Travel Water Bottles

An increasing number of people are choosing to drink water over soda and other beverages. The reasons are many. Water doesn’t have the high sugar content and laboratory manufactured ingredients that are commonly found in other drinks. Drinking water is choosing hydration that’s good for you, but choosing water that comes in disposable bottles is not good for the environment. Obtaining a good travel water bottle is not only great for you but good for the environment. Instead, the environmentally savvy consumer is turning to reusable travel water bottles. These durable, attractive alternatives are more eco-friendly, and they’re easy to fill up at sinks and water fountains. If you are constantly on the go, owning a reusable water bottle is the best method for staying hydrated while protecting the environment. The statistics associated with the use of disposable water bottles are disturbing. Billions of these plastic bottles are manufactured annually. Petroleum is a major ingredient in each and every bottle. The manufacturing process emits high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the environmental cost of transporting the finished product to the stores is enormous in terms of gas usage.

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These harmful environmental impacts are heightened by the cost of buying bottled water. If you were to drink your recommended eight glasses of water every day, and obtained that water through the tap in your kitchen, you’d spend about $.50 each year on the habit. Switch to bottled water for those eight glasses a day, and you could spend between $1,200 and $1,500 per year. Clearly, reusable travel water bottles are the better alternative. Aside from the initial expense, few costs are involved with these handy bottles. You can fill them up with tap water at home, and refill them anywhere when you’re out and about. The water you’re drinking is typically just as safe and fresh as that found in disposable bottles, so there’s no need to fear drinking up.

Travel Water Bottles

Here are some of my favorites:

LIFESAVER Filtration Water Bottle

Lifefactory 22-Ounce Beverage Bottle

Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap & Silicone Sleeve

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Camelbak Eddy Glass

Eco Vessel Summit Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip Straw

and these are not necessarily travel related but I love having a stash of these:

6-pack of Aquasana 18 Oz. Glass Bottles

Reusable bottles are also becoming a popular fashion accessory. They are available in countless styles, and the colors and patterns used to decorate them are as unique as you are. Choose a bottle that is BPA and lead free to ensure your lasting health, and make it a point of always carrying it when you leave the house. On road trips, at work and in the gym, these travel water bottles definitely have the advantage over disposable bottles. Choose a reusable water bottle today for the sake of the environment and your wallet.

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