a different level.

Site: www.traveling-savage.com
Twitter: @travelingsavage

#10 Christine Gilbert / Almost Fearless

Christine Gilbert / Almost Fearless
Christine Gilbert / Almost Fearless

Christine Gilbert is currently in the process of making of a film about digital nomads, and is traveling around the world filming those of us who have left the 9/5 life in search of other options.

She has also released 3 books about leaving the 9/5 life and creating a life of freedom.

On her site you will find many guest posts, which makes her site a resource where you’ll find different styles of writing and view points from each guest poster.

Site: www.almostfearless.com
Twitter: @almostfearless

#11 Matthew Kyhnn / Backpacking Matt

Matthew Kyhnn / Backpacking Matt
Matthew Kyhnn / Backpacking Matt

Matt is a seasoned traveler who has just spent the last 6 months exploring the depths of New Zealand, and shares many good quality articles about the country.

So if you have any questions about New Zealand, send him an email, he prob. knows more about the place than me (and it’s my home country!)

Currently Matt is in Thailand, so keep a look out for more awesome info about South-East Asia.

I am sure he will bring the same detailed passion he used to share New Zealand with the world.

Site: www.backpackingmatt.com
Twitter: @backpackingmatt

#12 Aracely Santos and Jason Castellani / Two Backpackers

Aracely Santos and Jason Castellani / Two Backpackers
Aracely Santos and Jason Castellani / Two Backpackers

Aracely and Jasons way of travel is very similar to Johny Vagabond’s ‘low and slow’ – they are currently in South America, and are sharing so many amazing videos of the places they visit.

On their easily navigated and well-designed blog, you will also find a lot of practical advice – based on real experience.

Site: www.twobackpackers.com
Twitter: @twobackpackers

#13 Craig & Linda Martin / Indie Travel Podcast

Craig & Linda Martin / Indie Travel Podcast
Craig & Linda Martin / Indie Travel Podcast

Craig and Linda have a Lonely Planet Award-winning podcast every week where they talk about the places they’ve been to, have interviews with other travelers etc.

They are one of the few couples who travel the world funded by their websites, which is a big inspiration to us, and it is great to have Craig share many great tips about making money on your travel site via makemoneytravelblogging.com

Site: www.indietravelpodcast.com
Twitter: @indietravel

#14 Brock Groombridge / Backpack With Brock

Brock Groombridge / Backpack With Brock
Brock Groombridge / Backpack With Brock

Brock is the HD film master – he has nearly finished a 12 month trip around the world, and shared every step on his site via full HD film.

Despite being a solo traveler he manages to film himself a lot rather than just the surroundings like many others do.

It’s always much appreciated to see the face of a blogger you follow – it really helps to build a strong connection.

Site: www.backpackwithbrock.com
Twitter: @backpackerbrock

#15 Gary Arndt / Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt / Everything Everywhere
Gary Arndt / Everything Everywhere

Gary is a great photographer and shares photos daily with his visitors – also offered as desktop wallpaper.

Apart from sharing daily photos he also has a very active travel forum, but the best place to get to know Gary is on his weekly audio podcast where he talks with some of the big-name people in the travel community.

Gary is known as one of the best travel bloggers out there, and he certainly is very successful in terms of getting thousands of visitors a month coming to his site.

Site: www.everything-everywhere.com
Twitter: @everywheretrip

#16 Amar Hussain / Gap Year Escape

Amar Hussain / Gap Year Escape
Amar Hussain / Gap Year Escape

To us Amar has been one of the friendliest guys out there, taking the time to chat, and share his experience – one of which is getting trips, and other things for free while traveling.

He is currently writing an ebook about how to get things, trips and hostels etc. for free, something I’m sure everyone would like to know more about.

He just arrived back in the UK, but I am sure you will see him out there again traveling soon.

Site: www.gapyearescape.com

Twitter: @gapyearescape

#17 Benny Lewis / Fluent In 3 Months

Benny Lewis / Fluent In 3 Months
Benny Lewis / Fluent In 3 Months

Benny has taken on a smaller niche in the travel blogging community – learning languages.

