Most Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couples

Getting away with your sweetheart on a cruise can do a lot to rekindle romance. With so many options, you will have your choice of destinations and cruise lines. These are the most romantic cruise destinations for couples. Boarding a romantic cruise away from life’s most stressful demands is a dream for many couples.  A cruise is a romantic vacation. If you’re looking to really dial up the romance on your next getaway, then it’s … Read more

Kentucky landscape

Things to do in Kentucky

Updated: May 7th, 2020Things to do in Kentucky – Bordered by the Ohio River in the north and the Appalachian Mountains in the east, Kentucky is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in America. As well as this, it is home to several major cities, each with their own distinct and unique vibe. Yet somehow Kentucky is often overlooked when planning a tour of the country. This southeastern state has more than enough … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Hiking Boots for Trekking the World

Choosing the Perfect Hiking Boots for Trekking the World

Updated: April 13th, 2020Choosing the Perfect Hiking Boots – So, you’ve decided you want to take hiking trips around the world! As with any other trip, you have to make sure you pack the right stuff. There are many different pieces of gear you should purchase if you want to be the safest and most comfortable on your trek. One of the essential elements to consider is the type of hiking boots you’re going to wear. … Read more

Las Vegas Oases

Las Vegas Oases – Behold the Mindfulness

Updated: April 6th, 2020Las Vegas Oases – Las Vegas is normally anything but a relaxing place. It is an assault on the senses for even those used to life in the fastest of lanes, a place where movers and shakers party all night, play cards all day and give little thought to their mental well-being or the state of their soul. There are plenty of resources for those who are planning their trip to the … Read more

Rural Life in Laos Everyday Experiences

Rural Life in Laos Everyday Experiences

Updated: March 20th, 2020Rural Life in Laos has one of the smallest population mass in Asia and villages tend to be dispersed, secluded and isolated from fundamental services. In Laos, each village tend to be a home to a distinct ethnic group. In towns, ethnic groups may exist side-by-side, but in the rural areas, they create new villages consisting of members of their own group, instead of joining a village inhabited by another ethnic group. … Read more

Tips for Traveling to Canada in the Winter

Visiting Canada 4 Things You Need to Know

Updated: March 20th, 2020Visiting Canada or are you traveling to Canada for the first time? Or perhaps want to visit Canada someday? First-time visitors to any country should know how to travel safely and smartly – and travelers to Canada are no exception to this rule. The foremost crucial thing you need to know for a hassle-free traveling experience to Canada is that you need to get the Electronic Travel Authorization (eta) to enter the … Read more

Lone Star State Holiday Trip to Texas

Visiting The Lone Star State? Plan Your Next Holiday Trip to Texas

Updated: May 7th, 2020Holiday Trip to Texas – As the second-largest state in the United States, Texas offers several great places to visit during the holiday season. In fact, Austin, the capital of the state, is considered being one of the safest and most eccentric cities to visit. You will find enough time to slow travel and enjoy every itinerary you have on your list during your stay. Festive parades, safaris, and museums are just … Read more

Are CBD Gummies Safe to Take on Flights

Are CBD Gummies Safe to Take on Flights?

Updated: May 8th, 2020CBD Gummies Safe to Take on Flights – Even if you love to travel, it definitely has its stressful moments. Getting through airport security can be harrowing enough, but worrying that you may be carrying an illegal substance in your bags is over the top. It may seem unreasonable that your tasty CBD gummies could get you in legal trouble when you are just trying to make sure your arthritis doesn’t keep … Read more

Traveling With A Cat

How To Travel With A Cat

Updated: May 28th, 2020When you’re traveling, you may consider bringing your feline friend with you. Having an animal companion during your journey can make it all the more memorable, but cats are different than dogs. Your pooch may stick his head out the window and enjoy the road trip, but Fluffy has other plans. Let’s talk about it. Cats Like Their Territory If you have a cat, especially one that stays in the house, taking … Read more

Surviving Post Holiday Dread

4 Tips for Surviving Post Holiday Dread

Updated: May 8th, 2020Surviving Post Holiday – Taking a break from work to relax and enjoy some quality time alone or with loved ones is something that most people look forward to. Traveling adds to the benefits of the time off by giving you a chance to explore new and different things and meet new people. Traveling is also a good stress reliever. Since holidays are so good, the end of one can be tough. It’s … Read more