10 Reasons Why You Should Travel More and More Often


Travel More to be inspired…Sitting home?

Why not cut back on eating out and shopping for stuff you don’t need?

Save your money to travel to places you’ve never seen before.

Here are reasons you should travel more.

Travel is more than just a way to break the monotony.

It offers rich experiences that help to satisfy that inner need to get away from it all.

Do you have a travel bucket list?

Make it your priority and start a travel fund!

Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures, visit places of historical significance, see the world and meet wonderful interesting people.

Reasons to travel more

Don’t just talk about it, do it!

Here are 10 reasons why you should travel more:

Reasons to travel more
Reasons to travel more

New adventures

Life is an adventure in itself, why not add more to it?

Travel to unknown places.

Go on safari, visit a remote mountain village in the Swiss Alps, enjoy a visit to the Grand Canyon, or go to local museum or historical landmark in your very own city or state.


There’s no learning experience quite as effective as traveling.

Broaden your horizons and learn, learn, learn!

The internet and television will never be able to take the place of travel.

You can only learn so much from a textbook.

Exciting challenges

You’re never too old to get out of your comfort zone.

Travel makes you try new things, new foods and meet new cultures.

While others are staying at home, you are up in the air or on the road again, challenging yourself with new experiences each and every day.

travel more

Travel More – Time to unwind

All year long you work hard, anxiously looking forward to your vacation from work.

Travel gives you the space and time to relax and unwind.

Go on a cruise, get some offline time, go to a sunny beach, go camping, enjoy life while you can.

Learn life lessons

Travel provides lessons of all kinds, from patience to learning new cultures and history.

An amazing reason to travel more is to learn life lessons by helping others.

Visit third world countries to learn about the lifestyle of those who are less fortunate.

Volunteering and helping those in need may be one of life’s most satisfying moments.

Give of yourself, your time, your energy, and feel the love.

Now’s the time to travel cheap

Travel is not a big luxury like it used to be years ago.

Go backpacking, work whilst you travel or just go for a real low-budget trip.

Research travel options online and find cheap airline tickets, hostels and rental cars.

Many companies have season offers and discounts.

Auction and coupon sites also offer you the opportunity to bid on airline tickets and travel packages.

You can even do a study exchange program and earn your degree as you travel.

travel more

Go local

Travel doesn’t always mean you need to hop on a plane.

Go local, take a bus, a train or a short road trip.

Support the small business and visit remote, out of the way places.

Stay at a bed and breakfast, eat at a cozy cafe or the only diner in town.

Make new friends

It is said that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

You never know who you’re going to meet while traveling.

In most countries locals are very friendly and helpful with travelers.

Be friendly, open up and connect with the locals, make new friends.

Friendships you make when you travel, usually end up being lifelong friends.

Feeling of freedom

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life helps you experience a freedom you’ve never felt before while traveling.

Be adventurous, do things you’d never do, try things you’d never try.

Enjoy life at its best as you travel to unknown places.

Enrich your life with hands-on experiences

New experiences can enrich your life, helping you to become a more interesting person.

Get involved in the lives of those from different countries and different cultures.

Many third world countries have associations or groups where you can volunteer, an experience like this will probably be one of the most gratifying things you’ll ever do!

What are you waiting for?

Where’s your next destination?

It’s all very well planning a city break to feed your inner culture vulture or a gastronomic experience to tempt your taste buds – but have you considered planning a holiday that focuses on your well being?

From month long relaxing retreats to cheap spa breaks, there are plenty of holidays out there that’ll help get your body and mind in tip top condition.

Here are a few of our favorites…

Holidays For Your Body and Soul
Holidays For Your Body and Soul

Holidays For Your Body and Soul Dust Off Your Walking Boots

“These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do” – walking holidays are a brilliant way to see the sights whilst also clocking up some impressive mileage, and there is nothing more soothing for your body than getting some fresh air.

Join a group excursion and you may even find yourself making new friends on during your trip.

Some of the best walking holidays in Europe are in Austria and Switzerland, which have thousands of kilometers of walking tracks, some where you’ll barely need to bring anything but your boots as restaurants, hotels and even spas can be found along the hiking trails in the mountains and villages you pass along the way.

Take To The Slopes

There’s no denying that skiing holidays can work wonders for your fitness – and now your winter sports break could benefit your brain, too.

‘Snowga’, a new luxury holiday experience set in France’s Val d’Isere resort, combines skiing and snow-boarding with regular yoga workouts to stimulate body and mind.

The best part?