Knowing a few languages while traveling certainly makes it easier, and knowing the language in the current place you are is even better.

Benny can speak 8 languages and is constantly striving to get better, and to learn more languages.

Whether you want to hear how it’s going for him or learn from his tips and advice, his blog is the place to be for language lovers.

Site: www.fluentin3months.com
Twitter: @irishpolyglot

#18 Robin and Amanda / Mango Manjaro

Robin and Amanda / Mango Manjaro
Robin and Amanda / Mango Manjaro

Robin and Amanda are the authors behind a new travel blog – which is about something that most people would love to do, but would be way too scared…

Their plan is to hitchhike (YES – hitchhike) from Sweden all the way down to India.

They share videos of all the drivers who pick them up.

They’re a small but very inspiring blog who truly deserve a shout out.

Site: www.mangomanjaro.se
Twitter: N/A

#19 Andi Perullo / My Beautiful Adventures

Andi Perullo / My Beautiful Adventures
Andi Perullo / My Beautiful Adventures

Andi’s bubbly personality shines through so strongly on her personal travel journal where she shares her beautiful adventures.

She seems like an amazing person, who never stops smiling and really just seems to CARE.

What makes her stand out the most are the amazing pictures she shares, and the well thought-through songs that she picks to match each of her blogs – to really get you in the right blog-reading mood.

Site: www.mybeautifuladventures.com
Twitter: @andiperullo

#20 Dave Lee / Go Backpacking

Dave Lee / Go Backpacking
Dave Lee / Go Backpacking

Dave is a great inspiration for those wanting to get away and travel – he runs gobackpacking.com sharing many great tips and inspiration for world travel – he also earns a full-time living from his sites, which helps

Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll / Uncornered Market
Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll / Uncornered Market

Audrey & Daniel have been traveling since 2006 with a mission to humanize the places they visit, drawing their readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.

I love the way they measure how far they travel around the world by how many footsteps they take – 39,537,390 right now!

Site: www.uncorneredmarket.com
Twitter: @umarket

#22 Caz and Craig / Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig / Y Travel Blog
Caz and Craig / Y Travel Blog

They have been working abroad in different countries for 10 years, and finally created this site in 2010 as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others.

They have built up travel blog very fast, and it is great to see them building such a great strong community-feel on Facebook etc.

I am sure in the future, this site will be one of the top ones out there.

Site: www.ytravelblog.com
Twitter: @ytravelblog

#23 Colin Wright / Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright / Exile Lifestyle
Colin Wright / Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright has done what so many people aspire to do, he not only left to go travel on an open ended journey.

He moves to a new country every 4 months, and his readers decide where he will go next by voting.

I love this guy’s mindset, and even though we haven’t met yet, I can tell this guy has it figured out, and we can all learn a few things from him about developing an awesome location-free lifestyle.

Site: www.exilelifestyle.com
Twitter: N/A

#24 Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil / The Planet D

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil / The Planet D
Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil / The Planet D

With a mindset of ‘Anyone Can Do It!’ you know this blog is going to share some great value to it’s readers.

Dave and Debra really are the adventure couple, traveling around the world doing many crazy things like: cycling 12,000km through Africa, and climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Look out for their next adventure to Fiji, I am sure it will be full of many amazing stories.

Site: www.theplanetd.com
Twitter: @theplanetd

Well wasn’t that a big list!

If you have read all these blogs and would like to read more – then make sure you check out our Travel Blog Directory – which includes over 100 more awesome travel blogs.

Travel Blog Directory

Travel Blog Directory – here you can find a list of all the awesome travel blogs from around the world.

If you would like your blog listed here on our travel blog directory – please just send us an email: aswetravel (at) gmail.com – so we can exchange links and add you to this travel blog directory.

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You just read through our list of all the awesome travel blogs from around the world.

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Best Travel Blogs From Around The Web

We will be posting our favorite travel blog posts.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our selection of interesting travel posts below:

Potosi Through Children’s Eyes

Audrey and Daniel from (Uncornered Market) explore the mines and it’s shocking history in Potosi, Bolivia – with 12 year old kids forced to work down the mines and how you can prepare if you plan on visiting there.

