5 Things I Wish We Did More In The West

While traveling through South-East Asia & Oceania I saw people doing many amazing and beautiful things which I kinda wish we would do more of here in Western society. What I learn when traveling I try to really implement into my own life, but once I get back home after a while I always find […]

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Weird Malaysian Graffiti

Travel Photo – Weird Malaysian Graffiti – We took this photo on The Perhentian Islands – this island for us is one of the most amazing places in the world, beautiful beaches, not much tourism, so peaceful, and then you walk off the beach and see things like this wall below – it was SO […]

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Happy Birthday Nathan – My Life & Thoughts

Well, well, well… today is my 28th BIRTHDAY – and as you read this, Sofia has taken me on a secret 3-day trip somewhere in Europe – oh how exciting!!! This blog post is going be different from what you normally find on AWT, but I think it is important to take the time on […]

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how to take a good photo of yourself

How To Take A Good Picture Of Yourself

How to take a good picture of yourself while traveling … you’re on this amazing trip around the world – you take hundreds of pictures from all different angles, when you return you have pictures of amazing buildings, and places – but none of you! The best way to avoid this from happening is simply […]

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Movies That Created A Tourism Boom

For the better or worse, there is no doubt that big movie hits have a massive impact on tourism around the world. Just like the ‘Survivor’ shows on Caramoan had tourists “discovering” and wanting to see the beautiful and remote setting – big million dollar movies have the same effect. Here are a few of […]

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Overlooking The Bridge Of Budapest

This photo was taken during a short but enjoyable trip to Budapest last year – the contrast of Budapest to Vienna (the week before) was incredible. Budapest is definitely on my list of return destinations.

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Things To Do In Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a great city to spend a long weekend. To be honest Denmark as a whole is actually a really nice country, which was why a few weeks ago I wrote a post about things to do in Denmark without having to visit Copenhagen – but no matter how beautiful Denmark is, Copenhagen is […]

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Diagnosed With Dromomania (A Psychological Travel Illness) – Do You Also Have It?

I have a quick travel question for you: If someone tells you about a beautiful, amazing, remote destination on the other side of the world –  would you feel the urge inside to leave home and travel there? If so, you might suffer from the same disease as Mr Albert Dadas. In the 19th century, […]

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Backpacking Food Recipes – The Spicy Bean Wrap

It’s time again for another backpacking recipe – I’m glad you all enjoyed the Greek Lentil Soup from last week. We tend to use a lot of canned food when we cook while traveling – canned food is cheap, it lasts for a longer time, and it is also easier to bring with you in […]

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4 Must-See Cities In United States

(Editor Note: Today we have a guest post from Roger. He shares with us 4 must-see cities in the USA. We are planning our first trip there sometime next year – so it’s great to hear what others recommend.) Traditionally, travelers coming to North America are told that New York City is the place to […]

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