Where To Find The Stereotypical Britain in the UK

Many people living outside of Britain hold a certain image to the country and its inhabitants. It would be incredibly dismissive to quash these visions as untrue for outside visitors – but they’re definitely all not true for all parts of the UK.

Stereotypical Britain

Stereotypical Britain

They say you should never meet your heroes as you will only be disappointed – the same should be said for places you love. The last thing you’d want is to go to England only to see that what everyone says isn’t true.

It would be cruel to ruin the dream, so here are the best places to go to experience the English stereotypes that you hold dear to your heart.

Now, all you need to explore the land of the Brits is a good camera, a car, a comfortable pair of shoes and maybe you can pass the Life In The UK Test

Where To Find The Stereotypical Britain


Stereotypical Britain in London

Stereotypical Britain in London

This is the capital for a reason – you’ll find thousands of traditional stereotypes living and breathing here. Visit the East End for cockney pubs and jellied eels, then travel to the centre for a completely different culture.

Seeing past the busy workers power-walking past on angry phone calls, it’s easy to experience the tradition seeped in England’s capital.

In Westminster you can visit the Houses of Parliament and have a peek down Downing Street – and from politics to royals you can visit Buckingham Palace.

And then there are the skyscrapers, big red buses, the London eye, China Town, the Thames, the West End, Hamleys and Harrods, along with so much more.

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Stereotypical Britain in York

Stereotypical Britain in York

The best word to encapsulate York is ‘quaint’. With winding, cobbled streets, tea rooms and stone walls, this is a very typically English city.

It has old sweet shops and dusty second-hand book shops, as well as The Shambles – one of best preserved medieval streets in the world.

It is filled with tourist shops, tea shops, and aromas of fudge and chocolate…awesome things to do in York!

Lake District

UK Lake District

UK Lake District

With breath-taking peaks, quaint countryside towns and Wordsworth’s grave, the Lake District gives postcards of England their pictures.

With around 15.5 million visitors per year, you won’t be the only one chasing traditional England…

Make sure to visit Keswick for traditional English pubs and cafes.


Scarborough Fish and Chips

Scarborough Fish and Chips

When people think of Britain, they think of fish and chips – whilst the food horizons of many Brits may have broadened, this is still the go-to Friday evening meal for many households across the country.

Scarborough, the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast, is the ideal place to visit for seaside traditions – as well as fish and chips, you’ll find arcades, donkey rides, candy-floss and a nice freezing cold, British sea.

Yorkshire Dales

The county of Yorkshire has strong stereotypes attached to it – and they can all be found in the popular holiday destination of the Yorkshire Dales.

Talkative strangers, farmers, lots of sheep and an abundance of pubs – any village in the Yorkshire Dales will make you feel at home in England.

What is your favorite stereotypical place in Britain?

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