Learning How To Scuba Dive

Matt from (Nomadic Matt) travels to Fiji and is *forced* to try Scuba Diving for the first time, or suffer public embarrassment by Gary on Twitter – does he finally overcome his fears?

5 Unmissable Road Trips

Craig Ablitt shares his 5 most favorite road trip destinations from Route 66, South Africa, Australia and the Alaskan Highway.

Antarctica – A Decision

Audrey and Daniel (Uncornered Market) have pulled the trigger and decided to travel to Antarctica – WOW I can’t wait to read more about this new adventure they are off on!

Great Places To Teach English

Nomadic Matt shares with us a VERY detailed blog about different place where you can go and teach English – if this is something you have thought about doing, make sure you check it out.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Stopover In Iceland

Anil (FoXnomad) stops over in Iceland and gives us the lowdown on this interesting place, and a few great things for you to do and places to check out.

Why Bangkok?

Gary (Everything Everywhere) explores Bangkok, and has now convinced me to visit this interesting place when me and Sofia head over to Asia later this year.

Do The Thing That Scares You

Steph (Twenty-Something Travel) has written a very interesting (and not only related to travelling) blog about stepping up and doing those things which scare you, and how by doing this kind of thing, you can grow as a human being and become stronger.

Best Travel Blogs From Around The Web
Best Travel Blogs From Around The Web

How We Saved Enough Money To Travel The World

(Pause The Moment) Ryan & Liz are 29 days from leaving for their RTW trip and they share with us a blog FULL of useful and interesting information on how they saved enough money to travel the world.

By reading through their blog you will find so many great tips, tricks and advice to help you save money – great stuff guys!

How To Create Your Own Personal Travel Security Plan

(Fox Nomad) Anil gives us another interesting and informative blog post, this time it’s about how you can create your own personal travel security plan.

To be honest many of the things he talks about are things I never have really thought about, but wish I did know before.

He is not trying to scare us, instead this blog gives you a bunch of simple tips for ways in which you can prepare for anything unexpected which might happen on your trip – to sum up:

*Prepare Early, Prevent What You Can, And Be Ready For What You Can’t*

Digging Into Experiential Travel

(Traveling Savage) Keith after months of research and digging around into what Experiential Travel means.

He finally shares with us his 4 rules which broken down into simple points give us a better understanding into the meaning behind this kind of travel style.

There are many great tips, and a must read for any traveler interested in learning something new!

Visiting Into the Wild’s Magic Bus

(Free Wheeling) I’m sure you have seen the movie – Into The Wild – I am also sure that many of you after watching it, felt some sort of connection with Christopher and his free way of living life.

Well Brandon decided that he would go out into the Alaskan Wildness and find the exact location of Christopher’s Magic Bus.

In this blog he shares his personal motivations behind the adventure, exact GPS directions (in-case you also would like to go) and also the best time of year to travel there.

Great blog for those in search of adventure!

5 Essential Zen Habits for Balanced Living

not a travel blog, but one of the most inspiring and educational blogs for anyone who is interested in living a more balanced and happy lifestyle.

Two Reasons to ADORE America

Lillie (Around The World L) gives us 2 reasons why you must adore America, we haven’t been to America yet, but are planning a trip there later this year, and this blog gives us more motivation.

Lillie traveled the world and by doing so realized what a wonderful place America was – travel does that to you sometimes 🙂 thanks for sharing!

7 Tips and Resources for Relocating Abroad

Lauren shares with us 7 tips and resources for those of you who are thinking of not just traveling abroad but also would like to settle down and start a new life in a new country – great stuff!

The Truth About Travel in China – Part Two: Food

Keith & Amy (Green Around The Globe) are currently in China and in the second part of a blog series, share the truth about China.

As they say* The food is terrible.

