Travel Towel Reviews – Best Travel Towel – Which To Buy?

Travel Towels are among the most bulky items to pack when traveling around the world, they take up too much space and take forever to dry. So ever since I bought my first travel towel it’s been much easier. So what is the Best Travel Towel?

The major difference you will find from a normal towel is that they pack down so small, take up much less space in your backpack, and since I most often don’t stay at one place for more than a few days I need my towels to be dry when I pack them down – travel towels are very quick drying. However, not all travel towels are the same – today I will go through 3 which I have tested.

Travel Towel Reviews – Best Travel Towel

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McNett Micronet Advanced Microfiber

It’s amazing how just a name can persuade people into buying an item, but this towel is great and I can understand why it’s The Rick Steve’s Choice.

It’s exactly what you would ask from a travel towel – it absorbs really well, it takes up almost no space at all and it dries quickly. It’s not like a big bath towel, but certainly larger than most other travel towels, and you won’t have to worry about the towel not wrapping the whole way around your waist – which often happens with other travel towels.

The only downside would be that it kind of sticks to your body when you dry yourself and the material isn’t the softest. Two nice details is the snap loop on the towel and the storage bag to put it in. Click Here to see your options for the McNett Micronet Advanced Microfiber comes in: Small (10″ x 20″) right up to X-Large (35″ x 62″), and you can choose between 3 colors.

Aquis Travel Towel

Aquis Travel Towelcan absorb A LOT of water, although if drenched in water it can take some time for it to dry. It’s also lightweight and has a little  snap loop to hang it up (perfect so it doesn’t blow away in the wind). It is the towel that feels closest to a real towel, and unlike many other towels you can actually dry it in the drying machine – if you would ever need to. Be careful though, as it can bleed in the first few washes!

The sizes come in: M (15″ x 29″), L (19″ x 39″) and XL (29″ x 55″), and you can choose between 3 colors. The XL size would be more like a bath towel and you can wrap yourself up in it, the L size is narrower but long (perfect for using at the gym), and the M is more like a hand towel.

Sea To Summit DryLite Towel

I’ve always had a good experience with Sea To Summit DryLite Towel brand, and the towel didn’t disappoint me. This towel stands out from the rest because it’s so soft on the skin, softer than the other ones.

It’s light weight, absorbs a lot of water and dries quickly. Another good thing about these towels is that there are so many different sizes to choose between, so you can get the one which suits your needs the best. Sizes come in XS (12” x 24”), S (16” x 32″), M (20” x 40”), L (24” x 48), XL (30” x 60”) – and you can choose between 5 colors. The fabric is slick, not fluffy (terry), and the best way to dry it to simply pat on the skin. Things To Remember – When Buying Travel Towels.

  • Travel towels are generally small in their sizes, so you most often have to go up a size larger than normally to get the size you want. XL really isn’t a plus sized beach towel, but a smaller one that just wraps around your body.
  • Nearly all travel towels are made in some type of micro fiber material, and that tends to stick to the skin. This problem is hard to avoid.
  • They starts smelling easier than normal towels, so make sure to clean them every so often. If you pack the towel down when it’s wet, it may get mouldy or gross – like any other towel would.

Do you use travel towels? If so, what do you think of them, and do you have a favorite? There are many many more options for Travel Towels HERE

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