10 Tips for Using Frequent Flyer Cards While Traveling

(Editor Note: Today’s guest post comes from David, who runs a site which helps you understand and find the best frequent flyer cards – this is something we have never used or know much about, so we are more than happy to let David share his knowledge.) Obtaining frequent flyer miles is an excellent way [...]

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Melanesia – Amazing Things To See and Do

Melanesia, a group of islands north and north east of Australia (including: Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu), is a region that puts an emphasis on what “paradise” really means. The islands are amazingly beautiful, the history and culture is exotic and many of the people are known to be the happiest and [...]

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TBEX Europe In Copenhagen – Are You Going?

Yes, it’s OFFICIAL: TBEX (TravelBlogExchange.com) is hosting the first event ever in Europe this fall. The TBEX event will be held in Copenhagen from the 4th – 6th of November, 2010 – and we’ll be there! We were VERY disappointed to miss out on the TBEX event in New York earlier this year, so we’re thrilled [...]

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That Extra Stuff I Can’t Travel Without

For me, one of the toughest things when backpacking around the world is having to resist the temptation of buying every pretty and new thing I see. There have been so many things I have wanted to buy, but since I don’t have much space for it in my 40L backpack and honestly the PAIN [...]

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The Pre-Travel Guide Is Finally Released!

Hey everyone, well today is a HUGE day for AsWeTravel.com – as many of you know, over the last few months we have been working on the release on our first eBook. Well TODAY it is finally ready and has been released – it feels amazing to finally read through the final product…

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Caramoan, Philippines – Is Caramoan The Secret Paradise?

Caramoan is known as the secret paradise in the Philippines, Caramoan is a place that not many people hear or know about. Most people instead tend to crowd to the nearby Borcacay, leaving Caramoan in the shades – perfect for those looking for a paradise to themselves off the beaten track…

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5 Crazy Airports From Around The World

I love that feeling in my stomach when the plane lifts off the ground and also when it lands again on the runway. However, I’m not so sure how I would feel if I was ever to land on any of these airports… Today I will be sharing some of the most crazy, and dangerous [...]

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Living In The Austrian Alps

This photo was taken in a small village in the Austrian alps. And such proof that places like in the fairy tales still exist today – we loved the outdoor lifestyle here and could hardly leave – sound of music anyone?

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Things To Do in Vienna, Austria

Things To Do In Vienna is such a romantic city, not only does it have the most romantic history, but with so many white buildings, picturesque coffee shops, wineries, beautiful parks and old castles it makes this place perfect for a romantic weekend, even for budget travelers. Staying in Vienna is cheaper than most other capital cities in…

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Weird And Interesting Body Art From Around The World

For as long as history dates back, people from around the world have put a lot of pride and effort into body modifications – everything from piercings and tattoos to scarification and deformations…

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