Why Budget Travelers Must Visit Switzerland

Must Visit Switzerland

Must Visit Switzerland

We have traveled quite a bit in Switzerland, and even lived down there for a couple of months. When “As We Travel” was founded back in 2010, we were living far up in the Swiss Alps in a tiny cute village called Scuol. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to …set right in a valley surrounded by high snowy mountains, the villages there were so secluded from the rest of the world that cars actually have to go on a train to reach the valley! They speak their own language (Romansh), have their own culture, their own traditional cuisine, and – most importantly, nearly everyone we got to know there lived for the moment and enjoyed the simple things in life. We thought that because it was so secluded and tricky to get to, that was the reason to why it was still so beautiful and such a relaxing place.

Visit Switzerland ~ Vevey, Switzerland – Europe

After the stress and fun we had in Barcelona – it was time for us to sit back and chill for a few days. Vevey in Switzerland was perfect for this – amazing nature, clear blue water, wine, chocolate and best of all it was QUIET …Every time we visit Switzerland, we fall more and more in love with the place – the lifestyle, the nature … for us everything is perfect in Switzerland. We hope you enjoy our Vevey video, and stay tuned for at least 1 new video every week – Next stop Italy!
But once we left to see the rest of Switzerland, we realized that no matter where you went – the country was breathtakingly beautiful. Vevey, where we decided to go this time around, was no exception. Arriving at the train station, I instantly felt my body relaxing. Since Paris, every train station had felt bigger and more chaotic than the previous one – boarding the trains had been like boarding a flight with bag scanners and everything. But Vevey’s station was small, quiet and simple – and the town was the same. Everything here happened slower than normal, it almost felt as though it happened in slow motion: The cars cruised rather than raced, the boats drove in circles rather than towards somewhere – even the many people working out seemed to do it in harmony, and it was so quiet that I for a moment thought that my ears were blocked.

Vevey is famous for three things: The vineyards surrounding the area, the invention of milk chocolate and being the place Charlie Chaplin called “home”. The vineyards, which date back to medieval times, are world famous for its great wine, and incredible views. Perched on top of steep mountains, the view is priceless – and the wine, expensive… It’s easy to understand why people like Charlie Chaplin and Hemingway chose to live here, and easy to see why the milk chocolate was invented here, in a place full of inspiration and all about indulgence.

Many backpackers choose not to visit Switzerland because they think it will cost way too much to visit – big mistake! Yeah it might cost more than some other places in Europe BUT trust me, it’s worth it, if only just for a few days…If the nature alone is not enough reason to visit, than the variety of culture is …What other country can you experience 4 languages (Italian, Swiss German, French and Romansh), making for such a great variety of local food and culture?

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