Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

Las Vegas Oases


Las Vegas Oases – Las Vegas is normally anything but a relaxing place.

It is an assault on the senses for even those used to life in the fastest of lanes, a place where movers and shakers party all night, play cards all day and give little thought to their mental well-being or the state of their soul.

There are plenty of resources for those who are planning their trip to the metropolis in the US state of Nevada to enjoy its well-known nightlife.

But what about those of you who are searching for little oases of calm among the city’s towering casinos, nightclubs and restaurants?

Luckily for you, we were up to the challenge of doing the looking so that you don’t have to.

Las Vegas Oases

Here are some of the best mindfulness, yoga and generally calming locations that Sin City has to offer.

Float Off on Your Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment

After a long day at the poker tables, watching chips change hands more times than a Frisbee at the beach, you will probably find it’s time for a place that can take you away from the sights and sounds of men wearing sunglasses, chewing gum, farting and fist pumping when they correctly call a bluff.

The perfect place to do just that is the Float Center of Nevada, whose salt water flotation tanks will leave you thinking you’ve sailed into outer space, cocooned in a warm bubble of oxygen-rich air, with nothing but the faint hum of Buddhist mantras to bother you.

Who knows, you may find yourself booking repeat trips to this saline sanctuary, such are its purported healing and stress-relieving powers.

Las Vegas Spiritual Enlightenment
After a spot of contortionism, you will be sure to feel fantastic!

Climb the Red Rock to Catch a Sunrise or Sunset

If you’ve taken a bit of a financial battering at the tables, perhaps you’ll want to keep things cheap.

Well, how about an activity that’s completely free?

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a park that gives incredible views out over the Las Vegas and Nevada Desert skylines, allowing you to place your yoga mat accordingly, assume your meditation pose, and breathe fresh unfiltered air into your lungs.

This really is an incredible natural wonder and it’s all within easy walking distance of the strip.

Just Head Back to Your Room and Order a Massage

Gone are the days of an overweight sweat bucket of a masseuse arriving at your hotel room door and expecting a tip after he’s slipped your disc halfway down your leg.

Vegas hotel resorts now pride themselves on providing top of the range massage facilities, all in the comfort of your suite.

That’s right, Vegas-goers are now booking their massages for the week before they even plan the rest of their trip.

Among the hotel resorts offering the most luxurious massages are the Encore – where you can indulge in a special Nalu Body Massage as well as lomi-lomi and hot stone treatments – and the Bellagio, that has a whopping fifty-six treatment rooms and a specialist Watsu pool.

RYK Yoga

Yoga is hot right now, with everyone from high stakes rollers to bartenders flexing their bodies at the crack of dawn or late at night, as they manipulate their bodies into all manner of improbable shapes.

The unrivaled spot to visit if you need a yogi to guide you through the stretches and breathing is RYK Yoga, where classes cater to all levels and there are even free classes for those on lower wage incomes to enjoy.

Keep Your Clothes on and Reach for the Stars

If the idea of being dipped in water, prodded by a stranger or stretching your muscles to snapping point aren’t appealing to you, why not take a hot-air balloon ride?

Things To Do In Las Vegas Without Gambling

There’s no exercise involved other standing in the basket and allowing hot air to whisk you towards the endless blue, from where you can look down on the world, and realize just how inconsequential all of your daily problems are.

Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago Tips For Beginners

Best Views In Chicago John Hancock Observatory


Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago – If you have traveled in Chicago, you probably noticed its big potential when it comes to real estate investments.

As the third most populous city in Illinois, Chicago has 3 million residents within it’s city limits and 9.5 million in the entire metro area.

It only means that many people need housing, which provides a great opportunity for a first-time investor like you. 

Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago Tips For Beginners

If you’re a newbie in the real estate business, it’s crucial to take time researching and choosing the best rental property that can provide you a good source of passive income.

Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago Tips For Beginners
Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago Tips For Beginners

Focus on Your ROI

If you don’t want to take chances, it’s best to invest in a rental property location that promises a high return on investment.

The ideal cap rate is 7% or higher.

To know the highest ROI or Return On Investment, you’ll need to research the area and available houses for sale in the neighborhood.

Checking a trusted and reputable real estate directory can help.

How to Impressively Renovate a Small Apartment on a Budget

Tips when buying rental properties focusing on ROI

  • Invest in rental properties in areas that you’re familiar with.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by drawing insights from your previous experiences. For instance, if you’re a doctor, you can buy a rental property for interns near your hospital. If you’re a young professional, you can buy a rental apartment for bachelors or young professionals near a business district.
  • Check the cap rates or single-family houses, apartments, and multi-family residences using online tools, such as Zillow and Bisnow. Doing so will help you assess if the prospective rental property you want to buy is within a reasonable price.

Take note that in Chicago, well-maintained suburban real estate properties are in demand.

Cap rates in this place are higher than that of San Francisco and New York City.

Weigh Your Financing Options

When using a mortgage for your first rental property, you have to weigh your financing options, such as borrowing from the bank or a lending institution.

Remember that investment properties may require higher down payments than regular buildings with strict approval requirements.

Also, consider the renovation expenses before paying the down payment.

You can check the cost of your financing options by filling out a form available on lending sites so that you can compare rates.

Choosing a financing option for your first rental property investment

  • Do you prefer a 15-year or a 30-year mortgage?
  • How about an adjustable or fixed rate?
  • Can you handle more than a 20% down payment?