All cooking during the break is done for you – so you can use the time you save to perfect your best Downward Dog.

yoga and meditation to soothe the body
yoga and meditation to soothe the body

Retreat From The World

Sometimes we all need to escape for a bit – whether you choose to run away for a week, month or even a year (yes, there are some year-long getaways out there) a retreat is the ideal way to show yourself some much needed TLC.

Most retreats include yoga and meditation to soothe the body and focus the mind, and many are located in inspirational settings such as Goa, Bali or Thailand.

In Goa you’ll find many Ayurveda spas, in Bali relaxing detox centers and in Thailand some luxurious spas and a variety of different treatments.

Prepare To Be Pampered Spa
Prepare To Be Pampered Spa

Prepare To Be Pampered

Spa weekends are one of the best ways to get away for a bit and recharge your batteries.

Especially if your time is limited and want to treat yourself without having it cost a fortune.

Most spas allow guests to tailor their stay to suit their needs, with options ranging from simple use of the facilities (such as pool and sauna) to a variety of indulgent treatments.

Whether you decide to treat yourself to a massage or simply to enjoy a dip in the Jacuzzi, the chances are that, come Monday, you’ll be feeling rested, restored and ready to take on anything.

Popular spa weekend destination are Budapest, Marrakech and Istanbul.

Jump In The Saddle
Jump In The Saddle

Jump In The Saddle

Not only are trekking holidays a fun and unusual way to explore a new place – but they’re actually pretty good for your fitness, too.

Hop on a horse, donkey or – if you’re feeling brave – a camel and you’ll find you work muscles you never even knew you had.

Well, it certainly beats being stuck on a coach for hours on end…

Corsica and Iceland are two popular destinations for horseback riding in beautiful scenery.

Reasons to Travel More – Where would you like to go for a wonderful body & soul getaway?

Wrong To Travel This Way

Wrong To Travel This Way – Traveling has fast as we have over the last 3 weeks (1 new country every 2-3 days) during the Europe Train Challenge, really forces you think a lot about the whole concept of traveling – there are so many ways to travel, and we all like different things.

Wrong To Travel This Way
Wrong To Travel This Way

The day I left to Dublin to start our Europe Train Challenge, my dad left for a weekend holiday to Prague and my grandparents for a month on one of their annual villa holidays to Spain.

We all traveled differently, and we would all turn out having completely different experiences because of that.

Arriving in Barcelona, few weeks later I couldn’t help but to envy my grandparents.

Staying in 1 country for a month gives you an opportunity to explore the country in such depth.

The idea of relaxing at my own place, do what I want without the pressure to have seen something or done something new every day.

I’m starting to warm to the idea to do like so many other tourists who go and get villas in Majorca for a few months and just take my time.

But that will have to wait for another time, we are in the middle of one of the most amazing trips of my life:

Europe Train Challenge
Europe Train Challenge

Europe Train Challenge

It’s such a crazy experience that I will never forget, and never regret that I did.

But I have to admit that it is easy to lose focus when traveling to so many new places, when you see other people doing things completely opposite from you.

I guess that’s a typical trait for travel addicts – dreaming of your next trip before you’ve even finished your current one.

It’s a bad habit, and if you don’t stop yourself, you may find yourself sitting on your flight home realizing that you didn’t take the time to enjoy the trip you were actually on, and now it is too late.

With this 90 days train challenge, we wanted to see how fast you can travel and still feel like you can explore the best of each countries culture – which I feel we have really achieved so far.

By doing the Europe Train Challenge, we knew we would experience the complete opposite style of travel from what we’re used to – but that was our choice, and I am so happy we made it!

We have been pushed to our personal limits in so many ways – stretched our realities and, more importantly it has brought out the worst in us and forced us to work on ourselves.

Isn’t that what travel is really about? Pushing, provoking and forcing yourself to learn and grow as a human being?

I want to live life, I want to feel stressed, feel excited
I want to live life, I want to feel stressed, feel excited

That is a big part of why I LOVE travel, and continue to find new and fun ways to see the world.

I personally think it would be boring to travel the same way every single month, spend the same amount of time in each place, and just do things how I always do them.

That for me is boring – I want to live life, feel stressed, excited

I want to know that when I wake up tomorrow, I explored and enjoyed my current location in the best way I could – that for me is what travel is all about.

So why not spice things up a bit … go left instead of right … travel to 30 European countries in less than 90 days :p

Open up your mind and push those limits – then you will finally realize that a life of travel can be limit-less.

Couple Travel – Who Decides Where You Go?

Most couples claim that a destination choice is a joint decision, but is that really true?