That is, if you can even figure out what it is you’re eating.* haha sounds like a bit of an experience trying to order food over there (never really knowing what you are getting) – I would love to check it out and see what happens, it really is stories like this that make me WANT to go and visit a place… I think that getting to see things like that really makes the trip worth it!

Missing the Comforts of Home

Oh I can so relate to this one – Sarah (She’s In Love With The World) has spent 4 months away from home and in this blog she lists a bunch of this that she misses while on the road – some of the things I miss about home: everyone speaking English, certain food choices, my own big bed, a wardrobe of clothes (more than just a backpack full) – what about you?

I am sure she would love to hear your own *missed comforts* in her comment section.

My Favorite Australian Hostels

Matt (Nomadic Matt) does it again… this time after spending a few months going through Aussie, he gives us his favorite hostels – he mentions this is a preview for a future blog which will be ranking the best hostel.

I think it is great to be able to read about others you trust who have gone to certain places and can share tips about places to stay etc – thanks Matt!

Are Poor Places Any More Real Than Rich Ones?

Anil (foXnoMad) ponders the question – Are poor places any more real than rich ones, and why many travelers seem to feel a need to see the poorest parts of a culture in order to have seen the REAL country – what do you think?

Commentary: The More I Travel, The Dumber I Get

Gary (Everything-Everywhere) shares a profound and interesting blog in where he realizes that the more he travels the dumber he seems to get – to quote him.

“Over three years of traveling I’ve learned a lot of things.

From a raw knowledge perspective, I’ve learned more in three years of traveling than I did in four years of college.

If I am learning so much stuff, how can I say that I’m getting dumber the more I travel?

Because the things I know I’m ignorant about increases faster than the things I know that I know.” – Gary

Five Things I’ve Learned in Bangkok

Wes (Johnny Vagabond) has just arrived in Bangkok, and shares with us 5 important things he has learnt by simply walking around the streets over the last few days – there are also a few great general travel tips included!

Spring In The Boboli Gardens Of Florence Through The Cameras Eye

Suzy (Suzy Guese) shares with us some amazing photos as spring arrives in Florence and as she wanders through one of her favorite parts of the city in the Boboli Gardens.

We’re All Travelers Here

Steph (Twenty-Something Travel) gets honest with her blog readers about the fact that many travelers seem to develop an attitude of:

The way I travel is better and more REAL than the way you travel and personally need to tell you about all the *amazing* things they have done.

I have personally experienced this mindset all around the world and like Steph says you will see this while you are staying in hotels.

Which I personally think is the worst – check out her blog above and make sure you don’t let yourself slip into that neg. attitude.

7 Things You Can Really Do Without To Save Money While Traveling

Anil (fox nomad) shares with us a GREAT blog list with 7 thing you really don’t need while on the road – from drinking alcohol to taking the best SLR camera with you – check out the blog and maybe you can save a few bucks!

7 Ways My Trip Already Kicks Ass!

Joel (Freedonia Post) is in the process of *planning* his bike trip around Europe – here he shares 7 ways for why his travel plans are already awesome.

I just found this blog, and love his attitude – so check out the blog because I really can’t wait to follow Joel as he bikes through Europe!

Top 7 FREE Attractions In Las Vegas

Marta (a travel around the world) has just been hanging out in Las Vegas, and gives us 7 things which you can do for FREE next time you are there! – great stuff!

Backpack With Brock

Brock is one funny guy… and he is currently traveling through Asia – the wicked thing about his blog is that he pretty much only posts HD Quality Videos and also does it every few days.

Documenting his trip and sharing travel advice as he goes – in general a really good blog for you to add to your weekly reading!

I hope the Volcano in Iceland didn’t disturb your travel plans too much this week, and that you have had some time to relax and maybe realize how much we seem to have become reliant on flying for our daily lives.

Its crazy how much chaos such a simple natural thing can cause!

Antarctica, Part 4: An Audio Slideshow

(Uncornered Market) oh I love this – Audrey and Daniel not only share with you a slide show with heaps of great pictures from their adventure to Antarctica, but they also guide you through each picture via AUDIO, describing everything in such detail.

Great photos and interesting commentary – thanks for sharing!

