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How can you become a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Photography isn’t a gig that pays well. However, if you go down the commercial wedding route, you can earn a decent pay cheque and have a great time too! It’s not a large step from artistic to a destination wedding photographer; in fact, they are largely the same thing. In this day and age, couples […]

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Faces Around Asia - Manfrotto Photo Essay.

Faces Around Asia – Manfrotto Photo Essay.

A glance, a smile, a word, an acknowledgment of each other  – a meeting between two people can be as brief as a second, but last in your memory forever. Traveling and meeting people opens your eyes to new ways of life and gives you a different perspective on things. One of the most amazing […]

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Capture The Seasons - Photo Essay

Capture The Seasons – Photo Essay

This is our entry in‘s “Capture the Season”, where contributors post photos that they think capture the seasons best – we thought it was a nice idea, and these were the first photos that came to mind when thinking of the four seasons: I realize it’s late summer when … … the sun sets earlier […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – Confusing Gestures In Laos

This lady sitting in her bamboo hut in Laos waved to us to come closer. The way they wave in Laos is the complete opposite from in Europe, so at first we thought she was waving for us to go away, which was confusing because she had the biggest smile in her face. It turned out […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – Amazing Long Tail Boats In Thailand

 When a new boat gets launched into the river or ocean in western countries we have a ceremony of breaking a champagne bottle. In Thailand they tie colorful cloth instead. At the beginning of each season the long-tail boat owners bring colorful cloths to tie to the front of the boat for good luck and ask […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – A Pig With The Munchies

Whenever we walked past our neighbors on DonDet, Laos – this pig of theirs was always – always, eating. But you have to admit, it is kind of cute anyway, isn’t it… :p

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Weekly Travel Photo – Paradise Beaches Of Koh Lanta

 Koh Lanta has some of the most beautiful beaches, and while Khlong Dao wasn’t our absolute favorite beach on Koh Lanta (nothing beats Khlong Nin!) this beach was definitely living up to our standards: Beautiful turqoise clear water, soft sandy beach – and a bunch of cheap wooden bungalows with WiFi and hammocks just a […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – Ganesha And Jesus Hanging Out

Ganesha and Jesus literally “hanging out”…

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Daily Travel Photo – A Smorgasbord Of Colors

A Smorsgasbord of colorful veggies drew my attention so much that I barely noticed the little ladies in the middle of it all!

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Daily Travel Photo – Purple Sunset In Goa

 Sometimes it happens, that amazing unforgettable sunset, the one that you wish lasted forever…

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