Daily Travel Photo – Colorful Bike In Thailand

We’re not quite sure what the strings were used for, but the owner of the bike sure had an eye for pretty color combinations..!

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Kanom Thom Khaow

Your Guide To Yummy Desserts In Thailand

I have a serious sweet tooth, one which needs to be satisfied every day. Food is ok, but desserts are to-live-for! If I could choose, I would have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner :p So, wherever I travel, I make sure to try out at least a few desserts while I’m in each country, […]

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Daily Travel Photo – I “Heart” Siem Reap, Graffiti Art In Cambodia

We really enjoyed Siem Reap, and it appears that others love it too…

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Daily Travel Photo – Animal Rescue Center in Goa

In India, you never know where you will end up by the end of the day, and plans can change within a heart beat – after talking about the many poor street dogs with a waiter at a restaurant, he ended up giving us a lift to the International Animal Rescue Center in Goa …

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ppl recovered

5 Things I’ve Learnt About Cambodian People While In Cambodia

Our visit to Cambodia was an interesting experience. I never really managed to get a grip of the country, I was confused, to say the least. Sometimes I didn’t like it at all, other times I felt like I could easily settle down there for a longer time. Cambodia was to me a country full […]

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Daily Travel Photo – Colorful Dyed Yarn In Marrakech

Colorful dyed yarn hanging to dry in the sun in Marrakech

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Daily Travel Photo – Buddha Statue Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park was full of  Buddha statues in all shapes and sizes, and I loved how each Buddha looked different from the other, even in facial structure. This one is a little…chubby

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Travel Smart: 5 Ways To Save Your Money.

Unless you have an endless supply of cash to supplement your globetrotting, chances are that somewhere along the way you will have to watch what you are spending, so once you’ve made the decision to go traveling and you’re sticking to it, you need to start thinking about how you are going to afford it. […]

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Daily Travel Photo – Golden Crown Overlooking Stockholm

Blue and yellow are the colors of Sweden. Here is a golden crown as a decoration on a bridge overlooking the blue waters of Stockholm, the capital city where the Royal family lives.

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Daily Travel Photo – Beauty Contest in Ayutthaya, Thailand

We went to Ayutthaya during the World Heritage Fair, and as with every festival and event in Thailand, there has to be a beauty contest. This one went with the rather strange theme “beautiful daughter and possessive father”.

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