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Helsinki, Finland – Europe #30 [VIDEO]

Despite coming from Sweden, a neighboring country to Finland, and despite the fact that they even speak Swedish as a second language and that the country was once part of Sweden – I never had any real plans on visiting Finland. It seemed like a beautiful country, and the thought of visiting northern Finland and go […]

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Stockholm, Sweden – Europe #29 [VIDEO]

There are few places in the world like Stockholm, combining the best of both worlds – literally. The city is a vibrant cosmopolitan place with great shopping, fashionable people, lots of bars and clubs and great little boutiques. At the same time you’re always surrounded by water, as it’s situated on 14 islands, and the nature […]

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Oslo, Norway – Europe #28 [VIDEO]

Norway is the beautiful but kind of strange country, where you can find the strangest of foods, parks crowded with naked statues and the most beautiful views. It is also one of the most expensive cities we’ve been to… You think Denmark is expensive? Then go to Oslo and you will laugh at the mere thought of […]

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Copenhagen, Denmark – Europe #27 [VIDEO]

During the summer Copenhagen really feels like a melting pot of activity – there is always something happening, always something to do, and it has the same atmosphere as in Amsterdam – chilled & unpretentious. As we step off the train in Copenhagen, the station is packed with young 20-something people in muddy gumboots lying […]

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Berlin, Germany – Europe #26 [VIDEO]

Berlin was a rainy mess, but we still enjoyed it – we realized how much harder everything is to do when it is raining – so on the first day we saw little of Berlin. Not because we stayed inside like everyone else on such a bad day, but because it was so windy and […]

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Warsaw, Poland – Europe #25 [VIDEO]

Most attractions in Warsaw have to do with the WWII, and the horrible things which happened there, but Warsaw did not have that ”eery vibe” which can come from a hurtful past. The city had started again from the beginning, rebuilt the city for the new era, and rebuilt the Old Town to make it […]

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Prague, Czech Republic – Europe #24 [VIDEO]

I knew that Prague was a place many travelers visit on their Europe trips, but I never expected it to be such a difference from any other beautiful neighboring city like Vienna, or Budapest. One of our favorite moments after having explored the medieval squares, gothic architecture and beer, was to cross the river to […]

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Vienna, Austria – Europe #23 [VIDEO]

Nathan and I both have a MASSIVE crush on Austria – last time we were there we spent some time in the countryside, up in the alps, and we fell in love with the country straight away. The snowy alps with year-round skiing, the green valleys and turquoise lakes, and Vienna with its amazing historical […]

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Bratislava, Slovakia – Europe #22 [VIDEO]

Bratislava really doesn’t seem like a capital city, and to be honest I don’t think they should try to make it that way either. It’s good just the way it is. Nearly everything is within walking distance, large areas of the city are completely free of cars and the whole place has a small town feel […]

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Budapest, Hungary – Europe #21 [VIDEO]

Coming from Eastern Europe, Budapest felt very much like the gateway to Western Europe – one example is the train system: in Budapest the trains finally leave on time – such subtle changes, but very noticeable. But the city still has that Eastern feel and tradition, where being offered a shot of plum brandy in the […]

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