Invest in Low-Cost or Single-Family Homes First

As a new investor, it’s a good idea to purchase properties in the low or mid-range price brackets.

Since you’ll need to spend money on the repairs and renovation before renting or selling the house, you need to buy a rental property that you can keep up, and you can always find maintenance tips online to help you.

Advantages of investing in single-family homes:

  • Single-family homes are easier to manage than multifamily residences or commercial properties.
  • With a single tenant, there’s less wear and tear on the property.
  • The risks are low even if you don’t meet your expected profits.
  • The first rental property serves as your training ground to test your actual real estate management expertise.

Screening Prospective Tenants

One of the things that a first-time investor overlooks is screening potential tenants.

Bad tenants can kill the ROI on your first rental property.

On the other hand, you’ll have peace of mind with a good tenant, knowing that the rent will be paid on time and your property will be kept clean and undamaged.

Tips when screening potential tenants:

  • You can try using MyRental, a monthly subscription for investors or landlords to verify criminal backgrounds, eviction history, and previous addresses.
  • Microsoft office templates, like OnSite or Tenant Data, also serve as free online applications for people looking for rental properties.
  • Contact previous landlords and neighbors.
  • It also helps to contact the employer to verify if a tenant has a steady and reliable source of income.
  • Run a credit check by ordering a credit report through Equifax Identity Report.
  • Run a background check through companies like ScreeningWorks or StarPoint.

In the future, you can hire a property manager if you’ve acquired several rental properties and can’t  handle the tasks and responsibilities of a landlord anymore.

It will make your real estate management a lot easier so you can focus on the most important aspects of your real estate business.

Investing in Chicago Rental Property
Investing in Chicago Rental Property

Understanding the Mortgage Market

Investing in real estate rental property is a major investment.

There are many factors you need to consider, such as the location, current mortgage market value, financing, type of property, and return of investment.

The factors that favor investors include increasing in single-family home permits, tightening vacancies, and rising rental prices.

As a new real estate investor, you need to understand the current mortgage market.

Having the right mortgage could keep the costs low. It also reduces the uncertainties about the cash flow of the property.

The mortgage leverage can save you some cash for repairs or other potential investments. 

Basic mortgage terms you need to know as a first-time investor:

Conforming Loan

Meets the standards of different government-affiliated enterprises.

Generally cheaper than non-conforming loans.

Conforming loans have guidelines including down payments, credit scores, income verification, and debt-to-income levels.

Non-Conforming Loan

This type of loan is more expensive compared to a conforming loan because it doesn’t meet the requirements of a traditional loan provider or bank criteria.

Non-conforming loans also don’t meet the purchasing guidelines set by the Federal Mortgage Association or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

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Investing in Rental Property in Chicago

When investing in a real estate rental property in Chicago for the first time, it’s crucial to learn the ins and outs of the business without losing too much or taking a big risk.

Starting with a low-cost investment is a good idea so you can gain experience and improve your knowledge, skills, and attitude towards managing a rental property.

Most of all, don’t forget to weigh your options and screen potential tenants for a successful business. 

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Rural Life in Laos Everyday Experiences

Rural Life in Laos Everyday Experiences


Rural Life in Laos has one of the smallest population mass in Asia and villages tend to be dispersed, secluded and isolated from fundamental services.

In Laos, each village tend to be a home to a distinct ethnic group.

In towns, ethnic groups may exist side-by-side, but in the rural areas, they create new villages consisting of members of their own group, instead of joining a village inhabited by another ethnic group.

Towns And Villages In Laos

Ten to several hundreds of Lao families live in villages.

Usually, the village houses crowd around each other, but in some cases they spread out in a rectangular or linear pattern along a principal road, river, stream or long thin piece of public land, with rice fields encircling the village.

Only a minority of Lao villages have families from other ethnic groups.

Village Life In Laos

The economy of most Lao villages is sustained by paddy rice cultivation, and several village activities and daily life is connected to rice production.

Gelatinous, or sticky rice is the staple food in Laos, and due to its high starch content, sticky rice must be cooked with steam rather than boiled.

Villagers dip the rice in soup or a vegetable or a meat dish, and eat it with their fingers.

Nearly all Lao Loum villages are independent and can cater for themselves through rice production.

However, the production rate of different households within a village varies.

Household work focuses on paddy production right from when the rains begin in May, till December when all the rice has been harvested and brought gathered for storage.

Majority of the work is done during transplanting and harvesting, and interdependent work groups are often set up among different families, to help get the work done within a short period of time.

Additionally, so many households in Laos have a small vegetable garden and a few fruit trees situated either in the house compound or close to a stream.

They also grow cotton, tobacco, and sugarcane, but in very small quantities for personal use.

Villagers also rear domestic animals like chickens, ducks, and pigs, as well as one buffalo or two for breaking the fields during cultivation and maybe two cows for pulling a cart.

Furthermore, hunting and fishing help in sustaining the household economy.

However, the increased population and degraded wild areas has made accessing these resources difficult.

Hunters use homemade rifles to chase small deer, wild pigs, and small game like squirrels and birds, while fishes are caught with nets and traps.

Traditional Lao Homes

Traditional Lao houses are built with wood or bamboo and are erected on stilts above the ground.

Villagers live on the first floor of houses erected on timber stilts.

Most households keep animals, craft equipment, and food processing equipment like big wooden mortars and pestles beneath the house.

As you advance into the highlands, the standard of housing changes.

