Daily Travel Photo – Buddha Statue Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park was full of  Buddha statues in all shapes and sizes, and I loved how each Buddha looked different from the other, even in facial structure. This one is a little…chubby

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Travel Smart: 5 Ways To Save Your Money.

Unless you have an endless supply of cash to supplement your globetrotting, chances are that somewhere along the way you will have to watch what you are spending, so once you’ve made the decision to go traveling and you’re sticking to it, you need to start thinking about how you are going to afford it. [...]

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Daily Travel Photo – Golden Crown Overlooking Stockholm

Blue and yellow are the colors of Sweden. Here is a golden crown as a decoration on a bridge overlooking the blue waters of Stockholm, the capital city where the Royal family lives.

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Daily Travel Photo – Beauty Contest in Ayutthaya, Thailand

We went to Ayutthaya during the World Heritage Fair, and as with every festival and event in Thailand, there has to be a beauty contest. This one went with the rather strange theme “beautiful daughter and possessive father”.

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Laos Explained… Our Honest Opinion

We spent about a month in Laos, traveling from the northern most part of the country in Luang Nam Tha all the way down to the 4000 islands in the south. Just like the roads in Laos, our trip was an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, but even though we have had a lot of [...]

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Peak District Walking & Outdoor Festival

Spring has arrived, and in Peak District, England, they’re preparing for the upcoming annual Walking & Outdoor Festival later this month. The festival begins the 23rd of April and continues to the 8th of May, and over 100 events and competitions will be held during the festival. For those who don’t know, Peak District is [...]

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A Mini Guide To Laos: Pakse and Bolaven Plateau

“I’d say from Vientiane and down to the 4000 islands – you can skip it all!“. That was the opinion of a girl we met both in northern Laos and again down in the 4000 islands, and it’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. If you don’t step off the highway 13 route, then yes she’s [...]

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Luang Prabang And The Monk Paparazzi

(note: The photos and videos we took really showed the craziness of it all, but since we lost everything we can’t show you. These photos are not our own, but still give you an idea of what it was like, although the crowds of tourists seem to have more than doubled since they were taken!) [...]

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An Unexpected Adventure in Phuket

We ended up in Phuket during the worst possible time; a whole week of pouring rain, storms and flooding over southern Thailand, and since we had come to spend a week there before catching a flight back to Europe there was no point in leaving. I felt sorry for all the people who had saved [...]

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To See And Be Seen: Always Eat With Your Mouth Closed…

When I arrived in Moscow, Russia early last year, and my stomach started to grumble, I realised that my knowledge of Russian cuisine was limited to say the least. Being a vegetarian, I have always assumed that the Russian menu is akin to the German – hearty, wholesome and meaty. To some extent, I wasn’t [...]

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