*Can’t* And Travel Don’t Go Together

(Suzy Guese) Suzy gets down and honest about how some people find going on a trip easier than others and she comes to the conclusion that to quote ‘… travel is all about stepping outside of your known to the unknown.

If it’s not then it isn’t travel…’ I 100% agree, and know so many people who WISH and dream about going traveling,  but they always have a list of CANT’S holding them back.

Let go of the can’ts and LET YOURSELF travel – then it becomes easy, and the world opens up for you.

India: Day 2 (Part 1)

(My Beautiful Adventures) Andi has just gotten back from a quick trip to India, this place has been a dream of hers for such a long time – check out her blog, follow her adventure and enjoy many amazing pictures – I am sooo jealous! 🙂

Why Do You Travel?

(The Aussie Nomad) Chris is just about to leave for his RTW trip (today?) and ponders the question WHY do you travel?

He has been posting many prep.

Blogs about his up-coming trip, but I really can’t wait until he is in Europe and starts exploring on a daily basis.

He is going to have such a awesome time and this Travel Blogs post shares with us more insights into WHY he decided to quit everything in Australia and leave to Europe – great stuff!


(Nomadic Matt) Australia is an expensive place to visit, let alone travel around, and many people will only spend a few months there going up and down the east coast, simply because to expand into the outskirts just seems too hard and expensive.

Matthew breaks it down for you and gives you every option out there to make the most out of your trip.

Before you get to OZ make sure you check out this blog post!

Extra: I just found this guys blog a few days ago, and really enjoyed reading about his adventures – check it out and see what you think:

21 Signs You’re a Travel Addict

Katie (Travel Base) shares with us 21 signs that make make you a travel addict – read through her list to find out if YOU also should attend TAA meetings :p

Renting A Motorbike In Thailand

Dan (Voyagner) gives some great tips for those wanting to travel around Asia a different way – It’s funny he writes about it because a few days ago Sofia and I made the plan to travel from China to Singapore next year by Motorbike – so this blog came at the right time.

An Introduction To Booking Adviser

I haven’t heard of this site before, but after having a quick look around it, it seems like its a site which might have loads of potential – Via the link about Go Backpacking does a detailed review about site, which is very helpful!

A Tale of Two Travel Archetypes: Breadth and Depth

Keith (Traveling -Savage) shares some amazing insights into travel, disconnecting from the real world, how and why do you travel – giving us a lot of deep thinks to think about – a great read!

One is Company: Choosing to Travel Solo

Christine posted a guest post on Twenty-Something Travel talking about the pros and cons of traveling alone.

Me and Sofia have been traveling for 2 years together, and I personally wouldn’t change it for the world.

But I can also understand that sometimes you really just need that freedom to really explore and do what YOU want to do.

Read her blog, it’s really interesting!

Unusual Place Of The Month – Chernobyl

Ever thought of visiting a nuclear power plant?

How about one that had a meltdown?

Well, think no more.

They have been running tours for the last few years to the site of the worst nuclear catastrophe known to man – if you want to experience something creepy, this really sounds like the place!

The Learn German 3bmonth Mission

Benny (Fluent In 3 Months) has just decided to move to Berlin in order to learn German.

This will be his 8th language, so follow him as he dives head-first into the life of a Berliner with the mission to learn German in 3 months.

He also shares some great tips which can help you to also pick up a new language faster!

Hitting The Breaks – Is It Time To Downshift Your Travels?

Keith (Traveling-Savage) shares a guest post on Suzy Guese’s blog about signs you can look out for in-case you need to slow down during your travels.

Are you planning too much?

Are you rushing from one country to another?

Are you feeling stressed and tired instead of joy and excitement?

Maybe it’s a sign you need to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Keith always shares a bunch of great insights, so check out this Travel Blogs and hope you can also learn something from it!

Photo Essay: Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Photo time!

Photo essay of the Arenal Volcano, which is an active volcano in Costa Rica.

I have always had the dream to travel to this place, so by seeing these pictures now I am really inspired to go there even more.