The villages in lowland Lao have better houses than those living in the highland.

Everyday Rural Life In Laos

In Laos, almost everyday, you’ll see women pounding rice with big mortar and pestles, men breaking logs into planks with their axe, women and children washing their clothes and bathing themselves in the river, and villagers formulating deep blue indigo dyes used in making traditional textiles.

In some places, children run away in fear when they see foreigners, while in other places, loud speakers awaken villagers and announce the activities for the day.

A bulk of their diet includes forest products they gather, the crops they grow, and fish and wildlife they catch.

The girls in the villages gather grubs for food and carry heaps of firewood.

Hunters shoot birds with rifles and slingshots and capture wild animals with traps.

Brown cow Laos

Are You Interested In Visiting Laos?

If you’re interested in visiting Laos, you can get your visa.

 Their agents assist travellers to obtain travel authorizations from governments.

Their services include the proper review of all answers, assistance with completing the application, review of the application for accuracy, completeness, spelling, and grammar; their services also include the translation of information.

They may also contact their clients via phone or email if they require additional information to complete the request.

Once the application on their website is complete, an immigration expert reviews it and will submit an eVisa Laos request to the Government of Laos.

eVisa Laos applications are subject to approval by the Government of Laos, but their expertise ensures an application that is 100% free of errors.

In most cases, applications are processed and approved within 3 business days.

Please note that incomplete or incorrect applications may be delayed.

Their experts follow up with applications, and approved Laos eVisas are sent via email with detailed information and tips on how to use the eVisa Laos to enter Laos.

Visiting Canada 4 Things You Need to Know

Tips for Traveling to Canada in the Winter


Visiting Canada or are you traveling to Canada for the first time? Or perhaps want to visit Canada someday?

First-time visitors to any country should know how to travel safely and smartly – and travelers to Canada are no exception to this rule.

The foremost crucial thing you need to know for a hassle-free traveling experience to Canada is that you need to get the Electronic Travel Authorization (eta) to enter the country.

While some countries are exempted from this requirement, you would want to confirm your country is among the Canada eta eligible countries before taking the leap – more on this later in the article!

4 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Canada 

Canada has been one of the most popular tourist attractions for decades.

Lively vibrant cities, kind people, breathtaking scenic beauty, and advanced quality of education are some of the main reasons why people from all over the world travel to Canada, at least once in their lifetime.

Here are some tips that will ensure you have a great time in Canada.

It Is a Huge Country

Canada comes under Russia on the list of world’s largest countries and covers an area of 9.9 million square kilometers.

The fact that it is surrounded by three oceans i.e. the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific means that you will require more time and money to travel around the country.   

While flying might be an easier and faster option, it is expensive.

Hence, the best way to enjoy your time in Canada without breaking your bank is to choose a region or two to explore in advance and spend your time there.

It Is Less Populated

Canada is large if we speak geographically but not many people live there.

The population density is only 3.7 people per square kilometer, which explains a lot of empty space around the country.

 The majority of people live in big cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

This is why these cities are the top choice of tourists who are traveling to Canada for the first time.

The Requirement of eta

The eta is a must for all visa-free nationals with the exception of Americans.

You would want to confirm that your country falls in the category of Canada eta eligible countries before planning your trip.

Once you are sure your country is among the Canada eta eligible countries, you can travel to Canada without a visa.

However, if not, you would have to get an eta even if you just plan to pass through Canada on your way to somewhere else.

An eta is a travel authorization and not a visa – hence, it is easy to apply for and faster.

With an eta, foreign nationals belonging to visa exempt countries can live in Canada for up to 6 months.

Its validity period is 5 years but if your passport expires before that, it is deemed invalid.

Be Prepared for the Weather

While the natural beauty and wonderful parks of Canada may excite you to your core, you need to be prepared for the cold weather.

Yes, winter never really leaves Canada.

Especially if you are visiting between December and March, you should consider packing up many layers of warm clothes.

Even during the summer season, you are likely to feel cold if you are not a native Canadian.

With these tips in your mind, your time in Canada will likely be the best time of your life.

It is such a picturesque place, which with the friendly Canadians becomes even more lively and welcoming.

It may well be a welcome change from the rural lifestyle you are accustomed to.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Canada and brace yourself for a wonderful experience!

Just if you are a foreign national from any of the Canada eta eligible countries, make sure you apply for an eta first.

4 Must Sees in Canada That Seasoned Travelers Love

Must Sees in Canada – We all know that Canada is a land filled with polite and friendly people.

As a traveler, we are aware that it’s the people that make our traveling worthwhile and memorable.

But if you think this 9.3 million plus kilometer land is all about maples and politeness then think again.

They are blessed with magnificent landscape, alluring bodies of water, and exciting activities.

They have most of the terrain you can think of from glaciers to beaches, from rainforest to rocky mountains.

A country deserved by seasoned travelers.

Must Sees in Canada Travelers Love

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the vastness of must-sees in Canada then let me help you out.

I’ll discuss four of my hand-picked destination in the beautiful Great White North.

Lake Simcoe

Around 50km or a 45-minute drive from the great city of Toronto, Lake Simcoe is a place to be when you think about water-related activities.

Known for its beautiful shores, clear water, and abundant fish, this lake needs to be on your must-see and visit list.

The lake covers about 52km of shoreline, perfect for swimming, boat riding, watersports, and fishing.

