Travel Insurance Can Help In an Accident Abroad

Accidents just happen, regardless of place or time. If you’re involved in an accident in your home country, you could easily get all the medical attention you want in accordance to your health plan. However, if you happen to be outside U.S. soil at the time of the accident, then there’s a pretty good chance that your wallet will suffer a considerable blow due to medical expenses.

An easy way to deal with this problem is buying the right type of travel insurance that covers any possible mishaps occurring while you’re traveling abroad. Referred to as Medical Protection Plan or International Medical Insurance sometimes (each company sells it with a different name), travel medical insurance is generally a medical insurance that provides coverage to a person traveling abroad. If you’re wondering how your travel insurance can help you if you’re in accident abroad, then simply read on. Travel insurance is no longer a luxury

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

How Your Travel Insurance Can Help

Basically, your travel insurance policy covers or should cover three basic elements of international travel, i.e. trip cancellation, baggage loss, and medical expenses.

With a proper travel insurance plan, you can safely travel abroad without having to worry about emergency evacuation and medical costs. The medical insurance plan usually includes coverage for emergency treatment of sound teeth (within policy limit) and medical transportation services (ambulance) in the event of an accident. Once you’re transported to a safer location, you’ll get appropriate medical care – quite crucial in accidents where you’re knocked unconscious and there’s a threat to your survival. Also, in the event of your demise, while you’re traveling, repatriation coverage ensures that your body is appropriately transported to a nearby funeral home or your own home.

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Term Life and AD&D Benefits

More often than not, travel insurance includes a few term life and AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) benefits. These are paid irrespective of the coverage you’ve got back home regarding covered injury. This way, your family gets extra coverage and your injury coverage may be used for filling out the life insurance benefits in the event of a severe accident.

Medical Coverage provided by Travel Insurance

Following is the usual medical coverage included in an average insurance plan.

ü  Medical facilities are paid in advance in order to aid emergency transportation when you’re involved in an unfortunate accident.

ü  Travel accident and AD&D benefits ensure that you are taken care of in the event of serious injury (or your family when you’re killed during traveling).

ü  Unforeseen medical costs are reimbursed as part of emergency medical attention.

ü  Emergency assistance services that help you locate a proper local hospital or medical facility that meets your and your family’s medical needs while traveling.

ü  Unforeseen dental costs are reimbursed as part of emergency medical attention.

Always remember to buy proper travel insurance when you’re traveling abroad and do not forget to read the fine print at all times. Since you’ve understood how your travel insurance can help you if you’re in accident abroad, make sure that you’ve made the right decision to protect yourself and your loved ones by choosing a travel insurance policy that duly meets your requirements.

Useful Tips When Buying Travel Insurance for a Safer Trip Abroad

Traveling is fun. It’s an invigorating experience that lets you visit new and exotic locations, helping to avert your mind from that busy everyday routine you have to deal with back home. However, things may not always work out the way you had planned them, especially when there’s an unexpected personal emergency cropping up a few days before your departure or there’s a sudden unrest in a middle-eastern country you were about to visit. In any case, you can’t risk losing your hard-earned cash simply because your travel insurance doesn’t cover certain lost costs.

Thus, to protect your trip payments, you’ll need to invest in a travel insurance that ensures your good time abroad or keeps your money safe in the event of a cancellation. The following useful tips when buying travel insurance will help you choose the right type of insurance, covering your needs and requirements for a safer trip abroad.

Checking for Cover Levels

When buying travel insurance, make sure it covers three important areas, i.e. medical expenses, personal belongings and baggage, and cancellation cover.

Medical Cover

Medical cover should always be provided in a figure in millions, although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll require more a $1 million for each traveller. Increasing this figure will just mean that you’ll be paying for expenses you won’t even need.

Personal Belongings and Baggage

You should always make sure that you’re aware of the replacement value of your holiday items. There will be a limit on valuable items and that’s why if you plan on taking your valuables with you, make sure that you’ve gone through your policy of home contents. More often than not, adding them here can prove be rather cost-effective.

Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover should always amount to the entire cost of the holiday, as advertised on the basis of per person, featuring all additional expenses like car hire. The whole process of cancelling is stressful enough and you don’t want to risk all that paid money as well, so this is basically a MUST.

Cheap Prices can Fool You

One of the most useful tips when buying travel insurance include staying away from low cost policies that do not cover people with medical conditions or travellers aged above 50. Prices are likely to vary, but make sure that you’re looking out for policies that provide special offers, such as free travel for children (there are policies that cover travellers less than 18 years of age).

Sporting Activities

While buying travel insurance, consider the fact that whether or not you’ll be taking part in any sporting activities. Always check the wording of your holiday policy clearly for activities you may be pursuing as not all policies follow the same criteria.

Keep an Eye out for Exclusions

You may be surprised by the fact that there are some policies that do not readily offer medical expenses or cancellation cover. As a matter of fact, travel insurance policies are only legally obligated to provide some sort of personal belongings cover and that’s about it. Thus, another one of useful tips when buying travel insurance includes checking the fine print on your policy and having a copy of the signed wording as it will help you contact the right people in the event of an emergency.

Adhering to the above useful tips when buying travel insurance can help you save a lot of time and money in planning the perfect holiday abroad.

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