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Going Retro In America (Things To Do)

While you can’t really travel back in time, there is nothing stopping you from pretending that you are, and in America, getting a taste of the old days is actually easier than you think. These days, retro is “in”, and cafes, shops and cinemas are popping up all over the world – here are a few […]

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Off-Season In South East Asia

Off-Season In South East Asia – Is It Worth It?

This is our first time in Southeast Asia during the off season – we discussed many the many pros and cons before finally deciding to go – one of the cons involved was the weather – what would Southeast Asia be like during the off season? Last time we traveled to a hot country during the […]

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Top 4 Ancient Tours On My Bucket List

If, like me, you feel that your backpacking days are over but there are still loads of places in the world that you want to explore, taking a tour holiday with the likes of Titan Travel can be a fantastic option. Having your travel, accommodation and schedule taken care of reduces the stress of a […]

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Epic Train Journey

It’s Time For Another Epic Train Journey

Our days in Malaysia have mostly consisted of an identical pattern: eating, working, walking, eating, working, walking – in other words, just what we had planned to do. Malaysia is unlike any other country, more multi-cultural than you can imagine, and the people are incredibly friendly – it was the perfect place to settle down for […]

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BusAbout vs InterRail (EuroRail) – Which Is Better?

Summer has finally arrived in Europe, and thousands of travelers are packing their bags and backpacks to explore everything that Europe has to offer. Spring, autumn and winter all have their perks, but the truth is that Europe is never as beautiful as during summer, and while accommodation can be harder to come by, there […]

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