7 Tips For Mainintaing Your Travel Blogs On The Road

(Backpacking Matt) I just found Matt’s blog, and am enjoying following his trip around New Zealand.

In this blog he shares 7 great tips for how you can make sure you KEEP blogging even while you are traveling (from experience, getting into this blogging routine is damn hard – but once you figure out a plan of attack while on the road – it becomes easy.)

Eventually, Everyone Stops Traveling

(Almost Fearless) Christine gives us the question “is the romance of the round-the-world trip actually burning people out on travel?” and goes in-depth into reasons why some people feel a need to “retire” from the travel lifestyle and decided to settle down again.

What would you do?

Do you think you can travel for the rest of your life?

Or is this a fling for you, something which you know will come to a end?

Check out her blog and leave a comment.

3 Free Language Social Networks for Travelers

(Fox Nomad) Do you want to learn how to speak another language?

Anil shares 3 websites where you can sign up, meet and practice with others online.

Also he shares a bunch of other links to help you speed up your language learning – great resources!

If you can’t stick to your plans…. Don’t plan anything

(No Place To Be) Poi & Kirsty are in the process of planning their RTW trip but find themselves always changing their plans – they question – *surely a journey with no limitations is the best way to go?* – check out their blog, cos it sounds like they will be having a bunch of adventures very soon!

Things I Can’t Stand When Traveling

(Pair Of Panties & Boxers) Monica shares with us a list of things she can’t stand while traveling, and also posed the question to her twitter friends – check out the blog to see their replies and to also leave your own.

One example: People who make travel a pissing contest over whose got more traveler cred. ugh. – can you guess who that was?

5 Alternatives To Guide Books

Jane (Runaway Jane) shares with us 5 new and different ways for you to find out about the places you visit – yeah guide books are good, but what if you want more inspiration than simply the facts?

Jane gives us 5 resources!


Matthew (Nomadic Matt) gives us a break down on exactly how much he thinks you will need to travel around Australia.

He gives you his own personal examples from when he was there last month which is perfect, up to date and a great resource for anyone who is there or planning to explore OZ this year – he also gives you some options on HOW to save money while you are there.

Top 6 Extreme Vacations

Do you like extreme sports?

Then this blog is for you!

Nellie (Wild Junket) gives us her top 6 adventure vacations – from Spelunking in New Zealand to Volcano-Climbing in Guatemala – this blog has something for all you adrenaline junkies!

Traveler’s Guide To Locking Down Your Laptop (3 parts)

Anil (fox nomad) has posted a 3-part series about how you can keep your laptop save while you are on the road, from physical security to protecting your data.

This is a MUST READ for anyone who is a active travel blogger, I have many times lost articles, and blogs simply by not backing up my system etc. NOT FUN! 🙂

10 great reasons to holiday in Dubai

James (Indie Travel Podcast) gives us 10 great reasons why we should put Dubai on our list of next places to visit – from it been a shopping paradise, to the warm weather and beaches, to SKIING – this places really does seem to have everything you could ever want… all in the same place – amazing!

Living Under A State of Emergency

What is REALLY happening in Bangkok @ the moment – is it really a place you should stay away from now?

Or is it safe for tourists?

Lesson is simple: use your logic and common sense – this doesn’t only apply to Thailand, nearly every country in the world has dangerous aspects, but does that really mean you shouldn’t travel there, here or anywhere?

Have you been to the world’s smallest nation?

Andy (Europe ala carte) gives us the smallest *nation* in the world – make sure you check out the picture!

The place is called Sealand, and you can find it just off the coast of England.

With it’s own passports, money and a flag you would THINK it also maybe had some dirt and trees???

How to Get an Empty Seat Next to You On an (Almost) Full Flight

Scott (Trekeo) gives us some tips via a guest post on Almost Fearless about how we can make sure we get a empty seat next to us on nearly any flight – shares heaps of great tips, so thanks for sharing these!

Farewell, India

Laura & Ryan (Round We Go) have just left India and shares some amazing in-depth insights into the real life conditions and situations you can encounter while traveling by train through India.