It is the perfect spot for anglers, from Canada even in the United States, due to its close proximity to nearby main cities and richness in variety of fish.

Only a handful of lakes in Canada have the same amount of abundance of fish species so remember to bring your trusty fishing gear if you want to encounter some trout, whitefish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, bowfin, northern pike and many more.


If you think experiencing a winter wonderland is all about visiting malls with white winter decorations or visiting a skating ring in downtown, then you need to know about Banff.

Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada, located in the province of Alberta.

It offers the most surreal winter wonderland experience anyone can wish for.

Its known for its icy landscape, breathtaking lakes, picturesque pine forest.

This national park has the best of the best the winter season can provide.

You can chill in the backcountry lodges and indulge yourself with some magnificent snowy mountain views or experience adrenaline in the chilling weather by playing activities such as hockey, skiing, ice skating or even dogsledding.

Remember to book your accommodation early because this park is considered one of the most visited national parks in North America with around three million visitors every year.

Visiting Canada Niagara Falls
Visiting Canada Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

It should be no surprise that the Niagara Falls fall into this list.

With its majestic height, powerful might and beautifully epic plunge, failing to miss this spot is like failing to see Canada at all.

Niagara Falls is actually composed of three falls and divides the border between Canada and USA.

One of the falls and its biggest and most renowned is called Horseshoes Falls, also known as Canadian falls.

Majority of this fall is located in the Canadian border.

Seeing, living and breathing from a distance to appreciate this God-given nature may be enough but you can actually explore it a little bit more intimately by hopping in on a boat tour that will take you underneath its plunging waters.

In addition to that thrilling experience, there are many nearby child-friendly activities around and some impressive light show at night.

Victoria and Vancouver Island

You will probably be tired by the time you are done with Lake Simcoe, Banff and Niagara Falls.

Now it’s time for you to chill, relax and get your piece of mind.

Thankfully, there is a place in Canada called the Garden City, the city of Victoria in Vancouver Island.

Around 76 miles in the southwest of the bustling city of Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver island is a getaway from all the noise, hustle and stress of modern life.

Going to the island leaves you with a number of good options, you can take a 4-hour trip by car or bus and ferry; or a 35-minute flight.

This place is filled with colonial architecture, glorious heritage buildings, mesmerizing gardens, and scenic harbor.

The streets in this city are teeming with street vendors, cafes, and restaurants.

Perfect for a relaxing but interesting walk.

The best way to get around and do sightseeing on the island is by bicycle.

The city of Victoria prides itself with plenty of cycle routes that any city in the country.

Canada is a charming country no matter the season.

They have great population diversity, friendly and warm people, amazing nature and exhilarating outdoor activities.

A true haven for seasoned travelers.

Expats’ Rural Living in Cyprus

Expats’ Rural Living In Cyprus


Rural Living in Cyprus is a prime state that has cultural influences from Greece, Turkey and some Asian countries.

This multicultural effect, economic stability and political stability have lured expats who come here to start or expand their businesses.

According to Immigration Service experts, quite a good number of expats seek to know how they can live in rural areas in Cyprus.

Expats’ Rural Living in Cyprus

The cost of living in rural Cyprus is lower than in the cities or near the beach.

However, some newbies may find it hard to understand how people live in the rural areas especially if they relocate from the city in their states.

Therefore, this guide will highlight some crucial points on how expats live in rural Cyprus.

Rural Areas in Cyprus

Cyprus is a mountainous state especially as you move further away from the flat beaches.

Some of the Cypriot people still live in villages and small, rural towns, which the government encourages for sustainability.

Some of the best rural districts to choose as an expat include the following:

Expats’ living in Strovolos

it is further subdivided into smaller areas called parishes.

The Cypriot government controls this rural locality, and numerous expats are known to live here.

Most of them are engaged in farming or the mining business, which does well in this region.

Getting a house or land in Strovolos is easy when using an agent.

Expats’ living in Moutoullas

If you love high altitude and serenity, this is the village to choose.

It is mountainous and holds a rich history.

The village is part of the Nicosia District, and expats can work as heritage site workers or engage in business at the district headquarters.

Expats’ living in Amathus

Expats who want to feel like royals usually choose this locality.

Cyprus appreciates this area as a royal city.

It is the area where the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite sit, making it very significant.

You can acquire a house in this area with ease and still access major cities like Limassol for work.

Expats’ living in Achna

Most of the Cyprus citizens consider this rural village as abandoned.

It is located near the South East of Cyprus although ruled by the Northern part of the state.

What makes the village a great choice for experts is the fact that it is not too far from the beach.

Any investor can settle here for tranquility and development of their businesses, where raw materials and labor are readily available.

History of Expats’ Rural Settlement in Cyprus

According to government reports expats started moving to rural areas in early years.

The Cypriot citizens are friendly and welcoming no matter in which part you decide to settle.

The early expats moved from nearby countries like Portugal, Turkey and Greece just to mention but a few.

They were in search of raw materials to send back in the factories in their countries.

However, the Cypriot government has continuously encouraged settlement of expats who contribute positively to their government.

More so, it is also active in making treaties specifically to check on tax and investments matters.

With time, this has encouraged foreigners from all corners of the globe.

Today, most of them have become expats in Cyprus and continue to contribute to the economy.

Encouraging their settlement in the rural areas brings development all over the state in an equal measure.

Why Expats Choose Rural Living in Cyprus

According to a survey that questioned some expats, rural living in Cyprus is very economical, and the cost of everything is affordable.