Can two people really agree on wanting to go to a place equally as much, or does one person have the final say when it comes to Couple Travel?

We all want everything to be equal, especially in a relationship, but is that really possible?

We know that people want different things and that you can’t always want to do the same things and go to the same places, so who decides where you go?

Couple Travel
Couple Travel

I came across an interesting study where SkyScanner showed a list of where women and men would most like to travel.

One destination that was very high up on the scale for men was Spain, while it wasn’t even in the top 10 countries for women.

Yet, Spain is the most visited country by couple travelers.

To me, it seems like the men have more influence on the vacation than they think they do.

I’m curious to know why that is the case, why do couples travel to the place which doesn’t interest the women at all, but is in the top list for men?

Couple Travel – Who Decides Where You Go?
Couple Travel – Who Decides Where You Go?

Is it because men usually earn more, and therefore can decide where to spend the money?

Or is it for some other reason?

Are they more persuasive than women, or don’t we mind as much where we go?

Where we go – the decision is made based on 3 factors


We don’t always have a lot of cash, so our next few destinations will likely be somewhere cheap, and close to our current location – Thailand, Laos, Cambodia etc.

We try to spend a few months in the same region, before flying off to another part of the world.

Travel Passion
Travel Passion


When I really want to go somewhere, we go there.

When Nathan really wants to go somewhere, we go there too.

The person who has the most passion and drive tends to really influence the other person to want to go there as well.

It really is true what they say:

What makes the other person happy makes you happy too.

We have never found ourselves in a situation where what we wanted was so different.

That we couldn’t agree on where to go, perhaps since we both want to go everywhere anyway, so it doesn’t really matter where we start. :p

Every Second Time

If we have just traveled to a place where that I really wanted to go, I naturally let Nathan decide the next destination, and so on.

The Power Of Saying Yes While Traveling

There is one word which is more powerful than any other word, a word that makes you go either right or left.

I’m talking about the “YES” word. 

‘Yes’ is by far the most powerful word in the world.

Saying yes to something can completely transform your life.

It’s crazy to think that such a small word, one of only three letters, can have such an effect and impact.

Think about everything in your life that you’ve said yes to before knowing the consequences, and then imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t said yes – maybe a no?

Things would have been pretty different, wouldn’t they..?

Saying No so often leads to a dead end – it is safe, and it is certain.

At least when you say yes things will change, you trust and you give life a chance.

Saying no to things is the safest thing you can do.

It is driven by certainty, by fear and often people say no to things they actually would have liked to do, but they’re too scared of the consequences.

While studying acting and film making a few years ago, I learned that what makes a story is the action of “yes”.

If people said no to everything, the story would become boring pretty fast, since nothing would happen.

(photo credit: MiqsPixsethbaur – yoga – photoworkEd Yourdon)

We Are On The Move Again?!

So, remember a few articles ago when we said we had moved to Norway to settle down for 6 months?

Well, that turned out to be a bit of a mistake …

We shouldn’t really blame Norway itself because there was nothing wrong with the country, except it really wasn’t the best place for us at the moment.

Realizing It Was A Bad Idea

Everything about Trysil was great – our apartment was lovely, the people we met were friendly, the skiing was fun and the landscape incredible.

It all seemed great, yet we couldn’t shake the feeling of having made the wrong decision …

On The Move Again
On The Move Again

Can you really tell the difference between a gut feeling and something your mind makes up?

Even if you can, are gut feelings really trustworthy?

Were we just being silly and scared of settling down for a longer time?

Did we make ourselves feel like this wasn’t the right place, or were these feelings actually justified?

These were questions we asked ourselves at first, until we finally realized that it had to be more than that.

It wasn’t normal for us to be doubting ourselves that much, and when we started breaking things down we realized that while Trysil was great, it wasn’t the right place for us.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

We always jump head first into things without really thinking much about it, and deal with the consequences later – hoping to learn a lesson.

This time we learned a very important lesson: don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Signing a contract for an apartment for six months in a place you’ve never been to before is not a good idea.

Had we been to Trysil before we would have known what it was like and if it was a good place for us.

From now on, we will never make long term commitments until we have been there for at least 1 month to see what it’s like.

So, now we’re in Berlin, and are finally taking things as they come, month by month.

We will be staying here for another month, and then see what happens after that.

We still don’t know where the right place for us would be, only that Norway wasn’t i t…

If you have any good tips of places in Europe you think we should check out for a month, feel free to tell us in the comments below!

Searching For Home – Where Is It?

Simply put, we feel that it’s time for a change.