I personally loved reading all their blogs about this place – for me India is next on the map to visit, so thanks for more inspiration!

Are You A Purist?

Pamela (Spunky Girl Monologues) questions are you a PURIST TRAVELER – on her next trip she is to quote her ‘…make a conscious decision to return to a pure and simple form of travel.

It’s something that will allow me to feel more connected and creative…’ – do you NEED twitter, Facebook, internet to travel or are you more interested in getting back to a *real* way of travel where you figure everything out WHILE you are on the road and things just seem to work out without too much planning… check the Travel Blogs and ask yourself the same questions – I love thought provoking blogs!

Best Travel Blogs

We are always looking for new, and interesting Travel Blogs – so if you have a blog which you would like us to read simply leave a comment below so we can check it out!

Well there you go, many new travel blogs there for you to read, hope you enjoy them and make sure you have a great weekend.

72 thoughts on “25 Best Travel Blogs for experienced adventurers and aspiring travelers”

  1. Nathan and Sofia, this is a great list and thank you for the inclusion!
    Everything you’ve said is spot on.

    BackpackingMatt is a great guy who I met in NZ and his site is a great resource for travel there. Keith does have a great writing style and Andi, well she’s just lovely. Christine’s AlmostFearless.com is a great site to guest blog for as is Anil’s FoxNomad.

    Thanks again for the inclusion with all these great bloggers. Although it would have been self serving you should have included yourselves!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Super stoked to be included here Thank you so much. I follow and love so many of these blogs on the list so feel honored to be amongst them

  3. What an absolute honor to be included with such a tried and true group of bloggers – thank for your kind words and keep up the excellent work here on AsWeTravel.

    And yes – please send any NZ questions my way!

  4. A great list. I have read some of the blogs but not all of them. Time to get a cup of coffee and settle down me thinks!

  5. Awesome list, all great sites plus two that I haven’t seen until now. I love discovering new blogs to check out.

    Thanks for the introductions.

  6. Huge fan of this list. Have been fortunate enough to meet Colin (Exile Lifestyle), Matt (Nomadic Matt) and Earl (Wandering Earl) in the flesh–all stellar guys!


  7. Thanks for the shout out guys. This is a really great list. We follow all of them and for good reason. We second Craig’s comment..It is nice to see a list not based on Alexa or Compete scores. Kudos!

  8. Great list Nathan. I follow most of these and besides being great sites they all seem like genuinely nice people.

  9. Thanks for including me and Go Backpacking! Scrolling through the list, I’ve gotten to know so many of the other bloggers over the past year. We’ve got a great community going.

  10. Great to see a travel blog list not based on Alexa and Compete scores. Some great friends here, and — of course — we’re glad to be included. Nice to find a few new faces as well.

  11. Great list Nathan. Thanks so much for including us with all of these stand-out travel bloggers. And a couple who I haven’t come across before too which is always nice, will go check them out now.

  12. I think you have compiled a great list here. It’s nice to see a few blogs in the mix that are not necessarily ranked super high on Alexa. Looks like you put some time into this! I look forward to following the few blogs I haven’t seen yet.

  13. Thanks for the inclusion! 🙂 As Craig said, it’s great to see a list not based on traffic, but on the stories of the people themselves. I’ve also met several of these travellers in person and hope to meet the others soon too 😀

  14. Awesome, what a cadre of travel writers! I’ve been reading these folks for ages and I’m looking forward to meeting up with as many of them as I can. Thank you for including Traveling Savage in the list – it means a lot to me.

  15. What a great looking list. Some (all) of these sound fascinating. I will be perusing all of these blogs in coming days, and, no doubt, adding many to my RSS feed. Cheers


  16. I’m not sure what to say as I can’t believe I have made this list alongside many of my absolute favorite people in the travel community! Thank you ever so much 🙂

  17. Great attention for so many great travelers! Love how we can all inspire each other to keep traveling and sharing our stories.

