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[VIDEO] Impressions From The Islands Of Thailand

[VIDEO] Impressions From The Islands Of Thailand – After traveling through Laos & Cambodia we decided to head down to the south of Thailand and relax for a while on a few of the islands – – we wanted to try and capture our impressions of the Thai islands in video format. Check out the […]

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(VIDEO) Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia – Episode 4 (2/2)

After the sadness and pain of what we witnessed at Toul Sleng in Phnom Penh, we were excited to head up to Siem Reap and explore one of the biggest and amazing temple areas in the world – the famous Angkor Wat. Nothing apart from visiting Angkor Wat can really …

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(VIDEO) Tuol Sleng – Phnom Penh, Cambodia Ep.4 (1/2)

After our up and down trip through Laos – we headed down to Cambodia and to the capital of Phnom Penh. Cambodia has had a really dark and painful recent history, so while in Phnom Penh we decided to visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Tuol Sleng …

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(VIDEO) Laos – As We Travel Show – Ep.3

Laos was a crazy few weeks – we explored some amazing ethnic villages up in Luang Nam Tha – held on for dear life during over 30 hours of crazy bus trips up and down the steep mountains in northern Laos … BUT worst of all was the fact that we lost over 400 gig and 2 months […]

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(VIDEO) Chiang Mai, Thailand – As We Travel Show – Episode 2

After spending a few days traveling through Lopburi to Sukhothai – we decided to head north and spend a few weeks resting and relaxing in Chiang Mai. Sofia has never really been the best cook :p – so I decided to sign her up for an authentic thai cooking course – watch …

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(VIDEO) Lopburi to Sukhothai, Thailand – As We Travel Show – Episode 1 (Part 2)

After exploring Bangkok and Ayutthaya – we decided it was time to continue heading north and check out the ‘crazy’ city of Lopburi (which was apparently .

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(VIDEO) The As We Travel TV Show – Episode 1 (1/2)

Well – for a few months now, we have been talking about how we will be traveling around, filming everything we do and sharing it with you online in HD video format. I am sure most of you have noticed the new feature on our front page. That is the place we will be updating […]

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Video – Top 5 Places I Could Visit Again And Live For A While

Today I Will Share My Top 5 Places Around The World, Where I Could Visit Again And Live For A While. Sometimes when you are traveling, you  will come across THAT place. Its a place where you just feel like *yeah I could live here for a while*. It feels kinda like home, you seem […]

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VIDEO – Sledding In Switzerland

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great week! This week is our last week in Scuol, so we have been very busy making the most of the winter sports which they offer around this part of Switzerland. Yesterday we went skiing in St. Moritz (a blog about that coming soon!), and a few days […]

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