The houses are of high standards yet cheap.

If you have a business that does not require a main city location, then this is the best place to locate it.

Your bills will be very reasonable.

Farmers and business people who can easily access raw materials in the rural areas are the greatest beneficiaries.

Cyprus allows the buying and building of properties under regulated guidelines.

Most expats who live in rural areas have their own properties that they have purchased through various plans.

The department of land and farming in the country promotes the productive use of abandoned land in the rural areas.

On the brighter side, most expats are also great investors in farming and other agricultural activities like raising rabbits for meat or Pygmy Goats.

Further, they also allow hiring of foreigners under specific guidelines which has also promoted more expats to join the rural areas.

Amenities like world-class schools and healthcare facilities are not concentrated in the major cities but are all over the state.

Therefore, expats can easily take their families to standard schools and access health care using their international or local insurance coverage.

Friendly regulations and taxation programs

Cyprus is a state that has imposed fair taxation programs for foreign investors.

Those who have become expats in the country have done so because of friendly taxation procedures available.

According to expats who have been in the country for long, they enjoy the taxation rates that apply to businesses they do both in the rural areas and the town areas.

Expat’s Housing in the Rural Areas

Expats in Cyprus are free to move to rural areas and mingle with other Cypriot citizens.

The government does not have any hindrances to such plans. 

In fact, the housing department in collaboration with the government makes sure that the expats get the necessary tax breaks and other support to secure a house in the rural areas.

It is also notable that title deeds for a housing or farming land are easily processed, especially when the right procedure is followed.

An authorized agent is the right person to use when when expats want to secure such a land.

They can choose their settlement rural areas in any districts and start the process through the offices in any district capital.

Real Estate Investing Rental Property Chicago

Expats’ Moving to Rural Cyprus

As a final word, it is worth mentioning that the population of expats moving to rural Cyprus is increasing by the day.

This is an indication that they are not only enjoying this kind of settlement but also affording it.

Thanks to the Cypriot government that has played a great role in promoting expat’s rural settlement in Cyprus.

It is a program that other countries should emulate if they want to have an all-state development.

With some research, you can identify the best location that you want to live in when you become an expat in Cyprus.

Visiting The Lone Star State? Plan Your Next Holiday Trip to Texas

Lone Star State Holiday Trip to Texas


Holiday Trip to Texas – As the second-largest state in the United States, Texas offers several great places to visit during the holiday season.

In fact, Austin, the capital of the state, is considered being one of the safest and most eccentric cities to visit.

You will find enough time to slow travel and enjoy every itinerary you have on your list during your stay.

Festive parades, safaris, and museums are just a few of the places you must step foot on to enjoy any holiday with your family and friends.

These places are also perfect for people who want to take a trip alone

Visiting The Lone Star State – Holiday Trip to Texas

With almost 29 million locals, according to the 2019 United States Census Bureau Report, who believes in the state’s motto “Friendship”, you will not find yourself lost and lonely at all.

Take a Jungle Trip at a Safari

There are 2 different ways to enjoy safaris in Texas.

One is by riding an open 4-wheeler jeep around the zoo which gives you the freedom to snap photos of animals grazing around.

Second is called drive-thru safari where you ride a closed vehicle while watching animals roam freely.

Drive-thru safaris are becoming more popular in Texas because it is more convenient and comfortable.

The jeep safari still gives you a closer look at how animals react in their natural habitat.

Whichever of these two you choose, you will find a trip to a safari a chance to get away from the noise in the city.

Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas
Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

Relax and Pamper Yourself at a Spa

One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday is to pause and relax for a bit.

As a Med Spa in Austin says, “There is nothing like treating yourself to a massage or a facial.”

Getting a service at a spa can help improve your blood circulation, release serotonin or happy hormones, and relieve chronic pain.

Not to mention, nothing’s more relaxing and luxurious than a quality massage.

Relish a Texas History Trip at a Museum

The state of Texas has dedicated most of their museums to cultural history, art, and nature.

There are several museums to visit and some offer discounted admission to its most popular destinations.

However, the first museum that you should set foot on is the Bob Bullock Story of Texas Museum, which will tell you the history of the Lone Star State.

Next, visit the Space Center in Houston and experience NASA for a day.

It is a leading science and space learning center which allows visitors to wander around the replica of Skylab, the first space station of the United States or see actual rockets on display at the Rocket Park.

There are other museums worth visiting and all of them offer something different from the other.

Enjoy at a Texas Festive Parade

Just to wrap up your trip to Texas, do not forget to enjoy festive parades.

Whether it is for the Christmas season or a festival in one of its cities, Texas makes sure that these parades are well-prepared.

One of the most awaited festivals in the state is Fiesta San Antonio or the Battle of Flowers Parade.

It started in 1891 when women decorated carriages with live flowers.

Once they meet at Alamo, the participants throw blossoms at each other, thus inspiring the name “Battle of Flowers”.

The Lone Star State has a lot more to offer than those mentioned above.

There are beaches in Galveston, rivers in New Braunfels and the Big Bend National Park.

As Texans would say, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas!”

So go ahead and plan your big exciting holiday vacation here.

Traveling With a Cat: How to Survive the Expurrience

Traveling With A Cat

Traveling With a Cat – When you’re traveling, you may consider bringing your feline friend with you.

Having an animal companion during your journey can make it all the more memorable, but cats are different than dogs.

Your pooch may stick his head out the window and enjoy the road trip, but Fluffy has other plans.