Our lives, As We Travel.com, and our way of traveling – will be taking a new turn during the next 6 months.

back in 2009 – our first time in Budapest.

We’ve been traveling pretty much full-time for the last 2 years, to over 45 countries, and are starting to long for a place to ”call home”.

Not having anywhere to go back to, a base or a home is not what we ultimately want for ourselves, living like a nomad is fun for a while, but it also has limited us in so many ways.

The things we enjoy doing like skiing, surfing and mountain biking can’t really be done the same way when you’re always traveling – believe us, we tried.

So our plan is to base ourselves somewhere and rent an apartment for at least 6 months, and go on shorter (2 week) trips every second month.

The question is…where should we be based?

Where would we be willing to make a commitment to live for a longer period of time?

Sophia Von Porat
Sophia Von Porat

We have long been dreaming about the ”perfect place to live” –  a place where we could settle down but still travel when ever we wanted.

Everywhere we travel we always ask ourselves:

“could we imagine settling down in this city?” – sadly most of the time, the answer has been no.

There are so many amazing cities out there around the world, which offer so much, but it is one thing to love visiting a country and travel there, another to make a commitment to actually live there…

We’ve been looking around websites for places to live on a long term basis, and have found many great options, but still haven’t decided yet which place is the best.

We only really have two criteria for a long term place:

Options for either skiing, surfing or mountain biking (or all three!)

Fairly close to an airport (i.e within 1-2 hours reach)

3 places that are at the top of our list at the moment:

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Zell Am See, Austria

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oh it is hard to decide! :p

What do you think?

Where would be your ultimate place to live be?

A few weeks ago we talked about settling down somewhere for a while, but we couldn’t quite decide where.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany
Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany

Well, it is now official: We will be moving to the winter wonderland of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany – tomorrow!

As much as we love Asia, sun and warm weather – this just feels so right, and we figured that following our gut would be the best thing to do.

We initially settled for Zell Am See in Austria but missed our chance on the apartment we wanted, so Garmisch-Partenkirchen it is.

While Asia would have been cheaper if you stayed in the same place, we knew that we wouldn’t have been able to stay away from traveling all the time while we were there.

Which sort of takes away the point from what we wanted – staying in one place, focusing on our new business projects and taking them to the next level, while at the same time having fun skiing.

We made a few rough calculations on predicted costs to live in Europe vs South East Asia and found some interesting data.

After comparing flights, food costs, accommodation and extras, it would cost about the same traveling around and living in South East Asia on a budget as it would staying in a ski resort in Europe including all ski gear and ski passes for 3 months.

This would make some people think ”Wow, you can travel to all of these places in Asia for the same price?”, but for some reason we didn’t feel all that excited about that.

And in the end, the calculations and positive vs negative-lists are really just guidelines, it all comes down to what you want to do.

So after a month traveling around different parts of Germany, we are now ready to move in and spend some time in this little Bavarian resort right on the border of Austria…

Have you been to Bavaria? What did you think?

It has been 4 years since we started our Round-the-world trip adventure, and so much has changed since we left with our massive backpacks and butterflies in our stomachs.

So we began with our ever evolving gear list and set out.

Although we really weren’t ready, we loved every bit of our first trip and didn’t want it to end, so already 2 months in we were planning to start a business that would allow us to travel while making money.

We  had an idea of starting a juice business from a van and drive around Europe, but didn’t have enough money to even begin.

While the juice van business never happened, we had planted a seed to find a way of being able to travel full-time.

And you know what happens when you really want something?

Your dreams come true.

Full-Time Travel
Sofia back in 2008 …Full-Time Travel

Full-Time Travel – Can We Handle It Anymore?

Fast forward 2 years, and we had a blog that allowed us to make that dream a reality.

When we started traveling funded only by our blog back in 2010, I wanted to pull the middle finger to everyone who had ridiculed me, laughed at my face and told me it couldn’t be done.

Anything can be done, if you want it bad enough.

However, dreams aren’t always what they seem …

Running a business is possible when you travel full-time, but you never get that extra space to expand your business.

We found ourselves always “catching up” on things and only had time for the most necessary, which will never take you any further than where you are, and certainly not get us any closer to becoming millionaires.

Traveling the world has been the most amazing thing we have ever done and we are so grateful for all our experiences, but we’re exhausted from the way we have been doing it – we just can’t handle it anymore.

It is time for us to take a deep breath and slow down …

take a deep breath and slow down
take a deep breath and slow down

Nobody Does It

When attending TBU in Porto earlier this year, we were surprised to find just how few bloggers actually do travel full-time.

Everyone kept asking us where our ‘base’ was, and I found myself starting to ask people the same thing.

