Japan Bike

Epic Japan Bike Adventure: Some Assembly Required

I’ve always liked bicycles. You can find them all over the world, and though there might be a few differences, the riding them is familiar in a comfortable, second-nature way. Plus, they’re a great way to see places a bit faster than walking, and they offer a good compromise between speed and green sustainability. So [...]

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Things To Do In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is for many people the ideal place to settle down. It has the comfortable 20-30 degree temperatures, cheap and modern accommodation …

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Ayutthaya VS Sukhothai – Which Ancient Thai City Is Better?

We have noticed in the online forums that many people traveling through Thailand are wondering which city offers the best overall experience: Ayutthaya or Sukhothai? …

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How To Stay Safe While Volunteering Abroad

Guest Post – Amanda Brooks – The advantages of getting away from the UK and volunteering abroad as part of a gap year are plentiful – as well as gaining a unique …

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The 2011 Europe Train Challenge [NEWS]

By the time you read this, we will be sitting on a plane flying back to Europe – that’s right, we decided to cut our Asia travels short, head back to Europe and start a whole new adventure! On the 2nd of May it begins … 30 countries – 90 days around Europe by TRAIN. [...]

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Understanding Thai Food Culture – What I’ve Learnt

Thai food is one of the most internationally spread cuisines, and is often considered a favorite. Having spent some time in Thailand, I’ve noticed that they have a …

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When in Malta, dance the night away …

When I started packing for my two-week holiday in Malta I did not have my ‘party’ clothes in mind. Yet, when I went on my first night out (of many) I quickly realized my mistake. When my friends and I arrived at the hotel, exhausted from our journey, we ventured out to Paceville with the innocent intent of [...]

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[VIDEO] Impressions From The Islands Of Thailand

[VIDEO] Impressions From The Islands Of Thailand – After traveling through Laos & Cambodia we decided to head down to the south of Thailand and relax for a while on a few of the islands – – we wanted to try and capture our impressions of the Thai islands in video format. Check out the [...]

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The 5 Worst Movie Travel Companions

Think about what happens in your favorite road trip movies. Two best friends set out together on an epic journey – they fight, it makes the plot line more interesting, and both emerge even closer at the end, their lives more enriched and fulfilled (well, in most movies anyway). In real life, however, conflict while traveling …

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Winter in the Japanese Alps – Frosty Photo Essay

The inviting subtropical climate of Kyushu Island was driving me crazy! With hot summers and mild winters, I needed to escape this “paradise”. I grew up in frosty Maine, USA! We’re talking a place where November to April freezes your bones and makes even the toughest woodsman don an extra layer of flannel. After some [...]

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