Let’s talk about it.

Cats Like Their Territory

If you have a cat, especially one that stays in the house, taking them out of their territory and on the road can stress them out.

Expect your cat to cry while they’re in the car.

If you’re a cat owner, you may know this if you ever had to take them to the vet.

Of course, some cats are more open to travel, but they are the exception.

Therefore, if you’re just taking a vacation, your cat can stay behind.

Cats are great at taking care of themselves, and a neighbor, friend, or pet sitter can check up on them, feed them, and clean their litter box.

But what if you have to travel with your cat?

Here are some ways you can survive the trip.

Get a Good Carrier

A small carrier may work for a 10 minute drive to the vet, but if you’re traveling for the long haul, they need a big carrier.

One they can stand and walk around in.

When you find that carrier, make sure it’s nice and padded, and secure it with the seat belt.

Pack the Essentials

Bring some cat toys to keep your kitty entertained, and bring their health records.

Your cat may be in purrfect health, but in case of a medical emergency, having their vet records handy can make the process much faster.

If you’re going to be staying the night somewhere, pack a litter box, litter, food, water bowl, and all the essentials.

With litter boxes, you may want to go with the disposable types.

Have proper identification, such as a collar with their name tag.

Also, consider buying products that can keep your cat calm.

From calming collars, calming treats, and calming sprays, they may help your cat be a little less stressed during the trip.

Of course, don’t rely on them too much, but if your cat is extra stressed, they may be worth it.

When to Let Fluffy Out?

Depending on the length of the trip, you may or may not need to let your cat out of the carrier.

For example, if the trip is longer than six hours, they need a break, but if it’s shorter, they can probably stay in the carrier for the whole duration of the trip.

Just like people, cats need to walk around and stretch their legs, and letting them out of the carrier for a bit is essential.

Just make sure you’re parked.

Also, letting them out of the car is a bad idea unless they have a harness.

Feeding Time!

Make sure you feed and give your cat water when you’re parked.

You don’t want it spilling.

You may think that loading your cat up on food before the trip is a smart move, but the problem is that they may vomit the food out.

Make sure you don’t do that. Feed your cat only in the evening.

Keep Cool or Warm

Your air conditioner should be running all throughout the trip during the summer.

Bringing an extra ice pack may be needed if you’re having AC problems, or in case the AC breaks down.

An extra blanket is also suggested if it’s cold outside.

Pet Friendliness and Hotels

As always, stay in hotels or motels that allow pets.

Don’t just do a quick Google search, either.

Call the hotel and make sure.

Their policies may change.

Some people may sneak in a pet that doesn’t allow pets, or may do so in a pet-friendly hotel to avoid fees.

Don’t do that. If they find any evidence of a pet, you’re going to have to pay for it!

Once you’re in the hotel, check the room for anything that could be dangerous for your cat.

Chances are, they won’t, but you never know.

Your cat may have trouble adjusting to the room at first, but give them their favorite blanket and bed and they should be right at home.

Anything that smells like your home is fair game.

If the hotel has an extra room, consider putting them in there.

If your cat is extra meowy because of a new area, perhaps bring some noise-canceling headphones with you.

Play some white noise or ambient sounds so that Fluffy doesn’t keep you up all night.

You’ve traveled a lot and need that rest.

Flying High

That’s the essentials of traveling by car?

Especially when traveling with a cat?

So what if you need to do it by plane?

Most planes will have a cargo hold for your cat and their carrier, but that may worry you a little bit, especially during a long flight.

Some airlines do allow you to keep your kitty on the cabin, but beware of fees.

The cost of flying is already high, and the last thing you want is to be unprepared for the cost.

Arrive early, as some airlines don’t allow you to reserve your pet and have a limit.

As you bring your cat in, cover their carrier.

This way, they feel a little less stressed about the whole ordeal.

Have identification on your carrier as well in case if it gets lost.

Experience Traveling With a Cat

While most cats hate to travel, you sometimes have to traveling with a cat, and by preparing yourself and packing all the essentials, the trip can be a little less stressful for all.

While you deal with the stresses of travel, also consider online therapy.

Online therapy resources such as BetterHelp let you speak to a therapist while you’re on the road or flying high.

While they can’t calm your cat down, a therapist can help to calm you down and allow you to have a much less stressful trip.

4 Tips for Surviving Post Holiday Dread

Surviving Post Holiday Dread


Surviving Post Holiday – Taking a break from work to relax and enjoy some quality time alone or with loved ones is something that most people look forward to.

Traveling adds to the benefits of the time off by giving you a chance to explore new and different things and meet new people.

Traveling is also a good stress reliever.

Since holidays are so good, the end of one can be tough.

It’s hard to imagine going back to the office after spending days to weeks basking at the beach or hiking and camping in the forest.

Getting the body to adjust can be challenging too.

Surviving Post Holiday Dread

So how can you survive that post-holiday dread?

Consider the following tips.

Get Organized

Once you get home and rest, think about getting organized immediately.

It won’t be easy to move on with unpacked suitcases on the floor.

A disorganized environment can also contribute to stress.

Therefore, take time to unpack, get the laundry done, and clean your house.

You can also go for a little shopping. 

Review Your Goals

What did you plan to do once the holiday was over?

Go back and review those goals.

It will help you in regaining your focus.

If you hadn’t set goals, do so immediately, because without a clear plan, you can easily end up procrastinating for a long time.