We had always thought that travel bloggers always traveled, but out of all of those we met, 95% of them had a base they went home to and lived between their trips, either with their parents or in a home of their own … making us feel like we were the odd ones out!

A New Way Of Life In Norway

We just signed a 6 month contract for an apartment in Norway, the longest commitment in years, which feels very uncertain.

New Way Of Life In Norway
New Way Of Life In Norway

It’s funny how when you have been traveling for a while, everything you used to think was uncertain – like traveling, is the most natural thing in the world for us.

Meanwhile, things like having a place to live, or staying somewhere for longer than a month, feels so uncertain.

There is a luxury of being able to live every day as it comes, to go wherever you want  – to live a life without commitment.

That freedom is addictive, and makes you fear anything too strict – just like we weren’t ready for our 1st round the world trip, we’re not sure if we’re ready to settle down and only travel every few months instead.

But then again, are you ever ready for anything new in life?

Is there a right time to stop traveling?

Glossy travel photos and inspirational videos make it seem that a life on the road is always fun and exciting, but the truth of it is that sometimes traveling can be exhausting.

If you travel long enough, you are bound to get ill, run into hassles with paperwork, have something stolen, or just burn out.

Is there a right time to stop traveling?
Is there a right time to stop traveling?

Sometimes the best antidote is to stop traveling for a period of time so you can regain your footing and find travel thrilling again.

Follow the Signs to Stop Traveling

So what can you do when you start feeling this way?

One idea is to try to stay longer in a place that you enjoy.

You can also take a vacation from your vacation with a trip to a beach or the countryside.

vacation with a trip to a beach
vacation with a trip to a beach

A home stay or volunteer experience can provide meaningful social interaction, and sometimes this is all that is needed to regain the traveling spirit.

However, if you find yourself tired of learning languages, scheduling reservations, making money transfers, and sleeping on airplanes, it may be time to stop traveling for a bit.

Traveling Roadblocks

There are plenty of life circumstances that result in less time for traveling.

One common example is taking time to focus more on a job (and with luck, one that will compensate you enough to travel even more when you have time!)

Traveling Roadblocks
Traveling Roadblocks

Of course, another good reason to take time off from seeing the world is starting a family.

Some people are able to travel with children, but others opt to settle down.

Keeping the Traveling Spirit

When you are settled in a place with friends and family, it gives you time to reminisce about past trips and to write about your experiences.

Keeping the Traveling Spirit
Keeping the Traveling Spirit

Sharing advice with those just starting out is a great way to keep the spirit of traveling alive while at home, such as: how to use international payments, how to pack, how to survive a stay in a dodgy hotel room, etc.

There are plenty of aspiring travelers who could use your hard-earned advice.

You can also advise tourists in your own town and help them to have a great experience.

A Break isn’t the End

Remember that putting down roots doesn’t mean you’ll never travel again.

Retirement, for instance, is a great time to start traveling again on a large scale!

seasoned traveler
seasoned traveler

Even if you only travel locally, you’ll experience it with the eyes of a seasoned traveler and appreciate it more.

The most important thing to realize is that traveling is a state of mind.

The insight and wisdom you acquire from your travels will never leave you.

How to Deal with Permanent Move Abroad

Moving house is an experience that can be exciting and full of promise, whether this is happening due to a change of job location, a desire to move closer to family members or just because you want a change of scene.

Many people say it can also be daunting, but you won’t be surprised to learn that this is entirely in your hands and that by making good decisions early, your home relocation can be smoothly and swiftly accomplished.

This is true even when you have decided to move to another country.

Check out what you should take care of in advance of your move and when.

Permanent Move Abroad
Bring only your favorites when you move abroad.

You will want to bring your favorite items, of course.

However, consider how secondhand thrift shopping while abroad can be a much more effective way to furnish and decorate your new home.

Do the research

Arm yourself with as much information about your destination as possible.

Moving to another country means encountering cultural differences, and this applies to Canada just as much as elsewhere in the world.

An authoritative travel guide that provides in-depth information is necessary.

As soon as you have decided to move, learn all you can about your planned new hometown and neighborhood.

If you will be using another language, do your best to achieve a decent level of fluency in good time.

Ensure all your necessary papers and documentation are in place as soon as possible – passport, visa and work permit if applicable.

As early as you can, seek out a company you are sure you can trust to take good care of your belongings.

Not every logistics company is the same, so look for one that has a track record of success and good customer reviews, such as Worldwide Express.

As it operates within the global marketplace, no matter where in the world you are going it is an ideal choice.