  18. Heaps of quality travel bloggers here, thanks for compiling this list. Glad to know that there’s tonnes of other REAL folks out there who are as interested to both travel and photography and not just cheeky bots! 🙂

  19. A great list on what are fast becoming some very influential people in the world of online travel. A good mix as well….

  20. What a great list! I already follow several of these people, but will now add the rest. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. A really helpful and varied list – although I read a lot of travel blogs these were nearly all new to me.
    I hope I can be boring here and quickly push my own blog – it’s about travel, adventure and expeditions

  22. Really cool mix of world travelers! I enjoy reading their travel articles and follow all (but 3) of these bloggers. Fantastic list! Well compiled.

    Thanks for sharing! ~cheers, @hiptraveler

  23. Great list I’m looking forward to checking out. My one critique, no blogs that included children, like this family traveling RTW with their two sons. She just posted about hiking the Inca Trail with kids

  24. Nathan and Sofia, wow what an incredible list. Thank you for including me. I haven’t met any of these folks just spoken to a few of them through Twitter. I didn’t know that there were so many couples travel blogging thats incredible. Thanks again for the inclusion and hope to meet you both soon.

  25. Thanks, Nathan, for the awesome list. This will really cut down the time I spend trying to find the right blog. Love your clear, concise write-ups about each website.

  26. Hi Julianne
    We are traveling with our 3 year old. Our blog is mostly centered around the living and traveling around the world that we have done for years before Kalyra came along so she doesn’t feature as much. But the odd post comes out with her in it and with the traveling we have planned for the future you can be sure you’ll see more of her.

  27. The other writers mention were famous for having great content in their blogs. This one is definitely a good list.

  28. Great list of bloggers, most of them I knew but there are a few somehow I’ve missed. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Nathan,

    Wow — this is an amazing list! Can’t wait to check out each of the sites — especially as I launch my own 2-year RTW trip: Erin Goes Global! Awesome! Erin

  30. Great list! Nice to see many old friends and some new to me!

    I do wish you would have included at least one travel blog with school age children, as that is my passion…to let families know how important & possible long term travel can be!

    We at soultravelers3 have been traveling the world non-stop as a family since 2006 to 36 countries & 5 continents and on just 23 dollars a day per person. Our daughter was 5 when we began & just turned 10. We are monolinguals raising a fluent trilingual/triliterate and think travel is the best education in the world!

    LOVE your no excuses motto about travel…let’s add families as another good reason to travel…instead of using it as an excuse not to do it! 😉

  31. this is a great list, and one that certainly inspires me =) i’ll be following all these guys in the following year, aspiring to feature here in 12 months! 😛

  32. Wow! Truly honoured and humbled to be included in this list. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know many of them and look forward to interacting with those I’ve just discovered. Thank you Nathan & Sofia!

  33. Great list – thanks so much for sharing these.
    If you get a moment please take a look at out blog 100 places to visit before you die.

  34. What a fantastic list of travel blogs. it is an incredible blog written by a young man named Darren Alff. he’s been traveling all over the world for the past 10 years and makes some great photos and videos about his travel experiences. Despite the name of his website, you don’t need to like riding a bike to love his stories from the road.

    PS – I really enjoyed Rolf Potts story about traveling around the world with no luggage, but what happens to a website like that now that the trip is over? What happens to a lot of these websites once the owners stop traveling?

  35. I am glad I have seen this list… nice to meet you all travel bloggers. You just don’t know how much I really on you guys when it comes to planning my travels and in making all my travels as memorable as possible. Your thoughts inspire us and give us idea on what to do and what to expect out there.

  36. Great list of great travel bloggers. I am surely going to read each and every blogger’s blog. Thanks for sharing the list

  37. Great list. Looking forward to making it on your next list!

    Keep living and sharing the light of travel!

    Unstoppable Family

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  39. I love this list, but I was really intrigued by the No Baggage Challenge blog. The concept was amusing, but it could have been more challenging if no big companies were backing him up. But it’s quite interesting.

  40. Loved the list, thank you for sharing. Also check out these internal newcomers They are traveling the world 91 days at a time. They are currently doing their 3 month in Tokyo!!!!

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