Look at all aspects of your life when setting goals.

You could look at work or business goals, education goals, family goals, and wellness goals among many others. 

Take Care of Your Body 

Your body may take time to adjust, especially if you had traveled far away from home.

During the first few days after your holiday, you may feel tired and sluggish.

There are a few steps you can take to help your body recover.

One, consider going for a massage.

Massage therapy after a trip can help in getting rid of the fatigue, stress and harmful toxins.

After a massage, you will feel much more relaxed. 

Two, work on a good diet.

If you have been giving your body too many unusual treats, maybe you should consider a post vacation detox.

Fruits and vegetables can help and if you can, consider green smoothies too.

Choose healthy carbs, proteins and fats for your main meals. Three, don’t forget to drink your water. 

Finally, and most importantly, get enough sleep.

If you had traveled to a different time zone, you may have a hard time sleeping.

However, you will soon adapt if you set a schedule and stick to it.

Pick a time when you will go to bed and a time when you will get up in the morning.

Aim at between seven to nine hours of sleep.

Avoid TV, cell phones, and caffeine right before bed, since these will only make it harder for you to stick to your routine.

Finally, ensure you are sleeping on a good surface.

If your sleeping surface isn’t comfy, maybe it’s time to get a nice mattress that will give you the support and comfort you need.

Look for quality when making a purchase.

A good one should last at least 10 years

Plan for the Next Holiday 

It’s never too early to start planning for the next holiday, especially if you are sad about the one that just ended.

Actually, planning early can give you the motivation to work hard so that you have the money to finance your next trip. 

To make things easier when you go for the next holiday, give yourself an allowance so that you have enough time to adjust before resuming normal activities.

That is, end your trip a few days before the day you are expected to report back to work.

This will give you time to adjust, get organized and rest.

Why Serviced Apartments Make Better Accommodations Than Hotels

Serviced Apartments Make Better Accommodations


Serviced Apartments Make Better Accommodations – One of the biggest challenges of business travel is finding somewhere away from home that you can call home.

Working away from home can be useful for a change.

The change of environment is even better when you can be able to do some of the things you are able to at home.

Traveling is mind-opening, fun, and relaxing.

Travelers going on vacations or business trips always look for ways that they can enhance their experience.

Getting the right accommodation is a step in the right direction.

As time goes by, the focus is shifting from the conventional hotel rooms to serviced accommodations.

Here are the reasons why service apartments are taking over. 

Serviced Apartments Have More room

If you have a lot of room at your place, you might have a hard time adjusting to the limited hotel room space.

Also, if you are going to stay for a long time, you might end up feeling suffocated. It is for this reason that travelers are choosing serviced apartments.

Apartments compared to hotel rooms, they are at least 30% more spacious: if you go for a one-bedroom apartment, you can get double the size of a standard hotel room.

With serviced apartments, you will get enough room to cook, relax, and watch TV, workout, accommodate guests and sleep. 

Serviced apartments are cheaper

Compared to traditional hotels, serviced apartments are way less expensive.

The deal is even better if you are going to stay for a long time.

If you compare the daily rate times the number of days in a month for a hotel, it will be costly.

For a serviced apartment, the rate per month of your stay will be cheaper.

The incredible part is that you will even get more at that price, for instance, more space. 

Strategic locations

Good hotels can be a bit scattered and may be found in areas far away from business districts and other tourist destinations.

The advantage of a serviced apartment is that it will always be located somewhere convenient.

For instance, in locations, you will not have to deal with traffic to get to your business meetings.

Unlike hotels, which might be located in the middle of noisy cities, serviced apartments are usually found in serene and peaceful environments.

The location of serviced apartments puts into consideration the travel and movement needs of tourists. 


Everyone loved their privacy. With hotels, this is not something you may be able to enjoy fully.

There are so many restrictions and processes, for instance, confirming identity before you leave and come back to your room.

As much as this may be for security, serviced apartments do it better.

Serviced Apartments
Serviced Apartments
Serviced Apartments

They have a system where you can let yourself in and out while at the same time upholding high security.

Also, for hotel rooms, you might be forced to step out for cleaning to be done; this serves as constant interruptions.

Cleaning in serviced apartments is more discrete. Since you have more space and rooms, you don’t have to step out for cleaning to be done.

Generally, in serviced apartments, the impact of interruptions caused during cleaning is felt less.

Serviced Apartment Security

Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are safer.

There is a lot of privacy in serviced apartments.

Since you have the keys to your residence, it is easy to control who comes in and out of your room.

This provides security to the items that you leave behind as you run your errands. 

Also, serviced apartments are equipped with 24-hour surveillance CCTV, security personnel who are on the ground at all times, and secure locking systems.

On top of that, they are located in safe neighborhoods, where you can come in and go out at any time without the fear of what you might encounter outside. 

Serviced Apartments have Modern amenities

 In a serviced apartment, you will get access to all the facilities you need for comfortable living.

For instance, they are usually air-conditioned, something that you are not guaranteed in hotel rooms.

Also, some different gadgets and devices will give you the feeling of being at home.

There is, for instance, refrigerating gadgets, a microwave, cooker, TV, home automation services and so on. 

All these essential equipment may not be available in hotel rooms. 

Serviced Apartments Offer Flexibility

Hotel rooms may not give you the flexibility you need.

With serviced apartments, you can work with your schedule.

For instance, if you are on a business trip, you can hold a meeting or two in your apartment.