Founded by entrepreneur David Kiger, Worldwide Express also offers a small packaging service, providing customers with a smart way to send smaller shipments.

You can find out more about David Kiger on his personal website.

Remember that if you’re moving countries you may not want to take every single large item of furniture with you immediately, as that increases the costs.

Selling unwanted items or putting them in storage will lighten the load.

Moving day minus 6 weeks

Confirm your travel arrangements.

Get a health checkup and any necessary vaccinations.

Take care of any insurance that may be required (including for the move).

Remember to regularize your tax position with the IRS; if you are going overseas to work you may be entitled to claim some of your removal expenses.

Moving day minus 4 weeks

Arrange for mail to be redirected.

Cancel subscriptions and club memberships.

Close accounts that you will no longer need.

Pay any outstanding bills.

Review your bank account and open a new one at your destination if necessary.

Create an inventory of your belongings that are to be shipped.

Begin packing little-used items.

Start to dispose of or recycle anything you’re not taking with you.

Moving day minus 2 weeks

Make arrangements to deal with large items of furniture and kitchen appliances.

Put a timetable in place for utilities’ readings and disconnection.

Continue packing.

Moving day minus 1 week

Arrange for foreign currency to be available when you arrive.

Label furniture according to rooms in your new home.

Finish packing items not in daily use.

So, finally, moving day has arrived and you can pack your last few personal belongings, essential documentation and things you will need on arrival, ready to make your journey.

After one more double-check of your old home, you are ready at last to move to your new one.

7 Wonders of the World

From the beginning of the new millennium until 2007, an effort was underway to crown the 7 New Wonders of the World.

After intense competition and much campaigning, seven unique and intriguing monuments were chosen.

Each is spectacular in its own right, and each draws millions of visitors every year.

Nonetheless, being named to the new Wonders of the World list brings each the attention it deserves and helps to ensure preservation for the future.

Visiting any of these stunning destinations could be a part of the trip of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a life-changing travel experience, we suggest you give one of these destinations a visit:

7 Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal, India

This labor of love by Shah Jahan to his beloved wife has magnificently stood the test of time.

The Taj Mahal is an architectural marvel, and experts suggest visiting between November and February for the most comfortable weather.

7 Wonders of the World - Taj Mahal, India
7 Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal, India

Most people find accommodations in nearby Agra, but there is also a hotel just outside the eastern gate of the monument.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

The ruins of this ancient Mayan city are glorious to behold.

With pyramids, temples and plazas to explore, it’s easy to spend the day.

7 Wonders of the World - Chichen Itza, Mexico
7 Wonders of the World – Chichen Itza, Mexico

Mexico has much to offer, Chichen Itza being just a small part of it, there’s many places to stay in the area or even just a road trip away.

The high season is October through April when the weather is favorable.

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

This imposing figure perched atop Corcovado Mountain and overlooking Rio de Janeiro is an impressive sight.

September and October offer optimal conditions for visiting.

7 Wonders of the World - Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
7 Wonders of the World – Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

An afternoon viewing of the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue is considered ideal because of the sun’s location.

It’s easy to get to the statue from any hotel in Rio and don’t forget to stretch out your arms for a photo op!

The Colosseum, Italy

Construction on Rome’s most iconic landmark was begun in 70 AD, and the structure was in use for approximately 500 years.

Known for bloody battles between gladiators, the building could hold 50,000 spectators.

7 Wonders of the World - The Colosseum, Italy
7 Wonders of the World – The Colosseum, Italy

Today the Colosseum is a ruin, but still one of the biggest attractions of this country.

The summer season is the busiest, so most people prefer spring and fall visits.

Rome is packed with great hotels that make visiting here a breeze.

Great Wall of China, China

Though an impressive engineering feat, only educated guesses can be offered regarding the “Great Wall’s” actual length.

That’s because it’s not a continuous structure, and many different iterations were created at various times.

7 Wonders of the World - Great Wall of China, China
7 Wonders of the World – Great Wall of China, China

Perhaps the most rewarding section to visit is outside of Beijing and is called Juyong Guan.

In fact, Beijing makes an ideal home base for exploration of the region.

Machu Picchu, Peru

From a hotel in conveniently located Cusco, visitors travel by foot or train to ancient Incan ruins of a profound sacred site.

May and September are considered excellent travel months because of light crowds and mild weather.

7 Wonders of the World - Machu Picchu, Peru
7 Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu, Peru

If you love the outdoors, Machu Picchu is a hikers dream destination, there are many trails you can walk including the well-known Inca Trail.

