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Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Simply the World’s Best

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Simply the Best Here’s a challenge for you: name different ways in which you can use olive oil. How many have you come up with? You’ll find, in fact, that it can be used in more ways than you might think: cooking, baking, salad dressings, sauces, dips, health products and [...]

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Hawaii’s Calendar of Killer Events

The Hawaiian tropics are the perfect place for an island getaway. In addition to sun, sand and surf available all year round, Hawaii also boasts an amazing events calendar. Here is a guide to 10 of Hawaii’s best annual events!    Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival When: February Where: The Big Island Having just hit [...]

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Visit London for the Street Food Scene

Guest post by Maya Verber:  It would be fair to say that in the last year or so, street food has officially become a ‘thing’ when it comes to travelling. Going to Goa? You won’t want to miss out on the samosas, chicken and cool drinks from the street vendors on the beach. Jetting off [...]

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Weird Exotic Fruits Around The World

Some people don’t like the word “exotic” – others jump at the opportunity to say that this or that fruit isn’t exotic anymore or isn’t exotic for this or that country. But you know what? I like the word exotic – it awakens a curiosity within me, an excitement of a world that perhaps is not yet [...]

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Cities Where Being A Vegetarian Doesn’t Suck

Sometimes, being a vegetarian traveler sucks. You can spend hours looking for a place to eat without any luck, and then when you finally think you’ve found a place, you still end up with chicken feet in your soup. For some reason, people still seem to believe that just because you don’t eat meat, you [...]

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Backpacking Food Recipes – The Spicy Bean Wrap

It’s time again for another backpacking recipe – I’m glad you all enjoyed the Greek Lentil Soup from last week. We tend to use a lot of canned food when we cook while traveling – canned food is cheap, it lasts for a longer time, and it is also easier to bring with you in [...]

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Backpacking Food Recipe – Greek Lentil Soup

(Editor Note: Backpacking Food Recipes is going to be a new feature on -if you would like us to feature one of your favorite travel recipes, then send us an email – and we will feature you, your recipe and your blog on our site) When backpacking and traveling around Europe on a budget, [...]

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