What To Eat In Montreal, Canada

Montreal was recently named the second best city to eat out in North America, after San Francisco and ahead of New York which came in third place. But you don’t have to visit Michelin star restaurants or fancy fine dining places to get a taste of what makes Montreal such a great food city – the many cafes and street side stalls are also reasons why Montreal is a city loved by foodies from all over the world. It is also my favorite Romantic Things to Do in Montreal and Great Reasons to Visit Montreal This Summer.

Here are a few foods to try when visiting Montreal…

What To Eat In Montreal

Smoked Meat

What To Eat In Montreal, Canada

What To Eat In Montreal, Canada

Ever since the 19th century, smoked meat has been a traditional staple in Montreal and can be found almost everywhere in the city. The most popular and authentic place however is Schwartz, a Jewish deli that has been serving smoked meat (with a secret recipe of spices) since 1928.

The large local Jewish population contributed with these as well as the traditional Bagels.

Montreal-style Bagels

Montreal claims to have the best bagels in the world, and they sell them in a variety of styles and flavors. The Montreal-style bagels are smaller and sweeter than the New York bagels, and are baked in wood-fired ovens which give the bagels a slight hint of a woody taste. Before they’re baked, they’re boiled in water sweetened with honey – the most classic bagel places are Fairmount Bagels and St-Viateur’s.


Montreal is often nicknamed Europe of North America thanks to its many European influences – one area in particular is great for European food; little Italy. Little Italy has some truly spectacular Italian restaurants, but a tip is to try the Gelato. The Gelato scene in Montreal is huge, and Little Italy is the place to go for a scoop of freshly made, original Italian Gelato.

If you prefer some Chinese, you can always head to Chinatown. Minutes away from the Palais des congrès, a world renowned convention center in Canada, you can find many authentic Chinese restaurants and shops.


Consisting of a bowl or plate of french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, the popular Poutine is the perfect dish when you’re craving for some comfort food. Poutine can be found just about anywhere in Montreal, and some have mixed them up a bit; Italian poutine has can have spaghetti sauce and sausage bits rather than brown gravy, and other restaurants offer custom made poutine where you can choose add-ons like beef, chicken, different types of cheeses and sauces

Sugar Pie

A traditional dessert of Montreal is the sugar pie, a decadent dish made with vanilla, butter, salt, sugar, flour and cream. The pie has a delicious caramel flavor, and some bakers use local maple syrup instead of brown sugar.

These are just a few of many food sensations you can find on the streets in Montreal – some other foods worth mentioning are “full dressed pizzas”. These are just some of many delicious foods to try in Montreal, and a great time to explore the cuisine is during one of the food events and festivals that are held in the city every year.

One of the most popular events for foodies, however, is “The Omnivore Food Festival” and “Street Food Montreal”.

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