Petra, Jordan

Jordan’s ancient capital was established in 9 B.C.E. Many of its structures were impressively carved into rock walls.

Spring and fall promise the most comfortable weather in Petra.

7 Wonders of the World - Petra, Jordan
7 Wonders of the World – Petra, Jordan

Some visitors choose to stay in a nearby Bedouin camp for an authentic experience.

Most hotels in the area offer free transport to Petra.

Which of these 7 New Wonders of the World destinations is the highest on your travel bucket list?

Reasons I’m Glad I Traveled in My 20’s

Reasons I’m Glad I Traveled in My 20’s – Eighteen months after college, I quit my first “real job,” sold everything, and moved to South Africa.

Throughout the next four years, I was able to travel to over a dozen countries in Africa.

Fast forward to a few months ago, my husband and I sold everything we owned in South Africa and moved back to America to prepare for our next adventure.

Looking back, there are so many reasons I’m glad I traveled in my 20’s.

On track to visit 30 countries by my 30th birthday, I have made sacrifices to be able to explore the world.

Looking back, it has all been worth it.

Here are top reasons I am glad I traveled when I did.

Green Travel is Easier

Have you noticed that budget travel and green travel often go hand-in-hand?

Since the majority of my travel has involved a small budget, it usually is green too.

Public transportation is always more cost effective than renting a car, and camping is more economical than staying at hotels.

There are ways to green your hotel stay and you can even find a green hotel.

My husband and I just spent nearly three months traveling through Africa.

By camping in Africa, we were able to spend less than $700 on accommodations for the entire trip.

Not only is camping a great way to travel green, it also saved us money.

But budget travel can be more physically taxing.

Fifteen years from now, I am sure I will prefer a hotel room to a tent!

And yes, I’ll be sure to find a green hotel.

The Element of Risk

My favorite travel experiences are always unexpected, and involve adventure.

With the joys of having children and owning a home come increased responsibilities.

I am looking forward to both, but they will definitely change how I travel.

On a recent trip, we were invited to visit a friend in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We had some major challenges trying to get a visa.

We eventually discovered the easiest way was by visiting a National Park.

By climbing an active volcano in the Virunga National Park, we were also able to also spend a few days visiting our friend and his family.

It was unexpected, off the beaten path, and one of my most memorable travel experiences to date.

While I am certain my passion for travel and exploration will not fade with age, I am sure I will be less likely to take some of the risks I am eager to take now.

Talk About Perspective

It is one thing to learn about other cultures from a textbook, it is quite another to experience them firsthand.

Travels have taken me off the beaten path, and I have met people that will continue to influence how I relate to the world around me.

While in Namibia last year we visited a Himba village.

In just a few hours we were able to learn more about the culture than we ever would have from reading a book or watching National Geographic.

Although other cultures have abandoned some of the tradition clothing and traditions, many Himba people continue to live like they have for the last several hundred years.

There are so many rich cultures in the world that we can learn from.

I’m thankful to have experienced many cultures in the world throughout my 20’s.

Now, I have the next several decades to apply all of the life lessons.

Trip Down Memory Lane

In my early twenties, I traveled with my best friend.

After over a dozen years of friendship, many of our favorite memories are from times we were fumbling through Spain with our 10th grade Spanish and trying to navigate public transportation in Italy.

Now, my husband is my most frequent travel companion.

In less than two years, we’ve traveled to over 15 countries together.

Whether we are laughing about my horrible French pronunciation in the Rwanda, or reminiscing about visiting castles in Scotland, I love having these memories with him.

What are some of your favorite travel memories from your 20’s and 30’s?

Why are you glad you have invested in travel?

There are so many reasons I’m glad I traveled in my 20’s.

A recent survey showed that more than 50% of people wished they would have saved more money for travel during their 20’s.

Even if you are decades older, travel is worth pursuing.

Move to Europe and Store Your Possessions Responsibly

Making the decision to move to Europe was easy.

I had the opportunity to accept a job I knew I would love and to live in a city that I’ve adored ever since I spent a couple of semesters studying there in college.

In virtually every way, moving to Europe was a dream come true.

Unfortunately, the logistics of moving to not just another country, but another continent, promised to be a nightmare.

There was no way I could take my whole household with me, and I knew I was bound to need some extra time to find the right place to live in my new home base.

Plus, I’m pretty environmentally conscious (I try to travel green, Conscious Travel and stay at Environmentally Friendly Hotels) and I wanted to make the whole process as green as possible.

I needed a strategy to make it all work.

I could see that I would have to donate or otherwise give away some of my possessions.

Moving it all to Europe wasn’t feasible.