Also, it is easier and more comfortable entertaining guests in your serviced apartment as there are more space and the facilities needed to entertain them.

More so, since you are allowed to cook, you can also have a flexible eating schedule.

You can cook and eat at your convenience.

Serviced apartments also have some space set aside for a home office.

This makes things even easier for you.

You do not have to leave and go work in a café.

You can work from a desk in your serviced apartment. 

Flexibility also comes in choosing a serviced apartment.

Most hotels are more or less the same.

Apartment owners understand that their clients have different needs.

Therefore, they offer many different types of serviced apartments, with various facilities and space.

This makes it easy for you to choose the accommodation that will meet all your needs.

More travelers are embracing the idea of serviced apartments via booking services like AirBNB.

Those who have tried them have enjoyed the many benefits they offer: for instance, more space.

A spacious room gives you enough space to store your belongings and relax.

Also, you will not have to rely on taking out.

You can make your favorite meal even when you are far away from home.

Apartments are also less lonely, as you are allowed to invite your friends over and have a chat.

Provided you get a serviced apartment that meets all your accommodation needs; you will enjoy your stay. 

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling


Stay Healthy While Traveling – Going traveling is the opportunity of a lifetime, and if you find yourself lucky enough to embark upon an adventure exploring everything that the world has to offer, then it is very easy for unhealthy habits to creep into your lifestyle.

But despite how amazing traveling is, it can also be significantly detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.

From late nights to on-the-go foods, you can quickly start to feel the impact that the typical traveler lifestyle can have on your body and mind.

It is important that you are conscious of staying healthy while traveling, not only for your overall wellbeing, but also so that you can stay fit and well, and make the most of the opportunity.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while on the road does not have to be complicated or time-consuming, and by making a few simple changes and swaps, you can protect your own wellbeing.

Here are a few of our top tips from some well-seasoned travelers on how to stay healthy while you are away. 

Get Enough Sleep

Many people don’t realize just how tiring traveling can be, so it is important that you are giving your body and mind the time it needs to recuperate.

From carrying your luggage onto flights, to crossing different time zones, there are a lot of different aspects of traveling that can tire you out.

So, it is crucial that you are taking the time for you to catch up on your rest.

Don’t make the mistake that many inexperienced travelers do by assuming they can rest during their journeys.

You need good quality sleep to keep you healthy.

Pace Yourself

The world is full of fascinating things to see and do, which is why many travelers can be so determined to see as much as they can as fast as they can, and then overdo it.

Don’t set yourself the target of exploring a whole city in just one day; instead, take your time and set realistic goals when it comes to planning your itinerary for each day.

By rushing to different locations, you may be able to say that you have been somewhere, but you may not have fully experienced everything that it has to offer.

So, remember to take the time to be active in the streets of a new city and take in the people and culture around you.

Always Eat Breakfast

While we understand that sticking to three meals a day can be difficult when you are on the road, it is essential that you don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Many travelers are conscious of the money they are spending on food each day, which is why they choose to skip breakfast and go straight for lunch.

But breakfast doesn’t have to be an expensive meal and simply by having a piece of fruit or box of instant oatmeal in your room, you can cut costs by making breakfast yourself.

Having breakfast gives you the energy that you need to start your day right, which is essential when you are traveling!

Exercise Regularly

During your trip, you can become so preoccupied with exploring everything that the next destination has to offer, that your regular exercise routines slips.

It isn’t as difficult as you may think to exercise regularly while traveling, as it can be fitted into your daily routine.

For example, you can make a conscious effort to walk everywhere when exploring a new city, which will not only help you to truly get to know your new environment but will help to keep you fit and healthy. 

You can also incorporate regular exercise into your traveling adventure by taking part in different sports and recreational activities, such as kayaking.

This helps you to benefit from the many physical and health benefits that come from taking part in watersports, as well as broaden your experiences while you are away.

Keep Hand Sanitizer in Your Bag

Traveling can be dirty as well as tiring, and after a long day walking around a new location, having hand sanitizer in your bag is a great way to freshen up.

Depending on where you are, you may not always have instant access to soap and water, and the last thing you want to do is meet new people or eat your food with dirty hands.

Therefore, keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag will help to keep you clean and fresh, and help you to stay healthy as you won’t be spreading any germs or bacteria.

Protect Your Skin

Traveling can really take its toll on our skin, and many people don’t realize how important our skin is and that it should be protected at all costs!

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and failing to look after it can lead to serious health issues.

Therefore, you should always protect your skin by wearing a minimum of SPF 15.

Remember that the sun doesn’t have to be shining for it to damage your skin.

SPF sunscreen should be re-applied after two hours, and you should also be prepared for any insects or mosquitos by wearing insect repellent when necessary.

Stay Hydrated

While it is always important to stay hydrated, it is even more of a necessity when traveling.

From long tiring journeys to spending all day exposed to the sun, it is easy to become dehydrated.

Therefore, you should ensure to keep up your fluid intake by always carrying a bottle of water with you.

If left untreated, dehydration can cause you serious health conditions, such as heatstroke, kidney failure, and heat exhaustion.

Keep a Balanced Diet

During your trip, you will likely find yourself eating on the go, meaning that following a balanced diet can feel like a distant memory.

But by making healthier choices where possible, you can maintain your health while traveling and stay Healthy While Traveling.

By following our easy tips, you can look after your health while traveling, allowing you to experience even more of the wonders of the world.