Visit London for the Street Food Scene

Guest post by Maya Verber:  It would be fair to say that in the last year or so, street food has officially become a ‘thing’ when it comes to travelling. Going to Goa? You won’t want to miss out on the samosas, chicken and cool drinks from the street vendors on the beach.

Jetting off to Vietnam? It’s all about Banh mi sandwiches. Visiting the big apple? Well, while you’ve pretty much got your choice of anything, you’ll definitely want to sample a serious hot dog or two.  What about London?

The street food scene in London has taken off in the last year or so.  Everywhere you look, people are selling food from market stalls, vans and open air bars.”

So, if finding fabulous places to eat on trendy streets and at pop up stalls galore is what you’re craving, London could be your perfect travel destination.

There are loads of places to try, but a few top picks include:


Kerb is a street food collective based at Kings Cross – perfect if you’ve just arrived from somewhere else in Britain, or hopped off the Eurostar at St. Pancras.

Kerb rotates its traders, so even if you visit every day of your stay in London, you’ll be able to try something new each day! Check out the selection here.

Broadway Market

As the coolest East London weekend hangout around, Broadway Market in Hackney is home to some well-established food traders.

Try the quintessentially British bites at Eat My Pies and the beautiful handmade chocolates and cakes at Cocoa&Me to start off with.

Real Food Festival

Once you’ve hit the London Eye, strolled along the river bank and caught a show at the National Theatre, check out the plaza behind the Southbank Centre (a couple of minutes’ walk from Waterloo station). Feeling flashy? Go for lobster and chips from the Whitstable Shellfish stall, or, if you’ve had quite enough fish and chips, try a tiny taste of India at the Horn Ok Please van.

A trip centered on street food really makes you feel like a local, so check out some short stay London apartments and sort yourself out with your very own crash pad.

That way, when you come back laden with cheeses, breads and other treats from all the amazing markets you’ve been to, you’ll have a fridge to put them in. Plus, no one will judge you when you decide that a midnight snack really is a great idea!

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About the Author:  Enthusiastic foodie, traveller and published blogger, Maya Verber, shares her thoughts on the top places to try out the London street food scene. This article was written on behalf of Short Let London.

2 Responses to Visit London for the Street Food Scene

  1. rebecca August 22, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    oh you can’t forget Borough markets! its the best food markets in London. One must go on an empty stomach and be prepared to leave with a muffin top!

  2. Alexis Marlons August 24, 2013 at 4:56 pm #

    These are awesome places to visit when in London. I’d surely pay a visit there when I get to visit there and fill my stomach in.