Surprisingly, getting rid of a bunch of stuff was liberating.

I had little difficulty getting rid of items to my local Goodwill when I knew the reward was getting to live and work in such a wonderful place.

Of course, I made sure to keep certain things that were particularly special, useful or sentimental to me.

I’m as attached to my stuff as the next person!

Still, I knew that a good portion of my belongings was going to have to go into storage at least for a few weeks or months.

I was familiar with self-storage units from my time in college and just after when I always seemed to be on the move.

I’d learned a thing or two about which facilities I could trust and which ones I needed to avoid like the plague.

Since I’d also become more environmentally aware, I had a long list of requirements for my self-storage unit.

If you are migrating to Europe, FN Worldwide is one of the best.

They also can assist with your storage needs as well.

I found them extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Store Your Possessions Responsibly

One of my requirements was that the unit be climate controlled.

Anyone who has ever stored their possessions in an unfinished basement or garage knows how dangerous that can be.

A really cold winter, an extremely hot summer or a severe storm can cause a lot of damage to things that are stored in space that doesn’t have climate control.

I didn’t want my belongings to end up in the landfill, so climate control was an absolute must.

However, good climate control has to go hand in hand with energy efficiency.

When I started looking for self-storage places, I was paying attention to the ones that talked about having a lot of insulation.

It might seem like a weird thing to consider, but it actually makes a lot of sense from an energy efficiency standpoint.

A structure that has sufficient insulation doesn’t put so much of a strain on its heating and cooling system.

Essentially, good insulation means less output from the central heating and air system, and that means cost savings.

I also paid particular attention to the lighting in the storage facilities.

It was important that the hallways not be lighted 24 hours a day.

After all, some storage facilities just aren’t accessed all that often, so why do they have to be lit all the time?

Fortunately, a number of self-storage places have gotten on the energy efficiency bandwagon.

It’s becoming far more common to find places that put their lights on a timer and perhaps also use motion sensors so that lights only come on when it’s necessary.

I also found that many places have made the switch to more energy efficient bulbs, so that definitely makes me feel better about using those businesses.

Believe it or not, I even gave consideration to the landscaping.

Some of the most environmentally conscious self-storage facilities are using particularly well designed watering practices so that they don’t waste water when taking care of landscaping.

They’ve also taken care to protect against soil erosion and use rainwater barrels.

I can’t ask for better environmental responsibility than that.

I was so relieved that I would be able to responsibly store my possessions while I transitioned between the U.S. and Europe.

There’s great peace of mind in knowing that the belongings I just can’t part with will be safely stored away and that I can have access to them whenever I’m ready.

It took a bit of extra work, but being able to choose an eco-friendly facility really meant a lot to me.

I made my self-storage experience even more responsible by opting for cardboard boxes that were made from recycled materials.

Even better, I chose packing peanuts made from cornstarch to protect the things I wanted to make certain wouldn’t get broken.

Moving to Europe was still a lot of work, but it has definitely been worth it.

I’m glad that I was able to make the move while still living green.

Hotel Tips Travel Pros Recommend and use all of the time.

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  1. Hi:

    I couldn’t agree more with all the premises of this article. Especially with numbers 2, 7 and 9: education, go local and the feeling of freedom.

    There’s no place I’d rather be than exploring someplace new with a camera around my neck. Of course, I’m a landscape photographer. So you could say that I’m biased. But for me it’s the ultimate feeling of freedom and adventure.

    And it doesn’t need to be somewhere far. Sure, it didn’t hurt to explore Spain and Italy for six weeks. But I’m just as happy exploring my native Puerto Rico for my own travel blog. So “go local” it is.

    But I also think of going local as trying to live like the people of the place that you are visiting. Try to eat where they eat. Hang out where they hang out. Try to do for fun what they do for fun. In fact, if you get a chance, try working with them. Pick grapes in Rioja, or olives in Italy. It’s the ultimate way of understanding a culture.

    And as for education, I concur completely. You’ll learn more about a country in a month —if you really immerse yourself in every aspect of their lives— than you will in a lifetime of books and travel videos.

    It’s like learning to swim. You have to get in the water.

    Congratulations on a great post. I love it!!!

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  3. Travelling is not expensive… couldn’t put it better myself. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to convince someone of this. It is like telling an aspiring pilot that airplanes actually don’t have to have wings. It just doesn’t seem to register.

    I am surprised how few people want to learn something on vacation. They seem to feel that education is a chore, not a blessing. To each their own but I definitely like learning something new. That stays on my mind longer than any beach…well maybe not ANY beach.

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